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Realistic RP

A RP where you live out a realistic second life. Go to school or run a hole in the wall diner. Find love or tear others down. Share your art with the world or spend your time learning.

-Server runs on a system that tells you the current month and holiday! ❤
-250 roles to describe your character's personality and career! 💛
-120+ locations around the city and even vacation spots! 💚
-Channels for your characters socials and dms! 💙
-Public and private events twice a week! 💜
-Literate rpers that take pride in their story! 📚
-Welcoming staff that listens to the community! 🤗
Hello and welcome to [The New War]WW3 text rp server! We hope you enjoy your stay and thank you for serving in this devastating war, protecting the peace and rights of the people.
What we have to offer!
-Great place to chill and hang with others!
-Friendly staff members willing to listen to your suggestions and help you along your way.
-Bots you can use for casual/entertainment purposes when you arent on the battlefield.
-Much more will be added as we grow.
Lore: From 2019-2034the world was already in chaos. Constant tension and conflict between nations lead many to believe that war was imminent and those people were right... In 2035 Russia who had already taken a part of eastern Ukraine began it's push into the rest of Ukraine. However the remaining part of Ukraine had joined NATO 2 years ago and we all know how military alliances work(for those who dont Ukraine's allies declared war and after this Russia's allies also declared war on NATO). The 3rd World War had now begun. Timeskip 5 years ahead to 2040 which is the present. The war has raged on for 5 years and its evident. Cities destroyed, areas full of dead bodies and the war shows no effort of stopping any time soon, both sides in an apparent stalemate. Who will "win" this war? Will you be one of the few and proud who decided to step up when their country needed them?
Florida is normally called the sunshine state, but Silverlake takes that title into another level. As you arrive here as a student ready to start your journey, beware that this is to prepare you for the real world and what it could possibly throw at you and everyone else in the university. But there’s no ending without cracking the books, and making some tough calls and suffering from huge mistakes. You’ll also find yourself in romance, finding new friends, hanging out at clubs, finding the comforts of a dorm, going to parties, and getting your rocks off. WARNING: Everything is uncertain about Silverlake University, your dreams can either be made or end up potentially broken. Nobody knows where they might end up. And no matter what, someone is always watching. Welcome to Silverlake University, your home for the next 4-5 years. -iibigthanos
Oxygen is a slice of life Roleplay server about celebrities, the ghetto, and everything between.
You can live in the ghetto, be a millionaire, even a mediocre pothead.
The only limit is your imagination, and our rules.

It's just for fun bro. Don't come here unless you're into a chill atmosphere and fun people. Mmmkayyy

We have special roles.
Level roles.
Self roles.
A bot for spreading rumors.
Social media for your characters.
And separate housing for each oc.

Come and take a breather.
Welcome everyone to Gold cliff city! A city surrounded by skyscrapers and houses and huge mansions. Also surrounded by mountains and stores, this city has many places to offer like restaurants and a big airport for Travelers, although this city might sound safe, it still has criminals in the city, don't be to alarmed because you will mostly be safe, there are a lot of mysterious puzzles in this city. This is based of the 21st century in 2019, There are no wars on currently but there are plenty of opportunities to have a small one. This rp doesnt include big superpowers like telekinesis and teleportation and that but can include telepathy. This is a quite big city so don't get lost. Have fun and enjoy your stay!
We play a game called Steam Age on roblox this will help you train and then have you work shifts!
Year 4182. After the world reaches a new crisis due to an expansive and aggressive advance of technology and global warming, Kemuri City (ケムリ市) becomes one of the biggest industrial cities in the world, having millions of citizens. Ruled by aristocrats and corporations, Kemuri is the only hope for many, but also is a city made of exploitation, corruption and filth. Crime rates are over the top, the rich get richer and Kemuri is divided in several areas and sectors brutally unequal to each other. The only defense against the monstrous machine is the technology itself, which allowed people to develop high-tech weaponry and abilities. Many groups coexist in this toxic city made of steel, smoke and glass:

- The Seniors, the dominant and highest class who accumulate the power and money to run the city and do as they please with the help of a corrupt police system.
- The Apostates, rebels and vigilantes who wish to defeat the new government and free the people by taking control of the natural resources.
- The Shikkan, those who moved from distant areas around the city that were contaminated by industrial waste and ended up developing animal features in their human bodies.

