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A mature community that is accepting of all and has lots of porn.

We now have role playing
Play Fallout 76 the right way! Join an amazing community of over 500! With the ability to help rank up faster then before. Check out our Instagram page @westvirginiarepublicfallout
The Last War has ended. After a century-long conflict leaving the Five Nations devastated, and now disbanded, finally the realm is left to repair. The massive floating airships return to their usual shipping routes, the lightning-fast and aptly-named Lightning Rail resumes its usual course throughout the Nations, the magewrights return to their craft. Yet tension still remains, not every problem can be solved with a treaty, afterall, and many still alive remember the days when a man's greatest fear was being forced from home, conscripted in the Warforge armies every nation sported, off to die for home. But perhaps the tension is not from memory, but something different, something darker...and if suspicions be true, soon all of Khorvaire will have something far more dangerous to worry about than the Last War, for even in times of peace, dark things brew, and as the darkness spreads, soon Khorvaire might find itself trapped in its shadow...."

The Shadow of Khorvaire, an Eberron RP is a text-based RP done a little different. Through using the D&D 5e system, TSoK combines elements of classing D&D campaigns, and text-based RP, so whether you're looking to go dungeon diving in the deepest bowels of Eberron, or simply wish to play politics in Sharn, you'll find a place here for you. Perfect for players without the time to commit to a campaign, DMs looking to try out their craft in a more improv-based setting, or anyone looking for a more casual roleplay experience, so come join!
A fully functional Dungeons and Dragons server that allows anyone to DM or play.
Come join us in Cakepire to make good friends, play games together, and more~ We even have our very own YouTuber and server bot, MEE6 roles, and bots, including Pokécord and WaifuBot!, come in for a good time and plz be sure to stay around for more~
Join Borderlands 3 Discord.

The first Borderlands 3 server in Discord.
We are enthusiastic players and share this Discord game server with you.
Tell us your platform and your favorite character to join us.
Note our server rules and let's play, have fun together.

Supported Games:
Borderlands (all editions)
💥 ------ FANTASY RP------💥



The Onyx Moon is a Spritually-oriented Dimension in which people and creatures would end up getting trapped into after losing their way out the "Gods' Secret Path" of the Triangle. Forget everything, knowledge becomes unknown to you and mysteries riddle your mind here. You learn that perhaps truth isn't an option or maybe there is more to discover about the Onyx Moon.

**Protected from spamming bots**
**Growing server**
** Friendly Staff **
** Leveling System**
** Economy **
❗❗ Looking for Active RPiers ❗❗
The year is 1891, and the twentieth century draws nearer and nearer. The second Industrial Revolution is gaining momentum; however, it was not the only revolution taking place in the city of London…

The streets of London are dark and full of terror. There have been reports of strange behavior as of late, and disappearances have been documented at an alarming rate. Talk has varied from things as simple unsightly behavior occurring within even the most quiet of neighborhoods, to mysterious murders that yield ghastly corpses. The people of London look to the church for answers, and Father Mikesh obliged. “The Devil,” he said. “Satan and his harem have taken root in our God-fearing city.” Little did he know how right he was…

And also so very wrong, for it was not just demons that dwelled in London, nor were they new. No, the darkness that had settled over the city like fog was anything but new, though it was growing bolder.

There was another side to the city that most did not know about - another side that existed outside of the realm of mankind: the world of The Veiled. The Veiled, as they had come to be collectively referred to as, are the things that live in the tales our nannies tell us before bed but assure us do not exist.

But they do.

Vampires lurk in the shadows of narrow alleyways, awaiting their next meal. Werewolves either await their time to strike or desperately attempt to find a place strong enough to withhold the beast inside. Demons, tricking humans into a contract that would damn them to an eternity in Hell, await their next target. These are not the only creatures that roam the streets of fair London, though. Others lie on the outskirts, biding their time.

The delicate balance that is the secret existence of The Veiled is in danger. A new group of others had recently garnered attention from the mundane - a group of occultists known as The Sisters of Satan, learned witches that do not heed to the agreed upon Requiem of Reticence, which states that all Veiled beings will work together, despite individual differences, to ensure that their lives remain hidden from the humans. Many have gone against the Requiem, but not like this…
Always United - Never Divided! The Motto we were founded upon 15 years ago that started our Tight Knit community!

We are a group that focuses on Community, creating a space for those to call home and people to call family.

We also Do LOTS of Literate, slow pace Role-playing. Includes an OC Lore filled Multi verse.
We do lots of Server Wide events, Game nights, and Movie Nights.

