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looking to make friends? talk about life, gaming, anime, whatever?
The goal of this server is to have a large community of people who have a set of diverse interests
And contribute into making the community special!
This server will serve as a Talking/Gaming/Anime hub for the users.
With Custom roles for leveling up
Currency to customize your experience
Assignable Roles to distinguish yourself
And custom bots to enhance your experience
I have worked Countless hours on this server
And I love the community we are creating
I hope you become a part of it and treasure it
This server is all about progamming. We also have other interesting topics such as cryptocurrencies or politics. We host weekly events where you are being challenged to code, decrypt or solve something.
Welcome to Slateport City where the beach is fun and the sun is warm! Here we have a number of activities for people:

Self roles
Shadow Lugia auctions
Frequent Giveaways

And more to come!
This is a server for civil discussion of any topic. You can chill with other members, make new friends, have lively debates, participate in AMA's and other events we host. Discuss trending topics, politics, religion, philosophy or anything else as long as you're following the server rules. The amazing staff will ensure that trolls or anyone who detracts from the productive discussion are dealt with quickly to ensure everyone will have a great time on Today's Discussion!
Yarr, mateys! Welcome to the Pirate Cove, where everyone is welcome! Whether it be for the booty, or if ye need a helping hook, come on in!
The server is as free as can be, so join, and have fun!
We are a supportive community that offers a place to make meaningful friendships and to seek compassion through our peer-support group channels. We all come here for different reasons but no matter the struggles you face, you are never alone and your friends from Zen Gardens will always greet you with open arms, listening ears, and a warm, caring heart. We're also an LGBTQ+ friendly server. :hug:

Before you use the server, we suggest that you read our rules and guidelines. If you choose not to read them, you are fully responsible for the repercussions you receive from any infractions.
In this server you get to choose a nation in ww2.. You can join, choose a nation and lead it to victory. You can make or join pacts in this server. It all depends on you.
It is a small server trying to expand and if you join it, it would be very helpful to me and the staff
Hello this is Army World, the ultimate BTS server!! Our community's main task is to provide an active and non-toxic community to it's members.

What we offer:
★A non toxic community!
★Friendly and helpful staff!
★24/7 radio Voice channels with kpop and more!
★Weekly events!

★Everyone can join whether you are an army or not!★
2D District is a laid chill game-community server, we have welcoming & friendly members as well as some cool shit I guess, if you're interested..come join!
**Dark Fantasy**

⚜️**Levels based off Creepypasta characters, cursed images, always open to suggestions!**

⚜️**Active and helpful staff, to help keep out the toxic ones.**

⚜️**Many self assignable roles to express who you are from the start. And level roles based off Creepypasta characters.**

⚜️**Dank memes to satisfy your dark sense of humor.**

⚜️**Music, Voice, Gaming, and Venting channels.**

⚜️**Social media channels to advertise and gain followers.**

⚜️**Share your art, photography, writing, pets, and much more.**

⚜️**Looking for Partner and Event managers. And always looking for new partnerships.**

**Server Link:**
Terraria is the best Terraria server! (other than the official one). We do Terraria events, latest news and giveaways. We also have a community who are pretty much active 24/7! So come and check us out! :D
-Fun and anime loving community
-Alot of channels to talk about your favourite stuff.
-Suggestions if you have a topic you want to talk about but it is not there yet.
-Lots of bots to have fun with.
-NSFW channels to let out your deepest desires.
-A venting channel incase you need to blow off steam.
-And more.
Between Dimensions is a new community focused around chilling and making new friends ! Join and discuss about whatever you want, share your memes and artworks, and enjoy regular events !
(As this server is new, we're also looking for staff, so feel free to join and apply ! ♥️)
>Wreck boredom with constant entertainment! From the drug parties of events to the communist coups of server clans and monopolies of the server economy

🔶Tons of fun, troll-y, and serious events all the time🔶
>#📢events< Game Competitions, Challenges, and more!