Normal citizens, travelers, outsiders, everyone seems to be trapped inside Kemuri City. What side will you chose?
¤☆Hillcross Mental Institution (Asylum RP)☆¤

This asylum has been open since the 60s, maintaining quite the positive reputation for its effective treatments and ability to solve all problems thrown it's way.

The building is owned and run by the Ito brothers, twins. The two take pride in their work after inheriting it from their father after his passing. Things of course have changed slightly with the new management, but whether that's for better or for worse is a personal opinion.

The server includes:
☆Many rp rooms
☆Friendly staff
☆Semi-lit rp
WW3 has just begun... choose your country, find your loyalt. And defend your country. The calm before the storm started on February 23th 2030. It was a peaceful day, children laughing, people chattering amongst crowds... then suddenly... boom. Multiple planes flew over head, dropping bombs and causing multiple explosions. All troops in reserves and active duty have been called. Every soldier, rushing to their planes, tanks, weapons. Protecting what they love most from what dangers lay beyond what they can see. Find your teams, assemble them, and defeat the enemy.
A NEW active serve with a lot to offer. First create your character, ping a mod, and get into battle. Choose your team to squadron from multiple choices. GLHF
We are a roleplay server that is brand new and trying to grow as fast as we can and would appreciate if greatly if you join and just have a nice time ;3
Welcome to BCDOJ a whitelisted community. We are a growing fivem community with xbr vehicles coustom scripts paint jobs and more we have staff postions open both in server and in discord when joining let us know where you came from give us a short bio and what position you want that's all u need to do no interviews no waiting period
SCP: Hardline is a realistic SCP Discord based game. You start out as either a menial worker such as a cook, a D-Class, or another lower level foundation job,and then your destiny is yours from there out. We have a salary system, and an in depth economy. SCP: Hardline tries to accurately portray life at the foundation , in all its bleak glory. When you inevitably die, you will be dead. You will have to completely start from square one at death, and thats just life at the foundation.
******For advanced writers only. Capable of full paragraph to novella story telling need only apply. *******

All roads lead to somewhere and the Wayside is the focal point of it all. There are many secrets that Concord, Massachusetts hides or tries to bury. Witch trials, slavery and murder are just a few stories but what's more important would be the secrets still hidden in the dark.

Plot twists. Dark themes. Modern/fantasy/supernatural rp.
This is the new and improved American Business Sim. American Business Sim is a server where you can make your own company and roleplay with other people and climb your way to the top. We have a great atmosphere and are growing and we would love for you to join us.
On the Isle of Waria thrives your great packs. The Windrunner pack, the Shadow pack, the Ash Spirit pack, and the Moonstar pack. Each have their own personalities that seperates them from the rest. So come join today and find what pack suits you the best then start your story now!

This is a new server so we are in need of many more members to add to the excitement of the server and to start filling up the roleplay sections. Our server so far includes:

👥 Friendly staff!
🐺 Amazing wolf characters and roleplays
🎉 Special events as well as availability to suggest one of your own!
📝 6 character limit
📑 Many roleplay sections
🤐 And many more that you will have to join to see!

We are looking for active members as well as more active staff numbers. Join now and you might be able to take a staff role and help grow the server and add, change, and help around.
Have a good day!!😁❣️🎉💓
🔥Wᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ Tᴏ A Fʀɪᴇɴᴅʟʏ Gᴀᴍᴇ ᴏғ Tʜʀᴏɴᴇs! ❄️

A roleplay based on the Game of Thrones book series by George R. R. Martin. Come join us with your own character! The lore from the originally series has been completely wiped beside the houses, allowing you to write your own story and go down in history forever. You can become a Lord of one of the nine houses, a knight whose name strikes fear in his enemies, or a priest of the Lord of Light that can summon the fires of a God! Who you decide to be is all up to you. Build your dynasty and leave your legacy!

