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We giveaway free loot also spam with nsfw in #nsfw but if your -18 like me you can add a role that makes it unable to see nsfw (nsfw is very rude content boobs etc)
Are you a gamer but don't have the money to buy games?
Or are you scared for pirating games on sketchy sites?

Then come to™, where you Loot your game by doing things!

Why come to us?
🔐 HTTPS Secure.
💎 100% payout guaranteed.
👍 Good support team.
🎉 Giveaways.
🚀 Discord perks.
🤖 Custom discord bots.

So why would you wait to get your new game? Come join us!
🔗 Discord:
🔗 Website:

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This server is for those interested in the RPG Bot. Register with the guild, collect loot, fight monsters, battle epic world bosses with up to 100 people in each server and spend your earnings in the shop! Rank up and become the max level in this awesome Discord text based adventure!

This server is the HUB of the bot, feel free to make your own server and invite it using the invite button at this link:
Win some free money from giveaways funded by the community!
We are a friendly furry roleplay group ported from KiK to Discord.
Post apocalyptic settings on earth in the year 2019 with multiple map locations, events and both combat and looting roll systems.
Survive in the ruined cities of what was once a thriving nation.
Rob, steal and kill your way though the apocalipse or find friends or factions.
Become a hated Boober bandit or join the mafia, or maybe you have something the small extraterrestrial faction is interested in and they allow you into their circle.
Loot buildings and roads for loot and cars and build your own weapons and inventions.
Anything goes out in the wasteland. Can you survive the apocalipse?