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We are a community from all over the world, trying to rebuild.
We play a variety of games and we are generally friendly, looking for more people to play with :)

This server is about a Minecraft KingVampyre made, it makes the Minecraft overworld deeper, including the oceans, it also adds a new ocean dimension, but it also revamps some parts of the overworld.
Hey welcome to Legally Blind! LB is a hang out server where we play games and VC. Come and hang out with us!
This is a collab server! I myself wants to produce a Minecraft movie but has everything except one thing...VOICE ACTORS! You can become a voice actor because I am holding an audition. If you are interested join now!
SMP Earth is an SMP comprised of a multitude of streamers such as Technoblade, Wilbur Soot, and many others. This server's goal is to discuss and debate the occurrences on SMP Earth.
24/7 MOSTLY LEVEL, Not Flat Earth anymore but MOSTLY LEVEL!!!!
LEVEL EARTH DISCUSSION AND GAMING. Biggest oldest and best Level Earth debate and fun server of all. Now inclusive of Concave, Superglobe, Dinosaur, Donut and Cube Earth roles!
------> Sundry is a Minecraft guild server for <-------

This community is not only welcoming to the Minecraft players we have but welcoming to all. The server has many family-like bonds between members. The staff are friendly, the members are friendlier, and we all enjoy a good chat. Many bots, memes, QOTDs, quotes, and memorable experiences can be made here

Click join and just say hi! We'd love to have you (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
🌟This is the official Discord server for NorxPE, a Minecraft: PE Skyblock server. Not aiming to be the best, but the most enjoyable.
🌟We offer free Islands, Free Fly, Vote Rewards, a Welcome to all new members and much more.
🌟We have friendly and active Staff waiting to help you on the Server and in Discord.
🌟 Now it's up to you! Join the Discord and Minecraft to see for yourself! We're open to suggestions so if you have any, please drop by and tell someone.

⭐Minecraft IP:
⭐Twitter: N/A
Hey, we are Vindicators Empire. Are you a gamer? Well, so are we! But we are Vindicators! We offer:

⭐An amazing community!

⭐Friendly and supporting staff!

⭐Fun roles you can earn by being an active members of our server!

⭐You become an Vindicator!

⭐Gaming channels and a meme channel!

⭐Upcoming events with lots of games!

Join now and become a Vindicator:
The Kensa Krew is a server made by a group of best friends looking for more people to hangout with and play several kinds of games with. We have many self assignable roles, like colors, timezones, etc. If you’re looking for online friends to play Nintendo related games with or just people to talk to, join this server!
Welcome to the Order of the Iron Cross!

We are a server dedicated to discussion of gaming and host community events such as smash tournaments and we even have our own minecraft server! We have no rules we just ask you to be civil. We also have our own economy with buyable ranks and dyes and give out special missions to earn more money, I hope you participate!
This is just a small server for a large network of friends that enjoys playing games together, our main game is Minecraft but we open our arms to everyone. Join if you want
A fun server for all people who do pixel art! Post your pixel art (along with other types as well), and get feedback and support :D
We also have a minecraft sevrer!!!!
Welcome to Minecraft & Chill! Where we are all about having fun with everyone. We are a new server and welcome anyone.
🎮 **Gaming for Dummies** 🕹

**Have you been looking for a server with a great community that supports all your favourite games? This is the one for you, from active members and fun community to our devoted staff members! You can’t find a much better server than this! What are you waiting for? Come become a dummy!**

**What we have to offer:**
[💬] Active chat and helpful staff
[🥇] Regular events with prizes and giveaways!
[🤖] Fun bots - Pokécord/Casino/Akinator
[🕹] Different game chats - Fortnite/Minecraft/Apex Legends and more to come
[🛃] Custom server emotes
TV_Static SMP is a Java Minecraft SMP (as well as a general gaming) community. We occasionally do events and game nights, in game nights we play other games than just Minecraft. The community is very friendly and accepting. We have a very dedicated staff team that will assist you if you need any help or have any questions about the server. The ip for the Minecraft server is in the discord. Hope you come by and visit! Also, we are currently looking for staff right now. If you would like to help out come over!
We're an Active Minecraft Realm Survival Server. We have many active nightly players, and take great pride in our trading economy. Our small survival server has had over 50 new visitors in the past week, and the regularly active playerbase is growing by the minute! Enjoy!
Hello all, I am a growing Youtuber (BorkPlayz) and I've created this server to communicate with any of my viewers/fans and anyone who has interest in the Roblox/Minecraft community. You can join to make new friends in case you get lonely,bored or need a buddy...i am also personally here and others are too. You're welcomed to join the fun and interact with new people!!!

My Youtube Channel-

Also...server is brand new under beta and construction, suggestions are welcomed :)
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A real account generator, no invite, fake bullshit.
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- Friendly Staff!
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