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Welcome to Rainful!
We are a cozy, welcoming and friendly, sfw server focused on relaxing, anime and manga, chilling, playing games and making friends. A 24/7 lofi stream is available on the server and lots of bots for fun. Rainful is a peaceful, drama free space.
We have leveling, colour roles and friendly, kind and understanding staff. We have friendly members, however we are small and kind of new so please be understanding with our growth~
Come huddle under the umbrella with us!
Preferably 16+
LimeEU is a brand new rust server that is focussing on a cozy and amazing community. We have an active staff team for helping (new) players with their problems/questions. Rust is a game about survival, base building and meeting your allies!
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*Larme Melody✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Larme Melody is a coziest ,non toxic and comfy where you can join and also make a lot of friends !!


︵‿︵‿୨ what do we offer? ୧‿︵‿︵

✧cute theme and emotes!
✧active and friendly staff!
✧self assignable roles !
✧fun games


have a super duper nice time here and make some good friends!
╔═══════ ೋღ ღೋ ═══════╗

Our server includes

-We are always looking to make more guilds, crews and other groups in games! Find your fellow gamers here!

♔◦Voice chats!◦♔
-Talk to others! Private group voice chats also!-

-For everyone out there who likes art and wants to show others your work, then-
This channel is for you!

♔◦Active and fun server!◦♔
-Active staff, members, and fun voice chats and more!

♔◦Amazing staff!◦♔
-Amazing & friendly staff, let us know if you need help or if you have suggestions!

-Yes we have a NSFW Channel you need to be 18+ to see it.

╚═══════ ೋღ ღೋ ═══════╝
Come thru to Cozy for some bad bitches, whole lotta gang shit, funny ass memes, NSFW, and good ass music.
Welcome to Deanie’s Hangout!
We’re a beginning and a growing server with 175+ members.
What do we have to offer:
- Active Staff
- A really friendly community
- Self role-assignment
- Events
- A lot of pointless cozy voicecalls ;)

Come join us! :3
╭ welcome to elysium! 。*:・

we are a cozy, growing and aesthetic community server. we highly encourage fun and socializing, as well as meeting new people! please enjoy your time here with us! ♡ ୨୧

we're excited for you to come join us!

A small, themed server to relax, connect and share experiences.
Just a random group of friends chilling, and having fun. I hope to let the place have a cozy feel, and let everyone be treated like equals.
────────── ⋆⋅‧͙˚•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙˚‧͙⋅⋆ ──────────
Hi! Welcome to ʚ~ cιηηαмσяσℓℓ cαfє ~ɞ! Please have a seat.

ʚ~ cιηηαмσяσℓℓ cαfє ~ɞ is a brand new server, that has a small, but friendly community. We strive to be a big server with a super friendly atmosphere. So why don't you come in and join us?

We Offer:
꒰♡꒱ A pastel blue and white aesthetic theme ഒ ‧₊˚
꒰♡꒱ Many different channels for the things that you love doing ഒ ‧₊˚
꒰♡꒱ Lots of fun activities and bots ഒ ‧₊˚
꒰♡꒱ Super cute roles and color roles ഒ ‧₊˚
꒰♡꒱ Super sweet members ഒ ‧₊˚
꒰♡꒱ And much more coming soon! ഒ ‧₊˚
────────── ⋆⋅‧͙˚•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙˚‧͙⋅⋆ ──────────
A Brand new server with fun channels and bots come and find new friends and discuss.
Hello! This server is a really sweet and cozy server for all to make new friends and have a nice time. We have kind staff and we are a pretty chill server, we always listen to what our members have to say. We're very friendly, come check us out ;)
Heyy Buds, you found us!

Come! Sit back and chill with us as we go on with our lives and taco 'bout pretty much everything. We encourage mature behaviour and positivity, and we always strive to provide a comfy nook for you to hang out in.

Some of the things that you can find in our place :

◌ Non-toxic community
◌ Food & Beverages
◌ Easy-to-get Self-Assignable Roles
◌ Custom Levelling System
◌ Casual chat, specialised and secured NSFW channels
◌ Music & Radio Channels
◌ Anonymous sharing channel and Commission Board
◌ Streamers highlight
◌ Gambling & casual bot games including Pokécord
◌ Custom commands, webhooks and more!

We will be happy to have you with us. See you soon!

▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿

Note :
We are also open for PARTNERSHIP with non-toxic servers with at least 50 users.
(Rep has to stay!)
[NA/EU] We are a small friendly server that wants to make our members feel welcomed and cared for. We're pretty chill and easy to get along with if you're nice so come join and make new friendos!

We offer:
- movies
- Anime nights
- Gaming sessions
- Karaoke
- Streamer role to notify server when you're streaming on twitch
- Free game notifications
- Patch updates for ow, fortnite, cs:go, league, etc.
- Music voice channel
- Art channel to share your talents!
- And much more to come!
- Anyone 16+ is free to join!

Come check us out and stick around if you like! We leave no one out (:
We are a cozy dating/community server who are just trying to meet new nice friendly people cause were tired of the toxicity
A cozy relaxed tight-knit community. Built for those who wish to escape the toxicity that life has to offer for us. Come on in and hang out!
Come join Our Chill discord server
Come Chill and relax Here
Here is what you can expect after joining in this server
1.A growing server
2.A Active server
3.Lots of different roles and channels
4.Lots of giveaways
5.Helpfull staff
Help us Grow by joining here! thx have a great day
We're a farm. We like comfy times. Whatever comes to mind when you think "a cozy night in with some friends," we'll have it here at the Comfy Farm ~

We're just gettin' started, so if you've wanted to be a part of an OG server crew, now's your chance!

We can't wait to have you tillin' the soil and enjoying the fruits of your labour :)
Hey there! Welcome to Spill the Drinks Server! It's a new server, looking forward to meet people with all kinds of interest!
If you're ever bored, just come see us!
A Modern House Life is a RP/community server with a cozy house/hotel theme. We have plenty of bots, and you can suggest changes to the server if something needs to be added or changed. We're a small server looking to grow and become something lots of people can enjoy.
Join for an amazing time! If you have any issues, ping the mods or owner or DM them! If you want a good time, join u3u
Just join >:c
-------------------------------Come and join our discord server-----------------------------\
What you can expect
1.Lots of roles
2.Good and friendly staff
3.Lots of giveaways\
5.A cozy welcome
5.Make new friends
6.Lots of channels
7.A growing server
8.Lots of bots
Come Join !