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⎈Attentive Staff! ⎈Gaming! ⎈NSFW Channels! ⎈Events! ⎈Active Chat ⎈Custom Bots!
✥ Hiraeth is a chill community focusing on each individual member, having categorized channels based on gaming,anime, bot spam, role play, karaoke & mostly a support system that cherishes every member & provides therapy session accordingly. So join us ASAP ღ
Welcome to Poke Gamerz.
-Its a new server based on Pokecord/Pokeverse (moin)
-There are also economy bots if u bored playing pokecord and pokeverse (moin)
-NSFW channel
-MemeBots is here!
-Gym and hiring gym leader!

It may be a small server but we are growing!

Its a new server with 2 owner from 2 different server that make a server together. Enjoy!!
💠Artistic Heaven💠

Hey there names,
Ive got a short story...

So I was looking all around discord to find a good discord server but I couldn’t find any until I saw ÃŔŢΊŢÌĆ HËÁVÈÑ. Everyone! Its a cool badass discord server thats ensures your amazing experience with them and the unforgettable time you can have! Artistic Heaven is a server that has....

👪Roleplay till you get bored of it👪
-Many Universes and More In The Making💠
-Many Places To Go To💠
-Many Adventures To Have💠
-Roleplay Events💠
📝Advertisement of whatever you wish📝
-Advertise your servers!💠
-Advertise your belongings and put them for sale💠
-Advertise anything you wish💠
😆Chatting with your friends😆
-Find people who share your talents💠
-Make new friends💠
-Have fun!💠
-Catch Pokemon in chat!💠
-Battle Your Friends!
-Name Your Pokemons💠
-Collect them and become the largest collecter!💠
-Show off your talents!💠
-Send Paintings/Drawings/Sketches! All!!💠
-Send your music or other music that are passionate!💠
-Ask people to play with you!💠
-Find people that like the same games as you!!💠
-Suggest More Games!!!💠
-Join voice chats and talk with your teammates!💠
🤖Cool Bots!🤖


📢Mega Events!!📢

🤝Amazing Staff!!🤝

🤔Self Assignable Roles!!🤔
-Choose The Given Roles And Get Them!💠
-Suggest More Roles Too💠

🏆 Discord Hypesquad !🏆
-Fun competitions between houses!
-Private Chats!

👀Looking For Partners!👀

Artistic Heaven Is Updated Regularly
If You Are Looking For A Cool Discord Server Just Join us!

안녕하세요~ 만든 지 얼마 안되는 작고 편안한 커뮤니티에요! 한국인 운영자가 운영하는 한국 서버입니다 ~
여러모로 아직 손봐야 될게 있어서 어드민을 도와주실 모더 분들이 필요합니다. 한국인 유저분들 서버에 들어오셔서 같이 대화하고 친하게지내요 ~
Reckless Economy is a BRAND NEW server that has officially been released on 9/24/2018.

We are a Economy server with our main bot being UnbelievaBoat!

We have:

Leveling system with roles(with activity)

A Spam channel

Giveaways(with UnbelievaBoat, Roles, and More!)

2 minute wait time between !work and 3 minute wait time between !slut and !crime !

More being added!
Mingle is a multipurpose server which offers something for everyone (nsfw excluded)

levelling system with rewards, economy, memes, anime, emotes, gaming
Compete against other teams and earn points to be the best team of all!! Get roles, have fun, and participate in special events!
Looking for a fun gaming server with memes, games, economy, chat, and Lots of FUN!!!!!!!
A basic economy server with levels, very tolerant staff and almost no rules!
🛡 Welcome to Close Combat 🛡

We are a Pokecord Discord Guild with a goal to become a strong community!

🎉 Giveaways & Events!
⚖ Recently added Auctions!
⚔ Battling, Gyms & Elite 4!
🚀 Leveling Perks & Roles!
📊 Polls!
📑 Applications for E4 Open!
🤝 Partnerships!
💯 Nearing 100 Members!

Are You Up to the Challenge? Clutch Up Your Fist and Let Loose!

Join Close Combat and Become One With the Community!

