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Gaming community that hosts zone wars and Custom matches. We have self promotional tabs and giveaways as well. Tournaments are held quit often to give the community other things to get involved in with prize pools. There is also 1vs1, looking for group, and alot of other nice things for everyone to do. Please come join our community
────────── ⦋ everyone ⦌ ──────────
▫️ | Under new Ownership! ✅
▫️ | Currently at 11.000+ members! 🌹
▫️ | Great Staff 🐾
▫️ | Lots of E-Girls 💟
▫️ | Awesome leveling system 🎀
▫️ | Not too many pings 🎉
▫️ | 1:1 Female to Male ratio 💌
▫️ | 24/7 Music - Social media, Fun channels etc...🎙️
▫️ | Art 🎨
▫️ | Autism control bots 🏴󠁢󠁯󠁴󠁿
▫️ | Special roles ⚒️
▫️ | Giveaways & events 🍂
▫️ | Tags: @everyone @here

__❤️If you are looking to have fun and make new friends then join us!❤️__
__❤️We're also looking for partner managers, you have to do 3 partners a week or more ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) ✮°. ❤️__

Welcome to the official "My Anime Land" server!

MAL is a server where you can meet anime fans from everywhere, discuss Anime/Manga, play different games using bots, chill and listen to your favourite music with others and more!

Don't forget to check the FB page/group as well.

- FB page:
- FB group:
We are an Fun Adult Community where Members can post pictures, and discuss Kinks, BDSM, Adult Matters, and not have to worry about other Members Harassing them. If you are harassed by anyone they will be banned. No Brand New Accounts, and all users Must have an Avatar!
We are a community server with 24/7 active vc and text channels! We have everything from games to NSFW. Tons of cool members! 8,000+ members and growing!

There is a wide variety of channels ranging from games, hobbies, selfies, introductions, and NSFW! Come check us out! Level 2 Boosted! High Bit Rate VC's!!!!
A plethora of brand new things has been introduced to the server. Please stay posted, I promise you we will blow up soon!

-Everything! Except NSFW We do not want that in our server!
Aftermath is the edgiest server on discord. With almost no rules and the hottest staff team. The egirls are uncontrollable and we need some help calming them down. Always room for more staff and always active. By the time you go to bed you will be living in the Aftermath.
__**Free Fire - Battlegrounds**__ is a survival, third-person shooter game in the form of a battle royale. 30 players parachute onto a remote island, where there is only one winner - the last man standing. Players freely choose starting position, grab weapons and supplies to bolster your chances of survival in the battlegrounds. The battleground shrinks as time goes on, forcing players to engage each other in a tactical and diverse environment

__**Discord Community**__ Looking for players? Join our discord server and help build a community of Free Fire Battleground players so you always have people to play with. Everyone are welcome to join.
Friendly server with same minded people that like memes and like to chat with others. We organize meme contests with rewards and giveaways.
Strata Czasu - wejdź i OTRZYMAJ GRĘ na Steama już pierwszego dnia w codziennych losowaniach gier! Możesz zdobyć też pizzę lub giftcardy na Steama i Google Play.

Strata to polski serwer Discord na którym możesz zdobyć pizzę, gry i Nitro za aktywność na serwerze.

Znajdziesz u nas wiele kanałów na których możesz porozmawiać na tematy takie jak anime, manga, programowanie, technologia i komputery, filmy, seriale i Netflix, cosplay, polityka, sport i piłka nożna.

Możesz też u nas zagrać w takie gry jak Fortnite, Overwach, LoL, PUBG, Minecraft czy CS:GO.

Organizujemy eventy: na przykład karaoke, kalambury, giveawaye, konkursy i turnieje.

Nasz serwer to polska społeczność graczy z różnych środowisk. Znajdziesz u nas osoby z community lgbt, furry czy emo. Mamy też kanały nsfw na których znajdziesz materiały +18, w tym hentai i nudes.

Our server isn't just for people from Poland. We have channels for english speakers and many games to win in giveaways.
We here at Hentai would like to welcome you to our community. It's a great community with all kinds of different content that you can browse and rooms for different subjects to discuss about. Hentai strives to provide a place where you can both goof around and be serious.
[email protected]=-=-=-=-
:GWjiangoPepeGenius: EmoteCord :GWjiangPepeThumb:
:heartpulse: Every spongebob emote possible :heartpulse:
:arrow_forward: Friendly chats :arrow_backward:
:frame_photo: Promote your stuff :frame_photo:
Oblivion is a really big Gaming Community with over 7K Members at the moment! We talk about everything related to Games in the Server and overall just try to have a nice time. So if you feel like chilling with us, join!
Multiplatform Gaming was established in 2016. The community started off as a hang out joint for a common group of friends but rapidly grew into a large home for gamer's and those alike. Everyone is accepted no matter your platform, game, race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity. In 2017 Our Discord server got partnered and since then we have been running VIP server regions. The community has amazing perks, game servers, tournaments, stream teams, giveaways and we are always coming up with unique ways to engage with our people to keep the entertainment flowing. Our goal is to become one of the biggest gaming communities that extends support to streamers and competitive gamers. If you want to know more then check us out!

FreeGamesNotify is a server for retrieving the latest posts from /r/FreeGameFindings & /r/FreeGamesOnSteam on Reddit. Self assignable roles on the server provide notifications for each subreddit you opt in for. Allowing you to be alerted right away.
Hey Everyone I'm here to invite you to TOP KEKSE (TK) Server Ranked #6 to have fun and unwind; we have events, loads of rp channels, if K-Pop is your thing then TK is the place to be not to mention so many assignable roles we have a mixture of everything so join and see for yourself and have fun.
¡Los invitamos a formar parte de este maravilloso servidor!

Esta comunidad te ofrece la oportunidad de compartir con una cantidad de personas de distintos países, entretenerte y pasar un rato agradable
Servidor oficial de jkanime y otakudesho.
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Partnered Discord Server for gamers seeking their new online family - We're a laid back bunch with a stupid sense of humour and bizarre personalities! Welcome!