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We have a great community of Among Us and Minecraft players! This server is a safe space for anyone 14 and up. We love games and play daily! Hope to see you on :)
So basically, we're a new server. Me and my homeboy made this so we can just chill without getting bossed. We offer various bots, events (coming soon), polls, giveaways (coming soon), and movie nights. We also really like talking about music. If you're down to just chill and meet some new people, feel free to join. We're pretty friendly until someone acts up. Anyways, if you do decide to help us out and join, enjoy your stay!
╭๑this is a caregiver and little, server everyone 14+!๑

┊๑our goal is to make everyone feel safe and welcome!๑

┊๑lgbtq+ welcome!๑

┊๑fun gaming channels!๑

┊๑over 100 cute emojis!๑

┊๑a sfw community๑

┊๑staff openings!๑

┊๑we provide fun events and daily questions for everyone to enjoy!๑

┊๑a fun staff! we have ton of channels to enjoy after you get verified!๑

┊๑intros and tons of roles which you need to access the whole server๑

┊๑we have some fun bots that you can use to role play and play music๑

┊๑we’re making sure its a safe space for everyone to enjoy themselves๑

┊๑i hope you enjoy it here were so happy to have new people we love you all!๑

┊๑we cant wait to have you๑

╰๑so come join us๑
Hey welcome to our group we are a social dating group-

Please be under 18-

Please don't swear-


More info find it in #rules in our group-
Hi were pog phrog gang

We dont allow
We dont advise e-dating since it can be dangerous, if you do please refrain from doing so here!!! If you do that is okay but we advise against it.
✥Dies ist der Server von Chill Lounge Gaming.✥
Hier triffst du viele nette Menschen und das Server Team ist stets für dich da!

⫸ 14+

⫸ An die, auf dem Server gegebenen, Regeln Halten.
-14 years old and up! Applications due on November 17th - Extensions available
Danganronpa: Trials of Succession
-OC casting is open!
Join us in the MONNEX Abyss research lab! Creatures from the darkness swarm around the fragile science outpost, threatening to consume those who venture out. Season two of Trials of Succession stars Monosuka, a squid born of despair.
21 students face despair in a world without the light- will they root out the one behind the scenes before it’s too late? Only one way to find out!
-An inclusive, growing community
-A cool OC Danganronpa roleplay
-A rather chaotic but well-meaning host,
-and an ever-changing server! We are always happy to make accommodations for our members!
Think you have what it takes to survive the killing game? Are you prepared for some brutal deaths? Find out with us in the Trials of Succession!
•. ✿ .•°.•° ✿ °•. •. ✿ .•°.•° ✿ °•.
✿Questo server è interamente dedicato al canto e alla musica in generale
✿E' stato creato da poco ma è ben strutturato, sono infatti disponibili auto-ruoli che sbloccheranno determinati canali.
✿Se avete consigli abbiamo un canale apposito per accoglierli.
✿Tema super pastel
✿Vieni a dare un'occhiata!
•. ✿ .•°.•° ✿ °•. •. ✿ .•°.•° ✿ °•.
A chill place for everyone who are into gaming or any activities, looking for friends or maybe love we got you covered we're also into anime quite a bit as well as video games if those are your preferences
Hey! This server is all about friends,e-dating,games and it’s just something you can join when you’re bored :)
hi! We’re a pretty chill server, we love to meet and talk to new people. We made this server mostly to meet people and just have fun yk! uhm everyone here is pretty chill and fun! we don’t really care what you do but read the following:

we don’t mind some nsfw stuff but some people do, so try to keep it down yk, anyways have fun! don't forget 14-17 only :)
Chernarus was in a state of political unrest, with its government trying to keep from being overthrown by rebels calling themselves the "Red Star". The rebels had developed a highly contagious bio-weapon. The weapon was an airborne virus meant to clear urban area of hostiles. The virus was flu based but quickly moved to the brain shutting down the lymphatic system completely. The "Red Star" planned to test it the small isolated village of Khelm, as a warning, but the Army ambushed the rebels in Berezino. During the firefight that followed the main canister holding the bulk of the virus was ruptured. The virus was released on a massive scale quickly killing 50,000 people the first 48 hours. The government tried to hide the bio attack from the international community as a Avian Flu outbreak and quickly quarantined the whole of South Zagoria. The UN quickly responds with several US Marine helicopters to survey the situation on the ground. After a pass over the coast, an SOS is picked up at Green Mountain and the Helicopters moved north inland. As they pass the radio tower the pilot starts to bleed from his nose. They fell off of radar some where north of the mountain. The virus mutates to keep the host alive longer and seems to have no effect on about 1% of the population. The out break started September 21 and today is October 11, only two weeks have passed. This leaves the lots to scavenge. Food and weapons are still plentiful. Cars will still run if you can fix one up. Find food, find a weapon and stay alive. The survivors call the day the world ended, DayZ
Now, you are north of the initial infection zone, scattered, the area is littered with military checkpoints, small towns, large cities, and villages. Most areas in the south are irradiated due to the nuclear missile accident at the Tisy military base. These require at least a gas mask or an entire CBRN/NBC suit to enter, but even the suit will deteriorate over time so be careful when entering these zones. Welcome to Chernarus, Survivor.
-We have plenty of locations and channels
-Friendly admins
-You don't have to know much about the game
-Actual players are welcome, but this is not an in game server, this is a text roleplay
Initially an Aussie + Kiwi only server but we decided that it needed some weirdos, so c'mon mate, why don't you join?

