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This server is a server for my YouTube channel and you can chat with other people about Minecraft or anything really.
Benvenuti nel server discord di tutti gli italiani amanti dei videgame qui potrete trovare compagni di gioco per qualunque siano i vostri gusti da gamer, sia che siate dei giocatori da mobile sia da computer sia da pc... oppure potrete rilassarvi nel salottino e ascoltare musica
сервер предназначен для разнообразия вашего виртуального мира,чтобы было хотябы чуть разнообразие и общение с людьми,поиск тиммейтов и т.д,так же можете поиграть на сервере с своими родными и друзьями,быстрее заходи и забирай топовую роль на сервере!
Phoenix was established in 2013, born from the ashes of a broken clan.
Our society is built by friends, for friends.
Our policy has always been to recruit based on personality and who you are, rather than choosing by skill or name.
We are not based in any single game, instead spanning across many.
Looking for a Pixelmon Minecraft Server with lot's of creative content? We offer a place where you can play any way you want. Whether that's casual survival style or adventure-like with challenges like in the Pokémon games and unique grand cities and parks to explore, we got it all in one creative package with a lot of heart.
Just like Oprah, we LOVE giving gifts! Join for NON-STOP Nitro & Paypal Giveaways! Legit & Trusted Server.
I'll keep it real. The SSS is a lewd hangout server.
(Looking for partners!)

We got:
★Open Suggestions

We're looking for people who will try and contribute: you get out what you put in.
If you like Minecraft, especially bedwars and skywars, then this channel is for you! I will *try* to post high-quality content (good gameplay, decent commentary, and etc) for videos, and I will always post montages as well for when I reach certain thresholds, and randomly as well. So if you think you'd be into stuff like this then:

Subscribe, turn on the bell, and be sure to like and comment on my videos!
ZacSync is a YouTuber & he makes gaming Content like, Fortnite, COD, & Minecraft. He is 17 & he lives in Florida. He also edits his own Videos, but he has been making Content on YouTube since 2016. ZacSync also created his Channel on June 25, 2014.

He has 2 Channels for himself and One Channel for his Minecraft Server. The more people who watch his Videos & enjoy them, the more he will try to produce that type of Content. This Server is for all of his Fans to chat with him & others! Friendly community welcomed to everyone who speaks english and Non Toxic!

💖Discord Server Features💖
➥ Easy Verification System
➥ Fan Community Server
➥ Friendly Staff & a List
➥ Easy to Access GiveAways
➥ Rewards like Levels, Special Roles & Inviter Roles.
➥ Multiple of his Discords
➥ Fun Channels like commands, suggestion, counting, etc.
➥ Public Creations like, self ads, exclusive ads, giveaway ads & invite ads.
➥ Music Voice Channels
➥ Events for example, Message Contest, Invite Contest, Bumping Contest, in a game event, etc.

Owner: @ZacSync#2520

❗Discord Invite❗
Make sure you send this to all your friends who are worthy of joining SMART ASIAN CLUB!
Welcome to SMART ASIAN CLUB, we consist of:
-smart asians (Every asian is smart so everyone's welcomed)
-friendly staff members
-very active server
-excellent community that is toxic free
-many community events that everyone can enter

Join now to become a part of SMART ASIAN CLUB and join the ASIAN COMMUNITY!
Welcome to The Drunken Duck Pub, traveler! A 16+ server! The fire is just right and the drinks are fresh, there’s always a story to be said or a new one to be made!
As all real adventures start from a bartender’s counter, come and listen to the rumours, maybe you’ll find of quests or lands you have yet discovered, don’t be shy!

Or are you here interested in sharing your art and crafts? The pub also has rooms for most passions, including writing, drawing and photography.

Maybe you seek adventures in the modern escapist ways, we play together in a minecraft server where we are always looking for someone to join us and enrich our world. we are happy to hear all your exploits!

