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Ever feel lost in servers, or you're not heard.. get drown out and feel invisible?
In this server we treat everyone like family and you will get heard.

This server is a safe place to feel comfortable being you!

✔ Open to all ages.

✔ Friendly staff as well as incredible members

✔ Safe for work, no NSFW content

✔ Leveling system with rewards.

✔ 100+ roles

✔ Optional channels: anime, venting, and dark humor

✔ Tons of emotes.

✔ Game nights and movie nights

✔ Bots for games and music

☠ No drama

☢We don't do partnerships so don't waste your time☢

Hope to see you soon! Bring good vibes and sarcastic sense of humor(;
World & Katt’s Weetards is a gaming/meme server made for interacting with new people who share your same interests.
we have a music bot, two meme bots, and more!
come join us and make new friends (:
A gaming server for anyone who would like to join!
Looking for active xbox players or just people that want a friendly community to join, play and talk with on a regularly basis . We have an economy bot and colors for your name u can buy with grim coins! We are a mature discord server. We mostly play pubg, bf5, destiny 2 and ark atm. Although there are many games that many different members play as well. We also have a place to share your beautiful scenic pics with everyone
Stop by and check us out, you never know you might make lifelong friends!!!
The Grand Army of the Republic is a Star Wars: Battlefront II Xbox One community centered on everything Star Wars! We also have a dedicated milsim that we use to work together as a team to dominate the enemy. Join us in our fight against the CIS!
Elder Scrolls Warriors is a gaming community server on Discord that is dedicated to the Elder Scrolls series From their first game Arena to Skyrim, the Elder Scrolls Series from Bethesda Gaming Studios has gained many fans. This community is where we can talk about the games and just chat. You don’t have to be a fan of the games to join; however, I recommend you now a basic knowledge of the games. If you want to chat with people who love the Elder Scrolls series or just chat with other gamers, this server is for you. We accept members every day!
Just a gta server with some LFG channels and stuff like that
Brand New Community Server

-Friendly environment
-Meet new friends

Looking for:
Moderators,Helpers,and partners!
Welcome to The Hub. Here you can roleplay as any video-game character in video-game history. From Pac-Man to Kratos, here you can let your imagination run wild as you role-play as some of the best and coolest characters in video-games!
We're a gaming community! We accept all gaming platforms (even mobile), and provide channels for LFG, NSFW (for 18+ only), self promotion, medias and more! We welcome all ages and look to grow even more.
Just a small group of destiny players looking for some friends. Come and join, if not for the game, then for the people!
Hi I am Silent come and join. We are Gamers and welcome open minded peeps. Our server is still growing so come and chill with us. -LGBT friendly-
A community server for all kinds of people. Memers, Gamers, General Peeps, Even Anime Lovers. SFW Friendly. Giveaway at 50 members and beyond. Laid back mod's. We hope to see you here! Fun Bots, Games, Music, and custom roles with more being added!
This is the official server of the kings valley clan if you would like to join the clan you wil have to join the server and fill out the sign up form which you will be provided with when you join.
What’s up everyone wanna be apart of a growing family where you can find just about find someone to always play with on a wide variety of popular games such as RDR2 online, blops4, ark, battlefield5, forza4, the list goes on. We are Vertigo Gaming. We want to welcome you only if the below sounds like something for you.
1. Mature
2. Gamer
3. Good sense of humor
5. Active
If these 5 things sound like you. Hop in give us a chance, what does it hurt? Anyone not active for over a week will be removed, to maintain a active discord. Thank you for your time.
We are PVP/SOCIAL GUILD. SGA is a family. We welcome the new and old players to have fun and enjoy ESO and each other. We have discord now and a Facebook page. Search SGA Klan.

Thank you for joining us. :D
Looking for people to play games with on Xbox One? Join the Xbox Social Club today! We are a growing community filled with Gaming News, Photography and most importantly Looking For Group channels along with memes, music and games!
We are a new server with only 2 real members but we have the skill to own and run a good server and we are staff on A.F.B. with 80+ members
send memes, discuss anime and maybe even organize groups for games. chill server, no libtards
Meet the not-so-popular gaming crew The Mythic Gears! Get a chance to play with us and show us what you got and we will do the same
Join my server and chat about current, past and up coming games. Get to k ow other like minded people.