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Game Guru - Активный, хороший сервер.
Разговорчивые админы, создатель, участники.
Много каналов для игр по сети, хорошо настроенные боты.
Зайдите! Не пожалеете!
Yeti's Playground (Y.P.G) We are a friendly and welcoming group of people. Our Dev team works hard on creating and maintaining the game servers our members play on. We currently run a ARK Server, Arma 3 Exile server and a Dayz standalone server. Outside of these servers we also play a variety of games together. We do community events and even do server events. We consider ourselves a family. Small but always growing. So feel free to step into our home, and allow us to welcome you with open arms. For anyone who suffers with anxiety of depression. Some of our oldest members have suffered with similar troubles. Allow us to offer you an environment where you can relax with beautiful people. And laugh till you cry.
Welcome to our group we are an 'Arma-3' community where we gather up into squads and play all together we are raising members to come and have fun with us together we are doing 'WW2' Roleplaying in games.
New arma 3 milsim community with previous milsim experience. Based in
middle Europe.

Operations every week!
Newbie friendly
Own A3 server!
Own TS3 server!
Chance to develop your "career".
Roleplay events!
This server contains people who enjoy garrys mod, hoi4, and other games. I am also trying to make this a debating community, i myself am always up for a debate. Feel free to join a very friendly and welcoming community (no power crazy admins)
Join the British Army Semi-Realistic Milsim group on Discord!

Hey, I'm Shwarple. Leader of the British Army Milsim Group.

We are a small, but growing group of people who like Milsim and that stuff. We are a semi-realistic Milsim group, so we dont act as we were in the real army. It's more just for fun. We've got a fixed schedule for the group. Operations will be done most likely every weekend. Over the week, you can host your own missions, if you talk to me.


Monday | Rest and Side Missions

Tuesday | Rest and Side Missions

Wednesday | Rest and Side Missions

Thursday | Rest and Side Missions

Friday | Operation 21.00 gmt

Saturday | Operation 19.00 gmt

Sunday | Side Missions and Training at 12.00pm GMT

It would be really nice to have you with us :D
Brexit negotiations have finally been settled and the United Kingdom has finally extracted themselves from the European Union. With the current migrant and economic crisis, EU countries are one by one falling into anarchy and they look for a solution, the only perceivable one being bringing the UK back into the Union, however they will not come back willingly, so the EU is left with only one option...

This is a combat roleplay server based in an alternate reality of what the Brexit negotiations could end up like (Although this is very unlikely XD). Whilst being a server primarily for roleplay this place is also meant to be a community server and everyone is welcome. This place is also NSFW so be wary.
Welcome to [VCI] Vanguard Contractors Inc!

We are a private military combat company
based out of Arma 3!

We are a brand new combat unit to the game!

-Friendly Administration
-Fun Teammates
-Fun Roleplaying

A chill group of guys and gals that plays all sorts of games including DayZ, PUBG, ARMA 3 and Ark Survival Evolved and much more. You name it we probably play it. We currently host an ArmA 3 milsim out of the discord.
We're a bunch of freedom loving mfs looking for people to play with!! We also love politics ALOT.
We are a group of people that primarily play arma and some paradox games, anyone is welcome to join
Welcome to the Hydra Head-Hunters! We are a semi-modern milsim group that is currently getting its wheels on the ground. We are open to all so long as you know when to listen and be competent (and aren't a squeaker). As the Zeus, i'm making a custom timeline that will start in 2020 and end in 2022 (in game time). Leadership positions are available so come on in and check us out!
The Fallen Angel Force is a fresh Arma 3 private Zeus community that host almost daily ops & lengthy campaigns. We are currently conducting a PMC campaign but look to expand into other avenues of story lines to play with. We're always looking for new members, feel free to check us out & perhaps join us in some grand operations!
Roleplay UK - The Home of Roleplay
Roleplay UK was founded in February 2014 under the name of Altis Life UK and went from strength to strength installing ourselfs as the Number 1 Roleplay community in Europe.

On our servers you can Roleplay as a civilian, Police, NHS or a full out criminal! We were the first server to make everything all UK themed something which has been extremely popular from day one with our UK and European members.

In 2016 we successfully decided to obtain the domain after some kind funding from our members and started expanding our structure & ethos across other games for more people to enjoy over the next 20 years and beyond!

Everyone is welcome however we recommend you read our rules, they may come across as strict but they really do set the environment that people keep coming back for.

Roleplay is a great thing, come and enjoy it with us! We manage the stage the lights are on and the doors is open!
Welcome to Alpha-Gaming

Looking for a community to play and explore new games with? Alpha-Gaming is a budding gaming community hosting the most intuitive, immersive and enjoyable servers on games like Arma 3, GTA5 and more!

Join us in the early stages and help shape the community!
Боты: (RP-BotBox, Музыкальный бот.) - @everyone Розыгрыш 1000 рублей на STEAM Администрация продлила #🎁розыгрыш🎁 на 14 дней. Так как активных участников не большое количество.
Welcome to TruShot Gaming, a server favoring FPS games of all kinds. From your hardcore R6 and CSGO players to Peaceful Minecraft players, TruShot is your home to a community of gamers giving their best in whatever game they're playing and leaving it all out on the field. Find your next team here, or chill out with the community. Either way, we'd be glad to have you.
Just a basic gaming community looking for members and staff. Come together to form a community of funny outgoing people to game and have fun with.
MSF-C is Russian-speaking community that unites inhabitants of the CIS, but we're glad to see everybody regardless of your nation!
We are an Arma 3 unit, That is an attachment of a BAF unit and we play as USAF. We have a growing list of ranks/MOS's, we also have a special forces detachment.
Welcome to our Arma 3 Roleplay Server!

A Discord for many Arma-3 Roleplay Players!

((Includes NSFW Channel))
The 217th Special Tasks Force is a milsim community centered on ArmA 3 with a built-in satellite community for Stormworks: Build and Rescue.

We're brand-new! Come join in, there's bound to be some fun.