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Draconian Academy Lore:
Back during the 18th centuries, myths of blood sucking creatures went around and haunted many. During the 19th century, Bram Stoker released the book “Dracula” in which many began to believe more and more in these blood sucking creatures. Overtime, these blood sucking creatures were known to be “Vampires.” In Western Europe, a private school called Draconian Academy (Draconian means harsh or severe) holds some of Europe’s (and the worlds) smartest and richest students, and the school gets a lot of attention. It’s true it is known for it’s smart students, but it’s infamous for it’s mysterious night time classes. Nobody really knows much about the night time class and what they do. The school stays as quiet as possible when it comes to conspiracies about the class. The school holds a lot of power in the Vampire world due to having quite a bit of pure-bloods which is practically royalty. It’s now the early 1900’s and everything is going good. The vampire community is growing and is able to roam the human world more carelessly now that they’ve adapted to the sun more. The students of the nightclass are continuing to learn the way to fit in with human society while still learning how to be a proper vampire. Will the secrets of this school be told to the world or will they be kept in the shadows?
What else is included:
*Buy roles, houses, gamble, rob others, and more!
-Friendly and helpful staff!
-Constantly growing role-play community!
-Art, meme, vent, and spam channels.

What are you waiting for!
Come join the unique new Vampire based role-play like no other!
Witaj, skoro odwiedzasz tą grupę, to zapewne szukasz dobrego serwera. Masz dobre wyczucie czasu, to mi się podoba...
Chciałbym zaprosić cię na serwer, który dopiero się rozwija, jednakże dzięki wspaniałym użytkownikom robota idzie coraz szybciej
Ten serwer powstal około rok temu. Przez ten czas przewięło się multum ludzi. Teraz czas na reaktywację!
Główną inicjatywą stworzenia serwera była ekonomia która teraz jest bardzo rozbudowana i staramy się ją cały czas rozwijać. Nie spoczywamy na laurach.
- rozbudowaną ekonomię, która jest motywem przewodnim serwera
- dobrą i miłą administrację, która o dziwo nie krzyczy za byle co
- przyjemną atmosferę, o czym swiadczy fakt, że jeszcze działamy
- eventy w grach, które integrują naszą małą rdzinkę
- givewaye od czasu do czasu

My nie dążymy do perfekcji. My przesuwamy tylko jej granicę, starając się zrobić coś więcej. Dlatego staramy się rozwijać. Na wszystkie propozycje jesteśmy otwarci. To jest serwer od ludzi dla ludzi.
Może nas odwiedzisz... Może i na pierwszy rzut oka będzie to niezrozumiałe, ale administracja jest zawsze chętna na udzielenie odpowiezi na nurtujące Cię pytania. Do zobaczenia!
The Red House. A small fun community, with alot of space for more members. Everyone is welcome! This is a multi-purpose server for people to hang out and chill with other members. You can post memes and edit them with the bots, play some music in the voice chat and others can join, earn or rob money so you can buy stuff in the shop, go to the casino and bet money to earn more, level up to earn colors you can equip. Server is also Tatsumaki supported so you will get XP here. Staff Cycles constantly changes the staff so that all members can have a chance to help the server out. Come join The Red House and enjoy your stay!
⎈Attentive Staff! ⎈Gaming! ⎈NSFW Channels! ⎈Events! ⎈Active Chat ⎈Custom Bots!
This is a server where you may catch Pokémon, meet new people, get rich(virtually), participate in giveaways and more! It's always a fun time in Pikachu's bar! Join in on the fun today!
Discord Link:

:pushpin: Welcome to Manapixel! What is Manapixel, you may ask? Well, Manapixel is a small but growing community of people on Discord. We primarily focus on having fun and enjoying ourselves (we have many channels to help with that!).


Key Features

- Levelling and Levelling roles (choice between 5 different role colours every 5 levels)
- Music
- Economy and Economy Roles and Rewards
- Pokemon Bots and Commands (Gyms, Auctions, and more)
- Weekly Events
- Self promotion (promote your discord server or your YouTube / Twitch channel )
- Partnerships
- Fun and unique channels, such as one-word-story and counting


We hope to see you there!
Hello! We are a Star Wars roleplay community set in the year 329 ABY.
Here is what you can expect from this community:


• A very active and friendly community.
• Very helpful staff who are always willing to help you.
• Giveaways!
• Advertisement friendly!
• We are always on the lookout for partners.
• We have cool bots!
• A well set up economy where you earn money for being active!
• And, of course, our roleplaying system. You may make your own character and roleplay as your character! You may also pick a faction or go own your own. You choose your destiny here!


