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A whitelisted engaging serious role-play GTA FiveM server and community.

Core Features
- Persistent world w/ hourly backups
- Bleeding edge FiveM server version
- Heavily optimized scripts and database
- Custom Discord permissions and whitelist system
- Custom multi-character player screen
- Custom buff and attrition system
- TokoVOIP voice system with stereo and proximity audio
- Custom NPC and vehicle removal script (aggressive military, ghost police, etc)
- Custom time and weather sync scripts
- Full ticket system in Discord for support and abuse reports

Anti-grief and Balance
- Custom logging system (for all player and admin actions)
- Custom anti-cheat & hack prevention
- High ping warning and kick system
- Admins cannot spawn weapons/vehicles or give money

UX & Interface
- Custom HUD and vehicle information systems
- Minimalist HUD with optional features to toggle
- Zero chat spam or messaging w/ OOC in Discord
- Custom notification and progress bar system
- Optimized drag & drop inventory system
- Custom inventory icons for all items
- No Steam gamertags visible anywhere for immersion (ID only)
- No weapon crosshair
- Minimalist F10 scoreboard for immersion (ping and total player count)
- Custom GTA-like money notification interface
- Zero text over player-heads with optional features to toggle
- Custom map blip system for co-workers and places of interest
- Custom over-head player gamertag and voice icon system (ID by pressing tilde)
- Custom in-game tablet system for website and CAD system

Player Systems
- Custom health and mending system with detailed injury interface (/health)
- DNA (blood) evidence drop and analyze system
- Body, neck, arm and leg braces, med-kits and bandages
- Bodily fluid emotes
- Clothes & tattoo shops, and changing rooms across map
- Plastic surgeon and barber shop
- Plenty of animations and emotes (/e and F3) with pointing and prone hotkeys
- Piggyback, carry and drag commands
- /me and /do role-play chat commands
- Droppable note system

- Base Jobs: Pilot, Taxi, Bus Driver, Fueler, Lumberjack, Miner, Reporter, Slaughterer
- Whitelisted Jobs: EMS, Police, Mechanic, Lawyer
- Job Center linked to Discord permissions for whitelisted jobs
- Custom 3D on-duty markers at various headquarters
- On/off duty check-in functionality and on-duty HUD count
- Documentation

and more at

hallo, 😃
Wir laden dich herzlich ein ein Teil unseres Servers zu sein, 😋
Wir haben derzeit 100+ Mitglieder 👱🏼‍♀️ 👱🏼

Wir spielen sehr viele Spiele hier ist eine liste 👇🏻 📋
💎 Discord Boost Lvl 2
💎 Rainbow six Siege
💎 Grand Theft Auto V
💎 Ring of Elysium
💎 Black Ops 4
💎 Black Ops 3

🌐Wenn du aber Hier bist weil du 🎵 Musik hören willst oder mit Freunden 🌐 einfach 🤗 chillen willst, ist das kein Problem wir bieten sehr viele 🌐 Channels an wo du das kannst.

🌐 Du kannst auch gerne Werbung Für dein YouTube Kanal / Twitch Kanal 🌐 oder Discord Server schalten, Sollange es mit den Teammitgliedern Geklärt 🌐 ist.

🎈 Wir würden uns Freuen wenn DU ein Teil unseres Servers wirst. 🎈

Lg Lama Community 🔖


We cordially invite you to be a part of our server, 😋
We currently have 100+ members 👱 ♀️ 👱 ♀️

We play a lot of games
💎 Discord Boost Lvl 2
💎 siege of the rainbow six
💎 Grand Theft Auto V
💎 Ring of Elysium
💎 Black Ops 4
💎 Black Ops 3

🌐If you are here to listen to music or to friends, just chill, that is not a problem, we offer a lot of 🌐 channels where you can do it.

You can also advertise your YouTube Channel / Twitch Channel or Discord Server as long as it is cleared with the team members.

🎈 We would be happy if YOU become part of our server. 🎈

Lg Lama Community 🔖

Come and join Felon California Roleplays with departments such as: Civ, BCSO, SAHP,PBPD, FIRE/EMS, Insurance Company, Jays Bail Bonds.

A relaxed thus passionate gaming hideout for everyone. We talk about pretty much everything you're up for. Overwatch, Scum, Fortnite, League of Legends, PUBG, we play them all.
Do you desire to join a realistic Grand Theft Auto Five online ?community with daily patrols ? An amazing enforcement team ? An incredible memberbase with polite , kind individuals ? The join SOSARP today !
A server that is dedicated to the GTA 5 gamer on the PS4. We take a minimalistic approach to the server so that players don't get overwhelmed by too many channels.If GTA is not on your mind, we have now expanded to include all the latest games such as RDR 2, Apex Legends, Anthem etc to mention a few.
Playing every game you want, up to 20+ games and always you have teammates. Top 3 population:
Welcome to McKean Regional Emergency Services!

We offer a few different games for RP and just for a good time.

We offer;
GTA 5 (PS4, PC)
Flashing Lights
War Thunder
And more to be added in the future

We are currently looking to fill many different positions in;
Fire (FL, GTA)
Police (FL, GTA)
Communications (FL, GTA)

Please join and fill out an application for this great community!

