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On Monday, February 3rd 2020, the world became slightly colder.
Now, no one panicked on this day, but as time grew on people began to worry. As days, weeks and months began to pass by, the weather only got colder and harsher. As temperature began to drop, snow began to fall. Everywhere around the world was going through this change no matter how hot the region was. People began a mass panic and a series of protests broke out. For months the government was silent on the situation as if they were puzzled as well.

Years have passed by and every inch of the planet was frozen over with ice and snow. You know how the story goes. People have banded together to create small survival groups and try their best to get through with their lives.

February 3rd, 2033
As if the cold wasn't enough, a 'plague' as the survivors would call it blanketed most of the first generation survival groups. No one knew how it started. The survivors kept coming up with conspiracies such it was airborne or it was the main reason the climate change happened in the first place.

A year before the world got colder, there was an outbreak of CWD, Chronic Wasting Disease, which was thought of to only affect animals such as deer, moose, and elk. People were warned not to eat infected meat or drink out of ponds, rivers or lakes in fear there might be a very slim but possible chance it may spread to humans. The host of the disease might not even show signs until later years. On top of that, it was said it said the host would rarely show aggression. CWD was nicknamed 'zombie deer disease' since the host shows signs of drooling, decaying, and stumbling as a zombie would look.

As years passed, the strain of CWD slowly morphed into something we call 'you're fucked' or DBD (Decaying Brain Disease). Since survivors mostly stuck to hunting deer and drank from ponds that infected deer usually drank out of, it was easy to spread.
As said above, CWD used to take years to show signs, but the stronger strain starts showing in under an hour. DBD now allows the undead to be alive, only way to kill someone effected with DBD is a gunshot or stab through the brain.
Do your best to survive and don't trust the water. DBD Is easily transmitted through saliva, intercourse and of course bites/scratches.
Wir schreiben nun das Jahr 2082, das Land ist verbrannt, und die Städte erodiert. 90% der Bevölkerung wurden ausgelöscht, oder sind in den sinnlosen Kriegen um letzte Reichtümer gestorben...
Doch es gibt noch Hoffnung, über die Jahre sind die Bäume nachgewachsen und haben die Luft wieder atembar gemacht, das Wasser ist wieder zurückgekehrt und hat die Meere wieder gefüllt. Jedoch ist vieles noch Radioaktiv verseucht. Und dort wo einst die stolzen Bauten der Menschheit standen, hat sich die Natur ihren Platz wieder zurückgenommen...
[150+ Members] This is a community made discord that allows you to meet users with similar interests, channels to post any creations you’ve made, posts about community build teams and servers, and more!
Come join a **true** Apocalyptic Prepping server. A rare version of its kind, we use a real-life media to discuss how we will survive maybe impending doomsday. We are not roleplayers. We are survivors.
In the real world, things seem so simple; people live out ordinary lives in an ordinary world or at least, that was what we thought. Then they came. At first, we didn't notice. But then, our hearts began to pound when we stepped outside. Wherever we looked, people would see their nightmares. They thought it was something in the water.
They were wrong. The deaths started to happen. People sprung into panic. Then, the world went silent. There is no escaping them. They will kill you.

Welcome to our world.

> Open roleplay with unique lore and interest in expanding it further.
> Constantly evolving plot and storyline.
> Music, voice chat, economy, and more.
As you and your fellow passengers are mid flight on a plane, out of no where the oxygen masks drop down as you hear 2 explosions, which came from the wings. Suddenly you feel as if your being pulled from behind, and your forced out of your seat into the air behind the plane, as the end of the plane has split off.
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Have you ever wanted to survive on a deserted island with no clue if you'll see another sunrise? Well, the Island of Piapruta RP is the closest you'll come to the primal feeling of terror as you hide from death itself.


The cruise was almost over. There were only 2 days left. Suddenly, the sky is shot through with orange, and something rumbles beneath you as the ship rocks on suddenly choppy waters. Screens around you die and phones shut off, never to turn on again. Lights flicker and die. The orange in the sky converges above you, turning into a massive fireball and dropping, plunging through the deck. The ship sways, and you are thrown against the wall. Stars dance in your vision. Then, darkness descends upon your eyes.

