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Anime and Manga 56
We are a small anime and gaming community looking for new members, we will host events with anime episodes, movies and game events!
1 hours ago
All Games 239
Hectic Central is a gaming community to jump into games and conversations with a wonderful community and staff! We have an exp system, and more. 300+ Members
6 hours ago
Hello, We are a group of movie, Music, and Game fans. Come join our server. Make some friends and enjoy life a little :)
7 hours ago
Everyone is welcome spergs, weebs, fur people come hangout and meet new people. 18+
7 hours ago
All Games 20
A new and lovely chill place to hang out, meet new people, chat and have fun! Join for a friendly place for anyone to chat about anime, games, roleplay and art!
7 hours ago
Community 16
Welcome to HySy ArtCorner! HySy is a chill accepting place where people can hangout and chat with other members; as well as share their art in hopes to improve their style with comments from other fellow artists.
8 hours ago
Community 80
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Hey babes. This is a fun, friendly and growing server. I'm usually always active, come to chat, listen to music, play with our bots, post memes, etc.
10 hours ago
All Games 14
a server where anyone with interest in games can interact with the community here we aren't a server tied to a single game here u can play any game u want so this is a fairly new server i haven't really fully made all the channels and all and i may need a bit of help so who joins first will be mod. PS i will also put in announcements any games that are being given away so u will be the first know
12 hours ago
Anime and Manga 26
Welcome to my server! This is a roleplaying and fan server based on the series ‘Danganronpa’. Please join our server and help us make it the best DR server ever!
14 hours ago
Other 11
Welcome to milk, a social server to hang out in. We love memes, anime, games and talking with people. We have game nights and have our own bot. So come and join us! Looking for staff!
16 hours ago
A friendly well moderated social discord community come talk to us about anime, gaming, music or current events , Everybody welcome ! 250+ members and growing!
1 days ago
All Games 93
A place to game, socialize and meet new people. You assign yourself the roles you want.
- No Annoying @everyone tags
- Decent Memes
- Free Game Announcements
- Conversations You'll Never Forget
1 days ago
All Games 43
Welcome to Gaming Lounge Discord Server
This server offers many different services such as: Rocketleague,PUBG,Fortnite,Overwatch,Destiny2,
Warframe,Minecraft,BF1 and Rainbow Six and so much more games coming
We also have a great community in which there are many people on all the gaming platforms
with which you can play with.
2 days ago
All Games 21
Hex is a server to meet new online friends, hang out and chill, or just join discussion! We have Game Chats, General Discussion and Economy bots!
2 days ago
Bear Game Community, is een Game Community voor Jong en Oud!

Wij hebben sinds kort een Minecraft Server waar ik nog staff op zoek! Wil jij joinen? Dat kan! Join dan heel snel!
4 days ago
All Games 26
BROX are a 240+ international gaming community full of weirdos and fun loving people! If looking for some friends, we're the place to be! We love the more creative/fun players in BROX and would love having you with us if wish. Giveaways, contests, events and more. We're a +18 community.
4 days ago
All Games 150
ReFlex is the largest and fastest growing Minecraft community, minecraft, minecraft it all.
5 days ago
Welcome to SingularityZ™ Fleet, a fun spacefleet-themed Discord community server for all to enjoy.
5 days ago
⚔Game With your friends all day! Music Bot! Tons Of roles!⚔
6 days ago
Roblox Exploits. Free roblox ( working with no virus ) exploits more game exploits eg roblox gta 5 ( pc ) minecraft all of that. Join!
7 days ago
All Games 49
Добро пожаловать на сервер русскоязычного комньюнити "Reborn!"

Это наш маленький мир волшебства и ... котиков
У нас ты можешь завести новые знакомства, друзей, напарников для игры, ну и все такое, ты и сам знаешь как это работает ;з
8 days ago
Community 61
Warp into Xyberspace if you're looking for some fun! We are a general social server with an out of this world theme! Join in on answering our questions of the day, set-up games, watch films & TV shows with our awesome super friendly members.
8 days ago
─ This server is for discussing japanese culture like Anime, manga, music, games, food and lot more!
─ We have an active, supportive and helpful community, and we also try to list new partnered servers every day.
─ Learn Japanese In #japanese_lessons The Owner Is From Japan!
Over 1250+ Members and still growing!
─ Events and giveaways every saturday
8 days ago