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Hello, and welcome to A Fur's Life. Who are we? A wholesome group of fun loving peeps, looking to make friends from all around the world. Although a furry oriented server, we accept all from different walks of life. Come, make some new friends. Have some fun. Most important of all, be yourself!
Sidenote: We weould like to invite other servers to link a channel with us, using HaileyBot. It's basically way of doing "partnerships", without doing partnerships. If you're interested, DM a co-owner (or "cOwOner") and we'll help you set it up!
Welcome to The Crib! This server is a professional, meme and gaming dedicated server that accepts everyone no matter their culture, sexuality, religion, or gender.
With active staff and great people, it serves as a safe environment for everyone to talk about their interests and speak their opinion. Our members would love to see you join!
Lorium Semi-Rp is a unturned RP server with custom workshop mods such as currency weapons and armor! So go ahead and join us in our action packed adventure!
Hello and welcome to Pyrex survival Roleplay Pyrex network has 2servers semi-vanilla and survival roleplay on survival-roleplay u can join factions kill zombies buy houses in the safezone and if u need help u can call the military to help u out you can find vehicles loot and even buy a shop so yefor more info join the discord
Hey there!
Do you wish you could play all the latest games at max graphical settings, but don't have the money to buy your dream gaming machine? Worry not! Join our Discord server via the link below to learn how to game at your fullest without spending a dime! You can also enter awesome giveaways or chat with your fellow gamers!
Welcome to Celestial Crossing! We're a laid back, space themed hangout server where you can interact with our friendly staff + community and simply have fun.
We are a New and Active Community server!

We offer a lot of neat features and try our best to improve them !
➼ **Art,Media channels** 📷
➼ **Tons of assignable roles** 🛠
➼ **Good Staff** 🔥
➼ **Levelling system** 💎
➼ **Giveaways and events** 🎉
➼ **Partnerships** 🤝
➼ **Music Bots**
➼ **Meme Channels**
➼ **Interactive Commands
➼ **Fun Commands**

• A growing community with lots of people and staff.
• Game topics, giveaways, and much more!
• Fun bots that members can use for entertainment!
• 13+ friendly!
• Friendly and active staff.
• Level roles!
WW3 deathzone is a discord server based around rping in a scenario where the USSR has reformed. You can join the nato and/or the ussr and roleplay fighting for your country
Room 19 is a SFW, non-toxic server with a retro-ish theme where
you can get to know and meet lots of different people, play
games and listen to music together. Our goal is to have a chill
community with like-minded people who can joke around but at
the same time, be there for one another in times of need. I hope
you enjoy your time here in Room 19
Active Staff
Media Channels
Serious Channels
Meme Channels
Question of the Day
Fun Facts
Server Events
Hangout Palace is a server to chill and talk with others, use bots, hear music & more. Currently we are looking for active staff and partners
Join Us to Hangout Palace
Name: Florida State Roleplay
Welcome to Florida State Roleplay! We are a growing community. Our community has high quality and serious RP. Of course we like to joke around too. We have active members, and we are also working to keep our server stable and lots of custom vehicles . We do evening patrols at around 5-9 EST every night.What we have to offer you may ask?
- Active Staff and Law Enforcement Officers
- Active Developers
- Currently Hiring for
- Civilian
- Broward County Sheriffs Office
- Florida state Highway Patrol
- Staff
- A Large pool of Roleplay Potential
If you are looking for an amazing Roleplay server to stay in. This is the place for you. All we ask is that you follow the rules, be mature and be respectful. Thank You
Owner: ImThatBug#5193
Region: Europe

Welcome to AlwaysActive - Advertisers

We Are A Server you Can Come And Advertise your Servers And Grow Them To the Fullest
We have friendly people and staff in our community to talk with.
Questions and suggestions are always welcome it helps us improving our server.
We have many different types of people on this server from gamers to developers of games and coders
We are a server that you can use to socialise with others By Advertising

What we offer
Advertising For All Types Of Servers
Chat & voice channels
Friendly and chill staff!
Partnering if you want to be part of our alliance team
And much more!

We hope to see you soon!
And enjoy your time here!
- The Owner Of AlwaysActive - Advertisers
Join Here Today >>>
Interested in joining a friendly community all about Dead By Daylight? Come here! We have a friendly community! You can team up, play custom matches, and help each other level up and rank up!
A RP server based off of the Scottish war of independence. The RP begins a year before the war in 1295
Discord chill server along with W.I.P Minecraft server

- Hello, I'm Soultone! I have a server on discord called Chill Pill, in my server, we tend to have a laugh on the daily, we have chats varying from photography chats, memes chats and even introduction chats, we have many bots and voice chats to listen to music in and call your friends, we have active staff but we are on the lookout for more!

- We have a Minecraft server for 1.13.2 that is currently a work in progress, we are looking for people to help out with the development of the server, it'd be nice to have people that like me and the Developer, have great knowledge on setting up servers to we can combine our ideas and make the whole development go quicker.

- We have staff that vary from a Discord Moderator (D-Mod) all the way up to Senior Moderator (S.M), staff on my server get premium access and sneak peeks to the Minecraft server, they have their own prefixes and suffixes on the server also, and also get to get access to the staff channel to share their wonderful ideas with the rest of the team.

- If you would like to join, the link will be down below, enjoy!
Nova's Den

•A Growing Community With Lots Of People And Staff.
•We Have Self Roles And Giveaways And Much More!
•We Have fun Bots, Members Can Use For Entertainment
•We are 13+ friendly!
•Friendly and Active Staff!
•Level Roles for your Profile
•Join Us Today
This Discord server is for all types of gaming communities who like to play together or just chat with each other. Please be respectful and use the channels where they are for. HF Gaming :)
Generator with minecraft/nitro/origin/nordvpn accounts
Invite rewards
Active staff
And fun
Do you like anime? Do you enjoy memes? Like having a server that updates frequently?
well have i got the server for you.
This server, Run by "fluffbot" has all of that, from a working dev team, to chats for all of your needs. This server has a variety of roles, and people from all over the world. Though, we do mostly speak english in this server.
Our Discord server is mostly known for it's Minecraft server and is in need of players. Please join today!
Hello, this is ⛄Winter Garden⛄here we have an active staff team and fun bots you can use. Come here to make friends! we appreciate any support. If you need any help DM the staff members.
Bro is a discord community where you can make friends to talk and play with. We are a chill community with active members/staff which can provide you with a nice experience. We different interesting stuff for exemple: Gaming Chat , Weekly events with prizes etc. Join now and have a nice time with us :)