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✯ LA's Finest Roleplay ✯

Founder: JamesS#5421

About us

LA's Finest Roleplay (LAFRP) is a new growing roleplaying community for PlayStation 4. LAFRP focusses on the DoJ and LifeRP style of roleplaying. The community is based off the Los Angles Emergency Services. LAFRP always focusses on improving the server and creating a better roleplaying experience for everyone.We also have our own CAD/MDT system which we use for our patrols. We patrol always in a freemode session. We hope to see you soon!

About DoJ and LifeRP

We mainly focus on "Life RP". This means you make your characters stories how you want. Take jobs helping expand California’s economy. Be a criminal and take the money how you want. You can even do both! We love to see the creativeness that our members bring into our server as we watch their storyline progress.

》Active Members

》CAD/MDT System

》Great Staff Team

》Daily Patrols

》Professional Roleplay

》Multiple Departments To Choose From


》Custom Plug-ins

LAFRP Recruitment

≛ Departments to join include ≛ :
✗California Highway Patrol
✗Los Angles Police department
✗Los Angles Sheriffs office
✗Los Angles Fire Department
✗Communications Department
✗Civilian Operations

Once you join the server you can join:
♜White House
♜Department of Justice
♜Secret Service
Hello ! Are you looking for a premium fivem server well you found just the right one . We offer limitless role play and much more . We even have Law enforcement officers . If you are at all interested i recommend joining it really helps out the community and offers you various amounts of role play .
The Official Discord to /r/HeistTeams. We're a GTA server that allows you to group up (LFG) with other users to do heists and other activities in GTAO.
We are a up and coming fivem server, it is based in Australia, QLD, we have heaps of cool things like custom scripts, gangs, cars and much more, we are also looking to hire police and EMS and other things along those lines, we hope to see you all in there
We are a Microsoft Flight SIM server completely remade discord into a FiveM ESX server ! Our team has had much experience in FiveM and we felt it best to return to the community ! We are looking for police and staff members and our server will be a 100k or Die style ESX server with heavy gang involvement and roleplay ! Join our discord today and we hope to see you soon !

Discord :
Welcome to GTA Cash Community, this server is dedicated to those who play GTAV (XBOX) who are looking for other players to play with or for those who are in need of money. This community will help. There is daily giveaways on the server to look out for them. That is all. Enjoy the server!
Southern California Official Roleplay:

Join SOCORP an Xbox One community.

- Must have Discord
- Must have Xbox 1
- Must be 15 or older
- Must have GTA V

Our Departments:
- LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department)
- LAFD (Los Angeles Fire Department)
- LACC (Los Angeles Civilian Communications)

- Dedicated staff members
- Working CAD/MDT
- A fun and relaxed setting for those 15+
- Active members
- Staff who will walk you through the recruitment process from start to finish
- Weekly Role Plays
- Monthly Community Events

Need more convincing watch some of our videos here:
Sunset Strip is a FiveM Roleplaying Server, based in Los Angels California, with a growing community. Having a place where people can meet and connect is one thing, but we’re a place where you can grow new friendships, and find people that have a love for the same things you do. We're a family. We work on the server every day adding things that the community wants, constantly improving the way we do things. Sunset Strip is built around the love of gaming and role-playing. We are actively working to make Sunset Strip a haven where people can have fun, and connect with others that have a similar passion and love for role play. With 5 years of role-play experience, the staff team actively works to make sure every member of the community is happy.

At Sunset Strip RP we offer:

-Police RP


-Gang/Criminal Organization RP

-Whitelist jobs, such as Car Dealer, Mechanic, Real Estate

-Many other job's available for everyone to do at the Job Center

We are currently actively looking for EMS, Mechanic and Real Estate. That being said I think you should come give us a try today!

Illinois State Roleplay was founded in September of 2020. We are an unwhitelisted community who utilizes vMenu to encourage the free flow of roleplay and aim to accurately represent Illinois Law Enforcement as it would be experienced.

Department of Public Safety

We have several departments for you to choose from covering all bases of Illinois level law enforcement as well as several others in the making!

Currently Available Departments:

Illinois State Police
Cook County Sheriff's Office
Chicago Police Department
Chicago Fire Department
Illinois Department of Public Safety Communications

Each department has several subdivisions, some of the most common being:

Air Support Unit
Traffic Enforcement Unit
Canine Team
Motorbike Unit
Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
Special Response Unit

We have active civilians within our server. We have civilian events every month that are setup by a dedicated team. These might include fight night, races, etc. We also have the Illinois Department of Transportation which consists of a Tow and a Courtesy Patrol department. We encourage passive RP and have an entire list of different types of RP’s ranging from passive to criminal.
Bienvenidos a un servidor de Gta5 roleplay!.
Somos una comunidad que busca divertirse y pasarla bien entre todos.
Tenemos host en Brasil con -80 de ping, una optimización de mas de 70 fps y una gran variedad de scripts.
Te queríamos invitar a que formes parte y que formemos una familia todos juntos.
About FURP We Are A Realistic Roleplay Server | NonWhitelisted | vMenu | Now Hiring LEO & FD | Now Hiring Staff | Communications | Scripts | Custom Cars and more!