🔶Rival Clans Wyntaire + Nyghtaire🔶
>#🔴clan-info< Power, competition, and communist uprisings (with rewards)

🔶Powerful ranking and greedful economy system🔶
>#🔴leveling-info< Earn coins to gain privileges, enhance your clan, and more!
s t r a w b e r r y k i s s e s

🌸 - Self Assignable Roles
🌸 - Great Staff
🌸 - 1:1 Boy/Girl Ratio
🌸 - NSFW Channel
🌸 - Movie/Game Nights
🌸 - Economy
🌸 - Game Bots

We welcome everybody! Feel free to join!
Oyez oyez, voyageurs !
Imperium vous ouvre grand la porte ! Passez la muraille et vous découvrirez un nouveau monde, habité par plébéiens, roturiers, esclaves mais aussi centurions, légionnaires et magistrats !
- un système économique avec deux monnaies
- des couleurs pour vos jolis pseudos
- rejoignez un des 3 hordes et participez farouchement aux tournois !
- des events, des giveaways, des animations parfois bizarres mais régulières
- une communauté diverse et extravagante, et j'insiste sur le "diverse"
- peut-être bien que vous figurerez sur le prochain numéro du Impe'News
Rejoignez-nous vite, on attend plus que vous !
This kingdom comes with everything imaginable. From the daily regular chatting to the nastiest and most sexual things you can think of! There are also bi-weekly events with an amazing leveling system and a custom currency that you haven't seen anywhere else before! The best thing is that everyone is welcome. Although this isn't particularly a dating app, there is a 1:2 female to male ratio.

What do we have to offer?

➧ An ACTIVE chat with memeful and lovely members!

➧ Additional chats for whatever you need such as:
- Rage & Venting
- Face Reveals
- NSFW Desires
- Meme Floods
- Casino & Economy
- Pokemon (gotta catch em all)
- Prediction Halls
- RPG Adventures

➧ A cross server chat where you can chat with users in other servers!

➧ ONE HUNDRED cool, memeful and unique custom emojis that you don't see anywhere else. Both regular and animated!

➧ Bi-weekly events that you can participate in and win to receive amazing rewards. Some rewards are outside of Discord and some are within the Discord.

➧ Funny and sexual stories made by the community themselves! Simply ask for access to the channel to create your own story.

➧ A custom currency that can be obtained by being active in chat and participating in events.

➧ Seasonal rewards for being active in chat.

➧ An awesome leveling system that you can obtain custom roles with!

➧ Self-roles that you can apply to yourself by just reacting with the appropriate emojis in the Info and Rules OR Personality Roles channels.

➧ And there are loads of more interesting features, but to get ahold of that I think you'll have to join. ;)

👾 New & Active Gaming Community 👾

➳ Active Chats // Voice Channels 📞
➳ Cute Retro Arcade Theme 🎮
➳ League Events // Movie Nights 📽️
➳ Mini Game Events 🎲
➳ Fun Level Up System & Rewards 🕹️
➳ Player Shops !! 🛍️
➳ PP/ RP Giveaways 🎉
Our website:
Its a wonderful place to advertise your server and get a lot of people on it! Besides of that, we have a friendly community, so be sure to visit us!
"There are no mistakes. Just happy accidents."
An art server purely based on growth, improvement, and communication! Receive critique for your work, request help, and get special roles from giving feedback to others.

A place to hang out, share humor and music and also challenging yourself with our weekly prompts.
☆ Social Community Discord Server ☆ BRITS are APPRECIATED ☆ We are a tight little community who actively join vc's and occasionally have big chats in text ☆ There is a big British group here ☆ In server currency with lottery and gambling ☆ Counting channel ☆ Family bots ☆ Pokemon ☆ Akinator ☆ Occasional Big group events ☆ lots of mini events including cards against humanity, and watching movies on rabbit ☆
Bunch of e girls looking for e boys to have fun with ;)

Hey!, Are you sometimes lonely or don't have many people to talk to sometimes?
Would you like to make some new friends and have a fun time?
Well then, you're in luck because in Juul Kidz, we're a start up server looking to grow and expand! We offer a lot of that type of things and even more.
We're a pretty laid back server as long as if you follow the simple rules of the server and have a fun time.
In Juul Kidz, we have....
--Several fun bots that we're sure you'll have a fun time with
--Friendly and active staff
--Events like game nights, giveaways, and movie nights!
--An Open-minded community
∗˚。୨୧・˚ Welcome to Dynasty♡! ˚・୨୧。˚∗
➺ A judgement-free, non-toxic community server

✄┈ Bots to play with, AmariBot Level system!
✄┈ Selfie channels, aesthetic channels
✄┈ Self-assignable roles and colors!
✄┈ cute emotes for everyone!
✄┈ Partnerships!
✄┈ SFW server!

➺ Mild Moderation 13+ server!