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Für die Privaten Server die alsbald von Bethesda Released werden suchen wir mitspieler die an einem Projekt Interessiert sind und direkt zum Start einen Server suchen. Wir freuen uns auf euch
Welcome to Zed !~
This server is an Apocalypse RP server. You'll have the choice to be a survivor, a raider or even anything if you ask an admin ! Have fun~
Trainer-Based | 16+

The Old World Is Gone.

Earth has nothing left for the humans and Pokemon that once lived there. Arceus has gifted the survivors a new life. That is why they've come to Mi-aro. But this new world is not everything it seems...
The Pokemon of this planet are hostile, many have several subspecies with different colorations and even different abilities. Not only that, but there are also quite a few that exist here that we've never seen before. The world is untamed and dangerous. If we are to survive here we must band together and colonize the planet.

Semi-realistic Pokemon Survival Rp where you can -

| Explore new land | Found your own settlements |
| Research undiscovered Pokemon |
| Create Inventions | Own a shop | Take over the world |
~The Possibilities Are Endless~

Welcome... To the New World!

****(Before you ask, NO, we do not have Pokecord****
BumbleCraft is a fun minecraft survival which server makes minecraft fun again. We feature a amazing small supportive community full of players and staff where many friendships are made.

- Mature Staff
- Friendly Community
- Fun Experience
The Ark (also known as "Ark Station" or the "United Ark Federation") is an orbiting space station that served as the home of the Arkers. The Arkers are descendants of those who escaped the Nuclear Apocalypse on Earth 97 years before the present.

When the Nuclear Apocalypse occurred on May 10, 2052, there were 13 space stations orbiting Earth. The space station inhabitants assumed Earth was uninhabitable and that they were the only survivors. To pool resources and populations, the federation stations decided to merge into a single space habitat, the Ark.

The Council decided to test the survivability of Earth, a hundred juvenile delinquents, known as the 100, were sent to the ground in a dropship.

Will the 100 survive? What will happen to the Ark? Only time will tell.
Hello, if you are looking for a apocalyptic rp based server you have came by a great server. We have friendly role players and a chill owner. We haven't got many members but we do have a fun role play server, why don't you join, maybe you'll like it, or maybe you wont. If you decide to join we hope you enjoy your stay.
So, it's basically 2033 now.
Want to know what happened before?

So, basically, some strange gravitional anomaly caused the asteroids from the asteroid belt to change their places.
Yep, you guessed.
They came to earth, making not much trouble.
But a big one decided to come there, how unfortunate.
The countries united to suck the earth off it's resources, and make a nuclear superweapon.. wait, wouldn't that cause a nuclear winter? Yep, but everyone decided it'd be better to have a nuclear winter than let the planet explode due to some asteroid crashing into it, and, yeah, the asteroid had some weird gravity-affecting material in it, rendering the whole continent of africa inhabitable due to strong gravity, when it was close.
So, the rocket was launched.
The earth has a ring now, and a nuclear winter started.
Governments stayed... for some time. The last one fell in the late 2029.
On top of that, the whole planet is filled with radiation and death, as well as creatures not able to wait to spill your organs on the ground, as well as a... new bacterium... don't worry, it is not the zombie virus... at all..
Anyway, we feature 90+ roleplay related channels for you to explore, and more to come, you can even suggesst channels for me to add, or more creatures, and.. some more?
There are secrets, for you to uncover, one small tip: look for the labolatory.
If you don't want to roleplay, we're cool with that. You can also play on the minecraft server we have. Yep.
I am online often, so you don't need to worry about having your questions unanswered, or your character not approved, have fun!
A brand new Minecraft server with the latest version 1.14.4, featuring skyblock, and survival the most popular game modes of all time :D.
Join and earn free voting ranks :D

Custom OP skyblock with lots of plugins
Survival is being worked on right now.
This is a discord server for a recently created minecraft server, we are low on mods so this could be a oppertunity for you to become one, i hope that you can join this server and have fun with your fellow comrades
Close knit minecraft server (java edition). Survival with claiming and creative plots. Server is up 24/7 and we have a lot of playful people. Stories, minigames, pvp, and more to come!

