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Have you ever wanted to survive on a deserted island with no clue if you'll see another sunrise? Well, the Island of Piapruta RP is the closest you'll come to the primal feeling of terror as you hide from death itself.
God's Blood: From the Ashes is a chiefly organized zombie apocalyptic roleplay server focused on the year 2030, in West Virginia. It has been 13 years since the Black Flu stormed the world and left only a million survivors in its wake.

Roleplayers are tasked with forging friendships or enemies as they tackle both the living and the dead, often running on hunger or resortment to sleeping under the first building they see. Outlive the apocalypse, or become part of what makes it the apocalypse.
server clan dalam mobile games last day on earth (ldoe)
pemain baru /semua orang mari lihat2 dan tanya2 buat info lebih lanjut :))
Welcome to Northway, Alaska!

In the small community of Northway, Alaska survival is hard enough; the frigid winters make weather a formidable enemy and food is not readily available at grocery store; however, things are about to get a lot harder. When residents begin getting murdered left and right, it becomes exceedingly apparent that a serial killer is in Northway’s midst. Will the citizens band together and stop the killer before the population goes from 20 to 0?
--------------------------Hell is Empty--------------------------

In the first days, humanity woke on an alien world, alone and afraid. Betrayals and slaughters were part and parcel of everyday life.

Until the tribes began. Now life is different. Survival is not the foreign god that we once worshipped. Now there's something more refined. Something more dangerous.

The extinction beast played havoc with human genes and her children went rogue. Now two other races, beyond humans, thrive in the strange new world.

When they meet, there is certain to be bloodshed.

Play as a human, fight for your right to survive, carve out your destiny upon this alien rock!
Play as a Hayquill, the four armed humanoids with infrared vision and prehensile tails!
Play as a Drokkan, a chameleon-esque reptiloid under the careful eye of your progenitor Dragon.
Play as a monster, hunt the invading humans and consume their flesh. Return your environment to it's previous glory.

As time goes on, the story will change, as will the environment. Kingdoms will rise and fall. Your characters of yesteryear will be inspiration and stories told to the next generation!
We are a non-consensual death server that is generational (you have kids, you play your kids, repeat) and scientifically plausible in nature. We don't have magic, but the longer things go on, the more mutations you're liable to wrack up, giving unique abilities and aesthetics!

Literate roleplayers only, Please!
Join Prey today.
It's the modern age of Millennials, and world seems to be as stable as it can get, small conflicts from to time but there isn't really any major wars breaking out. This opened up doors for many companies all across the globe, including a specific one known as TriPharma.

This Canada based company was dedicated to agriculture, conserving the plants and eco system, they had good intentions as most companies do. Their scientists searched for new ways to protect crops, one of the most notably was based off an parasitic fungus known as Cordyceps. The Cordyceps were altered so that the infection could protect the farmers crops from pests known as Locust, small wooden creatures and so on. This successfully worked as the plants started to produce spores to counter the problem, it was a ground-breaking accomplishment but was celebrated all too soon.

As the Cordyceps did successfully complete it's purpose, the parasitic fungal started to adapt and change on it's own, affecting humans and larger mammals in the process. The parasitic fungus was out of companies control, as last resort, they despatched teams with fire equipment to purge the fields but needless to say it was too late. The first team of scientists to experiment with the Cordyceps who were caught during the time reacted to the fungus and started to mutate earlier then most into terrifying creatures, driven by the parasitic fungus they tore through the dispatched teams and only increased the creatures in numbers.

The crops and wheat that was distributed during the time before the incident were sent all over the country, infecting thousands. August 22nd, 20XX. It is now a continental pandemic, as the spores in the grain spread out, infecting both pests and humans, the fungus spread rapidly like wild fire with no stop, it was free to spread as quickly and easily as possible.

