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are you looking for a good anarchy server, where you can do almost everything? then join this server! no rules, no "goverment". DO WHATEVER YOU WANT!
Motto: When Autism Falls, We Rise.

If you have ever been in one of those indoor child play areas with roughly fifty kids running around like Auschwitz after its liberation then imagine that but with hentai, shitty jokes, un-amusing people and shitty depressing life stories. We are the 3rd Street Spergs and much like the child's play area if you show your dick, you will get Banned.

What does the server have to offer?

Everyone loves watching a car crash in slow motion, imagine that but as a server and you've got a pretty fucking good idea of what to expect, from trap porn to politics, we're shameless. that being said there are only two rules, post things in the right channel and follow discord TOS, either than that knock yourself the fuck out buckaroo.

P.S Furfags can yiff in hell, fursecution is the only solution.
Hello and welcome to the new and improved Church of Pinkfongism. We are a Multifandom Neo-Scientologist Discord group who specializes in Furry, Otaku and Gamer culture. Come on in to express yourself, no matter who you are. At least try to follow Discord's TOS and get along with many pals who like big cowboy butt.
Started a new server for the outsiders of discord, the "edgy" "loner" "emo" people that just wanna chat or talk about problems, there are other servers like this but some are so toxic, so im gonna try my best along with staff to keep the toxicity out.
No rules frens is a community for no holds barred conversation not centered around anything specific. We are mostly music lovers though - so a lot of that goes down!
Here we give everyone an admin role and let them have some fun. There are a few limitations, so no worries about complete destruction of the server. Generally people use this for memes, but you can add anything you want!
Hey there! This is furfag central, a furry server which supports free speech and is filled to the brim with memes!

We have a selection of various channels, from general talk, meme-dumps, roleplay, and even NSFW! (You'll have to solve an equation for it though.)

We also have something that could prove useful to those who want to look at Patreon-locked art! It's in one of the NSFW channels if you want to take a peek.

When you join, we'll have to approve you. Approval takes quite a few minutes, but don't worry about the wait. We will be sure to approve you in less than a day.

Welcome to absolute anarchy this is the most anarchy, anarchy can get. You cant get absolute anarchy like the absolute anarchy you can get in Absolute Anarchy. Did I mention we have anarchy?
Fuck you and have a good time :)
Oh and, everyone gets instant admin perms
Literally do whatever you want. No rules, all perms (No kick or ban)
You can spam and do whatever you want say whatever and I also give out custom roles. So we need to make the most toxic server ever
You can do whatever you want on this server besides banning and kicking people. It has screen sharing in voice channels too.
This is pure anarchy, you can do whatever
Purge Anarchy is a Semi-Vanilla Anarchy server. Anarchy basically means that there are no rules so Griefing, Stealing, Lying, Cheating, Betraying alliances are commonplace. If someone raids/griefs your base, deal with it and move on! Thats what anarchy is about so dont expect an admin to ban that player. Rules: There are none.

There are a few plugins which make some of the mobs tougher to kill than before Zombies in full diamond gear, Overpowered Iron golems. The tick rate is also much faster 1500 so crops, trees will grow faster and lava/water will flow incredibly fast so watch out when using lava or youll kill yourself. This server also has unlimited sethomes for your use.

The difficulty is set to hard to make things fun! Hard difficulty is the best difficulty. If you dont like the server description then feel free to make suggestions for improvements.

We look forward to raiding you, see you there!
Do literally anything you want. No rules at all. Everyone gets Admin powers as soon as you join. Have fun
Have self-hatred?
Come here to vent and rant and say fuck you to other people
This is the place when you can say anything with no one else saying its wrong.
Think of this as a mosh pit for online chat
No Rules
Hey comrades, have you ever felt like you have been shut down for being who you are on someone's server, when all you were trying to do was have a little fun? Have you ever wanted a place where you can be who you are without consequences, and do whatever you please, while also making friends? Where you have a say in how the server functions, looks and feels? WELL MY FRIEND, think and say no more, just click!

Server Link:

Our server has multiple goodies to be had,
- A rudimentary form of government where you too can become the grand ruler of the server and force the people to do whatever you want.
- People dedicated to the growth of the server
- People willing to take in new members and treat them with respect
- Multiple bots, of which you can add your own, we don't really mind
-The ability to add pretty much anything else you want to the server, whether it be more rooms with certain permissions, emoticons and other random stuff you can do on a server
An religious anarchy raiding server, where you retards raid furries, girl gamers, bronies and literally everyone else that isn't a gamer, it's okay to bully them in the DMs btw, we have no rules also, so have fun, tard
A server for mutualists to have their ideology understanded better and for non mutualists to understand us better