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Realistic RP V2**

A RP where you live out a realistic second life. Go to school or run a hole in the wall diner. Find love or tear others down. Share your art with the world or spend your time learning.

-Server runs on a system that tells you the current month and holiday!
-250 roles to describe your character's personality and career!
-120+ locations around the city and even vacation spots!
-Channels for your characters socials and dms!
-Public and private events twice a week!
-Literate rpers that take pride in their story!
-Welcoming staff that listens to the community!

🌹ㅁㅁThe Ghetto Roleplay.ㅁㅁ🌹

Be any character you please, within realism, in this modern setting the spotlights on you as you battle the problems you hide from everyone.

Are you an alcoholic?
Maybe you're secretly a spy?
It's all up to you.


The town of Ravender is split up into three social standards, where you live depends on what character you want to play.

Uptown; the rich and famous.

Midtown; the normal and mediocre.

Downtown; the druggies and criminals.

You decide who you're going to be.


Choose what part of town you live in.
ㅁWhat air do you breath?
ㅁWhat life will you lead?
ㅁWhat stories will you create?


We offer:
+Friendly Staff.

+Chill atmosphere and relaxed rules.

+Ranking systems and other bot functions.

+Housing channels: To throw parties in and deal drugs.

+Ravender Social: Social media for your characters.

+Anonymous User: Gossip Girl like function for some juicy tea.

+The Raven: An MTV like news source for our celebrity characters.

+WARNING: There is 18+ topics, drug use and crimes, continue at your own risk.


2006, the Rainbow City is finished. 12 years of mass construction. To a massive city. Set to release as early as May 12th. With many jobs to choose from. You'll be able to do much things. Crime is currently low. We have.
🏙️ A serious RP.
📣out of roleplay chat and suggestions.
And, your voice matters.
Ferro Ignique (Realistic Fantasy RP\RPG)

Ferro Ignique is a Simi-Fantasy style roleplaying server. Have you ever considered becoming a Game Master or story developer? Are you more interested in playing the part of hosting players into a quest created by yourself? Then Ferro Ignique is the place for you! Offering a vast selection of lore for Game Masters to choose and interact with, creating quests and stories is sure to have quite the variety for several ways of approach, with the choices of players affecting the overall outcome and the shape of the world! Ferro Ignique is set on the planet of Nira, with the central hub, being the land of Gothinheim and its flourishing city. Every aspect of Gothinheim has lore, and most of it has been created by the playerbase! With a new plotline in the making and a world that is constantly expanding and bringing new things and places for the players to explore, the server calls upon you to help forward the legends!
This is a crime and life rp server with an intricate rp experience.
The Roleplay takes place in 1981, the five original families have died out after a huge crackdown on organized crime. The new families have risen up in New York: The Moltisanti's, The Gambani's, Napolitano's and Agosti's. In Boston the war between the Italian DiAngiulo's, The Irish Southie boys mob and The Russian mob continues. The New Jersey DiVersace family and the Albanian Baci Family want dominace between the drug trade in Jersey. Of course in the mists of these gangster wars, you are welcome to be a regular Joe, work in a diner, club etc. Come and help us grow. Note: We are looking for people to be crime bosses of the Napolitano Crime Family and the DiAngiulo Crime Family
Welcome to Chaotic Art!
Express your art and let everyone see what you can do!
No downgrading critism!
This is a place where horses and humans are able to live together, either whild or tamed.
This is a pack of great destiny, all are welcome but are you worthy? You will join and train under the strongest to prove you strengths. Are you worthy of the Vaylore Guardians?
War, almost a common thing everywhere in the world. Same can be said within the Supernatural World as well, since their creation the Supernatural World has been at war whether its Vampires vs Vampires; Werewolves vs Werewolves; Witches vs Witches; Vampires vs Werewolves; Vampires vs Witches; or Witches vs Werewolves.
What side will you choose, decide the fate of the world. Join today, and fight for your side.
Based on the Lore of The Vampire Diaries.
This is a rp server made for those of you who love wolfs and like to partake in captivating rp’s that get your creativity flowing. At the moment this server is still under construction and is still getting new features added, but we are still rping and we would love for anyone to come join an add some more flare to the rps.
Florida is normally called the sunshine state, but Silverlake takes that title into another level. As you arrive here as a student ready to start your journey, beware that this is to prepare you for the real world and what it could possibly throw at you and everyone else in the university. But there’s no ending without cracking the books, and making some tough calls and suffering from huge mistakes. You’ll also find yourself in romance, finding new friends, hanging out at clubs, finding the comforts of a dorm, going to parties, and getting your rocks off. WARNING: Everything is uncertain about Silverlake University, your dreams can either be made or end up potentially broken. Nobody knows where they might end up. And no matter what, someone is always watching. Welcome to Silverlake University, your home for the next 4-5 years. -iibigthanos
❦ Hey everyone! ❦

This is a realist highschool rp server where anyone is welcome! Roleplays can be mature is everyone is okay with it, some parts may have to be taken to dms. Dispite that, feel free to join! we will welcome you and please, bring your friends along! We'd love this server to grow!
United States of America, 2016-- American Republican Party wins election with Donald Trump put in power. Socialist and progressive governments and supporters outraged.

United States of America, 2016-2020-- American Democratic Party is far left and unconstitutional.

Ireland and United Kingdom, 2016-2020-- Fianna Fail and Fine Gael in Ireland lost to Sein Fien. In the United Kingdom the Conservative Party lost power and the Labour party took over.

United States of America, 2020-- Democratic Socialist party starts a civil war forming the United Socialist Progressive State of America, or the USPSA, after the reelection of Donald Trump. France, Germany, the Nordics, Palestine, and Canada declare war on the United States of America in support of the USPSA. The Progressive Socialist Alliance (PSA) is formed.

