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Compete against other teams and earn points to be the best team of all!! Get roles, have fun, and participate in special events!
⎈Attentive Staff! ⎈Gaming! ⎈NSFW Channels! ⎈Events! ⎈Active Chat ⎈Custom Bots!
Meme Jesus Mafia is a Discord server for Instagram user @yourlordandsaviormemejesus with over 18,000 members. We have a leveling system, fun bots, a casino/economy bot, giveaways, and pokecord. There is no censorship, and the entire community is based around memes. The server is super active so come join us 😎
[DP] Discord Promotions

what do we offer? :thinking:

-->+40 ways to advertise all kinds of stuff :scroll: :globe_with_meridians:

-->Very nice and Mature Staff but Sometimes funny staff :smile:

-->An Awsome Community to talk and Laugh with :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

-->Open to all suggestions :fire:

-->Partnerships :handshake:

-->And Lots more things :100:

CREATOR OF THIS SERVER IS @𝒥:heart_eyes:𝓈𝒽#0982
The Red House. A small fun community, with alot of space for more members. Everyone is welcome! This is a multi-purpose server for people to hang out and chill with other members. You can post memes and edit them with the bots, play some music in the voice chat and others can join, earn or rob money so you can buy stuff in the shop, go to the casino and bet money to earn more, level up to earn colors you can equip. Server is also Tatsumaki supported so you will get XP here. Staff Cycles constantly changes the staff so that all members can have a chance to help the server out. Come join The Red House and enjoy your stay!
A community made for cool people to come chill, play, and chat. We have activity based roles and partnership. A "City" is implemented with UnblieveaBoat bot and we have "life" ranks purchasable in store. Example Ranks: ("homeless, worker, etc.") Also, we got Pokemon!!!
a new server for our killer freaks
a friendly or kinky community u never know :wink:

partnering with other servers

we are mental but we are friendly
Gamers from all over the world

growing for them memez
voice channels for fun!

hiring staff!
nsfw channels

you can try your bots here!
level ranks, invite ranks and many more!

For Gamers and cult members
General chat room server that is mostly lgbt+ members but we are open to everyone.
This server is a growing community focused on gaming and gamers. We have fun discord bots and active members you can socialize with. Our server is an open community for all the gamer out there. Chat with our global members, play around with discord bots, share awesome stuff, show off your gaming skills and most importantly "Have Fun". All this just by clicking that invite link and let the fun begin. 🎉

Gamer's Paradise offers you :
✨ Active Community ✨
🎉Periodic Giveaways 🎉
🎩 Roles for Everyone 🎩
🏵 Self Assign System 🏵
💓Profile Role System 💓
📊 Leveling System 📊
🚔 Dedicated Staff 🚔
🤖 Fun & Helpful Bots 🤖
🎵 24/7 Music & Radio 🎵
🎮 Gaming Rooms 🎮
🎶 Music Rooms 🎶
🍻 Partnerships 🍻
🚯 Anti-Spam & Raid 🚯
🎭 Regular Fun Events 🎭
🎰 Our Own Casino 🎰
💎 And So Much More To Discover 💎
A server where you can talk freely about anything with anyone. Join now to interact with people in this server filled with excitement, felony, unease, and hard-work that features a fun pseudo-realistic economy system!

(Philippines, Pinoy, Filipino)
Grand Theft Discord is a role-play server similar to the game Grand Theft Auto. You can earn money through completing jobs and gambling at the casino, but it isn’t all fair play - you can join gangs and steal money from the bank or other gangs in gang wars. GTD is a game of risk, strategy, and a sprinkle of RNG.
🍨Welcome To PokeGamerz!!!🍨

🎉We Are A Growing Community Which Welcomes Everyone (However, Toxic Users Arent Welcomed.🚫)

🌟We Provide Quite A Bit Of Fun Channels As Well As Bots, Such As🌟 ~:

🎲The Must Read Category(Server info, Rules, Announcments, Selfroles, Suggestions And Server Shop.)🎲

🍭Chatting Areas(General, Memes, Art, and e.t.c.) 🍭

🌻Bot Areas(Spam, Tatsumaki, Nadeko, Unbelievaboat And e.t.c.) 🌻

🎮Pokebot Stuff(Sun Spam, Moon Spam, Duelling, Trading And Market Ads, Grinding And A Bunch Of Pokeverse and Monstacord Channels As Well. )🎮

