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We welcome all to join the Home for the Abnormals roleplay server! It's a friendly, open community with wacky individuals. If you're not into RP, you can just come to hangout! :3

——————what we offer——————

-The ability to choose your own power set as long as its not to powerful

-a chill community to hang out in

-LGBTQ+ come and join us!

-memes provided by Dank memer

-Tupperbox for all your Role-playing needs

-Groovy and Rythm for you music listeners

The current year is 2020: One day, ten years ago, a child was born with a mysterious power that could only be described as superhuman. With this, a chain of phenomenons occurred around the world and a small percentage of people (from developing children to fully-matured adults) awakened these strange abilities. Some of these powers were more dangerous than others, and this lead to skirmishes between people with and without powers.

With the power users being in the minority, they faced harsh discrimination and were often forced to flee their homes. They were unfairly treated and often physically assulted. People constantly called them "monsters" and "demons" whilst pelting them with objects and driving them away.

The governments of the world took a different approach to this. They encouraged people to sell out these power users for a reward. Once discovered, they were either used as test subjects for countless grueling experiments or tortured for being "unholy".

With nowhere else to go, a home for these people were created. It was a light in the darkness - an attempt at hope for these people. It is a place where they can live their daily lives with a smile without worrying about the terror brought upon them by the "normal humans". It is The Home for the Abnormals.
A month after the final battle of Forces, Dr Eggman has gone searching for a new source of great power after the Phantom Ruby was rendered useless. After what happened with his plan the month prior, He's running out of options and one wrong move could be catastrophic for the doctor. Digging in some of his past research brings him back to the Hidden Palace mural. What If the gem depicted in the mural wasn't the Master Emerald? What If it was something else, something no one else knows about? Something....that could take over the world?
Will Dr. Eggman get this Mystery gem and succeed toward his plans of world domination or will Sonic and co find out and stop him in time? That's up you!

Welcome to Hidden Prophecies!
Here you can roleplay as many as your favorite Sonic heroes and villians, including some from the comics and cartoons, and even Ocs!
We hope you enjoy your time here at Hidden Prophecies: Rebooted!
The year is 1989, at a cold night in the city of London in England a man who was walking down on the sidewalk, in front of him there was another person who suddenly disappeared, the man didn't know what happened but it's a strange phenomenon that he saw. A couple of weeks after another phenomenon happened, creating various stand users around the globe yet more and more people were reported vaporizing for unknown reasons. There is a powerful being among us around the globe too. A new adventure awaits you and other people to save the world from a deadly threat.


This server is currently new.

We offer :
-A continuously updating storyline
-Suggestion allowed.
-Many roleplaying channels.
Welcome to my server!
This server is an RP, mainly about Undertale, but we have more rp channels! ERP is allowed as long as it's in the appropriate channel, go ahead, join this server! We have fnaf even RDR2, We'll welcome you with open arms!
This server is mainly for Talking to each other! But~ I, The Head admin, has decided to make this server into a different concept, We'll welcome you with open arms, we guarantee you the best expirience here!
We have
you may suggest more, Come on in, and join!
__**ALfheim Online (アルヴヘイム・オンライン)**__

This is a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) in the Sword Art Online series that was released a year after the beginning of the Sword Art Online» incident. It is compatible with any FullDive device. The game features nine races of fairies, whose goal is to reach the top of the giant World Tree, in order to meet the Fairy King Oberon. It was said that Oberon would turn the first starting race to reach the top of the World Tree into the legendary race of ALFs, with the ability to fly for unlimited time, but this later proved to be a lie. Once ALO was acquired by Ymir, unlimited flight, except in dungeons, was granted to all fairy races.

It is the setting for the Fairy Dance Arc of the series as well as the setting for the Mother's Rosario and Calibur side stories, as well as Calibur's alternate ending, Calibur SS. Instead of the level system that Sword Art Online emphasized, ALfheim Online pursues skill development and encourages killing other players. This kind of system attempts to eliminate the enormous gap between new and old players that exists in level-based games

__**Today, 2026**__

Now ALO has many players coming in to join on the fun of flying, fighting, and talking with one another. The world... beautiful as always, and Aincrad floats in the distance thanks to a player named Kirito, who used the seed to bring Aincrad from the Original SAO game. New players come to join in on the adventure to fight monsters, or fly in the open skies with your friends... **__Welcome.. to Alfheim Online!!__**
Come to the Hall Blood Camp and the other amazing parts of the tells of Gods/Goddess and so many more. In this amazing Rp world you be sent on quest, find true love, see the world in some many different ways.
You like Wadanohara and the Deep Blue Sea? You like aesthetics, memes and roleplay? If at least the first or last, come on down to our Modern AU server! The name of the server explains it all. It's a modern version of the game with roleplay! See ya there~
Welcome to the Until Dawn server! If you don't wanna be a canon character you can be a oc or a wendigo maybe! See ya!