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[SCP Roleplay] Site 33 is a text based role play server within the SCP universe and set around the non canon Site 33. You can jump right in and play as your own or an already existing character within the SCP universe. Currently hosting special events and awarding members for well written rps and characters.

Join Our Amazing Server 2 Unfound Hearts Today!

━━━━━━⊱♡ About Us ♡⊰━━━━━━━

We are a community server main purpose dating.


We don't use everyone & here tag. A Server without partnerships!


Self Roles with all the interests, each interest have a channel of it.


Verified Selfie! No catfish.


Every Gender/sex allowed/friendly!


No harassment/bullying/No Pedo, Totally safe.


160 Channels & 177 Roles.


Friendly Staff and Apply for staff & Event Team!

Our server is new, very small, and budding. We focus on fun and quality conversations alike, and have rooms for mental support and "intellectual" conversations such as politics and other serious talk.
This server is about helping each other grow to be better people. Of course you'll make friends along the way. If you are having a rough time this server will help you to the best of our ability.
Serious discussion server:
- No brainlets (Minimum IQ 120)
- SJW's welcome (to be muted)
Year: 2019
Place: Blackrock Bay, United States

Taking place six years after an event known as The Traveler's Prophecy, roughly 5 percent of the world's population has some form of super power. Some choose to hide them, viewing themselves as monsters. Others do nothing at all and live normal lives. However, for those truly willing to step into the fray, they embrace them. They become the icons of tomorrow as heroes- protectors of mankind. Or, they fall. With any light comes darkness. A natural balance to the world. These people, these villains, fight against order and what is right- for reasons only they know.

In the wake of the Traveler's Prophecy, certain key cities have sprung up around the United States as gathering points for those with super powers. Idyllic metropolises protected by the super-powered elite or hubs for the denizens of the underworld? Only time will tell. These are the tales of Blackrock Bay.
[Serious Roleplay] Join the ranks in a serious, militaristic and, above all else, realistic roleplay community centered around the NCR-Legion conflict within the Mojave Wasteland. Play your part in the Platoon as we strive to bring detailed and relevant character development. The community prides itself on it's story-arch and strict in-character policies, favoring in-character selection over out of character applications. The server has no out of character influence to pollute the experience, bar the OOC text channels for casual converse. Join the fight against the many hostilities in the Mojave, in a server where your actions have consequences; dictating the path of the story, its outcome, and the survival of your character.

We're looking for committed roleplayers that share the same passions as we do, not Courier wannabes, or "heroes". Can you make it to that legendary bench mark of a second tour? Or will you join the ever growing death tole of New Californian children sent into the desert to die for bureaucrats in fancy attire? Your spot in the family of 1st Platoon is ready for the taking. We'll see you on the sand, trooper.
Depressed? Worry about being judged? Well here in the low moderation server let your self go and enjoy what you do whether it's memz or thing's like that.

There is also help with any situations you have at the moment #ventinghelp
A server for all seeking meaningful and intellectual conversation. Dialogue is a safe environment that promotes a free and active exchange of ideas on any topic. The server is a cancer-free zone.
An RP server set in the original universe (earth 616 if you don’t know), made to honor the passing of the greatest man ever, Stan Lee

