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Welcome to Alpha-Gaming

Looking for a community to play and explore new games with? Alpha-Gaming is a budding gaming community hosting the most intuitive, immersive and enjoyable servers on games like Arma 3, GTA5 and more!

Join us in the early stages and help shape the community!
Originally a Planetside 2 outfit founded in 2013, VVarMachine Gaming has expanded into a variety of other PC multiplayer games including Arma 3, StarCitizen and more. Tactical team-based gameplay, 18+, hosted in US timezones with a worldwide presence.
Task Force Tempor 8

TFT8 strives to create MilSim experiences according to our shared vision: compelling gameplay, authentic combat, interesting premise.

We adapt real-world military concepts and practices that meaningfully contribute to the Arma 3 experience, and reject those that do not.

Regular Ops: Sundays 1400, Friday 2000 EST (UTC-5)
Mods: ACE, TFAR, RHS, SMA, etc

TeamSpeak 3:
Highlight video:
Welcome to TheRebellionForces. We are a gaming community and strive to bring people together in competition, teamwork, and a range of activities and games.
A roleplay community with primarily scifi/dystopian RPs. RP takes place on Gary's Mod as well as in Discord chat.

RP List:
Rebirth: A post apocalyptic RP involving numerous postwar factions. Rebirth has a large scope, with a tabletop style of play. Sessions are hosted on a set schedule in voice chat and Garry's Mod. More information can be found here:

Half Life 2 RP: An RP based in the Half Life Universe. The RP takes place in City 17-i4, an industrial district of City 17. More information can be found here:

Arma 3: Arma 3 scenarios take place biweekly, with campaigns that change monthly.
Welcome to our Arma 3 Roleplay Server!

A Discord for many Arma-3 Roleplay Players!

((Includes NSFW Channel))
A chill group of guys and gals that plays all sorts of games including Rising Storm 2, CSGO, PUBG, ARMA 3 and Ark Survival Evolved and much more. You name it we probably play it. We currently host an ArmA 3 milsim out of the discord.
AEVN GAMING is one of the best VN servers for hardcore gamers and simulation games such as Arma 3, squad, insurgency,..
enlist as you wish operator!
Game Guru - Активный, хороший сервер.
Разговорчивые админы, создатель, участники.
Много каналов для игр по сети, хорошо настроенные боты.
Зайдите! Не пожалеете!
Hello there! I'm part of a new group known as "REA [Redeploy, Engage, and Annex]". We are a relaxed milsim unit in the Arma community. We are a multi division style unit and consider ourselves a "Semi-Realism" unit and use a lot of mods to enhance our game play.


- Working mic is HIGHLY recommended
- Must be able to speak , understand , and type in English.
- Must be willing to contribute to the unit. Whether it's helping staff or showing up for ops, we like it when our members are a little more hands on.

What We Offer

- A friendly community of like-minded individuals who are teammates on the field and friends off of it.
- An environment where Quality of members is more focused on than Quantity. We like it when a lot of members join our operations, but do not like it when members start ruining the fun of everyone else.

Our Divisions
164th_Infantry_Company -The main attacking force of REA. Typically composed of those that have a thirst for action.

62nd_Force_Recon_Company -Secondary attacking force of REA, also specializes in Recon, and works closely with the 164th.

10th_Mountain_Division -Main Recon unit, typically located on mountain sides, not sky-lining. Primarily keeps over watch for other divisions. Can consist of a few Snipers/Spotters.

82nd_Para_Infantry -Airborne Unit, Focuses on jumping out of aircraft near combat areas/behind enemy lines via. C-130 or CH-47. Able to survive using limited resources.

300th_Menewa_Waya -A special unit that specializes in CQB, commonly clearing buildings and extracting subjects and/or hostages.

16th_Air_Cav - This Division specializes in anything air related. Redeployment, insertion/extraction, gun runs and more.

9th_Armored_Division -This division specializes with anything armored, aka tanks.

195th_Artillery_Detachment -This division supports from the ground, whether it be self-propelled artillery vehicles, or via. ground mortars.


Sunday: Post-op training
Monday: Open for training/small ops
Tuesday: Open for training/small ops
Wednesday: Open for training/small ops
Thursday: Open for training/small ops
Friday: Recruiting/Pre-op training
Saturday: Main Op 4:30pm EST

If you are interested in joining us or coming in for a chat, please join our discord or our teamspeak.

Discord Link:
TeamSpeak IP:
MSF-C is Russian-speaking community that unites inhabitants of the CIS, but we're glad to see everybody regardless of your nation!
Bienvenue !

Nous sommes actuellement ouvert et nous avons besoin de TOI ou vous enfin voilà !

Nous possédons plusieurs scripts, mappings et véhicules exclusifs et de jolies lieux !