Will you fall? Or will you survive, and discover the secret of the island?
New York City was devastated after a nuclear attack in the late 2030's (Now 2050) and it's citizens had to regroup forming 3 major groups to survive. Supplies is scarce and there is only a very tentative alliance between the three to get what they need. Most people have chosen one of the three for safety and supplies. Monsters created from the nuclear radiation are scattered throughout the area and will attack anything that moves. On their own most aren't dangerous, but in herds they will often lead to a slow and painful death. The gangs are in radio communications with a few communities on the mainland and Staten Island. They are trying to find them in the hopes of rebuilding society.
The Forest Roleplay We're a community generalised in the San Andreas Multiplayer gaming genre, specifically roleplay. We're a heavy roleplay server, variating in many different aspects. The role of this gamemode is set in The Forest , to which; multiple users have mapped us custom content and we've added a new class genre of different features of plugins. I'm therefore glad to say that we're a dope community full of new lone survivors.
Tensions between America and North Korea continued to grow and eventually started the Nuclear war. The Military had made secret bunkers around America as a safety protocol. No one had much time to prepare for these attacks though, in three minutes millions of people were already dead. The bombs had left the world in chaos, there were significant decreases in temperature, the blast effected global rainfall and growing season of crops, crop growth failure, mutation in livestock, and radiation sickness. With the amount of radiation in the air, it is near impossible to go outside without being completely protected making sure you don't come in contact with the air. Will the residents of the Bunker be able to survive in these conditions?
Every traveller by sea dreads it; it's any navigator's worst nightmare. And it happened to you. A great storm, the likes of which you've never seen before ends your once calm voyage, and your ship is tossed over the sea for three long days. When it seems as if the storm would never subside, you wake up, your boat runs aground and most, if not all the crew dead or lost. But where are you? There's no telling where you are, and no way to return from where you came. The land ahead of you is unknown to you, perhaps filled with many dangers. Will you perish in helplessness, or will you rise to the challenge and conquer this mighty land?

Who are you?

You play as a person who had the misfortune of being stranded on this wild land. As you are faced with challenges, you have the liberty to overcome them in whichever way you believe your character can accomplish them. May the gods have mercy on you.
-Metro Last Dawn Main Lore-
Leopold V King Of BelgiumToday at 5:44 PM
The bombs have fallen and thus humanity have reduced to sunder, but few lucky ones which have survived have taken shelter down in the metro-stations which have been used as bomb-shelters, the goverment tried to restore order which failed greatly thusly making those survivors which are around form their own factions and own ideas which are centralised upon the old pre-war eras like communism and nazism which are now taking firm hold. For now the year 2040 is on as the above-surface world remain ever so dangerous but stalkers still venture forth, the factions such as the Red-Line and Fourth Reich plot against one another for war as The Order remains firm in it's neutral stance in protecting people in the metro, it is up to you metro-dweller to make you're mark upon metro-history..
Welcome if you're reading this message then you're interested in this rp which is fairly new.

This rp takes place in the winter setting of the uncharted part of North Dakota as settlers and colonists are arriving and there are major factions at this time period and is fighting over the land of this fair but harsh winter land. You can be whoever you wish to be within reason of course. The british has come as has many other major countries taking part in this struggle, while others decided to be independant and colonize the rough land trying to survive the winter to get to the summer time.

So who will you be! will you survive the winter!

-There is dice-rolling and a fairly new crafting system

-Active staff team

-A good community.
Welcome to DepthCraft!
This is a survival server, protect your land, build with friends and have fun!


* McMMo
* GriefPrevention
* Jobs
* KeepInventory off
* Grief allowed outside claims!


On DepthCraft, you can fight with your enemies in our pvp-arena, be part of our events, build and protect your bases!

* Find new friends
* Listen on music
* Play games
* Have fun
You have been working hard on the project that Boss gived you yesterday and you decided to finally have a break - Azia, good place where you can spend your vacation, right? Well, lets go! Oooops! Something went wrong, the plane its on fire and its about to crash! Where will it land, will you survive? Find out.

In this server we guarantee that you will find
- Lots of active members
- Helping and active staff
- Massive amound of roleplay, do whatver you can imaginage
- Character creation - create your own Character
- Every season its diffrent

What youre waiting for? Join now!
It was just a normal flight for the passengers of flight number 452, until their flight suddenly strayed too far north and into a large snowstorm, the instruments stopped working, and the engines failed, and the last thing anyone remembers is the plane slowly plummeting towards the ground

Can you survive the frigid cold of the tundra with noting more than what you find and your own resourcefulness?

