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✼ •• ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈๑⋅⋯ ୨˚୧ ⋯⋅๑┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ •• ✼
❝ We are a multi-interest server dedicated in bringing different types of people together. Our goal is to meet new people and make new friends! ❞

``.・゜What we offer:
- Friendly and outgoing staff
- Self assignable and shop roles
- LGBT+ friendly
- Monthly giveaways (nitro; spotify)
-Multiple interests channels
-Weekly events such as vc night

»»—— So come join our growing family~
-Fun and anime loving community
-Alot of channels to talk about your favourite stuff.
-Suggestions if you have a topic you want to talk about but it is not there yet.
-Lots of bots to have fun with.
-NSFW channels to let out your deepest desires.
-A venting channel incase you need to blow off steam.
-And more.
This server is a warm place where you can come to hangout. You can chill with your friends in general chat or a vc, Be part of a game night, Or just play hangman or connect 4.

Dont have friends? Make them, duh!

We include:

• Self-role
• Auto-Moderation
• Games/Game night
• A Gallery
• Levels
• Memes

And more+
🐾 Henlo to all floofs out there ! 🐾

We're a friendly and nice server of floofy furries who love to meet new people and where EVERYONE is welcomed ! We would love to see you here too ^-^ !

We offer :

-🐾 RP roles 🐾

-🐾 Lots of fun bots 🐾

-🐾 Music channels 🐾

-🐾 Special role giveaways 🐾

-🐾 VC channels 🐾

- 🐾 Venting channels 🐾

- 🐾 Art channels 🐾

- 🐾 Partnerships 🐾

- 🐾 and more 🐾

Venha Participar da Donuts Society!
Um Servidor para se divertir e conversar a qualquer hora do dia!
Servidor ativo 24hrs!
Lembre-se de interagir ao entrar!
Хеей! Шукаєш крутий сервер по Brawl Stars? Хочеш знайти тіммейта або просто поговорити? Тобі до нас!
• Хороша адміністрація
• Багато ролей
• Можна легко знайти тіммейта
• Можна послухати улюблену музику
• Адекватні учасники
• Великий вибір емоджі
• Часто проводяться конкурси на ролі або гроші
‌Ще не зайшов? Тебе тільки чекаємо)
This server really doesn't have a point but it's really fun and u should join.
~netflix party
~nice people

Hey you there, yes you do you want to join the most simple and fun server well join this one. Thanks have a good day! 🙂
Oi there comrade, join us for fun game bots and interesting conversations. Cheers🍻

>join if your active a lot

>Fun game Bots

>Kind Administrators.

>Leveling systems

>funny memes


>Allowed to share your YouTube channels and get more subscribers

[The server is still in development and needs more work but with new members we will soon have the fun start.]
Chilled place to stay relax find new friends or maybe a loverrr ;) come join us :D we will always welcome new members no matter who u are
Welcome to Latios and Latias’ Garden! This is a new Pokécord server for you all to enjoy! Please feel free to come in and relax with us awhile!
˚ ༘ ✰ We Have: ⇣

✅ *: ┊Regular pokécord giveaways;
✅ ೃ࿔┊Music channels to enjoy your favorite music while chatting to others in the server;
✅ ·˚ ༘ ┊Friendly, active and welcoming members and staff;
✅ ✯ ࿑┊Events such as tornaments;
✅ *: ┊Fun bots to play with (mantaro, tatsu, pokecord, mewbot and others);
✅ ·˚ ༘ ┊Special perks to people that help us grow!
✅ ✯ ࿑┊Gyms and other challenges for pokémon trainers!
𝐹𝒾𝓃𝒶𝓁 𝒮𝓉𝒶𝑔𝑒
is a server for ultimate gamers we have
- Farming Simulator
- FiveM
- War Thunder
- World Of Tanks
- Elite Dangerous
- Euro Truck Simulator 2
- Minecraft
- Rocket League
- Bus Simulator
We're Adding More Games
Btw I'm hiring staffs
Looking for the greatest drug server of all time? You've come to the right place. Faded is one of the oldest Drugs experience that prides itself on its community and seamless experience. Come check out our amazing, unique, custom features that make Faded the best out there. Join our server and make your dream drug farm and start racking in the money to becoming top dog!
Каталог серверов — это место, где вы можете найти большое количество серверов, сгруппированных по различным тематикам. Нравятся игры? Есть множество каналов с серверами по самым разным играм! Хочешь уютного общения? Таких серверов здесь очень много - выбери себе по вкусу! Всегда хотел поучаствовать в РП или же отдохнуть, слушая музыку и развлекаясь? У тебя есть и такая возможность. У нас, в каталоге, ты можешь отыскать сервер по духу, какие бы жесткие критерии у тебя не были!
Partnered Discord Server for gamers seeking their new online family - We're a laid back bunch with a stupid sense of humour and bizarre personalities! Welcome!
hi,we are a small community of people who talk about plenty of things.we also chat n stuff but are kinda dead lol

what we have so far:(will be updated)
-an active-ish community
-active and friendly staff
-server gets updated every other day
-organized channels
-a bulletin board where you can post things related to the topic of the channel

so,if you want all of the above in a server,join us,or's entirely up to you.(would be cool if you did though) <--- backup invite
Mafia! Mafia! Mafia!

A game fully hosted by a Discord bot made to run the popular game Mafia, otherwise known as Werewolves.

It features over sixty roles and various setups. Games typically last for a few minutes. Come join us on this amazing server which games feed of lies and social deduction! Come join us! The bot developer is here too!
An small friendly 18+ community server! A truly one of a kind server! You and your 18+ friends are welcomed unless you don't like cake.
Are you wanting to play a role in a tight knit kink community? that has a female owner?
The server is mainly a BDSM server and DDLG
We are 16+ to enter 18+ to upload any NSFW

Included in our Server:
-No Id verification needed.
-Ranks and privileges.
-Voice channels.
-Text channels.
-NSFW pictures and people.
-Name colors.
-Roles for your profile.
-Bot commands.
-A Level system the more you're active and we gain your trust to unlock exclusive channels, roles, and name colors and more.

Have Discord Nitro? Boost our server!
Esse server ainda é bem novo e eu ainda estou tentando melhorar esse server então se puder entrar para dar uma mão eu agradeço. E também venha se divertir jogando altos jogos e falando sobre vários animes.
If you’re looking for a server to chat with furs just like yourself, look no further than FurHub!

A while back, a friend and I wanted to create something that people like us could share their interests in. After a few ideas were thrown around, our furry discord server, FurHub, was created! Since then, we have invited many people and made many new friends, and would love to see more people join the crew.

With a growing community (100+ members!) and friendly staff, we’re sure you’ll find your place in our server! Features in the server include:
• Social Ranks!
• Personal Tags!
• Radio!
• Polls and Voting!
• Dedicated Channels for Multiple Topics!
• Roleplay Channels!
• Voice Channels for Gaming, Chatting, Etc!
• And More!
Come join FurHub today and join a growing community of furs just like you!