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Realistic- Role-Play (RRP) is a GTA5, Xbox one Role-Play server where everyone can be who they want to be!
-Department Openings- Police, Fire/Ems, Dispatch, Civilian
-Need Active Members
-Promotions given where theyre deserve. Also if your willing to benifit the community.
-Staff Openings, staff are manditory to training interviewing and also holding there position in the main server.
-We welcome you with open arms and dont judge you.
-Alt Accounts not tolerated instant ban.
-BSR/Double Clanning is not tolerated punishment striked or kick depending on situation.
As I say on behalf of the staff i have now we are more then willing to have you here in this growing community! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this and also join! When we interview you and you have something as a staff pitch please ask for a interview superviser! Have a great day!
UPADATED*** This Server is on the FiveM Program for PC

We are [Law Enforcement Lifestyle] a unique drama free role playing server for Fivem. We offer custom vehicles for police/fire, custom civilian vehicles, Vmenu, updated maps, cad/mdt, custom peds, custom vehicle livery’s. Accepting applications!!
A server that is dedicated to the GTA 5 gamer on the PS4. We take a minimalistic approach to the server so that players don't get overwhelmed by too many channels.If GTA is not on your mind, we have now expanded to include all the latest games such as RDR 2, Apex Legends, Anthem etc to mention a few.
Hello I am the founder of TGIL Rolplayers we have, a working CAD, many different departments and staff oppituinties, So come and have a look even if you just want to be Dispatch thats fine, all you need is a working mic (no xbox needed). Once youjoin if you have any qestions you can ask in the ask-staff channel. The Good In Life!
We are a FiveM Roleplay server. You can join us here:
We just started not too long ago and are looking for people to join and have a nice and fun time roleplaying.
We have active staff
We are currently hiring all departments including staff
WWDOJRP is a FiveM Roleplay community. We as a community strive to create a living, breathing world, an immersive world that you can lose yourself in, our Staff Team is friendly and helpful who are more than happy to guide you into the world of GTAV Roleplay, We have many roles for you to take up, from Law Enforcement Officer in the LSPD or the Sherrif Department, to emergency services and dispatch, we also have a dedicated Car Dealership, want an exclusive car? then it could be yours!

Join us today and see the world of WWDOJRP!
Playing every game you want, up to 20+ games and always you have teammates. Top 3 population:
this discord server that I made is so the people that play fivem can find people to play with and server that are good,I have wasted my trying to find good server when other people that are in the game have already found them but I can't find them but now I made a server that you don't have to waste your time with it and just join the server and find one here that people post in the #fivem-servers channel where you to can post server so you can have friends to play with now at the moment the server is new so it shall take time to grow but in the #fivem-servers channel I have put 2 great servers so you can start there if you want,but remember if you know any decent RP servers please post the name of it there.
Spookimystic is a High quality mod menu for GTA5. Join our server to get the best mods and join our Modder community. We offer customer support, and a professional website that is easy to explore and just right for all your modding desires! We also have Account Recovery service partners! Join Us!

Why should you join our Discord?

PC Mod Menu
Safe Mod menu
Easy to use
Active community
Constant Updates
Lots of Customer Support
Recovery Services
And much more.
Wir bauen momentan einen Discord Server auf und suchen Mitglieder die aktiv zocken, gut drauf sind, neue Leute zum zocken kennen lernen wollen und unserem Team Verbesserungsvorschläge geben. Wir Freuen uns auf euch!!
Do you play GTA V?
Are you tired of farming money?
Do you want to get a lot of money for cheap ?

GTAMarketplace, the world's first GTA marketplace!

- We sell GTA Accounts
- Buy modded GTA Accounts
- Free Money Drops
- Paid Money Drops
- Promote your shop
- Trade
- Cheapest Price
- Have your account modded

Don't wait and join us!
Are you looking for a GTA 5 RP Server. When you're in luck , this is a well built GTA 5 Roleplay Server where we are all here to have fun and roleplay. There are many different Department you can choose to be:-
Also, we have a online CAD/MDT System.
Hello and welcome to the Great Ocean Roleplay. Great Ocean Roleplay is a Roleplay community based on Grand Theft Auto V. GORP is a roleplay community for people that like pushing limits, and gain the best roleplay experiences possible within the GTA V community. We are a console based roleplay community. So, don't worry. If you don't have a PC. You can join if you have a Play Station 4 or a Xbox One.
Great Escape Gaming™ was both founded and solidified for the dreamers, by the dreamers. With open hearts, arms and minds, we welcome those who see themselves as visionaries, innovative and inspired and strive to give these incredible individuals an experience that is both unparalleled and unmatched in all aspects all while providing a humble home, hub and environment.

Established as of April 30th, 2019, Great Escape Gaming™ rose from the ashes of a former community and it's previous members into a unification of the people who desired to stay in constant and close contact with their close friends, family members and acquaintances. Due to these events, a community worth building became more and more prominent as well as promising and the story lives on to this current day.
Hello there, this is an international gaming server hosted by our pakistani brothers. We would be really glad if you would join along with us.

If you want to join a GTA V Roleplay server SARC May be for you. We have 50+ members and RPs everyday. We try to keep Roleplay fun and realistic during scenarios, and we also have a CAD/MDT and police radio. Our departments are [State Police, Sheriffs Office Los Santos Police, Paleto Bay PD, Fire/EMS,] and Civilian. All you need to be is 14 or older. We recommend, & Encourage new members to apply for San Andreas Communications Department. It would allow for more realistic Roleplays'.We're always taking suggestions for new job ideas or scenario ideas. No suggestion is a dumb suggestion.

Just click the link go #application and apply!
After you fill out your application go to #Done and type "!done" to alert the staff that you're finished with your application, and ready for your interview. During your interview, feel free to ask your interviewer questions about the department they're in, or the department you're going to join.
Remember No Question is a dumb question!
-Sarc Staff Team
Just an area where you can hangout with your friends and meet new people with similar interests. Anyone is welcome in the discord you just have to introduce yourself and you'll get access to the server.
:tada: Giveaways :tada:
:handshake: Partnerships :handshake:
:desktop: CAD/MDT Systems :desktop:
:notepad_spiral: Report Systems :notepad_spiral:
:globe_with_meridians: Websites :globe_with_meridians:
:writing_hand: Application Systems :writing_hand:
:eyes: Looking For Staff :eyes:
And Much Much More!
So Why Not Come Check Out Our Server (Remember To Invite Friends)
Joining my discord community, will allow you to have the best time of your life! Our discord server is a server that is a Roleplay in GTA 5. And yes it is British.
We are a growing gaming community. Our goal is to unite gamers together in a safe and fun environment! We have our own custom bot running in the server called 'Elite Bot'. It offers a wide range of commands and features no other servers offer! To add onto that, we offer a wide range of selection between roles, events, giveaways, emotes and much more! Choose Us! Choose Elite Gaming.
British Roleplay

What are we?🤔

Well, we are a community that roleplays like the British emergency services.

What do we offer?
> Friendly Staff and members.
> New members weekly
> Daily roleplays
> London Ambulance Service
> Metropolitan Police
> London Fire Brigade
> Control
> Civilian
That got you interested?
Of course it did!

Well click that join button to slip into the British Role-play!
We are a GTA5 online Community and Recovery Modding Discord.
We offer Recovery services for PC Accounts only.
We offer Money Recovery whit upto 1 billion or more Dollars added to your Account and a level editor to level 1000!
All this for a cheap price and we have a very friendly Staff and Community.