If you wish to partner, Direct Message Vyyron#7337.

Join today and may the Force be with you!
16+ | We're an open-armed community looking for all types of members to help our community grow and connect with each other. ✨
Welcome to the TikTok Discord Server, where all your favorite TikTokers are here! We got Memes, Economy, Pokecord, Giveaways, Events and everything TikTok related. So feel free to join us and meet the most awesome TikTokers
The Misfits are a community of people who will accept anyone and will respect everyone
⑅ ⪻ Ranchi 🍰⪼ ⑅
⇩ Read About Ranchi! ⇩
Ranchi is the Japanese word for lunch, and you might be able to tell, that is what the server is based around!

⇩ What Does This Server Have To Offer? ⇩
♡Cute Emotes
🍡A leveling system
♡Cute color roles
🍥Good server moderation
♡Lots of partnerships
🍡Food gifs
♡Anime related things
🍥 Voice chats
♡ Active members
🍬 A fake money system
♡ A welcoming community!
Active and rapidly growing server full of loser e-girls and orbiters.
○ Freaky E-Girls, Active VC
○ Ani-Emojis, Bots, Self-Roles
○ Over 1900 members
The Nest
We’re a smaller server with an active community and staff trying to grow our numbers and help others make friends throughout the avian/furry community

Looking For:
More Active Members

Very Friendly Staff & Members
Open Voice Channels
Colored & Custom Roles
Skill & Info Roles
Economy System & Mini-Games
Giveaways & Events
And So Much More!

Come Join The Flock Today!
Badger City is an economy server themed around real life. We incorporate this by having a 24hr radio, multiple music playlists, server shop, clubs and much more!

We offer:
✧ - Ability to purchase your own club
✧ - Many forms of economy
✧ - Radio station and multiple music playlists

✧ - Weekly events
✧ - Self roles 100+
✧ - No everyone or here server pings

✧ - Own server website
✧ - Unique levelling system
✧ - Secure server! (Anti-raid)

✧ - If you've read to here and still interested maybe you could join the city.

⇣ Server Website ⇣
Common Ground, providing a friendly community for over a year

-Active Community
-Weekly Riddles
-Seasonal Economy Competition
-Art & Story Channels
-Mental Health Channel
-Always Looking For Staff
-$20 Prize For Current Competition
-We are actively looking for growing servers to partner with.

A kingdom always have to be united and together, we are a family and we are proud
We shall respect each other and talk to each other and put pass our differences to protect each other. Once you have joined, you should never be afraid to be who you are because we shall always accept you as you are, like a family should.
•We have contests
•a welcoming atmosphere
•we love a good taste of chaos
This is a place to chill make friends and play games, games consist of pokecord and an economy bot. We also award certain roles for doing things such as leveling up and stuff. Anyway we hope you join, stay and have fun.
Dalton's Café is a community based server which offers a huge amount of activities and fun things to do! We have dozens of different bots across the server to enhance your time on the server and make it more enjoyable for everyone. On top of that we also offer a wide variety of community events to take part in, these events aren't currently available but will be very soon once the community has grown, we will host events such as movie nights, gaming tournaments, karaoke, competitions and much more! Our community is one of the greatest and we hope you enjoy your time here.
~ Dalton
🍊 Peel Paridisel 🍊
😄 We're an active Discord server of fun people! 😄
✨ We have an awesome leveling system! (no mee6) ✨
:👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Here you can find people to play with you and have fun 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
🤖 useful and non spam bots that prevent rule breakers and spam 🤖
🏆 Friendly staff team! 🏆
🎮 Awesome Community! 🎮
✅ Over 170 Chill Members! ✅
💻 Gaming chats!💻
🔴Advertising Channel🔴
💵 and not to mention a shop where you can buy more roles! 💵
🎟 Don't forget the awsome lottery, where you can test your luck and get rich!!! 💵
🔷Tons of more features🔷
──🐶Doggo Hangout🐶──
🎉 🐶Doggo Hangout🐶 is a fun community server with many different activities 🎉
🎉 We are always trying to improve this server with fun and new things! 🎉