British Isles, 2020-- The conservatives and right wingers commit a coup d'état causing the PSA to declare war. The Free Libertarian Conservative Alliance (FLCA) is formed. The United States, Israel, South Korea, and Taiwan join the alliance.

Australia, 2020-- The libertarians take control and join the FLCA. Loosening gun laws Australia once again has American respect.

World Wide, 2020-- Secret Israeli and American special operation teams attack and dismantle the largest most dangerous nuclear missile sites. Israel and the United States then dismantle their own.

Russia, China, India, North Korea, New Zealand, the rest of the EU (Other than Ireland and Britain), Guatemala, Venezuela, the IRA, Egypt, Cuba. Vietnam, and Mexico join the PSA.
Belgium, Columbia, Belize, Georgia and Turkey join the FLCA.

Jan. 3 2021--A joint FLCA Guerrilla force is created

Fort Crammeys Run is constructed in Morgantown as a base for the FLCA team.
We offer you:
- Great, fair, active and kind staff.
- Realistic combat roleplay.
- Active roleplay(We just opened, but we will be active.)
- Interesting and cool events(Once we will reach enough members.)

Join the fun today!
This is a 21st century role-play set in modern day times of 2019. Create a character you want to be in real life. Whether it be a police officer, a professional athlete, a singer, or just some horny teenager, the choice is yours. Just know that creativity will always increase your chances of being successful.
Absolute Direct is a software company dedicated to giving our customers the best Anti-virus/Security software on the market. No software can compete our Security packages are used by Government agencies and local business alike!

As an employee of AD, you will push our product to companies and individuals across the continental United States. Our Employees are the best on the market and will do their best to achieve our quotas!

Deep in the inner workings of the company, something is brewing a dirty and dastardly plan. Will you risk your livelihood and career to find out what the company is actually doing? Or will you just keep your head low to keep your job?

## [Welcome to the team!] ##
In this brand new exciting RP, you will be able to fight against the Soviets, which had invaded Europe in 1992. You can choose to rp as the Soviets to keep peace or rp as the rebels, so you can free Europe. Either way, the future is in your hands.
-All roleplayer levels are welcome
Based on the Chernobyl accident.
Animals now live there in this modern day, some have developed a few minor mutations after the long lasting effects of the radiation but continue to live their lives despite this.

We roleplay as the animals that now live within the fallout zone, keeping a semi-realistic plot that follows the events.
No human characters are permitted. Nor are anthro characters.
You can roleplay as any animal that would live in chernobyl nowadays.
We are friendly and roleplay on a daily bases.
We are NOT a nsfw roleplay. Please do not join if that is what interests you.
Do you love gta roleplay do you love Xbox one roleplay well you should join us we really try to give our members the best roleplay experience
Welcome to Springday City! A nice little city with a population of 2,000 people, where everyone knows eachother! Hang out with frends, meet new people, and just have fun!

200 years ago, a girl named Lavenza Ishiki founded a old town in the woods. She got to meet all new types of people who lived in this small town. She began to work and fix up the town so more people can move in, but its whereabouts are almost unknown. Some say people that live here are gifted with a special spirit that follows them to keep them safe, but that's just a myth. all different types of people roam around the town, so go meet them!
¤starRP descriptionstar¤

Bennington RC labs is a large building on a secluded island where they do things like drug testing, Experiments as well as create new strange and sometimes even monstrous life. It's a busy place, kept out of the public eye for good reason. Though because of this, it means that the island has its own law and rules that everyone must follow. The lab is no stranger to things like infections, up roars and attempted escapes from volunteers and subjects.

Most of the labs volunteers are people who more couldn't put up a big enough fight, most being junkies or homeless people found on the streets. Life created on the island don't even know there is a world out of it, having been confined to the labs walls for their entire existence.

Staff are treated well, getting large paychecks at the end of each month as well as having free housing on the island and transport back to the mainlands to visit family and friends when they aren't swarmed with work.
Welcome everyone to Gold cliff city! A city surrounded by skyscrapers and houses and huge mansions. Also surrounded by mountains and stores, this city has many places to offer like restaurants and a big airport for Travelers, although this city might sound safe, it still has criminals in the city, don't be to alarmed because you will mostly be safe, there are a lot of mysterious puzzles in this city. This is based of the 21st century in 2019, There are no wars on currently but there are plenty of opportunities to have a small one. This rp can include science fiction as well. This is a quite big city so don't get lost. Have fun and enjoy your stay!
March of the Eagle was founded on the principles of Realistic and Engaging Alternate-History Nation Roleplay, and we uphold these principles ever since the in Sim foundation year of 1780. Every player is a nation, and our nation control system is easy to learn. Join us today, and join our community!
Set in Birmingham AL, the community college was first founded in 1883. The college was once a baptist Christian school, but soon turned over a new leaf in 1975 once the college went under severe backlash over rumors of publicly shaming LGBT students. The school passed ownership onto Mikael Holloway after the previous owner was forced to step down due to these allegations. Mikael Holloway reformed the school into a safe, educative environment for anyone and everyone who attends, bringing the college to become one of the best in the state. The current year is 2019.
Hardcore, realistic zombie apocalypse roleplay.
Not for the fainthearted, your character will die.

Well-structured roleplay sentences in a nice to read format provided by excellent roleplayers. You won't find any OOC babbling in our IC channels but lots of friendly banter in our OOC channels. Though this server is mainly aimed at the experienced, veteran roleplayers, new roleplayers are welcome so long as they have the capacity to learn and improve.

Read our handbook for more information: