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Amityart is the place you can show off your talent and art you've created, or you can just socialize and view the art others have created! You can show off art like visual arts, music, photography, and so much more! We welcome everyone here, no matter who you are! This is where artists can hang out and share tips, art, and help eachother out! You'll have a great time!
≾♔Vylarity | Creativity's Haven♔≿

A sanctuary for creativity and imagination!

✨》Community based on art, literature, music, and photography

✨》A well organized server that provides friendly feedback on your creative projects and ideas

✨》Friendly and supporting members

✨》Special events and channels, including: a writing patchwork channel, trivia, qotd/aotd channels, music/art competitions, and more!

So what are you waiting for? Join Vylarity, and enlighten us with your creative abilities!
💜✨Welcome to Creativity, the fastest growing server on Discord as long as you don't look that up! 💙✨
Here in this server we become friends and talk about ideas, art, music, film, gaming and much more!

If you are a(n):
Actor/Actress ✨
Artist ✨
Animator ✨
Cook ✨
Composer ✨
Designer ✨
Game Maker ✨
Graphic Designer ✨
Musician ✨
Photographer ✨
Pixel Artist ✨
Programmer ✨
Stylist ✨
Writer ✨
this is your place to shine!

Hope you like tetris! Because we are planning to do a tetris championship. But we need more participants. Would you care to join?

Also, beside all the artwork things, we will play games like Among Us etc. And not to mention, WE HAVE A CINEMA (sort of)

We are planning watching films, animes etc. together! With the help of Netflix Party of course :)

Also we have friendly members that you can talk with about anything! We might be a small server for now, but we will improve ourselves with your ideas 💙

You definitely won't regret joining us. Don't miss the chance of being here!
Welcome to The Creative Manor :) A place for creative individuals of types, to come together to showcase their work, give out constructive critiques, and even collaborate on your next project.

Not a very creative person, you say? No worries, here at the manor we've got entertaining games, such as Economy game etc. And, a cosy room to relax enjoying listening to you favourite songs. Most of all, to meet and make new lasting friendships :)

Our Aims? To become a thriving community filled with talented individuals and fun, like-minded far we're only a new server.

So, what do we offer?
➛ Various channels for Artists, Writers etc, to display their talent.
➛ Fun Self-Roles for you to choose from.
➛ Entertaining games, such as Economy and Tea games etc.
➛ Wonderful staff, that is actively helping you feel at home

And many more! If this has ignited your curious spark, then we looking forward to your arrival :)

Disclaimer: Currently looking for staff!
· · ────────── ·𖥸· ────────── · ·

welcome to 𝐰𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐨𝐰 𝐨𝐟 𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧!

୧ *·˚ our server serves as a creative corner for those interested in writing, art, photography, music, etc.
we welcome anyone of any skill-level into our family; there's something for everyone here! ┆↰

we offer...
¶ a place to earn feedback for your creative feats & gain inspiration
¶ self-advertisement for social media platforms & partnerships
¶ tips on how to improve your craft
¶ frequent fun events & contests
¶ qotd, vent, spam, etc.
¶ kind, wholesome, and laidback staff & community!

୧ *·˚ we care about the mental health of our members. our staff are wonderful people
who are always down to hear what everyone has to say! ┆↰

*note: the verification is in the rules, so don't give up so easily!

· · ────────── ·𖥸· ────────── · ·
so what are you waiting for?
drop in and say hello! we can't wait to meet you!~ (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)
Welcome to S.T.A.R. Labs.

We are a fun server.
We have gaming beatbox casino and a ton of roles.

Hope we see you there🙌
꧁༒•Mary's library•༒꧂

╰──➤what we offer

❥ Self-assignable Roles
❥ A Fun community
❥ A Friendly staff
❥ Lot's of nice people
❥ Fun channels and places to express your creativity!
❥ We care! We have venting channels
❥ Events almost every week!
❥ Staff applications are open!

We Are Open To Partnerships!
❥This server is a new and growing server, it would make us happy to see you there!

Owner: !мαяу#8888

˚✦. ❀⋆*。↷ ✧̥₊˚‧☆ミ

✧。: Invite:
Chill Town is a friendly LGBT community (allies are welcome) where people can meet, share common interests, and have fun! Not everyone has the same views here, but we all encourage a respectful environment towards differences and diversity. We have to offer:

👻 A respectful environment for everyone
👻 Chill staff (5 mods, the co, + the owner)
👻 A variety of different roles to select
👻 Lots of different channels to be in
👻 Fun bots, including Plural Kit for people with DID
👻 Server Events


👻 mental health peer support
Welcome one and all to our server, The Art House!