Nous possédons un serveur optimisé et fluide !
De nombreux métiers., a hardcore Arma 3: Exile ChernarusRedux server set in a world where 3rd person view is punishable by death. Many heavily armed or armored vehiles have been removed, armed vehicles solely consist of crew-served MG's. All guided launchers have been removed as well. Squad play is the main focus and is strongly encouraged!

There are many voice channels are available for squads of all sizes on the discord, or you can use our Therapist bot to create your own private channels! The discord is heavily influenced by Escape from Tarkov.

Press F to pay respects.
Official discord server of the Joint Security Organisation.

Interested in an in-depth ARMA 3 milsim experience but don't want to be confined by what happens in the real military? Being a virtual military we provide a unique gameplay experience entirely tailored to ARMA 3.
Боты: (RP-BotBox, Музыкальный бот.) "Специальное кибердвижения" в России, странах СНГ, ближнего и дальнего зарубежья. У нас есть свой сервер GTA5 FiveM. Сейчас идёт тест, у вас есть шанс стать участником.
The Fallen Angel Force is a fresh Arma 3 private Zeus community that host almost daily ops & lengthy campaigns. We are currently conducting a PMC campaign but look to expand into other avenues of story lines to play with. We're always looking for new members, feel free to check us out & perhaps join us in some grand operations!
🎉This server was originally based off of his Youtube channel. Check it out if 🎉you want. Or not. We don't care. (or do we? i *insert thonk emoji* 🎉¯\_(ツ)_/¯) We just have fun here! So sit back, pop open a vodka, throw it 🎉away since a good percentage of people on discord are too young to drink 🎉and enjoy the show! -ya girl Kat
Arma Squad Project

Наш проект основан по большей части на игре Squad, но отличаемся мы повышенной хардкорностью и совершенно иной динамикой боя. И так, в чём же разница? Давайте по порядку:

1. Да, у нас тоже есть Respawn. Но данный Respawn ограничен малым количеством тикетов и большим временем возрождения, и время регулируется в зависимости от поставленного задания и количества участников на одной миссии. В целом, за всю игру один игрок при наличии полного состава может использовать Respawn один, или максимум, два раза. Тут уже всё зависит, как будет проходить бой.

2. Да, мы тоже перевозим оружие. В Squad это называется "сопля". У нас это называется любая техника. Почему? Потому что на миссию каждой стороне выдается ограниченное количества оружия, амуниции, медикаментов и всего составляющего на миссию, а значит, есть риск потерять все боеприпасы.

3. Мы используем определенные правила для расстановки на слоты. Об этом Вы можете прочитать в правилах игры, раздел игровых правил №2.

4. Мы используем Team Speak для общения между игроками, и плагин TaskForceRadio, а так же Addon для Arma 3 под названием "Radio Task Force". Что это значит? Это значит, что у каждого бойца есть своя личная рация, у каждого командира отделения есть рация дальней связи, по которой и происходит общение между сотоварищами. Реализм в плоть до того, что если Вы заберёте рацию противника, Вы сможете слушать вражеские переговоры.

5. У нас полностью отсутствуют Rally Point'ы и Hab'ы. Respawn только на Main.

6. Для каждой миссии используются разные условности, которые запрещено нарушать. Подробнее об этих условностях Вы обязаны прочитать на старте/входе в уже начавшуюся миссию, открыв карту.

7. В отличии от Squad, мы можем реализовывать самые различные вариации миссий, постоянно обновляя наш арсенал заданий, это значит, что Вы не встретитесь с однообразием, а самые лучшие карты будут использоваться Вами же довольно часто.
Heyo, we are FORCE. An international clan of (somewhat) crazy people united by our passion for Arma 3. We run weekly coop missions created by our Zeus game masters.
While we don't go full milsim we expect a basline level of seriousness in our mission. Basically, fuck around by all means but not so much that it annoys people ;)
We accept people of all skill levels. Are you a die hard veteran with thousands of hours in Arma? Great, welcome in. Are you a total noob who just bought Arma out of curiosity? We also provide training sessions to teach you the basics of Arma and many of the specialisations that come with it.
Sounds good? Great! Hop on in and join us!
Just keep in mind that we are an 18+ community and won't be able to accept you in if you are underaged.
The 38th is a casual Star Wars milsim unit for Arma 3 that focuses on fun and a sense of community rather than more realistic features. We offer a variety of roles for our members and if something doesn't sit right, we're willing to work something out. If you have any questions please feel free to join and ask for a Recruiter and they'll get you all sorted out.
Gaming Oasis Gmod Server! - Also A Place For Gamers To Just Seek Refuge And Chat Hence Our Oasis!
Arma Ireland is a semi-serious Arma3 clan that tries to replicate the Irish Armed Forces in the realistic military game Arma 3. We accept all kinds of people, not just Irish people. Don't join if u don't intend on playing Arma