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Hello there! We are a group of people who have created the 47th Demon Division for fun and so we can play Arma III serious while also chill. Come and join and experience the fun as we do many operations and scenarios, once you have joined ask for an admin or founder for any help.
This is a roleplay server based around the game ArmA3, you can chat and socialise here, as well as roleplay, the lore is. In 2030, war erupts on the Mediterranean islands of Altis and Stratis, killing half of the civilian population, rendering thousands of them homeless, and causing a refugee crisis. Under harsh conditions, NATO peacekeeping forces deploy to the region to secure peace and establish joint NATO–Altian Armed Forces (AAF) bases on the islands. Five years later, with NATO investment in the Aegean dwindling, the Canton-Protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty (CSAT), a military alliance of eastern hemisphere countries, begins subsidizing the AAF and mobilizes its own forces in the Pacific. Facing political pressure to withdraw at the end of their peacekeeping mandate, NATO begins reducing their forces causing tensions to rise between AAF and NATO forces.
Wir erschießen wer erschossen werden muss, retten wer gerettet werden muss und füttern wer gefüttert werden muss.

Wir sind ein leidenschaftlicher ArmA3 Clan der sich Mühe auf gute Missionen gibt. Und der sich auf jeden Member freut.

Unser Community Server:
IGA is a 501(c)3 charity based in the US that provide space, education, social support and space to play for people. We exist to help people get together, find places to play game servers, get help so they can focus on their games and have servers to play their games on.