Welcome Home!
We built this house for people to chill, hangout, and meet other creative people, and to share their work in a friendly, fun environment! We pride ourselves on our community, and we hope everyone can enjoy themselves here, and feel comfortable and welcome!
In this house!
We offer channels for every kind of art out there, so there is a place for you and your work! along with the general chat to hangout in, minigame bots, and a music Vibin, and VC bot, we're sure you'll find something for yourself to enjoy here!
Fantasy Writer's Group is a discord server created for fantasy writers and readers to gather and explore their creativity by talking with other writers about the craft, find critique partners, take part in sprints, and just chat. Members are free to spread writing tips or ask for writing advice, be it general writing, publishing, or world building.
Are you having trouble finding a good wolf role-play with story, plot, and creativity? Well look no further. True Prophecy is a **WOLF** only role-play. Meaning no furries or werewolves. Just feral wolves with unique looks and a great lore. The lore is about three wolf packs that share the same area of land. The wolf packs are Shadow, Haven, and Crescent Heart. Each pack is different in their own way. There is a prophecy among the three packs where if one pack find a treasure, they will get a special power from it. This power is unknown to all packs, but there’s a twist to getting this power. If you want to find out more join the server!

**Extra Information:**

*Active, friendly, and helpful staff
A well-done website with all the information you’ll need about the role-play.
Your wolf can have a unique look to them, so they don’t look like ordinary wolves.
We host at least two events each month.
Giveaways. (This will come when we get more members.)*

**Bots:** (More bots can be added upon request.)
Carl, DISBOARD, MEE6, Pokecord, Tupperbox, YAGDB.wyx,

Welcome to Art City

Art is contagious, and we as a server try to bring about a safe and friendly environment for all people! with fun events, friendly staff and a toxic free community! we have several channels for expressing your creativity and helping you improve your art! Join the server and become a Citizen now!!


Some of our features include
◆ Hall of Fame
◆ Sensei System
◆ Monthly Events
◆ Cool Self Roles

What's that? you don't know what some of those are? Well join! and find out!

Alex’s artists server of pain, cringe, fun times and ART. Share your projects, OCs, pictures, anything creative really. 18+ server.
~Looking for members~

Welcome to Moon Hollow. We are a fun and mysterious place to hangout, make friends, and vibe away. Join our departments, such as The Department of Cryptic Arts, or the Instrument department. The main rule in the Moon Hollow community is to stay MODEST. We always open to new suggestions! We are all about creativity and making friends. This server is very new so we are trying to get more people so we can make it a nice and a fun place to hang out. As long as you follow our rules, your welcome as long as you like!
A roleplay server where you can make whatever you want without regulation!

Interested? Join and learn more!

Welcome to The Home Universe.
✨✨Welcome to Red Claw Creations✨✨

We are a community with a dream that plans to help give feedback on just about anything. Art? Writings? Inventions? We have that covered! But come on down to the RCC for a friendly and welcoming staff with some wonderful people in the server! Hope to see you there!
Welcome to the Night Furs Realm! 🐾
This is our growing community filled with many friendly furs and welcoming atmosphere. The NFR is not just a safe community. It’s a place for creative minds to share their work, play games with friends, and hangout with other members. Even though it’s mainly for furries, non-furries are welcomed here as well!

What do we offer?
🌟 A great amount of social channels!
🌟 Help and support those in need!
🌟 Very LGBTQ+ friendly!
🌟 Friendly staffs and registration system!
🌟 And more!

Want to see it all? Come join us and be part of our family! Our kingdom awaits you!
Making a virtual reality RPG.
Follow the development of the game, get early access to the game.

Join and get a free room in-game.
🤍Hello and welcome to Seal Studio! This is a server for people ages 13-17 to share your creativity like art and photography. We also offer channels to help you get better at your art. In this server you can also talk about anime, memes, and video games. This server is LGBTQ+ friendly! We are a new server currently looking for staff, so please be patient.
If you're a 2D artists who loves all things art, this is the server for you! We have monthly art challenges and dedicated channels to show off your artworks or your other skills and hobbies. Stop by and say hello!
Your not so average art server. Meet other artists for inspiration, and grow your social medias with others!
•°○●☆~TO BE ART~☆●○°•
This is a server made for artists and those who find art appealing. Here you will find others to share art with, get art critic, and to simply have fun! There is sections for art business such as commissions and adoptables, events, Discord bots, and more.

Total Members: 7
Bots: 8

Current Events Taking Place: None
**Come into our server filled with lots of features for everyone to enjoy.**

*Are you some kind of artist? We have dedicated channels for you guys to share your stuff such as:*
++Digital,Traditional, Pixel and 3D art.Includes Nsfw[18+ only]
++Animation and Music

*Are you not an artist? You can still come and enjoy the server*
++Share other artists work
++Role play channels.
++Engage in various topics such as gaming, anime, or any random stuff
++Role Play channels for the whole community.
++Memes [we love memes]
++Share your Server, Twitter, YouTube etc.
++NSFW channels [Hidden][Only 18+]

We also have a welcoming community and we hope you have fun in here with us.