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Gaming server for: Terraria, Starbound, Stardew Valley, Minecraft, and Runescape.
[PG Boss's Server]
Join to play with other Pubg,call of duty,CSGO or Minecraft players!Or Chat with other members and make new friends.I have a Minecraft server if you want access and want to play together.Only Active and respectful people please!

What we offer:
Art and Story channel
Fun, active members and a friendly environment!
Partnerships for growing your server! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
Welcome to Ilion; your hopeful home on the web - whether you're at home or on the road. We're a small, friendly English speaking community server planning to grow into a sprawling Discord hangout for everyone, with a primary focus on gaming and the cg/l community. All are welcome, and we try to be as friendly as possible.
Hypixel Community Discord (Unofficial)! CURRENTLY HOLDING INVITE GIVEAWAY! ($50+) Help & Support for all Hypixel/Minecraft needs. Hypixel based text & voice channels. Custom Hypixel based ranks, Hypixel Staff, invite rewards, shoutouts, leveling rewards and much more!
Just a Server! Come join us! <3. We are an all inclusive small community growing! If you do join, please try to remain active. Games the community mainly enjoys are Splatoon, Splatoon 2, Minecraft, The Sims 4, Fortnite and other sandbox games! 🎧 Musical Channel Included! Come catch Pokemon with Pokecord! NSFW channel, LGBTQ+ Friendly Weekly Community Tournaments!
Come join now! ❤️
OGStash is an online marketplace and general community. Buy, sell, and trade digital goods and services as well as OG and stat accounts for your favorite social media platforms and gaming clients.
WELCOME to :D a server for social and a positive get along member area, A place where you can come online and just chill and have fun with other members, a gaming chat with other gamers and a get together area
• Chatrooms
• Minecraft Servers
• Lots of B0TS
• Frequent Giveaways
• Server Partners
• Friendly Staff
• Staff Applications
• Youtube Applications
• Music Channels
We hope you will choose to join us, :D
The best server ever ;). Join and you'll find out.
The most goofs you'll ever see in a discord server. With one year running, we even have 2 channels dedicated to logging the funnies of the server. And let me tell you, there's a lot. Active members and several bots for music, photo editing, pokemon, and a leveling system to give you purpose. And if there's a bot you want, tell me, cough, and ill most likely put it in the server. There's also a place where you can put your beautiful beautiful art (if you have any) and a place where you can talk with your friendliest friends while you epic game.
Minecraft Realms PKPvP Community Discord!
Help & Support for all Minecraft Realms &PKPvP/Minecraft needs, PKPvP text & voice channels dedicated survival realm and voice channels. Custom ranks, PKPvP & Minecraft Realms Staff, invite rewards, Pokemon in discord game bot, shoutouts, leveling rewards and much more!
Join our Community Club also link below with club profile and clubID...
Do you play Minecraft Hypixel? This is the server for you! The server is all about hypixel and if you're a youtuber, you can get a free rank/role!!!
Hey! you're looking at a weird server filled with lovely people. Here's what we offer:

♡Occasional movie nights
♡The owner occasionally reads aloud, so if you're into books, tune in!

If you're looking to find a home, friends, or just a place to hang out in, this is one of many places. ♡ downsides of joining include: dealing with awkward, maybe mindless conversations, extreme vocabulary usage, and... yeah that's about it.

We accept people of any gender, race or sexuality so anyone is welcome. This place is extremely LGBT friendly ♡ and we have zero tolerance on bullying ♡

Feel free to join! ♡
Welcome to the Nintendo Switch discord!
A community of gamers who have a interest for Nintendo Switch!
Exchange friend codes and more!
Prints of the LGBT is a MInecraft server for the LGBT community. All members of the LGBT community are welcome.
We're a server with chill/active staff! We play games such as Minecraft, CSGO, & Fortnite!
Join today!
Road to 100!
Welcome to nUg's Official Factions Discord! Are you looking for a faction that are experienced in the factions community? Then you're looking at the best faction throughout 2016 and 2017. Now returning in 2018, with over 20k USD won, you can join our faction by joining our discord and applying now!

For a bit more information, faction history and what we're all about. Subscribe to our youtube:
Welcome to Failsafe's Keep! :D This server is a place for people looking for a place they can call home. We have a small caring and helpful community.
Anaro is a Gaming Clan and community that has been actively playing a multitude of games since 2014. Recently we have entered efforts to expand and are looking for new members to contribute to our lively community.
Warframe, League, Minecraft, Payday, Gmod, And many more
-Digital Credit system
-Purchasable Ranks and Perks
Welcome to my meme server! Check out all kinds of memes! Funny memes, gamer memes, you name it! And if you’re a kid, don’t worry, because the whole server’s family friendly! We just want to see yo memes. Just know that if you try to raid the server you are officially quadruple gay. Be sure to join!
This is our MC discord server, we want to meet more MC players and active chatters.
We have:
-Good permission management
-MEE6 ranks

We don't care about ages and how squeaky your voice sounds.

And there's an easy 3 step process you need to complete which is basically to introduce yourself, not hard and takes 5 minutes at most. No big deal. Also joining means you are willing to tell your Minecraft nickname.
this server started off as a server just for my friends but i decided to make it public. we chat about random things and its very laid back so join and make a new friend or two or do whatever idk lol
Come and join DiscordMc, it has giveaways, nice staff, Roblox, Minecraft, and more! Be sure to read the rules first!
"Hello fellow gamers and nerds! We created SSM Gaming🇨🇦 to help fill a gap in between meets, swaps and Nerdcons. With the help of a few friends we are hoping to build a thriving community where we can all get together and share our private groups and meet new people who share our love of everything gaming and nerd!

We are currently a small group now, but hope to continue to grow and make our place in the world! Join us in helping bring together a great group of people who share our interests and goals."

Looking for members? Come promote your Group/Team/Servers on both our growing Community and Discord!

➡ Community: <>
➡ More Info: <>
➡ Server List: <>