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Over 250 Members
Miscellaneous was originally a Discord server made for anyone apart of the Miscellaneous Guild on the Hypixel Minecraft server, but we are now public for anyone to join! We have over 100 members and tons of fun things to do!
9 minutes ago
General chat room server that is mostly lgbt+ members but we are open to everyone.
17 hours ago
We have a Level & Pizza Economy System on this Server that really explains itself and gives you a lot of opportunities on our Server.

By climbing the Leaderboard and Leveling Up you will gain new Ranks and Roles, which will give you access to special features and hidden channels.
2 days ago
Badger City, a discord server themed around reality. We offer many economy bots and use these along side other features to try and mimic real life jobs. We have a casino, night club and self purchasable roles and a weekly lottery. Badger city is the city you want to live in.
5 days ago
Badger community is a server compromised of many bots and users with updates being added regularly where you can influence the server! We offer an array of economy bots alongside music bots plus we are partnerable. Join and see what you think yourself! We have many other features awaiting you
5 days ago
Roleplay haven is a new roleplay community with both SFW and NSFW roleplay areas we have verification people and a lot of self assignable roles for you to choose from so please join and just enjoy yourselves.

This is also known at the palace of the damned
13 days ago
The server, is a community of members who enjoy socializing. We have various different bots to help capture different people's interests such as economy bots.
18 days ago
𝕰𝖕𝖎𝖈 𝕲𝖆𝖒𝖊𝖘 is a high quality server.
It has moderation and security
There are more than 25 bots set to perfection.
In text chats there are usually around 5 bots visible,
this is because not all the bots are necessary for the text channel
The server graphics are also to be considered.
All chats and voice channels have clearly visible and pleasant characters to see.
18 days ago
This server is a community server we have places for everyone SFW and we have counselors and responsible staff who will listen to your problems
23 days ago
Welcome to The Hidden Garden! You are a citizen of the beautiful kingdom that shares the same name. Build your story, make friends, create unique items, and much, much more in this shiny new server!
44 days ago
Dragon Ballers United is a new community for people who love Dragon Ball. We have a roleplay section, a debating area, and a pretty good economy. We are looking for staff and active members. We have rewards for those who invite a large number of people and we intend to expand as time progresses.
63 days ago
WELCOME to Weeb Lounge!!!
This is a fun community with kind and helpfull people. De discord server is new so please help us grow!
65 days ago
We are a Gaming Community of 25+ members (Goal: 100), here you can lounge and chat about games and voice call with up to 30 other members. We have a range of things to do such as play lottery, trivia and gambling! We have kind friendly staff and a channel to listen to your favourite music. Earn ranks by inviting new players or paying with credits!
71 days ago
Hey!!! In search of a gaming server with a lot of members to chat, play games and make friends. Just Stop!! You just find the right server you've been looking for. Click the invite and check us out. Hoping to see you. We have a nice reasonable staff in with us.
All we want is a friendly open community for every gamer. We have a lot of separate gaming categories like GTA, PUBG, Fortnite, Minecraft, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach. We also offer free stuff through giveaways. Join us to discover a whole lot of fun stuff we offer..
72 days ago
Join the community and come play Arena of Valor , League of Legends, Overwatch, and / or Rocket League with us. The community is growing and we would love to have more people join.
76 days ago
A server for aesthetics, NSFW, BOTS, games, music and much more

Come join this brand new server, invite friends and make us grow!!!

Still looking for moderators for the server!!

83 days ago
We have high moderation staff to help with any problems!
We have fun bots to play with!
Come join a for a relax chill server to socialize on!
91 days ago
This is a medieval roleplay focusing on characters in the setting of a medieval kingdom. Join the military, become a bounty hunter, maybe rule the kingdom!
Anything realistic is possible on this server.
Keep in mind this is a medieval roleplay, not a medieval fantasy roleplay.
94 days ago
This is a realistic roleplay server taking place in the golden age of piracy. There are 3 paths to choose from and 2 islands to choose from. You can be a pioneer, join the navy, or travel around on your own ship as a merchant, coming from Serpent island, the island of danger and war, or Prospectors island, a place of defenders and wealth. The two islands are currently against each other and anyone caught trespassing on an island that they do not belong to will be punished. Currently, it is only small fights and attacks, but with the increased aggression from Serpent island, will these small fights turn into war?
96 days ago
Welcome to Generation X!! This server is perfect For Making new friends and who knows maybe you'll find your Fated person ;). If you need any guidance you can go and have a chit chat with the staff's if you ever get lonely.
17703 days ago