M. Fergus (Owner)
B. Moniz (C0-Owner)
R. White (Co-Owner)
Booth (Co-Owner)
Rustic Roleplay is a fun Semi Serious RP server with tons of different play styles and members. We offer a wide selection of RP including over 30 custom never before seen police cars. With help from a good executive team the server has been running for a little over a year. Due to the enviornment and the "sandbox" type roleplay you may encounter users who are in the server to simply minge and make issues for the staff team. Please use the ingame /report command as well as common sense to resolve any issue. Our staff are here to assist you in anything under the sun. Please dont hesitate to ask questions! - <3 Mike
Spookimystic is a High quality mod menu for GTA5. Join our server to get the best mods and join our Modder community. We offer customer support, and a professional website that is easy to explore and just right for all your modding desires! We also have Account Recovery service partners! Join Us!

Why should you join our Discord?

PC Mod Menu
Safe Mod menu
Easy to use
Active community
Constant Updates
Lots of Customer Support
Recovery Services
And much more.
In this server we play a variety of games. The main games played are Rainbow Six Siege and Ghost Recon Breakpoint. All of the members are good craic to be in a call with. We also have very helpful and kind staff, who will answer your questions. We are mostly from the UK, Ireland and Northern Europe but there are others from other countries too.
A PS3 server with 50+ members and daily roleplay.

( PS4 coming soon )

Welcome to Blaine County DOJ-RolePlay.

Description :

We are a community that was established recently and is totally different from every other role play community. We strive to have a better community just for you, because we care about you.

What we offer :

- FEDERAL Investigation Bureau
- Los Santos Police Department
- Blain County Sheriff Office
- San Andreas HighWay Patrol
- Department Of Public safety
- FIRE | EMS Department
- 911 Communications
- Citizens

Do we have a CAD/ MDT ?

Yes we have a much better and different CAD/MDT that’s much more different from every other community

What do I need to do to be a part of this community ?

Join our Application server and complete your desired department application form. No need for the annoying interview other server let you go through.

Don’t wait, join today !
We have over 400+ Addon Vehicles,Custom Scripts,Custom Uniforms and Peds weapons and more Come Join now we have an ever-growing community with Many departments. We need lot's of high command LEOS.
GTA5 PC Modding, Free Money Drops Everyday!!
Join us to have daily FREE MONEYDROPS, CARS AND MORE, and be part of the best crew in GTA5!
We are a Upcoming and New Rp Group that offers alot for people looking for exciting scenes.
Great Staff
Exciting Scenes
🔥New Account? Poor? Or just want to have fun? | Your GTA 5 Recovery is waiting for you!🔥
The #1 GTA 5 Recovery Service. We at Brachell Modz offer cheap and reliable GTA 5 Recoveries, Modded Accounts, Activation Keys, and Shark Cards. Our method of adding money, levels, and unlocks is 100% safe.
This Discord is for people who want to drift,hang out with friends,or just have fun.Here you can post picture's of Cars IRL or even in a game,Make drift sessions to talk with your convoy,or even just talk.Games we support is FH4,GTA5,BMG Drive,FH3,MS7,and soon to be able to support FH5,and MS8.We hope you consider joining and becoming a member to expand our drifting Empire!

Owners message-I believe that how you drift does not matter I believe that people can help others drift which can make someones day.
We are a relatively new FiveM community. We have an active developer team pushing out updates almost everyday. We would love for you to join us.

We offer:
- active staff
- friendly community members
- many departments (e.g. LSDP, BCSO, Communication, ect)
We are a community built together with a bunch of average gta 5 glitchers. In this community we teach people how to do GCTFG, and Outfit glitches... Everyone is 100% accepted. In this server we try to keep everything pg-13 in main channel's, but if you are someone that like to go NFSW, we have those too. It is up to u, are you interested in joinning our community?

We also have a tech support area where we can help you with bots, and setting them up for your discord!
Safest server-0% ban
Cheap packages including RP Money ETC.
Friendly staff!
Free and frequent drop lobby
Cheap recovery's
Honest info pages about modding
Frequent Giveaways
Join today! 🙋‍♂️
PC GTA5 Recovery Services, CHEAP Modded Outfits, FREE Money Drops

-Modded Outfits
-Modded Accounts
Hallo erstmal,
ich möchte euch kurz meinen Roleplay Server vorstellen. Der Name des Servers lautet RollenSpiel Community. Warum solltest du bei einem GTA 5 Roleplay-Server beitreten? Diese Frage musst du dir selbst beantworten, aber wenn du in deinem GTA Leben Abwechslung suchst ist unser Server genau das richtige für dich. Wir suchen aktive, hilfsbereite, freundliche und RP spielende Spieler, natürlich muss er keine Erfahrung haben.
Was haben wir so in Petto?

[+] Banksystem
[+] Tanksystem
[+] Essenssystem
[+] Leitstellensystem
[+] eine Wahnsinns Große Jobauswahl
[+] ein tolles Serverteam
[+] und noch vieles mehr

Was sind unsere Regulären Roleplay Zeiten?

[+] Dienstag bis Donnerstag so gut wie immer tolles RP
[+] natürlich auch Freitagabend gegen 19 Uhr
[+] Samstagabend darf auch nicht fehlen
[+] wenn dann noch Bedarf besteht sicherlich auch Sonntag

Wir versuchen allerdings alles um euch auch unter der Woche Roleplay zu garantieren. Auf dem Server läuft alles Sortiert ab, aus diesem Grund stehen alle Roleplay-Termine eine Woche im voraus für euch bereit.
Sollte ich dein Interesse geweckt haben, trete doch einfach bei, du musst dich nur anmelden, doch das sollte für dich nun auch kein Problem werden!

Hier ist auch der Link zum Server, probiere es doch einfach mal aus.