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Xenoblade chronicles server with NSFW, role playing, memes, and tons of other shit. We also have Jojo stuff and memes. This server is just a place where you can do random shit.
welcome to my discord server.
we are welcome to join to my Server.
we like to meet new People be Friendly no bullying.
in this server we have a NSFW Channels Role-play and more.
Only 18+ People can join we are not allowed Underage people.
Play Fallout 76 the right way! Join an amazing community of over 500! With the ability to help rank up faster then before. Check out our Instagram page @westvirginiarepublicfallout
Welcome to a new vore server! If you want some fresh content, or are interested in joining a server early, then here is one you can join. If we can get ourselves enough members, then we can start training mods/admins. Please be aware, we are not an nsfw server, and we do not offer that content here. Other than that you can enjoy! We are also in need of an icon. If you could create one, I would be ever so thankful!
"The year is 2269 AD, 250 years after Quirks first emerged. The country, Germany. In this world, UA does not exist, and One for All does not either. All for One does, but the user has long since died. A hero calling himself the Symbol of Possibility, Flaire, stands where All Might does in canon, and Villains make up 10% of the world population. 90% of the polulace has a Quirk now, and hero schools are everywhere. However, the best one in the world is located on the dutch-german border and called Radiance Academy, RA for short. Often targeted by villains, this school is the one where Flaire himself teaches. Many students enroll here, hoping to be heroes. Few succeed, but those that do become the world's greatest. However, a new threat arises. the Villain Unison, a group of powerful villains with a leader none know the identity of, have emerged and threaten to crush RA. However, the world was not made aware of this. This RP follows the OCs that enrolled in RA, and the story of how a group of perfectly normal students lived their lives, unaware and defiant of the looming threat, as well as of how this threat was beaten back."

Welcome to MHA: Radiant Light, a friendly, open-ended My Hero Academia RP server set up by a good team of staff. We welcome anyone who takes RP seriously, and we keep our community non-toxic as best we can. We hope to see you join us at Radiance Academy!
In this server its all about making new friends or just finding people to play with. Anyone that joins this server will have new people to connect with and go on raid with each other or just simply chat with one another.

We are currently looking for new mods to help moderate or new growing server as we get people who don't care about the rules and other who join to spam and link virus or long necessary url. please message the server owner (amaterasu#2860) if you are interest.

please be prepared to give a brief description of yourself and why you should be a moderator for this server <3
This is a server where fellow outcasts/losers can spend their time talking to others that feel the same. Run away from reality and embrace your inner you with others!
this is the second generation of the seven deadly sins, we are very open and friendly towards other people

The Original Seven Deadly Sins were sent to the capital to fight something, although rumor says it was a demon of some sort. All of the sins mysteriously disappeared once the fight was finished. The unkillable was killed, or magically disappeared.
Now a new generation of sins start appearing. No one knows how or why but everyone trust the new generation of sins.
Welcome to OUR FAMILY!!!. This is our home away from home. We are like a huge family of chill people who like to talk about anime and videos games and Role-play. with people.

We are A very friendly community looking for nice people to hang out and role-play with ^~^

Join Borderlands 3 Discord.

The first Borderlands 3 server in Discord.
We are enthusiastic players and share this Discord game server with you.
Tell us your platform and your favorite character in the game to join us.
Note our server rules and let's play, have fun together.

Supported Games:
Borderlands 3
Were small community full of friendly peopple, if you want make friends or just chat then join here. We will laugh and cry with you if you want!

We have - Friendly admins, fun bots, NSFW channel, and more!

✨ Hope you enjoy ✨
Hey shinobis!
This is a new server, hoping to get big
Custom clans, KKG, even tailed beast(Down right now though)
Akatuski has got The Gedo Statue! (Updated almost daily)
Join the akatsuki to help them take the tailed beast

Hope you enjoy your stay in this server!

Good luck, Shinobi!
Welcome to the greatest city known to all furries and humans alike
And what you can do here is
Role play with your friends in our server which is set in the modern world with magic and mystical powers
Talk with friends and share whatever you like as long as you follow the rules
And finally all skill levels of RPing are welcomed here!
Welcome to Silver Moon! This is a roleplaying server designed around human and wolf OC’s. This is a LGBT+ friendly server. We have both sfw and nsfw roleplaying here, so pick your pleasure 😉 There are also other channels beside roleplaying so that everyone has a place to share things
Come Join This New Roleplay Server!

This roleplay takes place in a land of humans, and monsters of all kinds. Skeletons, spirits, werewolves, cyclops, heck, it could even be a hybrid. you name it. All monsters are welcome... In UnderVille.

UnderVille is the city of monsters. Some humans live here as well, but not very much. In this RP, humans have developed a great hatred for the monster race. There are even some who would go as far as to trespass in the monster's city, and attack them at night.
Most humans stay out of UnderVille and live in Surface City. It's quite a beautiful place, it almost always sunny there.

UnderVille high is the highschool in the middle. Both the humans and the monsters go there for education. It is the only school in the area, so they have to go there whether they like it or not.
Long ago, monsters and man had a war for the ages.
But when man won, monsters were forced underground, into hiding from the world for centuries.
They formed a civilization, known as the Den of Monsters.
They live in peace, hiding from the world and the terrible humans.
Some humans wander too far underground and end up trapped underground in this world, some killed by monsters, some adopted like a pet, etc.

This is a new server, and my first attempt at making one at all, but it's focused around monsters like Lamias/Nagas, Arachnes, and other sorts of mythical beings and them lewding each other or humans.
That means you can play as either monster or human.

Hello we are Pusheen Potatoes UwU We are very friendly and we welcome anyone no matter what :) We have music bots LGTB+ friendly members and we often ask each other questions or truth or dare.We are a growing server so we would love for you to join :) we have cat pictures and more thanks to our bots :3 We have self role bot so you can get your own roles :D
A small new nsfw server for people that love cum.
Loads of things will be added eventually like currently there’s a server slut UwU but join and invite your friends.
We are a new server who focuses on Role Playing games. We have many RPG bots like, IdleRpg, Bender, BasicRPG, EnderBot and many more! The server is meant for anyone who loves RPG games and wants a server that has many options. While it focuses on rpg gaming, anyone is welcome to hang out, invite people, or to just meet new people. Hope you to see you soon!
Welcome to The Stomping Grounds! An 18+ public Discord server for any and all interested in Macro/Micro related content. Specifically made for Furries/Scalies, but open to everyone. We're new on the block, and as such are still getting our paws wet on the whole Discord community grounds, but we'll give it our all in the effort! We've got general chat rooms, art rooms, roleplay rooms, even some voice channels. The usual, really. At the moment it's all run by some Punk Dragon, Vamux, and will probably keep to that way for a while, as again we're new. But the company is always appreciated, and you're more than welcome to come on over!
A rift opened thirty years ago, and now some people have superpowers. Ameris is the first city to allow "Super-Heroes" to enforce the law. Will this help keep the peace, or drive the city further into chaos?