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Come chill with some mellow Monster Hunter enthusiasts!
We are always up for a good roast or some side splitting laughs. Doesn't matter if you're noob or pro, so long as you're looking for a carefree place to find some hunting homies!
This server is on the verge of hitting 100 ppl and I couldn’t be happier. We have great server support and a total of 17 bots all the ppl in my server are non toxic and if someone is toxic to u u are to come to me and I will get that situated. I hope to see u there
**Are you a gamer because if you are come on and join our server in this server you will find many great features**
🔴we have tons of bots for everyone🤖
🔴We have currency 💲
🔴We also have auto roles☑
🔴Growing community ✔
🔴No toxic players🚫
🔴Weekly updates📤
*So if this seems like your type of server join now because we like new members and we update this server weekly 😉
Owner: @cesar#5252*
`Open for partnerships`
An honorable gaming community,
We play everything, Join in and be active with us! Request teams, discuss games!
what the HELL are you waiting for boi, join.
If you still need a squad for Anthem and you are playing in the EU, we got you. Just join the server and search some allies for the system you are playing on!

We support pc, ps4 and xbox one.
„Elite“ ist eine Community, welche sich im Dezember 2017 als Clan unter dem Namen „Primo“ gründete! Zu der Zeit war der Clan mehr auf das allseits beliebte Fortnite konzentriert. Der Leistungsvergleich war nie unser Ziel, sondern viel mehr der Spaß und die Leidenschaft am Spiel. Das sorgte immer für eine freundliche und beinahe familiäre Gaming-Atmosphere.
Nachdem der Clan gewachsen war, hatten wir uns dazu entschlossen,
einen öffentlichen Fortnite Teamspeak zu eröffnen. Im Mai 2018 war es soweit.
Die ersten User benutzten unsere frisch erstellten Channel.
Vier Monate später war uns Fortnite nicht genung. Aufgrund unseres
Ehrgeizes und unserer Leidenschaft unsere Community zu vergrößern,
hatten wir uns dazu entschlossen, unser Konzept auf Multigaming zu erweitern. Und jetzt sind wir eine Gemeinschaft, die sich nach den Spielern richtet und weiterentwickelt. Jeder, der Spaß am Zocken und Quatschen hat, wird bei uns herzlich empfangen. Auch das Team sorgt dafür, dass diese Gemeinschaft zusammen gehalten wird, damit das Ziel zur angenehmen Atmosphere
gehalten werden kann.
This​ ​server​ ​offers​ ​many​ ​different​ ​services​ ​such​ ​as: Rocket League Trading and Stat Checkers/Price checkers
We​ ​also​ ​have​ ​a​ ​great​ ​ also have a great community in which there are many people on all the gaming platforms
with which you can trade or play with.
-----------------------------What we offer-----------------------------

- General  Talk
- Choose what CHATS you see with our Auto Role
- Active Social community
- Xbox Gamers (Xbox Group)
- PC Gamers (Stream Group)
- Playstation Gamers (Playstation Group)
- Nintendo Gamers
- Retro  Gamers
- Rank System
- Fun commands
- Self promotions (Twitch/Youtube/Mixer/Twitter)
- Game Talk/News
- Art share
- GFX Request
- Anime/Manga Talk
- Community Game days

A titanfall server where you can find and chat with other players on both playstation and xbox. The server has self assign roles for each titan and faction each faction has its own channel!
Join today!
Welcome to KSF. Here we aim to have fun, be safe and make the most out of the RPs and make it as realistic as possible along with the Content Creators of the Servers. I am Morgan R. The Owner/Founder of KSF RP Community and you may be asking yourself, What does KSF stand for? Well it stands for Kansas States Finest.

We are a legit FiveM(PC) & Xbox Roleplaying Community just starting up and looking for dedicated FTOs, Players and much more. Our FiveM is on hold due to financial issues. We are Basing our Community off of Kansas State and Kansas Laws and Traffic Ordinances. You don't have to be in Kansas to join. Join us now to have the ultimate Role Playing Experience of your life.