Come join the dream!
Danganronpa mournful gratitude is a professionally run Killing game RP. Running with an application system for participants with an open deadline until the 31st of August, Mournful Gratitude will pick the best roleplayers with the strongest applications and skills (shown in the side school mode) for the optimum killing game experience complete with animated body discoveries and verdicts.

this a mix of both canon and oc though oc preferred
On June 4th, 2019, all of the residents of Providence, age 21 or over disappeared. No trace was left behind. Anyone who tries to leave the town for help never comes back, or if they do, they come back deranged and mentally scarred. Now, it's up to all those left in Providence to band together, solve their crisis, and find their way back to what they once had.
We're looking for people interested in casual, alternate-reality style RP. People who join can make a character and participate in the events within the server, or simply watch as others RP. Once joined, you may also work your way up to an Admin role. Providence awaits you...
SaddleReborn is a MineCraft server, with a friendly community and friendly staff.
Active players, Fun, A lot to explore, in game rewards and much more!

Join today!
**ArticMc Network**

what do we have to offer?
we offer skyblock,survival,kitpvp and much more!!

join now at ARTIC.MC.GG V: 1.8.8-1.14.3 more information in the discord!
|| Hermits of Tomorrow Discord ||

Welcome, Minecrafter! This is a friendly Minecraft SMP server in the style of the popular Hermitcraft server - we're using the Hermitcraft S6 map for this season. On this server, you can find separate districts for distinct build styles including a shopping district, community events, as well as plans for public/community builds such as arenas. We try to keep the server vanilla, but we do have a few datapacks such as:
- One player sleep
- Timber
- Double shulker shell drops
for the sake of everyone's sanity. Feel free to post suggestions for the server or events at any time, and we'll consider them! Right now we need more active players to contribute to the community. You'll be asked to fill in a brief application, and after review (usually within a day), you'll be welcomed to the server!
Needless to say, our staff are very amiable players and will treat you with respect and integrity. We're currently at the start of a new season, so don't be hesitant to join - you'll catch up in no time! There aren't many rules, but we do expect you to be somewhat mature. Hope you'll join the fun!
The world has been turned into an endless wasteland, because of a mere war. It used to be normal, well as normal as it was to them. Until the wars started, all thanks to those powers of hell that emerged from who knows where. It's been 10 years since America has fallen. The land of freedom and liberty is gone. What remains is blood, death, and our will to survive. It's every man for themselves. Where you either kill or get killed.
Welcome, to Fallen America, ladies and gentlemen - the land of Chaos.
Come on along and rp as a badass OC, where you can either fight or flight in intense gang raids, mafia wars, and street fights that pop up between groups. You can either go SOLO or join a Group! Enjoy your stay in Fallen America.
We are a new minecraft server running -
Factions ~ 1.8
Survival ~ 1.14
We hope you join CarrotCraft!
After Civilization is a discord RP community focused around a world that has fallen into collapse after a mysterious apocalypse has annihilated most of the worlds major governments. We feature frequent events, as well as a very active staff team (Which we are always looking for new members of!)

The world of Ofos is one with technology comparable to ours, and magic to boot, the world requires strong, and smart individuals to lead the hapless masses.
NightRealm is a Minecraft server that has been seeking
to make Minecraft more fun. We are a friendly community that
has been alive since September 23rd, 2015. We feature many
entertaining and fun things on our server. The Minecraft
server IP Address is and it supports Minecraft
versions 1.7.x-1.14.x.
The zombie apocalypse has begun. make a character and join the survival journey or hunt survivors and try to eat them. the choice is yours. we have rules but are lenient to some degree. it's listed as a rebooted server because im rebooting my dying zombie rp server. details await in the server itself

This room is a new room for all walks of life. A survival roleplay geared toward zombies and the undead, it is small but hopefully will grow with your help. Explore the various available locations. Loot for gear and edibles. And make friends that you can survive with if you like and shoot in the foot to distract the zombie horde if you don't like them.

Come survive with us...or become zombie number 3,482...which ever tickles your fancy.
A dystopian style roleplay set in Rosamel City, located in the country Tharia. Try to survive the Zombie Apocalypse if you think you can.
Looking for a Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay server? This server its specially for you, beacuse this small developming server got these wonderful things!

- Make your own Character
- Roleplay as a Zombie
- Many skills to Master
- Many Locations
- Factions
- Friendly and Helping staff