What you can find here
•Nice admins

•Very active people

•Descriptive writing

•Events which will be made when we get enough members


**Rule #1:** Be respectful of others, including their Race, Religion, Gender, Sexuality and even mental state
**Rule #2:** Please make sure you have detailed posts in RP, it doesn’t always have to be detailed like if it is just a conversation.
**Rule #3:** If you need Permission to advertise another server in here.
**Rule #4:** Please play canon characters as they are, that means do not kill someone as Spider-Man, do not rape someone as The Punisher and do not Hail Hydra as Captain America.
**Rule #5:** Please be respectful to Staff, if you are having a problem with them, bring it up with me and I’ll see if I can handle it.
**Rule #6:** Do not post any NSFW AT ALL, especially anything ILLEGAL, doing so will result in you getting banned.
**Rule #7:** If your making a oc the character can’t be super OP, so they cannot just crush an infinity stone with a single hand or pick up Mjolnir unless admins agree they are worthy.
**Rule #8:** Be sure to be fair in combat and not to auto dodge or auto hit, this will make the fights boring and make people not want to fight with your character.
**Rule #9:** Any moderators must check in with me before adding in rules.
**Rule #10:** If you wish to be a certain alternate universe character such as Spider-Gwen or Old Man Logan then please check it over with staff before filing up a submission.
The bird house is a nice place to chill out and have fun.
We have plenty of seeds to go around so don't worry!
Welcome to my server, my name is Master Slendy or some people call me Slender Man. It’s a small server I know I’m just trying to get some members to join me on RP. There’s many Creepypastas to choose from but make sure to choose the right one since that’ll be your character forever and you can’t have more than one but if it’s a OC and it’s not OP you’re good too have one original Creepypasta and three other OCs.
Have you ever wanted to join a Arma 3 Milsim? Well the 1st Field Response Battalion is a great place to start for those who are new to Milsim and have expierence. We are a relatively small unit but we are looking to expand and have more people when it comes to to operate. We use a diverse group of maps and we try to have at least 1 operation every week. We are looking for those who are dedicated and willing to put some time into the Unit. We try to base a lot of our stuff off of the actual US Army. The Battalion Commander is even an actual US Soldier.

Please be aware though you will have to create an application to join the unit and possibly might have to go through a Basic Training. Those with prior milsim experience are welcome and those who are new to the milsim community are welcome as well. When you join the discord there will be a link to the forums under the information tab and if you have any questions feel free to go ahead and post them in the chat and one of our Officers or NCO's will help you out.
San Andreas Legacy Roleplay is a highly structured, whitelisted, and serious GTAV Fivem Roleplay community. We offer positions in State, Sheriff, and Police Departments along with Emergency Services. Civilian and Dispatch are always open.
Hi there,

We're a community of warm and welcoming people! At The Mentality Alliance, we're commited to ensuring a safe, and friendly environment for our members to express their feelings. We run a tight hold of all of our members with a verification system to remove any spammers or unwanted users from entering our server; all our staff also have training in how to help members of the server as well as moderation training. The space is dedicated to providing support for people suffering from mental health issues such as Depression, BPD, and eating disorders. As well as other life issues, such as relationship problems/breakups and health issues that you're not sure of!

The Mentality Alliance offers:

- A warm and friendly community
- A safe space to speak and feel open
- A polite and friendly atmosphere dedicated to providing support to our members from other members
- Occasional events to surround yourself with positivity!

Come Join us, and get support, friendliness, warmth!
This is a serious Halo Roleplay created by one guy on a lonely friday evening. It is set in it's own alternate timeline where ONI were less cruel and more of a lawful good force. This means that the SPARTAN programme, despite still using children, gave the children the choice to join if they were a possible candidate.
We just like or help people with depression 1 on 1 talks and private chat sections just for you
I created this server after I realized that myself and so many of my discord friends were suffering from mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, addiction, etc. It's open to those who are willing to be a little serious, with different chats and resources for anyone who's having a hard time. Even if you aren't in need of support, you can join the community for friends who look out for each other.
A new type of military rp server!
- Squad Ops but in Gmod
- Weekly trainings and operations
- Multiple realistic addons
- 20 v 20 combat missions
Currrently looking for people to be mod+ and help test the addons, etc.
The timeline takes place 10 years after the current timeline in the Bnha timeline , All the characters from class 1 a and class 1 b that were in UA , Are now pro heroes , Now it's time for new UA Students but are they up for what it takes , This server is a work in progress once we get up to 10 members and we all make bio's we will host the UA Test and the role play will officially start, Being a Villian is allowed you just wont be able to partake in UA Festivity's , I hope you give us a chance and stick around!
Bienvenue sur le discord communautaire d'Apex Legends

Il n'y a pas de règles précises à respecter. Il suffit de respecter les autres, interdiction d'insulter, racisme, et tout ce que vous pensez ne pas devoir faire.


Alors, n'hésitez pas et invitez vos amis afin d'être nombreux !
my main goal is to blow up, and act like i don't know nobody
Blaine County UK Is Now Recruiting All Departments! (We Are a Xbox One Roleplay Server)
We Are a Serious Roleplay Group With Loads To Offer. We Have a Custom 15 Department CAD/MDT To Bring Realism Into Roleplays. We Roleplay Daily With No Rule Breaking. We Have A Professional Staff Team Who Are Always Active. Join Today: