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[SCP Roleplay] Site 33 is a text based role play server within the SCP universe and set around the non canon Site 33. You can jump right in and play as your own or an already existing character within the SCP universe. Currently hosting special events and awarding members for well written rps and characters.

Join Our Amazing Server 2 Unfound Hearts Today!

━━━━━━⊱♡ About Us ♡⊰━━━━━━━

We are a community server main purpose dating.


We don't use everyone & here tag. A Server without partnerships!


Self Roles with all the interests, each interest have a channel of it.


Verified Selfie! No catfish.


Every Gender/sex allowed/friendly!


No harassment/bullying/No Pedo, Totally safe.


160 Channels & 177 Roles.


Friendly Staff and Apply for staff & Event Team!

Year: 2019
Place: Blackrock Bay, United States

Taking place six years after an event known as The Traveler's Prophecy, roughly 5 percent of the world's population has some form of super power. Some choose to hide them, viewing themselves as monsters. Others do nothing at all and live normal lives. However, for those truly willing to step into the fray, they embrace them. They become the icons of tomorrow as heroes- protectors of mankind. Or, they fall. With any light comes darkness. A natural balance to the world. These people, these villains, fight against order and what is right- for reasons only they know.

In the wake of the Traveler's Prophecy, certain key cities have sprung up around the United States as gathering points for those with super powers. Idyllic metropolises protected by the super-powered elite or hubs for the denizens of the underworld? Only time will tell. These are the tales of Blackrock Bay.
Hello fellow lonely people! I have created this server which is specially for dating. We take this server SERIOUS since there are many other dating servers on discord that are a complete joke. Everyone above 13+ is allowed and you can also get 18+ verified. Memes are not allowed in here this is not a meme server sorry. Its strictly moderated so if anyone is against any rule will get punished instantly. This is a server for people who are looking for that special someone and/or people who are looking for friends. This server is still under construction, you can also give the server suggestions and draw something for the server picture! I hope you enjoy the stay... we have not much people yet but i'm hoping that we get more if the first people are active and staying. Much more to say but this is long enough already <3
We are a Serious FiveM Roleplay Community that strives to ensure the highest level of accuracy is achieved during every scenario. Check us out today! (Note: You will need the mod and a copy of GTA5 on your PC.)
A server for all seeking meaningful and intellectual conversation. Dialogue is a safe environment that promotes a free and active exchange of ideas on any topic. The server is a cancer-free zone.
Depressed? Worry about being judged? Well here in the low moderation server let your self go and enjoy what you do whether it's memz or thing's like that.

There is also help with any situations you have at the moment #ventinghelp
We enjoy the elder scrolls as much as anybody else, honestly probably more. We seek to enlarge our community, and have fun. we take this seriously, but we have our own events in store. You can be any race in the game, and can be a Daedra or an Aedra, but know that friends get first pick.
4 years after MHA’s current events, Japan has been overrun by villains lead by All For One. UA moves to California to train a new generation of hero’s to fight against the villains and take back Japan. This roleplay server is for serious and mature roleplay. We also have places to chill. So why are you waiting for, your journey begins here...
We have a multitude of topics to debate about -- fun, general or political. Some include, but are not limited to: Earth Shape, Vaccines, School Uniform, and Free College.

We do not appreciate trolling. It is a kick on first offence, and a ban on the second.
Slender's View

The Changing

"I have seen to be turning more and more human as I kill and kill. It's almost like I'm getting tired of it but no matter. I have gathered a few followers from my travels into the world. The few i have gathered are named Hoodie, Masky, Toby, Jeff, and Sally. I have spotted more from my travels but those are the ones I have found. It's almost like I'm a father to them at this point but they know I'm their master. As of late Zalgo has stopped gathering followers for some reason. Though It must be that he has found someone interesting but I can't tell what he's thinking anymore. Well I think that's it for today." Slender would sigh as he put a bookmark inside of the journal and would slide into his desk drawer which had a lock on it. Once he did he would lock it and out his pen inside a case before laying it on his desk. He then got up from his seat and would walk into the living room where Sally waited for him and would say. "I want to play Slendy!" Slendy would say to her. "Sure but after I make dinner." She smiled and would skip to the kitchen with her teddy in her hands.
We are a serious and fun roleplay server we are not strict so you can do whatever you want but failrp then you get banned but both of use dont want that. We are a roblox police department we are fun we allow all consoles pc, xbox, tablet, phone but tablet and phone might not be able to be in trainings since they are hard on mobile sadly.
[Wanna join a gaming serverr? Well you came to the place!]
Gamers AF

