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Haven Politics is a server for political discussion & debates
People of all ideologies, opinions, and viewpoint's are more than welcome!
Want a nice community? Chat with people worldwide?
Maybe just enjoy some memes and chat, well we have it all here! Welcome to Refix's memes ran by a Youtuber that is pretty known for his community posts!
We do something called "PFP Of The Week" basically we let people decide what's gonna be the pfp of the server, we do it every Thursday!
We'ew a simple but nice server, we hope you join and have a great time.
Active and link is working again.

Mythology, AnarchoIndividualism, Anarchoprimitivism, Conspiracy, Health, Free-Speech. Not another left-leaning 'anarcho-communist' server.

Reasonable, but strongly anti-authoritarian moderation.
The only free speech server on discord, we wont ban you for stupid things like everyone else does.

Seeking Warrior Christians to spread light in the darkness.
Users must be 18+
Great server for 18+ people with spines to mingle in a lax modded environment where freedom of speech is main priority and we do our best to limit your rights as less as possible.
Compendium is a free speech discord dedicated to the discussion of the occult, paranormal, psychonautics, religion, and any other topics related to those listed here. We have minimal rules, weekly demon summonings in vc, movie night, free tarot readings, natal readings, a PDF archive, and more.
We're a server that supports freedom of speech and conservatism, we also support Donald Trump. This server allows for "bigotry" and "hate speech" because it is free speech.

Allies and Enemies:
Welcome to the Heaven of Degeneracy!

In our server, you have free speech and very little rules!

You can post your Memes, cursed stuff, and shitpost all you want!
Free speech
NSFW channels
Fun games & more!
We're also open for partnerings

Join now!
Are you a lonely guy, who looks for a community where he will be loved? A gay person who wants a community where he will be accepted but also can joke and meme about others? A dude e-girl who wants to meet other e-girls? An artist who wants to share his artworks and talk about his technique? A memer who wants to meme about everything? Elon Musk who looks for cool servers trought his secret discord account? An alien who ran from area 51 and looks for safespace?

Doesn’t matter who, or what you are, you can stop looking now, because our server is exactly all you need!


We are not just another one community server. We are one big family and everyone who joins us will be threatened like our family member. No matter who or what you are, You will be accepted, respected and loved and feel like in home, sweet home.

We offer you:
- lovely, supportive family
- quite active Voice Chat
- great members with lots of different hobbies
- lots of channels where you can post your content
- events with valuable rewards
- freedom of speech, you won’t get banned for negative opinion nor disrespected for being yourself
- a lot of different activities
- sorted hentai section and nsfw channels

What are you waiting for? Join us and help our family grow!

If you liked our server (or not, we are gonna deal with it), review it on!
Welcome to FreeThinkers.
Our main priority in this group is to unfold a friendly community in which members speak freely.
We're open-minded and take in anybody; regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, etc.
While we all have distinct views on different topics, we always find a common ground,
so don't be afraid to share your point of view.


If you're feeling down, or stressed, then come and vent here.
We're normally active throughout the day.
The server looks forward to meeting new people, and getting to know and understand each other.

We're free from NSFW content,
We strive to upgrade our server to provide a better experience for everybody.

-Music Channels

We take into consideration, and implement suggestions made by the community.
You can also apply to be a moderator in our group!
Welcome to the Soviet Yunyun (We arent actual communists)
We Have:
Ironic Memes
Booster Perks
Active Staff
Low Moderation
And Lots Of Fun Bots To Use And Enjoy
Disclaimer: This server is not your usual NRP server, this server uses it's own form of war, RP and economy. If you join, please use these systems.

You may be wondering.. "What is this now?" Well, I'll tell you. It's a rare breed of server that combines full free speech, fully custom nation RP, and custom nations all in one. It's DUN! A server where you can make a nation of any variety, species, or ideology. Be a tyrannical nation and rule with an iron fist, be a democratic nation and spread freedom across the world, or be a fascist nation and rule it! We also have a new universe every two months, so you can make a new nation and maybe have a chance at becoming a super power. We never start on the same year, usually never modern.
Make new friends, meet new people, and most importantly, have fun in DUN. Staff is always open. Come on down and become a nation. But don't be inactive, you will get kicked!
"The most important thing, in this life, is to be redpilled, and to own the shit out of libtards"
- Robert E. Lee

Worst right-wing server on discord, fucking shit I give it a 10/10, kill me now
A friendly political discord server that dosen't discriminate against beliefs or values held by any individual.


Whats the point of propaganda? is it brainwashing? or is it proof that its not working?
No. its division
Everyone is welcome including 8chan refugees :)) diversity is our strength :^ ))
We are a debate server centered around the Pro vs Anti LGBT discussion. If you wish to discuss your points, join today!

Please note: We require verification. So any spammers will only be spamming in the verify channel.
Welcome to a server with only two rules, Tos and no spam.
We accept all types of people (no furries or pedos :))
We are a 17+ server.
We have a wide variety of kings and fandomsand we allow free speech so you don't have to worry about admin not liking what you said and banning you for no apparent reason I am not childish and if you have any worries go to the suggestions channel are to the chat Channel I hope that see you there 😊
Welcome to REQUIM! We are a chat server that supports free speech. You can talk about anything, and you have multiple channels to talk in. Hope you join and have fun!
Welcome to my Mafia! We're still growing, and finally looking for members elsewhere from TF2. Fun fact, the server started as a Team Fortress 2 server between 4 idiots. We're accepting of anyone as long as they can take a joke.

What we got to offer:
Freedom of speech to an extent (unless Discord ToS disagrees)
Fun time Gamer Time - Whether it be Scribble, or TF2, we like games!
Multiple Music bots, channels, and fun memes!
Special perks for TF2 fans and Filthy Furries (Totally not because I'm a scalie)!
Cursed images, yiff, but keep in mind, these aren't for the faint at heart.

I do hope you give my server a chance, despite it being slow

-Thalassius, The Boss
─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───
Just hit 5k members!

✯ |・゚self-roles
✯ | nsfw channels
✯ |・゚ partnerships
✯ | active vc
✯ |・゚Looking for staff!

─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───
there are only 3 rules, other than that you can do whatever you want no matter how offensive or disgusting. We do contests to see how offensive or rude people can get every week! Feel free to join too.