Our Requirements:
⦿ Own a copy of GTA V or have the equipment required for Dispatch
⦿ Mus be 16+
⦿ Have a good mic
⦿ Must have discord
⦿ need to be active when a RP starts
⦿ be able to follow rules

Our Departments:
⭐️ San Andreas Highway Patrol
⦿ NOOSE Building - SAHP HQ
⦿ La Mesa Police Station - Will RP as The Los Santos Based Station
⭐️ Blaine County Sheriffs Office
⦿ Sandy Shores - BCSO HQ
⦿ Paleto Bay Police Department - Station 2
⭐️ Los Santos Police Department
⦿ Mission Row - Police HQ
⦿ Davis Station - Station 2
⦿ Vinewood Station - Station 3
⦿ Vespucci Police Station -Station 4
⦿ Vespucci Beach Police Station - Station 5
⭐️ San Andreas Fire Department
⦿ Rockford Hills - Fire HQ
⦿ LSIA Station - Station 2
⦿ Sandy Shores - Station 3
⦿ Fort Zancudo - Station 4
⦿ Davis - Station 5
⦿ Paleto Bay -Station 6
⦿ El Burro - Station 7
⭐️ San Andreas Communications Department
⦿ Mission Row Los Santos Police Department
IF a dispatcher decides to play in game that is where all dispatch calls are routed thru

⭐️ Civilian Operations
⦿ Weazle News (coming soon)
⦿ Bank
⦿ Construction Working
⦿ Tow Company
⦿ Uber
⦿ Limo Service
⦿ Arms Dealer
⦿ Security
⭐️ San Andreas Bail Bonds
⭐️ Military Installation (coming soon)
⭐️ Bank System IN CAD
⭐️ 24/7 System IN CAD (able to buy food and vehicles)
⭐️ INTERNAL AFFAIRS We also have:
⭐️ Individual Department Categories
⭐️ Discord Bots that make your experience better
⭐️ Active Staff

Also we are currently Recruiting more of the following:
⭐️ Staff Members (10)
⭐️ Interviewers (5)
⭐️ Dept Directors
⭐️ Dept Asst. Directors
Ahoy there! I am Pirate McDavey and I would like you to join my crew! Come aboard! It's a wonderful place filled with a myriad of people, we enjoy offensive humor and having a lot of fun, as long as long as you follow the the code and the respect me mates that run this thing, than you will have a great time. I run a twitch stream to so you can see some of the games we play! I work hard to maintain a friendly environment for my crew! We have all kinds of people there. We are basically a bunch of people who love gaming, anime and all kinds of nerdy stuff! As well as poking fun at each other. We welcome all kinds of people.

I am looking for server partners. I am only nsfw for a few reasons, so if you would like to partner please check out the server and read the rules to see if we would be a good fit for you!

We play R6 Siege, Paladins and For honor mainly, however we have space for all games!

Oh, wait there's more!
Game night every Friday! Ultimate Chicken horse, 100% Orange Juice, JackBox Party pack and more!
This is a scrim and event discord server created by the MRJ console clan. The scrims are NA servers. You must queue with a controller to join the matches. We will not start scrims until the end of April this year but we will start our events now.
Want to join a 0 tolerance Xbox rp server join us today.
Looking for people to play games with on Xbox One? Join the Xbox Social Club today! We are a growing community filled with Gaming News, Photography and most importantly Looking For Group channels along with memes, music and games!
This is a community server to hang out, relax, meet new friends and have fun. Everyone is welcomed even if they don't have a gaming console or device.
We are a very small server, just starting out, hoping to find many people who would like to hang out and make new friends. Still looking for staff.
Howdy, partner!

Welcome to the Wild West, a server in which you can roleplay in game or in the server with character creations you come up with! Xbox and PS4 are welcome.

Here are some features for the server!
~Custom roles
~Staff membership open
~Nitro gifted to those that invite 25 members

This is a brand new server, so don’t be scared off by the lack of people. Come on and join, it’ll be fun!
Only accepting 16+

Mature attitudes. NO drama or edgy attitudes.

Gaming community, most of us have a dirty sense of humor with a touch of darkness.

This server is a safe place to feel comfortable being you!
We also do a lot of gaming and do actually play together even have a lfg setup.

✔Active voice chats

✔ Friendly active staff as well as incredible members

✔ Kind of safe for work...Wink wonk

✔ Leveling system with rewards.

✔ 100+ roles

✔ Tons of emotes.

✔ Events including game night

✔ Bots for games and music

☠ No drama or edgy attitudes.

☢We don't do partnerships so don't waste your time☢
Battlefield V(5) Server made to aid in finding squads to play with on your designated system! Small but growing fast! Twitch Streamer! Streamers Welcome! Come Hangout!
A red dead redemption online community server, we are adding new things all the time ! Come join and have a chat with us !
A community for people ages 25 and over who play games. Find new gaming friends, chat, and feel comfortable. This place is brand new but has promise to grow into something great. All we need is you.
Brand New Community Server

-Friendly environment
-Meet new friends

Looking for:
Moderators,Helpers,and partners!
Oy! Welcome to Trio Gaming!
In here, we play all sorts of games! We have games for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox one! So what are ya waiting for? Join in the fun~
I hope you enjoy your stay here ^^
The ranks are the ranks in the Imperial German army during WW1. We mostly play games like BF and War Thunder but many others.