[Great staff]
[Fun roleplay]
[Tons of roles]
[Looking for members]
[JOIN! ]
Where a Roblox group based in discord, We have a field and want somone to join. We are fairly new and need more members.
PolitiCentral is a community to discuss Political, Religious, and Philosophical topics in a civil and safe environment for people across the political and religious spectrums. Our Moderation team is balanced to have as little bias in decision making as possible.

Thought-provoking discussion is what we are all about :)
Long ago, shortly after the creation of Yerevang, four factions were sprouted from the ashes by a then-new species named the Skrag. These four factions, although alike in the way they work, were consistently at war with each other due to differences on how they acted. This spiraled on for years and years, endless blood being spilt across vast, endless sea of sand and soil.
Due to this endless conflict, their culture stayed exactly the same while technology quickly advanced, giving them more and more tools to cause havoc with, from swords, to guns, to vehicles.
They particularly took a liking to bipedal vehicles and soon began making more, giving them different tools, until these became a staple of their species.
Their existence was found fairly recently; a day ago, in fact, months after the death of Lord F'Tal Ying and his wife, Marie Ying, of Clan Verde.
Now, their habits and activities are being introduced to the universe, along with their activities and, most importantly, their ever-raging war.

Welcome to the expedition, and welcome to Yerevang. It's your job to end the conflict within this sandy hell of a planet, so you better do it and you better do it right. Load up, and get out there!
Hi there,

We're a community of warm and welcoming people! At The Mentality Alliance, we're commited to ensuring a safe, and friendly environment for our members to express their feelings. We run a tight hold of all of our members with a verification system to remove any spammers or unwanted users from entering our server; all our staff also have training in how to help members of the server as well as moderation training. The space is dedicated to providing support for people suffering from mental health issues such as Depression, BPD, and eating disorders. As well as other life issues, such as relationship problems/breakups and health issues that you're not sure of!

The Mentality Alliance offers:

- A warm and friendly community
- A safe space to speak and feel open
- A polite and friendly atmosphere dedicated to providing support to our members from other members
- Occasional events to surround yourself with positivity!

Come Join us, and get support, friendliness, warmth!
You want to be the next king, the prime minister one of the house of commons? well join now for serious royal roleplay. i'll see you at the annointing!
This is a small discord server but can grow! This is supposed to take place site-32 witch is a site i made up! The site is located ||ieisejej|| and i hope you All enjoy!

We are a new server, dedicated for roleplayers in the SCP universe. The setting takes place in Site 13, which is in Nevada. You can be a Class-D, a researcher, a Mobile Task Force officer, a Chaos Insurgency agent, and an SCP (whether an original or taken from the Wiki).

Site 13 is a private research facility in an unspecified location within Nevada.
Serious NSFW Vietnam-era RP. New community. Serious Admins.

SADOJ Also known as San Andreas Department Of Justice is now looking for new members for many departments. We are based on a Xbox One RP group on GTA V.
SADOJ Also known as San Andreas Department Of Justice is now looking for new members for many departments. We are based on a Xbox One RP group on GTA V.
My general purpose server where you can talk about pretty much anything. Not a lot of rules, several affiliated servers. Always looking for new members!
!! XBOX ONLY!! BCRP is looking for Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue, EMS, 24/7 owner, 24/7 Workers, Civs, Moderators, Dispatch, Fire Chief, Police Chief, and discord developers. We are strict, have role plays 3-4 times a week (Sometimes more)
Founder: iiGlady_Law
Co-Founder: Grunt
Sheriff: iiGladyLaw
PD cheif: None
FD chief: None
SAHP cheif: Grunt