- Port ST Lucie Police Department
- Broward County Sheriffs Office
- Miami Fire Department
- Florida Highway Patrol
- Florida State Communications Department
-US Coast Guard

Sub Divisions
- Air Support Unit
- K9 Unit
- Speed Enforcement

Some Features
- A working CAD system
- vMenu
- Good and experienced staff
- Well made departments
- Custom EUP
- Custom vehicles
- Custom liveries
- Florida based
Golden State Roleplay

Golden State Roleplay was created back in 2020 by ELITExREl and Winterwolf175. We strived for the better in the community and did well. We than had to shut down due to a server nuke. We recently reopened but then a server with the same name opened up. Golden State Roleplay is a registered name.

► What We Offer ◄
5 Departments with many subdivisions to fit the San Andreas life style
24 hour patrols
Realistic roleplays
Realistic CAD/MDT
Great members
So what are you doing? Join today with the link down below
Gaming InCydas Buddy Patrol is a GTA5 community focused on providing its members with a place to trade cars, modded cars, planes, etc.

Need a heist crew? We’ve got you! We offer LFG tabs where you can post looking for group messages and get a heist crew quick!

Server Overall Provides:

1. Dope modded cars and planes 🚘
2. New people to meet and chat with 👥
3. LFG heist crews on demand! 🔗
4. A place to make friends and have fun! 🎮
aktivster deutscher Rockstar Discord - Du bist noch auf der Suche nach Informationen rund um GTA/RDR oder hältst einfach nur Ausschau nach netten Mitspielern für ein paar Runden? Dann schau doch bei unserer deutschen Community vorbei

Egal ob News, Updates, Fragen oder Spielersuche, bei uns findest du was dein Herz begehrt.

Eine professionelle Leitung sowie unsere kompetenten Moderatoren, stehen dir auch jederzeit mit Rat und Tat zur Seite.
Cylo Hangout, a place to play games or just talk, we have fun minigame bots, staff appliance, and much more random shit.
My server is for all your fun and needs I wanna bring people together and just make friends a awesome community
Welcome to Ultimate leaks Join and get:

-Game Leaks
-discord templates & Channel Headers
-Y Maps
-Loading Screens
-Redneck Stuff
-Zeakor Stuff

+ | Verified DJ | +
+ | Verified Therapist | +
+ | YouTube | +
+ | Content Producer | +
+ | Twitch | +


+ | Plays Dead By Daylight | +
+ | Plays Minecraft | +
+ | Plays Call Of Duty MW | +
+ | Plays Farming Simulator 19 | +
+ | Plays Friday the 13th | +
+ | Plays Nascar Heat 4 | +
+ | Plays Red Dead 2 | +
+ | Plays Rainbow 6 Siege | +
+ | Plays Need for Speed
+ | Plays 2K | +
+ | Plays Madden | +
+ | Plays The Forest | +
+ | Plays Grand Theft Auto 5 | +



We like to do random stuff. Great group of people to meet, easy to talk to. Roast people, Party with them, debate people. Come check us out!
A server that was primarily dedicated to GTA 5 but has now diversified to become an all-encompassing gaming cum chatting server.

Some of our features:

• We take a minimalistic approach so that players don't get overwhelmed by too many channels.
• If GTA is not on your mind, we have now expanded to include ANY PS4 game under the sun. Remember that this server is for all PS4 GaMeRs, so if you're one, you are absolutely welcome to join!
• Not in the mood for gaming? We gotchu there as well. I talked about Prometheus being a "gaming cum chatting" server. So to that end, we have a number of social channels geared towards socializing and chatting. So if you're an online social butterfly, you have come to the right place!
• Bots that automate a lot of activites and make life easier for all.
• A reward system for members who contribute to the server in terms of activity, boosts or anything positive.
• Admins who are impartial and chill. They are a highly efficient bunch who maintain the peace of the server and help members out.
• Feel like you will just be another member who cannot impact the server? That is where you are wrong as we have a suggestion system which bestows you with the power to change the server 💪

So come join us for an elevated discord experience!
__****District Of San Andreas Roleplay****__

Are you interested in a server that takes realism to the next level? Here at DOSA you will find that everything run within the server is based completely on real life. Rather than playing a role, you make a persona and develop the story of it throughout your time in the district. There are many opportunities available in the District as there is no limitation to your commitment and creativity. We have a unique back story and functionality of aspects such as jobs + income, bills, housing, cars, and much more!

-Start as a Visitor after being interviewed and brought into the district
-Earn citizenship by earning your license, securing a job, and finding a place to live
-Engage and be active within the community and develop yourself

****__Jobs Offered__****

-Anything you can realistically roleplay and apply for! Must be a citizen for a government job.

This is an exclusive roleplay server for Xbox One users. Join today!
We are a discord for a FiveM server called Alternate Life, if you want to play some British based role play, we’ll look no further!

Everybody is welcome!