『🔥』Talk and interact in channels that are carefully moderated
『🔥』Get amazing and colorful roles
『🔥』Catch a large amount of pokemon with __Pokécord__
『🔥』Participate in giveaways with __GiveawayBot__ (only doing when more members like you join)
『:🔥』Apply for moderator and possibly get accepted with __Application Bot__
『🔥』Look at memes, roast people, see some dirty content and more with __Dank Memer__
『🔥』Listen to all of your favorite songs and other peoples favorites with __FredBoat♪♪__
『🔥』Play games with other people, with yourself, or maybve even a computer with __GamesROB__
『🔥』Look at how many roles, channels, members, and bots with __Member Count__
『🔥』Look at partnered server with __Partner Bot__
『🔥』Bumb our server with __DISBOARD__
『🔥』Look at memes, art, videos, and more
『🔥』Learn how to manage money with __UnbelievaBoat__ and compete against others to gain #1 on the leaderboard
『🔥』Buy roles, jobs and other silly stuff with the money earned with __UnbelievaBoat__
『🔥』Count with other people with __Countr__
『🔥』Make suggestions to improve the server with __Zira__
『🔥』Get roles by reacting to emojis with __NuggetBot__ and do so much more with it!
『🔥』Get chances to earn special roles
『🔥』And SOO much more! We are always updating the server and adding more things. Go to #🔔announcements🔔 to see the recent updates
Owner: __Cute ▼・ᴥ・▼ Doggo ;3__
Join now to help us build a large and friendly-er community!
『My fiverr』

🥔welcome everyone!🥔

This server is pretty much a safe place for any potato (person) to come and enjoy themselves through conversation, games and so much more! ❤

We would like to thank everyone who has joined and would love to create lasting memories/relationships with you no matter who you are or what you like.

As a potato, it's your choice to either be lazy and chill on the couch, or to climb those ranks for custom roles and so much more! Who will be the strongest potato? Only time will tell! 🏆

Thank you! We hope you enjoy your stay on the couch!

▹ ☁︎Bundled Meat☁︎ is a server which isn’t particularly focused on one genre in particular, but rather a conglomerate of communities.

▹ Our server uses a progression based system which allows members to be given rewards and privileges based on their activity in the server.
▸ (In order to keep the server fresh, server ranks will be reset with new roles and rewards, yet members will retain their old rewards and roles they have previously unlocked.)

▹ Events and giveaways shall be hosted in the server, containing various prizes from roles/permissions to gift cards, etc.

▹ Games are a core part of the server. (Common games varying from ‘League of Legends’ to FPS games like ‘csgo’ and ‘Apex Legends’.) Various party games like ‘Cards Against Humanity, ‘’ will be hosted during 𝘨𝘢𝘮𝘦 𝘯𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘵 events.

▹ The server’s primary region is north america, but it contains members from many different time zones.

▹ We are open to new ideas through our requests system in which will be implemented based on the general consensus of the server.

▹ We hope you enjoy your stay if you choose to give Bundled Meat a try! ☁︎
You, dear REDACTED, have been deemed worthy to live on by the strength of your heart and desire to live on. Like a shooting star in the cosmos you’ve been sent to the temporal town of Plures Mundos. A hub for all universes and worlds to merge should their own be destroyed. It changes to meet the users need and desires. However, in this world you cannot leave, just yet.

A Discord server for DnD style gameplay and with a KH base.
Anime, Game, OC, Au are welcome! (no real people muses please)
Duplicates also welcome!
NPCs and a shop system.
weekly IC/OOC games, movies, and holiday events.
Area for villains, heroes and all in between.
✎__Fire Emblem: The Broken Blade
20 years after the events of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade:
The continent of Elibe has grown and evolved, with new faces, new places and new threats for the protagonists. The lore is heavily based off of the sixth and seventh Fire Emblem games, with our own original and special twist on the setting. It's a great opportunity to fit your own characters into a wider Fire Emblem story and interact with the original characters of other role-players too!
A community that focuses around an easy to follow lore and a story based on Nintendo's Fire Emblem franchise. There's a lot of freedom in creating your characters, only with some rules for fairness. We're a very beginner friendly RP. Being familiar with Fire Emblem isn't 100% necessary, as it's relatively easy to understand what's going on, but another member will always be happy to explain context when needed. We also have an easy to follow battle system so characters can have the ability to compete with each other.
Our server has:
◉ - A fun and friendly community to hang out with!
◎ - A reliable and helpful staff team — staff applications are always open with App Bot!
◉ - A stat storing system using rolls with RPBot!
◎ - A battle system using Math Bot for the calculations!
◉ - An economy system done with the use of UnbelievaBoat!
◎ - An easy lore to adapt to!
◉ - Freedom on making characters!
◎ - Events that occur to make the setting more fun!
Feel free to join in, we welcome everyone!