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Here at Folves' Elysium we aim to create a friendly server, where you can post memes, art, or more! We're a relatively small (for now) furry server aiming high. We're fairly active and always working on improving!

✨ Custom emotes!
♯ Channels for RP, art, memes, etc.!
🎵 Voice chats for your needs!
🔊 We stand for free speech, so come share your thoughts freely!
⚙ Bots like Sheri, Tatsumaki and more!
🏅 Self - assignable roles!
❤ And most importantly, a lot of friendly people!

Please do come help our community grow!
Welcome to the Fuckhut. We don't allow Weebs, Furries, or Bronies. Atleast not the shitty Kinds. We just have fun and fuck around. You're free to talk about what you want and do what you want. Just don't be an asshole or a fucking faggot. We have an NSFW Channel, but aside from that, we're pretty much clean besides well, casual racism and memes.
(FRENCH / +18) Tout nouveau serveur sans censure, mais avec maturité, et sans aucune limite. Second degré, humour noir voire très noir. Vérification manuelle et protection avancée des membres. On purge les membres inactifs qui ne servent qu'à faire joli dans la colonne de droite.
Rejoins-nous :
(18+ ONLY / NO LEWDS) A brand new server, without censorship, underage kids, & drama queens. Join us if you're tired of political correctness, fragile snowflakes & fakes.
We check newcomers and request manual approval for each of them to gain access to the server. Our members' tranquility, safety and peace of mind go first.
Thematic channels for you to choose from and only see what you're interested in. No porn allowed.
We're looking for staff members.
Created Febr. 11th 2019.
Darkies and Downsyndromes 2.0 is a discord game that is loosely based off of dungeons and dragons and is run mostly by the community that plays it. feel free to make suggestions to add new content.
main campaign: story driven mode with players fighting enemies in an area controlled by the host.
side campaign: anyone can host these but they need to follow the same rules as the main campaign
bar fights: feel free to go on an all out rampage fighting whoever is willing.
Deutscher Server der FREIE MEINUNG groß schreibt!
ALLE sind hier herzlichst Willkommen!
The spider den is a general chillout and lounge server, with a lot to offer, including:

- A custom bot (with awesome audio!)
- Lax rules and moderators
- Places to advertise and share your stuff
- Various topical channels
- Giveaways and events
- A ton of NSFW channels, including a channel with no rules

Come join today! Can't wait to see you!
Are you tired of excessive political correctness? Frustrated with whiny furries that get offended over everything? Fed up with corruption and hypocrisy in the furry fandom? This is the place for you!
Founded by free-speech advocates, FFU (or Furfag University) is dedicated to creating a loose and welcoming environment for furries young and old. We have special channels to search for artists, makers, and content creators, and more, as well as channels for multiple NSFW subjects. Our creator spotlight aims to promote obscure artists weekly and our uncut "edgelord haven" channel lets those with darker and raunchy humor express themselves. We even have a channel for giveaways!
We're a new server, so we're fairly small at the moment. We hope to expand as we head into the 2019 year! Thank you for considering us as a new furry hangout!
Buckle up faggot, it's going to be one hell of a rollercoaster between memes, porn and questioning whether traps are gay or not.
Also remember to hide your shekels, or else the merchant will find them.
The Reject Club
- No banning/kicking allowed
- Free speech encouraged
- Political parties
- Government rolls
- Economy / Salaries
- Government elections
- Small server, big history
- Active owner
- Revolutions
- Take over the government
- Write your own rules
- Make your own political party
- Your requests will be granted 90% of the time.
- Politics
- Debates
- Jobs
- Bots
- President/Leader Elections
- Advertising
- Unlimited amount of tier 5 Reddit memes.
Complete free speech here, no one can be banned on this channel. And I mean it.
Egg server is a discord server owned by the almighty Egg. In this server you are able to converse in any topic you'd like, without censorship or restraint (unless it is anime. if so, you shall be kicked). The aim of this server is to gather the greatest, free-thinking people and create an army of intelligent users that will destroy any source of evil such as: Anime, people who ban you for saying nigga etc. Please note, if you say oof you will be warned. This may seem hypocritical as "free speech" is in the tags, however, this is a server of smart people and smart people to not say that word. Please join to find out more about living the way of an individual that is sound of mind.
We hope you have a good time in our server.
A server based off of memes and enforces Free Speech policy, and includes trials for members faced with Disciplinary Action. Complete with a Code of Ethics for Mods
The discussion of Politics, Metaphysics, Ethics, and many more. The debate never dies, free speech 100%. We accept partners. We are an interactive server, that appreciates is members and supporters. The exchange of beliefs, to create a disagreement or agreement is what we are all about.
Not too serious, a place for dank memes, and laughs all around. New topics will be taken into consideration.
Welcome to Free Talk! This is a server for political, religious, and earth shape debates! We have lax rules but require everyone to be civil and debate respectfully.

Join if you're looking for a friendly conversation or debate 😃
Hello, this is just a server about free speech or somethin. Anyways just chill and hang out I guess.
Just join if you love talking about politics and if you are against genderfluid, SJWs, Antifa, radical liberals, and all that cringe worthy conformist bullshit. It's time to make some real friends who are actually intelligent and tolerant.

Also if you love games and anime.
Sunny Academy is one of the prestigious academy in the world. There are many ways on how you join this academy. Not just by academics, but by money, athletic, political influence and anything. Sunny Academy is built on the most isolated island in the world. That's Diego Garcia. It have it's own city and weird system.
Friendly Community with a large emphasis on free speech.
feel free to use any word :D welcome and have fun! unlock colors for reaching certain levels and so forth! join now
UwU is a server that centers around free speech and everyone's invited!
It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from you deserve to have a place free of censorship!
We have channels for Games,Music,Cryptocurrency and more!
Whether you're looking for a place to coordinate your next OW team, want to talk about the latest price of Monero or just looking to hang out and talk UwU is right for you!

We hope our small size doesn't scare you off, give us a chance you might like what you see!
Its not only for fre speech but it only has a lil' bit of rules not to much and not too needy