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Welcome to Speakeasy.

This is a server that is intended to be a relaxed place for people to talk about whatever they want, without excessive moderation or strict rules stifling free speech.
It has been newly made public, so it will be quiet to begin with.

All topics are allowed to be discussed, no free speech will be censored. Anyone is welcome to join. There are no server rules, only the request that you act with honour and dignity.

While this is not intended to be a toxic server, it is also not a safe space. You are free to be offended and people are free to offend you. Please try to be polite about it, and settle disputes or disagreements by yourselves like adults.

Admins will listen to your grievances but are under no obligation to agree with you or take any action if they feel you are being a crybaby.

Behaviour that is decided to be cancerous to the server will be dealt with by admins at their sole discretion, but they will try to talk it out first. It is the server's policy to avoid banning people if possible.
Join our hangout today! We are a friendly community eager to meet new people! Our server is rapidly growing, and we have an excellent staff team, 24-7 live support and more!

>Why you should join:
- Friendly members!
- Active VCs
- Fun bots
- Leveling system
- Many channels
- Fun Roles
- LGBTQ+ friendly
- Live support system
- Fun contests
- Non-toxic community
- Partnerships
- and a lot more!
"Truth brings the generations together and there is common ground under all of us." #TheSimpleXtruth discord server abouts....
We are a community that seeks truth in all topics and categories. Flat Earth, The NWO, elites, world leaders, News, Conspiracies, Political Views, open opinion, Debunking, Truth Seeking, currencies, Content creating, technology, 5G, DEW, Chemtrails, Vaccinations, Deep web, Tools for privacy and protection, BIG Pharma, NASA lies, History, Extraterrestrials, Prepping and so much more! Feel free to talk among others and have actual freedom of speech. We are all about exercising our rights here!! The channel constantly is being loaded with more people, information, rooms and is still growing. So please keep that in mind. We have a very friendly "real" community here. There will be many rooms and topics for different users who join, so don't forget to take a look around.
We have an open mind to every type of conspiracy and truth out there. Truth is truth no matter who speaks it. This fact cannot be argued.
TheSimpleXtruth website:​
Divide & Conquer is the Zio-Globalist bankers who use mob rule, dirty tricks, diabolical, unthinkably cruel schemes to rule the 99%'s mantra. It is the credo! Order out of Chaos! They must be stopped. They want us muzzled & isolated! To feel there is no God or anything other than the fucked up reality they have created for us! We know they have had a long period of time, with all cost & resources available to perpetuate this "reality" at their disposal. We mustn't fall for this. Fear, another favorite tool, will not be perpetuated among-st those of us, here at this site, who have open minds, & desire pure truth: no matter how painful or raw. They want us separated so...we must group up! Realize that they have decided on diversity as a religion, and those who disagree are outliers, subverters & will be deemed enemies of the state. It has been written. Unity is strength!

Serwer otwarty dla każdego. Wolność słowa, ciekawe i śmieszne role, levele za pisanie na czacie, i wiele innych. Serwer stworzony z myślą o ludziach. Zapraszamy każdego, możesz nam pomóc stworzyć lepszy serwer.
This server was designed with debating. Discussing anything ranging from: politics, philosophy, religion, etc.
But you're also free to discuss things like programming, gaming, hardware—or whatever comes to mind in general.
this is the land of Stoner Jesus (me) you can say whatever you want, we like to joke around, we dont care about bullying, we dont ban (unless not funi) dark humor is allowed, so is edgy humor (i think its the same thing idk) but other than that you get free weed
Hey hey, thanks for checking out Streams and Shenanigans. We're a small server of people trying to stream and talk trash in a low moderation, no censorship environment. No power-tripping mods, no sensitive SJWs. Come make bad jokes and stream yourself badly playing a game.
No, this server is not racist in anyway. If you plan to join to be racist you will be banned.
Now that I got that out of way, this server is made for patriotic American lovin' southerners, but everyone is welcome! No matter your race, beliefs, or practices.
- A very simplistic server.
- Reaction roles.
- Custom roles
- Freedom of speech
- Active Staff
- Very diverse community
- Many bots
- Unlock-able Roles
- Pictures of weapons, trucks, and even Florida Men!
in this discord server you a free of censorship and can say whatever you want, one of only few discord servers were you can properly debate your opinion.
Since 2008, ENTER: No Kicks has been supporting freedom of speech. Come on in and talk some bullshit with us! Any topic welcome, even politics and religion.
Welcome to The Patriots we are a covert organization who specialize in infiltrating (Not raiding) servers and collect date for our database. You can also chill in our base and chat with other chill dudes and mess with the bots.
hello! this is the great tomb of nazarick a place filled with mystery as well as many things to do! we have got plenty of rp channels to fill your desires, we have rp from a lot of different fandoms such as but not limited to: hellsing, overlord, percy jackson, harry potter, etc...
We're made for Toxicity ;)
Only a few, very weird and specific rules, otherwise you can call hoes niggers and gays faggots too.
MDGA is a political discussion server that supports freedom of speech. Discuss any topics you desire. Despite the name we are not only for discussions about Donald Trump.
I gave up
Was supposed to be a fun bank server
Dont care
Didnt ask
Do anything
ask for bots and ill add them ig
Welcome to "The Future". If you want to meet new people and socialize, here is the right place. We would enjoy your stay with us, and we hope that you find us a very entertaining
we're a server you can join, or not. it's up to you.

we dont really censor you, just dont send nsfw in general lol
Мы сервер неравнодушных к разработке игра людей, признающий свободу высказывания основной добродетелью – насколько это можно обеспечить на площадке Дискорда. Обеспечивается это прежде всего манифестацией данного положения и зашитой от произвола администрации (на администрацию так же можно ругаться).
Итак, у нас можно делать любое высказывание любого типа и вида с использованием любой лексики, обращённое к кому-либо.
A chat for LGB members to have a discussion without censorship. We also have a Telegram group for the more privacy oriented.

We're a community dedicated to LGB (lesbian, gay, bisexual) people who are looking for a server that isn't like others.I know how alienating it can feel to be shunned and banned from LGBT servers for having a belief that doesn't fall in line with exactly what moderation believes. That's why I made this server.

Remember discord isn't the best place for this sort of environment so it's better to join our Telegram group :