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Community 96
Geola, "The Final Piece of Your Server's Puzzle"
Geola is a brand new, advanced and multipurpose Discord bot with extreme customization options.

Key Features:
> Extremely Configurable + VERY Interactive
> Enable/Disable Any Commands
> Custom Prefix
> Moderation Commands (Prune, Kick, Ban, Force Ban)
> XP/Rewards System
> Advanced Custom Reactions
> Lightning-Fast Cooldowns
> Amazing Support Staff
> Detailed Wiki
> And so much more!

>> Invite Geola:
>> Geola's Hub (Support Server):
>> Geola's Website: (Depending on when you are reading this, the website might still be WIP :P)**
6 hours ago
Delicious pizza that is a great place to chill and hang an meet people who aren't 12. Feel free being as dirty as you want an as filthy and vulgar (with limitations). Want a slice?
9 hours ago
Created for the sole reason of Chatting, Socializing, Gaming, Anime, Art
and much more such as Events, Giveaways and other kinds of good stuff!
13 hours ago
Other 11
Welcome to milk, a social server to hang out in. We love memes, anime, games and talking with people. We have game nights and have our own bot. So come and join us! Looking for staff!
16 hours ago
Chilling community for all people including gamers and anime lovers. Along with fun bots, music and memes, we also have gaming and movie nights and other events. Become part of something special and chill.
16 hours ago
Community 44
(☞ຈل͜ຈ)☞ Are You Ready, Boios?
Welcome to Boios!
Boios is a community that focuses more on entertainment activities, We have fun bots and active members to meet and greet~
Partnerships Are To Be Handled By Administration Or Higher.
This server has: Helpful Staff ! Many Memes! Music! Gaming! Events! Giveaways! Art! DuckHunt! Self Assignable Roles! (Such As..) NSFW, NSFW+, And RPG (Looking for Experienced Dungeon Masters!!)
22 hours ago
Welcome to The Fire -Squad® !!! My name is TVDankĐΛҜĮ and I'm the owner of this server. We generally are a friendly community, but we sometimes argue from time to time. We play different type of video games well as many other games together. We are always looking for fun games to play together as a family in. We treat everyone in our server as equal as a family would.
1 days ago
Community 23
We are a community dedicated to socializing online and gathering people. Do you like meeting new people, talking, having fun? Then come and join us!
1 days ago
All Games 26
BROX are a 240+ international gaming community full of weirdos and fun loving people! If looking for some friends, we're the place to be! We love the more creative/fun players in BROX and would love having you with us if wish. Giveaways, contests, events and more. We're a +18 community.
4 days ago
A Rapidly expanding gaming community that is currently developing several gaming servers and hosting many Team based tournaments with in-game prizes.
9 days ago
>| 90+ Members! |< Welcome to Honor4Glory | Smash 3DS! Matchmaking! Staff! Tourneys! Events! Mains list! Friend Code share! Active DAILY! Dedicated server! Play smash 3DS? We're looking for you! Help us on our journey to grow our server and community.
9 days ago
Heya, **__Rainy Day Cafe__**🍵 is a server that aims to become a place for anyone and everyone to just chill out and have fun!
At the moment we feature loads of things from a death battle channel to a heck load of bots and currently have 114 members and counting!!
We're also open to partnerships 💙
17 days ago
Community 387
Project Art, from DeviantArt, is an active and social community to discuss art, get critique, join events and more! Join us now to make friends, share art, have fun!
21 days ago
Community 55
Welcome to the server that changes theme for each holiday/event! We have friendly members and experienced staff, with moderation bots if needed.
We will have Giveaways and other fun events, so why not join?
27 days ago
Community 19
Heyyy, welcome to Royal Palace. We're a community that accepts everyone, we're also a gaming community for those who play games, we have non-corrupt staff and fun bots, too. Why not join us?
59 days ago
This server is cooler than ALL OTHER SERVERS you may even need to dispose all your cool after joining!!!

This server has MANY COOL FEATURES and many channels and voice channels to talk to friends and strangers in!!

72 days ago