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Ein noch kleiner Server der einmal ganz groß sein möchte, bei uns gibt es viele Projekte die wir einzeld auf Servern Zocken und auch auf YouTube bringen, Games wie Ark, Conan Exile, Minecraft, The Forest, Wareframe, Paladins uvm.
Es gibt auf dem DC ein RPG Game Bot, ein MC Miner Bot, Musik uvm.
Wir freuen uns immer auf neue Gesichter die mit uns Zocken wollen und bei uns spaß haben.

Wir sind verrückt und das zeigen wir in dem wir einfach verrückt reden, schreiben und uns so benehmen :-D
This is a clan that is all games and all systems NAE and NAW based though we have a great mod team and if you need anything we are always available
Eh bro imma be real with you ight, I made this shit like 6 months ago and only now it's actually working, why not take a look and see if you enjoy it! We got bots and shit and I still suck at using them but hey, I'm learning. You're always welcome to our family 💕
A very strange server that me and some friends started. We hold events every now and then and mostly just chat about random things. This server provides advertisement for your own server if you want to add it and also it has a link to an unfinished private server of xd
Приглашаем всех игроков и стримеров. ТОЛЬКО 18+ Здесь можно поиграть в разные игры с адекватными людьми. (War Thunder и FIFA в приоритете) Правила сервера: - будь адекватным и на позитиве (не выполнение этого правила, перманент БАН)
This is a Club Penguin online army server and we’re small but growing quickly 🔥. Join us for fun events, mascot and pin trackers, puns, and a blazing community!
Hi there! We are a small but growing friendly community. We have all sorts of individual games, party games, events, giveaways, and much more!
👉 » Oferujemy:
👑 » Doświadczoną Administracje
👤 » Nowych Członków
😁 » Ludzi z Poczuciem Humoru
😙 » Fajne Emoji
📌 » Auto rolę
🌴 » Kanały Pomocy
🎲 » Codzienne Eventy
🏆 » System Użytkownika Tygodnia
🎨 » Strefa Graficzna
🔊 » Kanały Głosowe
🔧 » Dobrze Skonfigurowane Boty
🌹 » Spersonalizowane Pingi
🤝 » Chętni na współpracę
🌺 » I wiele wiele innych
Looking for a place with games? A place that has a hangout chat? A place that accepts both English and Japanese? ......Where am I going with this..? Haha, just kidding. "木漏れ日 Komorebi" is the place you're looking for! We are a new server, and we definitely take suggestions! We look for over the top translators, trustworthy Administrators and Managers, and a healthy, active, friendly server!

ゲームのある場所をお探しですか?ハングアウトチャットがある場所ですか?英語と日本語の両方を受け入れる場所ですか? ......これでどこに行きますか?はは、ただの冗談さ。 「木漏れ日こもれび」はあなたが探している場所です!私たちは新しいサーバーであり、間違いなく提案を受け入れます!私たちはトップの翻訳者、信頼できる管理者とマネージャー、そして健全でアクティブでフレンドリーなサーバーを探しています! ____________________

We offer: ~Gaming VC ~Access to streaming ~Multilingual services within the server ~And so much more to come!



So why not come join us and the team at "木漏れ日 Komorebi"? それでは、「木漏れ日 Komorebi」に参加してみませんか?
✧ The Blue Rose is a Fandomless Roleplay and Dungeon and Dragons server ✧
We welcome rpers and dnders of all ages. Ocs from all fandoms are welcome here. We have group rp channels, but if you want a thread that's just you and another mun, you can request a channel for the two of you to rp in.
We also do game nights, a hoard of bots for you to play with, and many awesome people for you to meet!
✧ Join The Blue Rose Community and start your adventure ✧

[ Currently looking for active Dungeon Masters! If your interested in joining our team of Dms please dm M the Angst Queen or one of the mods! <3 ]
Um lugar aonde tem pessoas q são inativas pessoas nerds virgens sem vida social lugar onde vc pode falar oq quiser e expressar oq quiser...sem mimimi tem porno uns bot merdas lá entra ae se vc quiser.
Welcome to Radix Arcade, a place where many bot users like ourselves come to play together.

We have music, we have games, we have gambling. We have almost every bot you would enjoy (if we do not have a certain bot you like, kindly go to #suggestions, and we will set it up as soon as possible.)

You can head over to #lobby to chat with other members, or #command-lobby if you want to use commands.
Ламповое игровое сообщество с тянками и своими культурными особенностями. А также тут бесплатные раздачи игр, собственная экономика и свои игровые сервера. Мы ждём тебя (─‿‿─)
A big ball of pats, tails, and friends.

We have nsfw, chat games, and fun bots.

We’re a small community but very active so join us for some fun!
In Fun and Games, you are sure to have a good time with a total of 3-4 people you can play Minecraft with, it is sure to be a stupendous time!
Gaming Society Is A Friendly Community Orientated Discord Server.

What 2020 has in store for Gaming Society.

Special New Channels
We added private channels, The access key to these channels? The roles you get just for being in the server!

We Have A New And Improved 24/7 Radio Bot!
AFK and listen to music for days, Weeks! We'll only be slightly concerned for you...

We Have New Color Roles!
Request a variety of roles based on the colors you love!

We have a new and improved leveling network so it's easier to level up, Why level up? Currently it's only for flex purposes, but we are working on really awesome roles that you get when you level up!

”Our core value here at Gaming Society is to make everyone feel wanted and appreciated”
O servidor N Squad é um servidor nervoso e saudável. Temos também funcionários incríveis, 24 horas por dia, 7 dias por semana, que ajudarão se necessário. como:

- Notícia
- Arte
- Jogos
- Memes
- Vídeos
- Música
- Transmissões ao vivo
- E muito mais!
Welcome to the official Professionals Discord server! We host weekly Smash Bros and Rocket League tournaments featuring minimum $50 pot with a free entry cost for the time being. If you're here to just hangout we also stream the tournaments live as they happen so even if you don't wish to compete you can still experience the action! If you're not up for the competition that's alright too, we have plenty of gamers for you to come chill, hang out and play games with. We also post content regularly via Twitch and YouTube (TBA) so even if you don't play games much yourself you can certainly find enjoyment in our live streams and weekly podcasts.
Hello everyone, This is a highly new MSP server~
Most MSP servers are dead and not organized but this one is so please join and invite all your friends!
Hello! We're a new NSFW gaming server! Our main game is VRChat but we play many other

We offer irl nudes, porn, and more!
ERP with our members!
Hey everyone, and welcome to this emote server!
This server will features awesome quality Touhou emotes! If you like Touhou you gonna love it, and if you dont you're still gonna love it! Join us and enjoy the loveliest emotes. You can view the emote list on #emoji-list channel