September 10th, 20XX. Your story begins in the Local mall known very well as "Gateway North".
In a world ravaged a mind controlling fungus, human kind is on its way out. But as is human nature, they won't go down without a fight. Bit by bit, their numbers have been dwindling as the years have gone by and now, thirty years later, little more than half a million survivors remain, a meer 0.0065% of what it used to be, things are looking bleak. Every day, more die, but there’s still hope. A certain group is still in the works of trying to find a cure and only time will tell if anything comes of it.

What remains offers plenty locations to visit within the rp ranging from decrepit cities, to lushious forest and lakes, and even a military base. With a handful in unique infected beings to fight, all presenting their own threats, the world is harsh, and it’s up to you to make the best of it.

What remains is a literate, survival roleplay, though Character development takes a front seat as we hope to create a universe with a wide range of stories and personalities in a world that wants to throw all that away. It’s said that the best of people is shown in the hardest of times. But who will you become?

The choice is yours in this dark and depressing land. We hope to see you soon!
*New server*

Hello and welcome to Brink, this is a survival rp where you mysteriously wash ashore on an island. You only have one days worth of food,water and a pocket knife. You have no memory of who you were before you arrived on the island, you only have your tech wrist band that says your name...
In the year 2100, Earth celebrated the turn of the century, and what many thought would be a lasting peace. Technology was advancing in leaps and bounds, and there were hopes that man might land on mars within a few decades. However, in 2128, that peace was shattered as a rogue state unleashed a hydrogen bomb over the meeting of the world leaders. With the heads of state gone, their subordinates reeled in the aftermath, and gave into their fears and demons, unleashing the apocalypse that so many had thought was avoided.

There were nearly three billion causalities by the end of the day, almost all civilians who had lived in the former population centers. The ancient capitals of London, Paris, and New York were decimated, leaving them empty and isolated, irradiated for years to come. Rural areas were more fortunate but were still ravaged by the inevitable fall of society to madness. For nearly five years, the survivors were embroiled in a global civil war, fighting to occupy land and resources. Within a decade a society similar to the feudal dark ages had emerged.

It is now the year 2148, and a valley in the Kingdom Of Blood has become home to three factions. What could be described as the kingdom of the Saviors, settling in Sanctum, the closest thing resembling a society in these dark times. The Ops cling to the edge of this uneasy kingdom, seeking to restore Civilization through technology and military force. Out in the dark lands, beyond the Sanctum, live the Raiders, blood-thirsty pirates who pillage the Sanctum and kill its inhabitants, and the Wanderers, the poor souls searching for a place in this forsaken world. They may be persuaded to join in with one of the Factions, if given proper motivation, of course, but their allegiances may be hollow, and easily deserted.
Welcome if you're reading this message then you're interested in this rp which is fairly new.

This rp takes place in the winter setting of the uncharted part of North Dakota as settlers and colonists are arriving and there are major factions at this time period and is fighting over the land of this fair but harsh winter land. You can be whoever you wish to be within reason of course. The british has come as has many other major countries taking part in this struggle, while others decided to be independant and colonize the rough land trying to survive the winter to get to the summer time.

So who will you be! will you survive the winter!

-There is dice-rolling and a fairly new crafting system

-Active staff team

-A good community.
Based on the lost planet franchise, this role play mixes elements of survival and the future into the mix with a lore that consists of a long google docs that is detailed and explains the story of the setting.