🏆Music, Chatting And Gaming VC's🏆

🎡Please Enjoy Your Stay! If You Have Any Problems, Please DM An Admin Or The Owner Himself!🎡

🔰We Are Currently Hiring for Trial Moderator!🔰
Welcome to Dogger! This is a newly founded server with a extremely small community. All we need to make the server grow and be more active is you guys! If you want to become staff on the server you need to unlock ranks with activity. Our roles go like this:

Ant Lobe
Fish Lobe
Mouse Lobe (Staff Apps available)
Skunk Lobe
Deer Lobe
Wolf Lobe
Bear Lobe
Lion Lobe
Orca Lobe

We also plan on having limited time roles! Which you can only get for a limited time. Who doesn't want a lot of roles?

Anyways, here at Dogger we like Sea Doggos, Doggos, Shibes, Cattos, Birders, or any other animal. We also enjoy our economy bot which you can unlock roles by using that to.

Cya around in Dogger!!!
16+ | We're a open-armed community looking for all types of members to help our community grow and connect with each other. ✨
We have custom roles, emojis, and bots to fit the show. Our community is active and polite. Our staff offer great support with any help you need. There is a lot of fun commands to use if you are bored, you can meet new people and make some friends! Hope to see you around! Subscribe to our Reddit May we meet again!
Welcome to Pokemon Dark Rising! We are a Community who uses Pokemon Showdown! We have music, custom ranks, badges, gym leaders, E4, memes, giveaways, tourneys and More!
if you are interested, give our server a shot! We are in need of E4 and Gym Leaders!
Hewwo~ This is FS, Frosty's Server! We are a friendly community of furries ^w^. We would love to have you! Hope ya enjoy your stay!
This is a new server that is looking for people to come and join into this community. Here there is Rp, Economy, and Anime so come on in
Hi! Welcome to ☆* sleepy jasmine *☆! This is a social and gaming server with 50+ members, fun bots, and friendly users~ We also offer special roles, such as color roles and informative ones. Join to help us grow this community~♡
Space: The Final Frontier is a somewhat new server with a growing community. I am hoping to invite more people to increase the server’s population and popularity, and for those people to help me increase the quality of the server. Thank you if you join!

What the server has:

>A bunch of channels to RP in

>A Friendly staff team

>An economy system

>Bounties that give you money



>And a whole bunch of bots you can use!

So come join us in this adventure in Space!
It’s the year 3000, wars raging across galaxies, bandits killing citizens for credits, and the Military isn’t doing much to help. People call on the Military, and all they do is ignore, causing the bandits and other criminals to come out of hiding and strike more often. You can cause a difference in this. Fight crime, rob others, become a nomad, roam the galaxy, purchase awesome ships: All this, you can do. Well, obviously some of it will cost…but back to the fun stuff. So, which side will you choose? Good or bad? Bandit or Military? Bounty Hunter or Protector?
My discord server is a place were you can come to express yourself or meet new people, the server is an economy based server with tons of stuff to be added in the future to add on to what there already is.
The Bananajack has fun bots and nsfw channels, we also have leveling up system and economy both with earnable or purchasable rewards.
Here in the Bananajack we have 9 Nsfw Channels, 3 meme channels, 10 social channels, and 5 bot channels with 20+ bots to pick and choose from. You can find information about the server here;
Awesome chat server with several topics and channels!
Friendly members and staff!
IdleRPG and UnbelievaBoat for economy and giveaways!
Join now!
🍊 Peel Paridisel 🍊
😄 We're an active Discord server of fun people! 😄
✨ We have an awesome leveling system! (no mee6) ✨
:👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Here you can find people to play with you and have fun 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
🤖 useful and non spam bots that prevent rule breakers and spam 🤖
🏆 Friendly staff team! 🏆
🎮 Awesome Community! 🎮
✅ Over 170 Chill Members! ✅
💻 Gaming chats!💻
🔴Advertising Channel🔴
💵 and not to mention a shop where you can buy more roles! 💵
🎟 Don't forget the awsome lottery, where you can test your luck and get rich!!! 💵
🔷Tons of more features🔷