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Active and link is working again.

Mythology, AnarchoIndividualism, Anarchoprimitivism, Conspiracy, Health, Free-Speech. Not another left-leaning 'anarcho-communist' server.

Reasonable, but strongly anti-authoritarian moderation.
a new SFW server that was made to be cozy and fun when every other server is trying to be big. the goal is just to have active homies.
A place to discus politics, aimed primarily at technoliberals, and other branches of transhumanism, though of course all ideologies are welcome (though don't expect all to be equally received)
We are a gaming/anime/meme community with most people from the EU. Feel free to join no matter where you are from. NO SNOWFLAKES

(the dating tag is a joke)

p.s. People will actually talk to you rather than ignoring you like on most servers
Community server based around a forum. is a free speech platform that is also dedicated to spreading knowledge. offers

-cybersecurity/OSINT knowledge (and general computer sciences)
-Free Speech (everyone from every corner of the political spectrum welcome.)
-NSFW very large NSFW corner with girls in the server contributing.
-Website updates.
-Looking for partners

And so much more. Come check us out!
For lovers of pans (and anyone really) come check us out, we got cookies :3
Only illegal stuff isn't allowed and also being a mega dick.
We got bots, music channel and shit in case ur interested in that.
Working on self roles and more stuff and we'd appreciate suggestions :3
Looking for players to play D&D, experienced or new, some of us are new ourselves
A hub of multiple different RPG games focused more on role-playing.
Games are ran based off of text posts, no prior experience needed.
No voice chat is required.

Current games include:
>D&D 5th edition
>D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder
>Call Of Cthulhu
>Ars Magica
Potential games include:
>World of Darkness

We will be doing more games in the future and are taking suggestions. There are no restrictions on speech in this server so if certain words offend you, be warned.
Here at Just Politics, we blend free speech and moderation to provide a civil and enjoyable debating environment for anyone interested in topical issues. We encourage both formal and informal discussion on a wide range of topics, and host several dedicated channels for larger subject areas.

We run a weekly debate based on a community-suggested theme, and our self-assignable roles allow you to align yourself within in our community easily.
Focusing on contemporary politics, Six Arrows features discussion about global politics from members all across the globe hoping to provide and receive discussion that dives deeper into the subject material. We follow global politics on the daily with active vc. We support political pluralism to achieve the best results we can and under Kemalist leadership free speech is guaranteed. If you want to learn about Kemalism, we're also the right place to do just that. Join us, there is much to do!
We are a Political Server. We speak about Politics, Economics, Religion, History and Current Events in the World. We Welcome every Ideology no matter if it’s Radical. We have Limited Rules, No Censorship and Complete freedom of speech. We have Fun Stuff too.


Whats the point of propaganda? is it brainwashing? or is it proof that its not working?
No. its division
Everyone is welcome including 8chan refugees :)) diversity is our strength :^ ))
Love anime and love communism?
Well come to our gulag. We have levels, a nsfw channel, events and partnerships.
This server is MKDM themed as well.
A wonderful Minecraft experience, we are trying to grow our community both on Discord and on the Minecraft server. We also have a Mumble at as well as a website. IP:
We are a political server dedicated to eliminating centrists while creating an active community at the same time. Political extremists of all kinds are welcome into our community and will not be harassed based upon their views. We actively debate political opinions in text and voice channels, but we spend a decent amount of time hanging out and making friends.
The mod team is very lax, but they will step in if there is a legitimate issue.
Our daily messages average around 3,000 and our average collective time spent in voice chat is around 5,000 minutes per day.

Server events include:
-movie night
-book club
-Tetris championships
-Minecraft events
-rewards for activity
Outer Heaven is a historic Shitposting server that was a home of /pol/ operations against HWNDU, we had multiple e-celebrities and articles written about us. Now server is a shitposting server with lightly moderated rules and focus on free speech.
Join our server and recall. You won't regret it.😉


| • 100% Free Speech Protection!
| • Earnable admin rights by ranking up.
| • Low channel count - Easy to use.
| • Active Chat & Friendly Sever Support.
| • Daily voice chats.
| • Games and Interactions with open minded members.
| • Role elections to earn the highest role.

| • Join Today and Start Your journey!
| • No cost or requirements!

link | •
Kingdom 💯 is a Multi-purpose Community Hangout Server. We center around a community that is spread out from anime to mapping to politics, while making everyone connected to have a great time. If you are seeking for a server where you can speak your mind or opinions freely, this is the perfect server for you. Active interacting and fun mods, and here's a few important things that hopefully make this server a bit special:

🔷 20 Color Roles.

🔷 Few restrictions, with extremely laid back mods.

🔷 Advocation of Free Speech.

🔷 Custom categories and more.

But you can see all this yourself, so why not check it out?
This is a free speech politics server to which all people are welcome assuming they comply with the bare minimum of TOS.
Folves' Elysium is a place for furs and non furs alike to hang out and engage in discussion without being banned for disagreeing or having an unpopular opinion! We have a lot of emotes, bots, channels and we host events! Please do come by to check out our community!
**VILE** is a Free Speech haven, where you can express yourself without the fear of being banned from the server for your belief, we allow all beliefs, even if we personally disagree, we hope you enjoy our server. And the freedom we allow unlike Twitter, or other Political Discord’s.

We have strict legal rules of course, but anything you believe will not get you banned, we allow everyone.


Because if one can not argue, and defend their ideals, then the ideals are useless, debate is a healthy way to change people occasionally or to change your mind. Freedom Of Speech and Freedom Of Expression is for everyone not just for the people we agree with.

Long Answer: I believe a more individualistic style of political servers could help stop the grouped mentality people have when they have political roles, it’s just personal preference.
Short Answer: I’m a lazy cunt


Well it’s a Free Speech Social Media Site, it’s great. It’s a site where you don’t have to fear because you said “Males aren’t female” that you will be banned, shadowbanned, or suspended. What you say doesn’t matter unless you incite violence, threaten violence, or post anything illegal. I love the site.

Poor/Pathetic Parents Collective is a platform that helps promote underground/indie artists with the help of other underground artists. You can use this server as a resource to communicate with other artists and get help with music tips.

We have a weekly showcase that the server votes on, the winners get prizes for being showcased along with the promotion of being one of the top 3 artists of the week.
Welcome to That Well. A very small server that is not active, so I'm looking to change that! Here in the server, it's free speech with some twist. All swear words are allowed, just no toxicity, pedophilia, stuff like that! We welcome all types of people.