The setting
It is the year 2159, and it has been 145 years since the British Private Special Forces corporation known as NEVEC first touched down on the hostile and unknown planet of EDN III. The First Colonies that came with NEVEC were abandoned, and eventually became what is known as ‘Snow Pirates’. In the hundred year span of fighting new factions and indigitous monsters known as ‘Akrid’ along with terraformation appeared on the planet after the death of the First Over G (Planet’s heart of Akrid & Thermal Energy Production). But with this everlasting calm war, came many new technological wonders powered by liquidated Thermal Energy. The Most Simplistic of them being the Harmonizer. The Harmonizer allows a human to take advantage of their own regenerative property by superhuman measures, though it can easily consume all of one’s thermal energy reserves quickly. Thermal Energy is an Akrid’s blood and also is used to power what is known as a VS (Vital Suit). The Vital Suit comes in many unique and effective Variables though there are some variables that are less effective in most situations. The planet is scoured in harsh, lethal environments with danger lurking around every corner. Civilization is scarce and the planet’s alienated inhabitants are ever so closer to extinction with each passing day. The actions made by themselves is what decides the judgement. These inhabitants are the humans that NEVEC brought to EDN III. EDN III’s civilization solely relies on survival and unification, however the unification is broken and violence is abroad. What will be your story? Albeit the oncoming doom, Making a living on the gigantic planet of EDN III is very challenging, and though the planet is plunged in war, mutual cooperation is vital and people in this world respond to Honor, Trust, Integrity, and reliability. Many would think “Why not just return to Earth?” Well, the Earth not only began to suffer shortage of natural resources, but also was collided into by the moon. This destroyed Earth and its moon, which is why no one lives there now.
-Faction fighting will exist, it is optional though to take part.
-The server is relatively new, so it will take time to gain popularity
-The server is still in the works so expect things to change
-Non-toxic environment
C'mon in and join today!
+Welcome to the directorate! It is a science fiction roleplay about the life under an oppressive regime, do you have what it takes?

+The Red Director Loves You.
A growing Minecraft server. Starting with Survival then evolving into more! Come join is on our adventure!
The New Ember is a server about the zombie apocolaypse, but not only is there zombies to be aware off..and not only there's others and bandits to worry from but also the radiation from the missiles that hit the how will you survive? that's your decision and your story to complete..join now to find out!
Join us inside the Apocalyptia! We need people who can really roleplay with us.. so, why wait?
OurTown the real Minecraft Survival and more! We would love to see you join us!
The year was 2458. The world had just fallen to ruin after a nuclear war rocked the planet. Billions of people died, all except for a small few who somehow managed to avoid the nuclear radiation. Fifty years after the last World War, survivors stepped out of their bunkers and makeshift facilities to finally take on the new world. These included people who would eventually create the world's superpowers. But what goes up, must come down, and as these factions got too big, they collapsed to instability. Some survived some fifty years later, and that is where this story takes place. You must survive, whether it's alone, with a group of friends, or by joining a faction or creating your own. The world is what you make of it, use it wisely.
Five years after the world ended, day zero as some call it, humanity is struggling to survive and rebuild after the zombies took over the world.

Join up, select jobs within the camp, go on hunts, raids and other events we will run. Discover new types of zombies, and try not to die in the process.
TinyFeet is a hamster roleplay server! If you like Warriors,Watership down, and wolves of the beyond, this is the place for you! Come join us in our fight for survival. Everything is our predator, yet everything is prey.
BumbleCraft is a fun minecraft survival which server makes minecraft fun again. We feature a amazing small supportive community full of players and staff where many friendships are made.

- Mature Staff
- Friendly Community
- Fun Experience
“OUTBREAK : The exodus parasite“
Is a Apocalypse style survival roleplay playing after a year in the City of New York, America, do you think you’ll survive the chaos that lurks in the ruins of US?

(We’re a brand new empty community looking for members)
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|| Spooncraft is a Community Survival server currently running 1.13, with extra features like Double XP days, Towny, Jobs, player shops, Griefprevention, custom data packs, Player Ranks, and more! Our goal is run a vanilla based server, packed with ADDED features that do not change Minecraft, but add more to it!
Seeking active community players, lets play Minecraft together!.
Survival mode

version 1.13

Double XP days!

Player to Player economy

Player towns and shops!

Protected claims

New resource packs!

Awesome discord features

Server is open, join today!
Discord server for the Minecraft server SnowySkyblock! Join for giveaways and events!