For those who can prove they’re 18+ (verification) with us, we offer have spicier rooms plus a bots to play with, don’t worry here the conversations cover all topics.

So don't wait a second, grab a chair, name your drink and join us! The Drunken Duck Pub is always open!
This is the official Discord Server for the YouTube Channel, First Gaming League, we aim to expand the community to foster all genres of games of the gaming industry, building a community that, when someone joins, there are people of similar taste in games, from similar to very diverse personalities allowing for cooperation, interesting conversations and overall an enjoyable gaming experience for all! So come, relax, chat and game with others and just have fun!
A gaming server with annual events and a great online community!
We have:
- art!
- events!
- gaming sessions!
- more!
We're almost at 100 members, so please join! :D
Bedrock Realms is a community of Minecraft players enjoying public multiplayer servers that support all platforms (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, Mobile, & PC). Our servers are one of a kind, can handle 30 consecutive CONSOLE players, and is supported by the best moderation team in the Bedrock community. If you are tired of wasting time on tiny or poorly managed servers, this is a fantastic place to call home.
|:| This server is open to all! hmm...thats only if ur nice ofc! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
ⁿᵉᵍᵃᵗⁱᵛⁱᵗʸ ᵇᵉ ᵍᵒⁿᵉ!
───────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────────

|:| We are still looking to expand our server and branch out to other communities! The most common community is the anime community! But we also welcome - LGBTQ+, BLM, gamers (mc, roblox mainly)

───────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────────

|:| We have |:|

☁️ - music bots
🍄 - self-roles (just added more to come)
🌙 - voice chats
🌱 - fun bots like Zerotwo, groovy and the akinator!

|:| We plan on adding more as our server grows! Please bare with us as we try and add new things to the server! ♡´・ᴗ・`♡

have a lovely day~ phi & emi
Discord server for the Minecraft PVP Client Danium. Beta releases are out, but need beta testers to help find and remove all the bugs and glitches.
❌Ihr sucht nach einem gemütlichen, unterhaltsamen und aktiven Server?
❌Habt Lust, Guild Wars 2, Rocket League, Among Us, GTA V Online oder Minecraft zu spielen?

✅Dann seit ihr hier genau richtig!
__**Incoming Transmission**__

Hey, is this thing working?! If you can hear me, I have an important message!

Are you looking for a chill, active and awesome Minecraft Bedrock server to join? Well, friend! You do not have to look much further!

Here in the Elytra Network, we are an active community that is growing every day - with great members and calm staff. Our constantly active staff are here to answer any questions, help you with your time on our server and will listen to you.

If this sounds like your kind of tea, join our Discord server at and join us!
hello !!

welcome to for the gays !

we are a really fun all inclusive server that host members from the LGBTQ community (mostly) ranging from ages 14 to 20!

we have movie nights weekly
gaming live streams
and an incredible community so far !!

some of our channels include among us, minecraft, memes, selfies, vent channels and of course main and event channels

we also have a lot of only role accessible channels including politics, NSFW, gore and discourse

we would love to meet you and have you as a part of our growing community !!

-the admin team @ for the gays
CoderFlow is a little Community! We create our own Games and other Usefull Software! You can join us and Talk about YOUR Favorite Games.
-Have Fun :)
★★★★★𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐂𝐑𝐀𝐅𝐓★★★★★
A server for Minecraft lovers! We offer:
╚»★ Hypixel Nights
╚»★ Nitro Competitions
╚»★ Realms To Join
╚»★ Fun Self Roles
╚»★ LGBTQ+ Safe Space
╚»★ Among Us
╚»★ ETC!!
🎀 Welcome to our server 🎀

🎀You can have fun here🎀

🎀German Server🎀

🎀Play Minecraft, Fortnite, GTA 5 or any other game with other members🎀

🎀Have a lot of fun🎀
play with other players.Fortnite,minecraft,among us and everything else. Make new friends.thanks. :D