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If you're like most people who look for political Discord servers, you're probably disinterested in the party politics of your own country and burnt-out on discussions of the same topics over and over. Why does it seem like mainstream political discussion is so narrow when the available topics to choose from are virtually limitless? Why shouldn't you get to pick the topic every once and a while? Well, you can do just that on Political Nexus!

Political Nexus is a political discussion and debate server where users align themselves according to the Nolan political compass and discuss their ideas with one another.

Members may submit topics for daily discussion and vote for topics that they like! The staff has no say in what topics get chosen, as it is a fully automated feature.

Users of various political persuasions abound here. While insulting speech is never a bannable offense, it's not often that members stray far from civility.

From Marxists to Neoreactionaries to Anarchists to Monarchists, you're bound to find your place here in our wide political spectrum and you're guaranteed to learn something new!

• Daily discussions are suggested and led by community vote
• Casual channels for those more interested in shitposting.
• A non-toxic approach to debate is rewarded
• Custom bot developed by staff to handle many specialized features
• Fun server-wide events
• Active and friendly staff
• Painless automated verification process
Here at Folves's Asylum we aim to create a friendly community, where you can post memes, post art, or more! We're a small (for now) furry server aiming high.

-We have several emotes, with more coming soon!
-Channels for RP, art, memes, etc.
-We stand for free speech, so come share your thoughts freely!

Please do come help our community grow!
Welcome to Free Talk! This is a server for political, religious, and earth shape debates! We have lax rules but require everyone to be civil and debate respectfully.

Join if you're looking for a friendly conversation or debate 😃
(FRENCH / +18) Tout nouveau serveur sans censure, mais avec maturité, et sans aucune limite. Second degré, humour noir voire très noir. Vérification manuelle et protection avancée des membres. On liquide les membres inactifs qui ne servent qu'à faire joli dans la colonne de droite.
Rejoins-nous :
Hello, this is just a server about free speech or somethin. Anyways just chill and hang out I guess.
This server is mainly focused on osu!, idk what to put here im not 12 btw
Just join if you love talking about politics and if you are against genderfluid, SJWs, Antifa, radical liberals, and all that cringe worthy conformist bullshit. It's time to make some real friends who are actually intelligent and tolerant.

Also if you love games and anime.
A hentai slash porn server with lot's of categorys.
And general chat has no nsfw rules.
Sunny Academy is one of the prestigious academy in the world. There are many ways on how you join this academy. Not just by academics, but by money, athletic, political influence and anything. Sunny Academy is built on the most isolated island in the world. That's Diego Garcia. It have it's own city and weird system.
Friendly Community with a large emphasis on free speech.
feel free to use any word :D welcome and have fun! unlock colors for reaching certain levels and so forth! join now
UwU is a server that centers around free speech and everyone's invited!
It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from you deserve to have a place free of censorship!
We have channels for Games,Music,Cryptocurrency and more!
Whether you're looking for a place to coordinate your next OW team, want to talk about the latest price of Monero or just looking to hang out and talk UwU is right for you!

We hope our small size doesn't scare you off, give us a chance you might like what you see!