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Looking for a diverse gaming network, in both titles and population? Welcome to a life in the clouds. We have 11 Java Minecraft servers (Modded, etc) and Bedrock (for console/mobile gamers), Gmod, Rust, Five M, and more. A fast growing community in the skies. Come join the chaos, and start your life in the clouds. We also have a hosting company of the same name.Cloud Chaos: Aim for the skies.™
Main Time zone:GMT

Hello All
We welcome you to the XniLo GTA RP server
It's got the main departments
• police

We also have departments like
•Realistic Army and Ranks
•Swat With realistic training

We have recently received lots of CADs and now having a have a great working CAD!

We don't have enough players. This is a big issue as we are a small RP community. If we had more players RPs would be better.
If you have questions Join and ask in the interview
Welcome to our Xbox Community!
This is an Xbox Gaming Social Server! 🎮

Our Server features :
⏫ Ranking System for Active Members 🏆
💬 Organized Voice and Text Channels
🙋‍♀️ Friendly Community 😎
🤖 Fun Bot Games 🕹
💰 Casino 🎰
📻 Music Channels 🎼
🧾 Suggestions Channel for New Games and Activities


Here is a list of games you’ll find members playing:

• Fortnite
• Apex Legends
• Halo Series
• Rainbow Six Siege
• Gears of War 4 & 5
• CoD: Modern Warfare
• Minecraft
• Dead by Daylight
• Ghost Recon Breakpoint
• Friday The 13th
• Far Cry 5
• Dragon Ball FighterZ
• Battlefield V & 1
• Rocket League
• CoD Series
• Overwatch
• Destiny 2
• Payday 2
• Warframe
• Forza Motorsport 7
• Forza Horizon 4
• Sea of Thieves
• State of Decay 2
• And lots more!
• (room for more games!)
We are the biggest European Scrim server there is.
We offer global emotes.
A chill chat room.
And much more!
We are hoping for a better community for gamers, and for all Apex Legends/Titanfall fans. There are both PS4 and PC players, so dont worry if there arent anybody to play with. (Not the Official Apex Community).
Come here to chat with gamers, even non gamers can join to hangout with awesome members. Share Tips and Tricks about games, talk about life, share your secret grandma apple pie recipe and more! What are you waiting to click (or taps for touchscreen users) that join button? Join now to have fun!
Welcome Gamers and streamers to Hybrid Elite Lucid Lords!
Community was created for all Gamers and all platforms to discuss new happenings in the gaming world. We have teams, and music. General chat for everyone to join in and consol chat. If you like fun, random, and energetic and chaotic people. JOIN and ENJOY!
(Straight jacket required)
Welcome to our Xbox Community!
This is an Xbox Hub Server! 🚨🚨

Our Server features :
⚡️Server Hosted Activities for Community Favorite Games
⚡️Ranking System for Active Members
⚡️Music Bots/Channels
⚡️Occasional FREE Giveaways!
⚡️Organized Voice and Text Channels
⚡️Helpful Staff and Community
⚡️Suggestions Channel for New Games and Activities
⚡️NSFW Channel (18+)
⚡️2.1k+ Members and Counting!


Here is a list of games you’ll find members playing:

• Apex Legends
• Forza
• Dragon Ball FighterZ
• Fortnite (BR and STW)
• Battlefield
• Rocket League
• Rainbow Six Siege (stylized as Siege)
• CoD (umbrella rank for all CoD)
• Gears of War (stylized as Gears)
• Overwatch
• Destiny 2
• RuneScape (for the meme)
• Payday 2
• Warframe
• Minecraft
• (room for more games!)
We are a destiny 2 clan wanting to grow a big community that love playing destiny and helping people when in need of help
Welcome to PlayStationLab Discord Server!

Here, this server is made for gamers around the world. Connect with other gamers on platforms like, PS4, Xbox and even more! What do we have in our server?
- Friendly and accepting staff!
- Game Bots to play with!
- 100+ members
- Specially for gamers
- Roles you can assign yourself with!
- Latest Gaming News on your favorite games!
We can't wait to see you join our community!
Forza horizon 4 discord server hosted for you to meet new people play with new people and to chill and game with people we are a growing community with a lot of changes still due to come to the discord server but we are an Xbox 1 based forza community who like to drift chill and play come on over and join us :)
Tech-centric community with a focus on Microsoft services and their products. If you're looking for a place to hang out with tech enthusiasts, discuss the latest tech trends, work on cool projects or get help with all manner of topics, then you should join us.

Notable qualities:
* Community managed and driven
* Engaging moderation team
* Over 70 verified Microsoft Employees (They're here for fun, not for providing support)
* Announcements channel which highlights most interesting events, releases.
* Plenty of Microsoft and tech-related emoji
* Tiered roles system
* Occasional events to engage the whole server
* Community-provided technical support for all sorts of issues
* Our own website full of FAQs and info:
Good day to you Gamers and Anime lovers,

We are the Den of Legends and we are happy to have you be apart of our community. Our members range from the casual player to the hardcore fans. Feel free to drop in and see what we are all about. We are always accepting those who seek to play without the extra stress, it's a game, have fun.If you are in the mood for competition, we have top ranked players that are always looking to team up. Hop on in the discord and start up a conversation about the newest anime and mangas or even some game lore or just show off your stats and you can also organize some teams or just hang out and jam together there is plenty of things to get into. This is a game and we understand real life stuff happens! We just ask that you vent off mic.

We are a xbox clan and are making the move to mobile gaming

If you have any other questions, comments or wish to get an invite just message us
Hello welcome to MOD3RN WARFAR3 we are a new server which I started on 12/4/19 and we are looking for members.
You can chat, look for groups to play Modern Warfare with.
Send video clips etc.
Consider Joining This Server Dude!
(▰˘◡˘▰)Maki's Cafe(▰˘◡˘▰)
(✿´‿`)Anyone, even if you Don't play Video Games feel free to Join the Sever!(✿´‿`)
We welcome anyone with a warm Welcome!! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
We are a server for ages 12+ for people to hang out and play fortnite. We have very Freindly staff and if you feel you haven't been treated fairly you can dm the owner.
As a desperate attempt for friends i decided to make this server
-New server
-Gaming epic style
-Vibing ngl
Welcome to Tribal Kings Gaming. We are a fun and entertaining community that plays across multiple platforms. Come stop by and let us help you find the community you have always been looking for. With fun members and a oustanding Administration team, TKG promises nothing but the best for its members.
Join the Xbox Social Club 🎮 Over 2000 Members ~ Level rewards ★ Share your stream ★ Find Players ★ Giveaways 🎉 & much more!
Come Join The Hollowed Pack!

This Is A Fortnite Clan/Team interested in skilled-base players. This Is A Starting Clan/Team
We also are a STW and BR server to team up and destroy

We Are Looking For:

Competitive/Casual Players
Content Creators

(PS4,XBOX,PC Clan/Team)
Outcast Paradise

18+ ONLY

Ever feel lost in a server, or even ignored? Here at Outcast Paradise we make sure everyone is heard and welcomed!
We are a small close-knitted gaming focused community that is striving to bring people together from all over the world while keeping the environment wholesome and toxic-free.

> Anti-raid protection

> We have friendly staff members

> Tons of self-assign roles. (Oh my gawd do we have roles)

> We accept all genders, races, and most senses of humour.

> Music spaces with bots

> Bots to play with, including Owo bot.

> Gaming channel with a member usable LFG.

> Emotes, emotes and more emotes.

> Open for partnerships
Just a chill place to meet new friends and hangout. Low pressure atmosphere, a nice place to relax and let off some steam.

We kinda vibin tho ngl😤