~ @Litty#3476
The server, is a community of members who enjoy socializing. We have various different bots to help capture different people's interests such as economy bots.
Badger City is a dedicated economy server where our aim to simulate real life into a server.
We are an open community and if you have an idea let us know. We will share some of what we have on offer, excluding the average music bots etc.

✧ - Ability to purchase your own virtual shop
✧ - Ability to create your own temp voice channel
✧ - No everyone or here server pings
✧ - Self roles 100+ (colours too)
✧ - Server lottery
We hope to see you at BadgerCity
here at Ʀᴇᴅʙᴏɴᴇ, we try to provide the following;
- a simple, organized, and fun time
- nice and laid-back community with not many restrictions
- tons of self assignable roles along with a ranking system based on activity
Space: The Final Frontier is a somewhat new server with a growing community. I am hoping to invite more people to increase the server’s population and popularity, and for those people to help me increase the quality of the server. Thank you if you join!

What the server has:

>A bunch of channels to RP in

>A Friendly staff team

>An economy system

>Bounties that give you money



>And a whole bunch of bots you can use!

So come join us in this adventure in Space!
It’s the year 3000, wars raging across galaxies, bandits killing citizens for credits, and the Military isn’t doing much to help. People call on the Military, and all they do is ignore, causing the bandits and other criminals to come out of hiding and strike more often. You can cause a difference in this. Fight crime, rob others, become a nomad, roam the galaxy, purchase awesome ships: All this, you can do. Well, obviously some of it will cost…but back to the fun stuff. So, which side will you choose? Good or bad? Bandit or Military? Bounty Hunter or Protector?
A chill smaller socializing community with events & economy/pokémon bots!
Cozy Crossing Community is an Animal Crossing themed/focused server where we focus on being a friendly and welcoming place for absolutely everyone to chill! Although the server focus is on Animal Crossing, our server is much more than that! Come take part in events, talk about general life, talk about and play any games online with others, play bot games with us, and more!

We'd love to have you in our Cozy Crossing Community!
«-------- Dreamtel ---------»

Hey, guys welcome to dream hotel where dreams come to life and you put it in a hotel

We are a startup Hotel we just got into the business so if you can join up and support us it would be much appreciated

If you join us an become in love with our hotel then you should apply for a role because once we start getting packed we won't check as frequently

Us creators try to be as active as possible so it would be nice if you join in and be active too because I makes no sense to join a disc and not be active

We do try to do partnerships but we have rarely any members so it's pretty hard

We are hiring only the most friendly staff to help out with our nice community

We Have NSFW servers for you naughty Men and Women out there

Supportive of the LGBT community
«-------- INFORMATION ---------»

Discord Invite:
Awesome chat server with several topics and channels!
Friendly members and staff!
IdleRPG and UnbelievaBoat for economy and giveaways!
Join now!
Well, shit. I don't know what to say, join to meet some new people you've never met before, because uh, you'll never get this opportunity again and then my server dies and its people are sad.
We have custom roles, emojis, and bots to fit the show. Our community is active and polite. Our staff offer great support with any help you need. There is a lot of fun commands to use if you are bored, you can meet new people and make some friends! Hope to see you around! Subscribe to our Reddit May we meet again!

50+ Members

A custom bot to give you custom commands

Economy system so you can be the richest person in the server

Pokémon channel with the help of Pokécord

Tons of emojis (perfect for users with Nitro)

Video game channels locked so you don't get interrupted

Members around the world

Helpful staff team

Leveling system for access to special channels

Self-Assignable roles including colors, games, and more

~Looking for staff
~Gaming/Meme server
~Few rules
~Tons of emotes

Info: simple server that allows all types of people. No one is to be treated different from the next person. Everyone is equal. PLEASE read the rules before posting.

Current needs
- New Moderators
- New Artists
- New Member
- New Roblox games
- New RolePlayers
- New Friends

- owo Bot
- Pokemon bot (battle grounds, trading and more)
- Most Cussing is allowed
- Ranking system
- Self Ranking System(Coming Soon)

We are willing to partner with servers and their leaders. To become a partner please Join the server and DM MotherToaster.
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