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➳༻❀ Love café ❀༺➳

┊♡ We are here to have fun and talk with new people.
We have a lot of channels and bot, so you can have even more fun if no one is there to chat.
We love to meet new people so stop hesitating, and join in the fun :D

┊i. link?

ღཾཿ༉ ༘

┊ii. website?

ღཾཿ༉ ༘

┊iii. friends

ღཾཿ༉ ༘ yess

Hope you enjoy your time here!

Welcome to Mad Chatters 🚀

18+ to the front of the line!

We welcome everyone to join in on chatting 🤗 No one likes a lurker or quite chatter... 👀

There are chatty people, games and plenty fun 💕 Make sure to be respectful and just have a good time 💯

Enjoy the madness 😈
Ignore the dumb name lol. Just a random community to join if you're interested in making some new friends :)
``Free Wrld 2.0 is a server you can chill,promo,play games,talk,a lot of roles,and etc``

**Why you should join**

🎉| Partnership/ad to make you grow

📌| Easy roles to follow

🧩| A lot of Server events to attend

🤝| Have a chance of getting mod/staff

🎁| have giveaways for free stuff

⚠️| we have spam chat for rank

🚨| We have our own Reporting System

⬇️| A lot of gaming chats for different games

🎃| New Halloween Update

🏖️| Not toxic it’s mostly chill and fun

📲| You can promo ( level 5)

👍| And more
Welcome to Chill House! Here we offer you the experience of meeting new friends, watching movies, playing games, giveaways, a beautiful art collection and SO much more! We have active staff and are growing rapidly, so come check us out!

(Note that this is a 13+)
This discord server is here to build a community where in we can discuss ideas, share and receive game play strategies and experiences, participate in events and meet fellow players of the game.

Our goal is to promote a friendly atmosphere for fellow MLBB players. With a community that shows respect and courtesy to fellow members, we are hoping to make this community grow bigger!

Welcome to The Mikado Dragons
Who and what are we? - The Mikado Dragons is a server focused on gaming community, however we support anime communities.

Does the fact that we are a gaming community change our attitude towards people that come here to simply talk? No.
The Mikado Dragons is focused on gaming, however it is made for people to chill and hangout.

What does our server support and or include:

》 Roblox games such as Square Piece, Shinobi Life 2 and Grand Piece online when it releases!

》Anime based channels for discussing weeb topics

》 VCs for both general and game purposes

》 Active and friendly moderators (Not so sure about active but yes...)

》Creator perks such as a channel for video/project posting and other.

》Nitro Booster Perks

》Rewards for certain levels which lead to unlocking perks for image posting ect

》Entertaining Bots


》And rest options you can discover for yourself

If you found at least one interesting aspect, please have a look at our server, and see whether it fits you!
:jack_o_lantern: Its the spOOky season :jack_o_lantern:

The sky high chatroom is ready for the spooky holidays, are you?

we have
for members

- fun channels
- lots of vcs
- game nights and events (when 10 people are online)
- economy
- partnering
- voting system for adding emojis and channels
- LGBTQIA+ friendly

for nitro boosters (everything above and: )
- personal channel to customise in any way
- 1 custom role per boost, (you can have it changed over time)
- a custom request (within reason)
- starting money for economy (you must ask for it)
- a nitro booster role
- more bot commands (coming soon)

Join the sky high chatroom today

please use the invite link ^above^
Welcome to RiZe!
Here we provide:
~ε1з~80+ Members!
~ε2з~Fast growing server!
~ε3з~An aesthetically pleasing server!
~ε4з~Bots to play with by yourself, or with friends!
~ε5з~An active community!
~ε6з~Self roles to show off your personality!
~ε7з~Fun leveling system and roles!
~ε8з~Chill staff to make sure your fun time isn't ruined
~ε9з~Selfie channels
~ε10з~Voice chats and music bot
Join my server we playgames ,do giveaways,entertain, listen songs, do chatting , invite your friends to my server and play games listen songs and chat with them.
The Ultimate Gaming Clan

**-------------- [V3X] Gaming Inc. --------------**

━ ✱ | Streaming
━ ✱ | Public Chat
━ ✱ | Clan Chat
━ ✱ | LFG | Chat
━ ✱ | Giveaways
━ ✱ | Partnerships
━ ✱ | Gaming News
━ ✱ | PRIVATE Rooms
━ ✱ | Monthly Meetings
━ ✱ | NSFW - Double Locked - for Safety
━ ✱ | Pro Gaming Division & Tier ranking for Non-Pro Players ━ ✱ |

━ ✱ | We Host the #1 Populated - Ranked Black Ops Multiplayer Server in the World
━ ✱ | Multi-Cultural, Multi-National World Wide Clan

━ ✱ | comedy + emojis + More.............

One Clan to rule them all, one Clan to find them, one clan to bring them all - in their gaming bind them!

[V3X] Gaming Inc. -- <>
For Partnership Info: Open a Ticket in our #request-help discord channel | Under Information Category
Добро Пожаловать на сервер с адекватными участниками, на сервер "Ледяная Пещера Айса"!
На моём сервере ты можешь найти себе команду для различный игр или просто пообщаться с участниками сервера! Основная тематика данного сервера - это игры, а точнее игра-песочница под названием "Майнкрафт".
Этот сервер только начинает развиваться, а если вы хотите помочь серверу в развитии - Пишите мне в ЛС - Кубик Льда#0191
Хорошего вам времяпровождения на моём сервере, удачи!
♡~Welcome to the Cum Town~ ♡ 18+only

♡~ A fun sexual roleplay channel, Where all your kinks, dreams,fantasies & desires come true! ~ We have family roleplay, Orgy,cum dumpsters, School rp's where all you can be a teacher and teach your precious students the wonders of sex! or be a student and learn them yourselves~ There's also a gaming corner where you can just sit back, relax on a nice morning and occupy yourselves while you wait for your partner to come over and play. But don't worry guys n galls there will be plenty more in due time~ No kink shaming only fun and a good laugh! Join if your searching for fun! ♡

(we need people who will be active)
A chill server where we hangout and enjoy our weekly events. we have WEEKLY GIVEAWYAS!!! (Including nitro, steam, amazon and more!). We have many ways to earn free nitro through our economy!!
new server <3
This server is just to make new friends and find some to play games with ! :)
14+ server.
Be nice ! No spamming. No trolling. yup ! leave suggestions in our suggestions channel and tell us what we can do to better the server ty!!!
🔥 Um Servidor Brasileiro de Discord que fala sobre: Jogos, Filmes, Séries, Animes, Divulgação, Sorteios e muito mais!
Para as primeiras pessoas que entrarem no Servidor ganhara o Cargo: 👑Top um dos cargos mais altos do nosso servidor The Kings!
🔰 Sorteios seram realizados quando bater uma certa quantidade boa de Membros no nosso servidor.
⚡ Coisas que são encontradas no servidor:
Games, Jogos, Sorteio, Otaku, Divulgações, Android, Usa, Melhor, Tag, Premium, Pro, Ark, Free fire, Brawl Stars, Standoff, Memes, Cantada, Mcpe, Fortnite, Chat, Calls, Eventos
an advanced level system,
custom voicechannels that members can edit,
dankmemer,trivia bot,
and chill people!
welcome to kuromis
we provide
fun channels
cool people
cool channels
pretty chill bots
A very friendly community, brought by yours truly. Comes with numerous emotes and giveaways. Boosters rewards are also a big attraction of our server. You can get rewarded for even being active in chat!! Come check us out.