Invite Link:
K33N Gaming Community's Rust server strives to bring fun and community together. Monthly wipes with great plugins.

K33N Gaming Community's Rust server strives to bring fun and community together. Having a monthly wipe schedule allows gamers to enjoy their experience without the need to start over as frequently while still giving the best experience possible with great plugins! Join Today! WIPE SCHEDULE: Monthly Wipes (First Thursday of each month). New Maps every time.
In the year 2100, Earth celebrated the turn of the century, and what many thought would be a lasting peace. Technology was advancing in leaps and bounds, and there were hopes that man might land on mars within a few decades. However, in 2128, that peace was shattered as a rogue state unleashed a hydrogen bomb over the meeting of the world leaders. With the heads of state gone, their subordinates reeled in the aftermath, and gave into their fears and demons, unleashing the apocalypse that so many had thought was avoided.

There were nearly three billion causalities by the end of the day, almost all civilians who had lived in the former population centers. The ancient capitals of London, Paris, and New York were decimated, leaving them empty and isolated, irradiated for years to come. Rural areas were more fortunate but were still ravaged by the inevitable fall of society to madness. For nearly five years, the survivors were embroiled in a global civil war, fighting to occupy land and resources. Within a decade a society similar to the feudal dark ages had emerged.

It is now the year 2148, and a valley in the Kingdom Of Blood has become home to three factions. What could be described as the kingdom of the Saviors, settling in Sanctum, the closest thing resembling a society in these dark times. The Ops cling to the edge of this uneasy kingdom, seeking to restore Civilization through technology and military force. Out in the dark lands, beyond the Sanctum, live the Raiders, blood-thirsty pirates who pillage the Sanctum and kill its inhabitants, and the Wanderers, the poor souls searching for a place in this forsaken world. They may be persuaded to join in with one of the Factions, if given proper motivation, of course, but their allegiances may be hollow, and easily deserted.
A discord server community for a awesome and fun Minecraft survival server! Join today to e part of the community! :)
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"I know, I'm not like the other servers"
I won't waste your time, long descriptions are stupid. Retro is a Minecraft server that has a friendly community and enjoyable game-play. Join for land claiming, simple factions, and staff members that don't act like they're better than you.
The Year is 3042, the world is collapsing... you must try your best to keep the world alive! Your mission: Keep the world populated. Fight hordes of monsters, and... Eat... cake... But anyways, the action intensities in this new roleplay, by the amazing Playz! You must create the most badass character (but not too op!) and work together to stop The Apocalypse!
In a world ravaged a mind controlling fungus, human kind is on its way out. But as is human nature, they won't go down without a fight. Bit by bit, their numbers have been dwindling as the years have gone by and now, thirty years later, little more than half a million survivors remain, a meer 0.0065% of what it used to be, things are looking bleak. Every day, more die, but there’s still hope. A certain group is still in the works of trying to find a cure and only time will tell if anything comes of it.

What remains offers plenty locations to visit within the rp ranging from decrepit cities, to lushious forest and lakes, and even a military base. With a handful in unique infected beings to fight, all presenting their own threats, the world is harsh, and it’s up to you to make the best of it.

What remains is a literate, survival roleplay, though Character development takes a front seat as we hope to create a universe with a wide range of stories and personalities in a world that wants to throw all that away. It’s said that the best of people is shown in the hardest of times. But who will you become?

The choice is yours in this dark and depressing land. We hope to see you soon!
**__Atomic Heart, Dead Shock__**
Based in a post apocalyptic Soviet Union, where a strain of virus was released in Western Russia. The virus slowly turns ordinary people into feral creatures, with the objection of attacking the survivors. Join factions to survive against the hordes, or take the chance of going by yourself. Beware of Bio-Chem's death squads. If they think you're infected, it will not be pretty. Also keep a look out for STALKER. He'll visit you soon enough.

>A Very nice and Active staff team working to make the server as fun for you as possible!
>A Faction System fitting multiple personalities but if you won’t like that create your own!
>Night Hunters - A dangerous group of zombies with very deadly mutations!
>An active community ready and willing to take you in with open arms!