Ran by a long standing dedicated team!
More info go to our website -
We are a new server who focuses on Role Playing games. We have many RPG bots like, IdleRpg, Bender, BasicRPG, EnderBot and many more! The server is meant for anyone who loves RPG games and wants a server that has many options. While it focuses on rpg gaming, anyone is welcome to hang out, invite people, or to just meet new people. Hope you to see you soon!

♤ Civilization. Serveur Minecraft PvP-Empires RpToWin 1.12-1.14. ♤

♧ Fondé par KazeCraft. Communauté active, et sympathique. On s'amuse entre nous ! Retrouver plusieurs joueurs qui sont plutôt actifs, et rejoignez nous dans notre serveur ! Venez fondé votre histoire au sein des Empires et devenez même Empereur ! Évoluez dans un monde rempli de mystère ! ♧

♤ On vous attends sur Civilization, pour vous accueillir. À très bientôt ! ♤

Amicalement et Cordialement,
☆ L'équipe d'Administration ☆
Subjects of all types, ages, backgrounds come together to enjoy the camping trip of a lifetime. It's all fun and games up until this goat furry robot wannabe thing pops out of nowhere and commences a completely spontaneous killing game! Fun, am I right? Anyways, this accepts canon characters (including those from popular fangames!) and ocs, and though I can't guarantee it'll be perfect, I hope it'll be the killing game of a lifetime!

Happy despairing!
We are providing you a cool and nice Naruto server. You can enjoy RP here. The special about this server is it is a modern type Naruto rp server. There are city instead of village. There are mobile phone also.
And more other interesting things.
Hello and welcome to our server! You can do whatever you wish in your free times like roleplaying, posting memes, playing with your friends, listening to music and much more! Welcome...Welcome again to New Little Black Mesa.
Hello and welcome to The Realms Of Tamriel! We offer:

*Chill community*

*Modding guides for TES*

*Skyrim RP section (It is pretty much Skyrim D&D*

Come and stay awhile suggestions would be great.

Also we are just starting to enrole mods. Come and join us Dovahkiin!


(This is a beta server and is not complete yet, So please give suggestions)
Welcome to Silver Moon! This is a roleplaying server designed around human and wolf OC’s. We have both sfw and nsfw roleplaying here, so pick your pleasure 😉 There are also other channels beside roleplaying so that everyone has a place to share things
This is a ERP and general RP community where people can meet, have fun, play games together and also write with each other.
Borderlands 2 Discord!
Discord's biggest Borderlands 2 server.
Be welcome, here is the place for a hero or a better man to call home.

We are enthusiastic players and share this Discord game server with you.
Tell us your platform and your favorite character to join us.
Note our server rules and let's play, have fun together.

Supported Games:
Borderlands (all editions)
This is a semi realistic lion to server were looking for someone to join this about Lions of Askari a nature reserve right now it has 7 prides You will join those prides or make your Own pride
Welcome to The Stomping Grounds! An 18+ public Discord server for any and all interested in Macro/Micro related content. Specifically made for Furries/Scalies, but open to everyone. We're new on the block, and as such are still getting our paws wet on the whole Discord community grounds, but we'll give it our all in the effort! We've got general chat rooms, art rooms, roleplay rooms, even some voice channels. The usual, really. At the moment it's all run by some Punk Dragon, Vamux, and will probably keep to that way for a while, as again we're new. But the company is always appreciated, and you're more than welcome to come on over!
Hey and welcome to Critical Fail: A Painfully Accurate Title! Critical Fail is a place for DMs and players to meet and play their games! We host all sorts of tabletop games, though mainly D&D and Pathfinder. WE'RE CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR MORE DMS!
Hey there! Tired of not being able to spread your creativity in servers that won't allow you to because of all of the complication, and because of the fear of being "over powered?" Well, come join in here! In this server, there's a (giant) lore behind this server, and there's a lot of friendly folk here.

We accept all kinds of role players, such as non-literate, semi-literate, and the literate people. In this server, it takes place in the year 2132, where Humans have completely given up on Earth by then. Instead, they start taking drugs, start smoking, and/or even start drinking in order to distract themselves from the unhealthy state of the Earth. Also, they have enslaved creatures to make them fight against each other for an amusing kind of entertainment... But, there is some hope, for some groups or even individuals are trying their best to help the Earth, and save abused creatures. Some people to enroll their creatures to fight may also treat them well...

So yeah, I guess that's a weirdly-put summary, but hopefully you'll come join the fun!
A world set in England in the 19th century with the world evolving around two houses of vampires. In the world of technology and advancement is there room for the beasts that lurk in the dark.
Join the world of the Norse, better known as the God borns and Vikings. We have wonderful adventures waiting for you just around the corner on Neerose Island so don't sit there and miss out on all of the action. Join us. Fight evil and learn to control your powers.