♔ A well organized admin and mod team ready to server as best as possible
♔ An army, land, and lordship system that allows the roleplayer to have power!
♔ No speed typing, god modding, or Metagame of any kind allowed!
♔ An expansive map with custom lore, almost nearly 60+ channels all together and adding!
♔ Admin hosted events that happen at least once a day!
♔ A completely SFW environment and non-toxic roleplayer base!
♔ A well thought and unique war system that is easy to understand and get the hang of!
♔ A 24/7 roleplay server meaning role players can roleplay at any time of day!
♔ Meat pie for everyone!

A game of love and betrayal, family and honor, chaos and order... How will you play the game?
Welcome to our Arma 3 Roleplay Server!

A Discord for many Arma-3 Roleplay Players!

((Includes NSFW Channel))
Riverdale: The Town of Saints and Sinners

The server takes place at the Beginning, the Sheriff's Office is investigating the death of Jason Blossom. Veronica Lodge moves to town with both her brother Cody Lodge and their mother Hermione Lodge. Betty is trying to become Archie's girlfriend. Jughead is writing his novel about Jason Blossom's death. Thank You and we hope to see you in there.
The Metal County Sheriffs Office or MCSO is the main department in the Metal County Roleplay. The MCSO is fully in charge of all traffic in and out of the 4 towns and city in Metal County. Metal County Sheriffs Office has some of the best trained officers.
A server for all members of the IOS and steam game Wolf Evolution to come together in a community and meet each other, you can even ask to play with someone here!
March of the Eagle was founded on the principles of Realistic and Engaging Alternate-History Nation Roleplay, and we uphold these principles ever since the in Sim foundation year of 1780. Every player is a nation, and our nation control system is easy to learn. Join us today, and join our community!
United Services Roleplay was made for very realistic roleplay that requires a lot of maturity to be apart of any department in this community. This server includes 100+ custom civilian cars, CAD/MDT, Whitelisted LEO/EMS, Custom Emergency vehicles, and more! Another thing USRP has to offer is a family family based community. We are here all together as a family constantly wanting to meet new people and just to have a bond with. So join now!
A server based around fictional and non-fictional events of the Roman empire that involves the germanicans, the Chinese, the Persians, the Saxons, and the Celtic tribes.

It is 364 A.D. and the Roman Empire is at it's best Extent. Rome's old enemies now challenge it along with new enemies. Rome is currently in a time of darkness as the challengers are closing in on Rome, and threatening those that live there. So Rome pushed it's message, Sailing their legions to Britannia and are still leading and everlasting siege on Britannia from the Celtic Rebellions that took place. The Germanic tribes that survived Rome's previous onslaught are calling for war, however the Saxon tribes are beckoning for war as well. But fate had other plans, as they began to get unrest with eachother due to living on the same territory. It won't be long before war breaks out between them too. The persians have mustered up hate from everyone as well, and are mobilizing their armies to come for Rome. The chinese have gotten tired of being inferior, so they are rising up to come fight Persia as well.
These will be times of Honor, Blood, and Glory.

Areas of War

Britannia currently being Contested between Rome and Britons

Rome is clashing with Germanica on it's Northern border

Persia has been sieged by Rome on the Southern Border of Rome.

Germanica is currently attacking rome, but will go into a civil war between the Saxons and the Germanic Tribes.

The Chinese are contested with Persia for an Expansion on China's Western Border.

- If you join please note I cannot get to you the second you join. You'll have to be a little patient.
- The lore and stuff is still under construction, expect changes.
- Currently active but not many people.
- A good moderation system.