Face it, you're also a fkin lonely sack of shit, if you could, you'd probs eat maccas to stress eat all the time but you're too poor. Fkin same bruh, let's go get nuggets.

Uhhh let's see,,, we have like:
• Dank Memer and many other bots (19, to be exact🤓)
• friendly owners (especially frog)
• LGBTQ+ acceptance
• a lot of fkin channels
• heaps more but cbf tellin yall, just join mate... pls

extra info:
▪staff wanted because it do be lonely
▪active members also wanted because once again, it do be lonely
▪happy to partner :)

Might do a revamp again so join to see that shit-show😌💅
An among us server with extra tidbits.
Perfect for:
💫Anime fans
💫Anyone who just wants friends or a good conversation
We have chats for multiple groups of people who wanna play + a non toxic community

Welcome in 😉
Join us today!
Welcome to the Moonlight Lounge!

Whether you're here to socialize or simply find a relationship, we've got you covered! This server is mainly about chilling out and relaxing with others, typically during the late night hours when nobody else seems to be online!

We Offer:
-Tons of Self Roles
-A Welcoming Community
-Emojis to mess around with and use 😳
-LGBTQ+ Supportive

So why not at least try the server out, come on and see what it's all about? I mean, you have read this far anyways after all.
🐚 ⨾ aesthete

› 14+
› relaxed summer aesthetic
› sfw & non-toxic
› minimal rules
› occasional events & giveaways
› always hiring active pms<3

this server is LGBTQ+ friendly.
there are minors and adults allowed in the server, they each have their own roles so you know which is which.
there is a template in the "about-you" channel where you introduce yourself.
everyone here is welcoming and if you need to vent or just hold random conversations, this is a server for you.
there are rules so don't think this is a free pass to be rude or disrespectful.

Welcome to Lakewood City, a place notorious for Murder, Gangs, Drugs, Theft, Strippers, Prostitution, Assassin's, and Fights, basically a place filled with very bad people that do very bad things but not only is this place filled with bad people it's also filled with very wealthy people. Mostly the people get there money from selling illegal items such as drugs, certain weapons, and even body parts or there either in very well known gangs. So welcome, to the city of crime, death, and no consequences...

What do we have to offer:
➩ 100+ chatrooms
➩ An LGBTQ safe environment
➩ 14+ server
➩ Literate roleplay
➩ Reaction Roles
➩ bots like OwO, Zerotwo, Dank memer,Tupperbox, and etc!
➩ rp using Real life face claims
➩ many Vc places to talk with other's
➩ Special roles
➩ A nsfw channel for when you have the horny
➩ A warm welcome
➩ active staff
➩ Kind member's
Hallo erstmal,
ich möchte euch kurz meinen Roleplay Server vorstellen. Der Name des Servers lautet RollenSpiel Community. Warum solltest du bei einem GTA 5 Roleplay-Server beitreten? Diese Frage musst du dir selbst beantworten, aber wenn du in deinem GTA Leben Abwechslung suchst ist unser Server genau das richtige für dich. Wir suchen aktive, hilfsbereite, freundliche und RP spielende Spieler, natürlich muss er keine Erfahrung haben.
Was haben wir so in Petto?

[+] Banksystem
[+] Tanksystem
[+] Essenssystem
[+] Leitstellensystem
[+] eine Wahnsinns Große Jobauswahl
[+] ein tolles Serverteam
[+] und noch vieles mehr

Was sind unsere Regulären Roleplay Zeiten?

[+] Dienstag bis Donnerstag so gut wie immer tolles RP
[+] natürlich auch Freitagabend gegen 19 Uhr
[+] Samstagabend darf auch nicht fehlen
[+] wenn dann noch Bedarf besteht sicherlich auch Sonntag

Wir versuchen allerdings alles um euch auch unter der Woche Roleplay zu garantieren. Auf dem Server läuft alles Sortiert ab, aus diesem Grund stehen alle Roleplay-Termine eine Woche im voraus für euch bereit.
Sollte ich dein Interesse geweckt haben, trete doch einfach bei, du musst dich nur anmelden, doch das sollte für dich nun auch kein Problem werden!

Hier ist auch der Link zum Server, probiere es doch einfach mal aus.
A chill server where you can rp as the pregame danganronpa characters( and maybe the other characters)

What we have:

-lots if rp channels
-lots of ooc channels
-Nsfw channels
And more!

Welcome to Collective Kingdom~!

Here we offer a clean dating server. We are an growing community that welcomes all people around the world!

- Caring Staff and Admins
- Self Roles
- Voice Channels
- A Verification System (Not Needed But Recommended)
- And A Nice Community!

We hope you consider joining, we would welcome you with open arms~!
*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・Andromeda・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
Andromeda is a new community server,
made for those who are looking for a good group of people to talk to!
It includes:
-Laidback active staff
-Self roles
-Many color roles
-Cute emotes
-Friendly members
-24/7 moderation
-14 to 17 only
-rewards for being active
*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*