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Now with level 1 boost perks!

For lovers of pans (and anyone really) come check us out, we got cookies :3

Everything is allowed except illegal stuff and being an awful human being, if you're easily offended and hate being challenged maybe this place isn't for you

We got bots, music channel and emojis in case you're interested in that
Want a nice community? Chat with people worldwide?
Maybe just enjoy some memes and chat, well we have it all here! Welcome to Refix's memes ran by a Youtuber that is pretty known for his community posts!
Events & More!
We do something called "PFP Of The Week" basically we let people decide what's gonna be the pfp of the server, we do it every Thursday!
We a simple but nice server, we hope you join and have a great time.
Great server for 18+ people with spines to mingle in a lax modded environment where freedom of speech is main priority and we do our best to limit your rights as less as possible.
Love anime and love communism?
Well come to our gulag. We have levels, a nsfw channel, events and partnerships.
This server is MKDM themed as well.
✧A place to chat and chill, and post weird stuff. It's a friendly community of non-toxic individuals.
✧Freedom of speech is a great part of this server, and is rule #1.
---Talk about anything you want.
---Care about anything you want.

✧Recently got self-roles.

✧Strong bonded community.

Cursed Images------
Political Discussion-
Lots O'Bots-----------
*Kawaii Bot
*IDLE Miner
*Many More

✧Available for partnerships.
Get kicked to the alley by the mainstream partnered server for some BS involving free speech? So did we! We are a bit more relaxed in this server, however we still do have rules. BUT. We are American, you have the right to speak your mind here as long as it doesn't cross any boundaries of law. Get kicked for talking heated politics? We have a section for that as long as it doesn't get too out of hand. We're here to mostly provide options to GTA players looking for something to do, you could literally get banned for that in the partnered server. We're not here to role flex, or lord over folks. We will maintain order when necessary, and provide posted rules, but this server will be a little more adult focused. If you're here to find folks just as depressed as you, and give updates about your cat, PLEASE STAY IN THE OFFICIAL SERVER.


Whats the point of propaganda? is it brainwashing? or is it proof that its not working?
No. its division
Everyone is welcome including 8chan refugees :)) diversity is our strength :^ ))
Focusing on contemporary politics, Six Arrows features discussion about global politics from members all across the globe hoping to provide and receive discussion that dives deeper into the subject material. We follow global politics on the daily with active vc. We support political pluralism to achieve the best results we can and under Kemalist leadership free speech is guaranteed. If you want to learn about Kemalism, we're also the right place to do just that. Join us, there is much to do!
Do you want to talk about Animal Crossing WITHOUT aggressive moderators breathing down your neck and scrutinizing all of your posts? Are you tired of hearing "THAT DOESN'T BELONG IN THIS CHANNEL!" when you're just trying to have a normal conversation? This is the server for you!
Add "Marco69#3019" for an invite if the one here is not working.
we are new and trying to get off our feet. the server is still a work in progress and take kindly to suggestions. we have like 3 members so sorry if we are not active. we do not take kindly to lurkers, one post a day will suffice. if you dont like whats being posted, the leave button is a thing. looking for night time staff and active members
Welcome to FreeThinkers.
Our main priority in this group is to unfold a friendly community in which members speak freely.
We're open-minded and take in anybody; regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, etc.
While we all have distinct views on different topics, we always find a common ground,
so don't be afraid to share your point of view.


If you're feeling down, or stressed, then come and vent here.
We're currently a small community, but are typically active throughout the day.
The server looks forward to meeting new people, and getting to know and understand each other.

We're free from NSFW content,
We strive to upgrade our server to provide a better experience for everybody.

-Music Channels

We take into consideration, and implement suggestions made by the community.
You can also apply to be a moderator in our group!
Active and link is working again.

Mythology, AnarchoIndividualism, Anarchoprimitivism, Conspiracy, Health, Free-Speech. Not another left-leaning 'anarcho-communist' server.

Reasonable, but strongly anti-authoritarian moderation.
Welcome! Sinners, Angels and Perverted Degenerates. The Hazbin Fancord is a friendly, diverse community focused around Vivziepop's two shows; Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss. We permit criticism and allow for free speech. All fans welcome! Stay tuned!
chill community focusing on weeb shit like anime and manga, gaming and general chatting. we value freedom of expression before anything else which is why there are no restrictions on language, jokes or bantering. we have a decently sized nsfw section for normie aswell as weeb shit.
We are a tightly knit group of discord socialites with a variety of interests and personalities who have come to be friends and are looking for new people to socialize with. We recently made this server public so come on over to hang out and enjoy:
- Friends to talk and play games with
- Wide variety of conversations with the freedom to speak your mind
- Our minecraft server
-Much more!
See you there!
Feeling out of place politically? not sure where you fit religiously? Wanna chat with a mixed gendered group of center left atheists? Displatheists, a come one come all free speech server centered around atheist and political debate and discussion. Please see our rules and don't be afraid to say hello! We are a new server and it may be quiet, join us in becoming the next big thing!
We are a gaming/anime/meme community with most people from the EU. Feel free to join no matter where you are from. NO SNOWFLAKES

(the dating tag is a joke)

p.s. People will actually talk to you rather than ignoring you like on most servers
Community server based around a forum. is a free speech platform that is also dedicated to spreading knowledge. offers

-cybersecurity/OSINT knowledge (and general computer sciences)
-Free Speech (everyone from every corner of the political spectrum welcome.)
-NSFW very large NSFW corner with girls in the server contributing.
-Website updates.
-Looking for partners

And so much more. Come check us out!
Welcome to Politico!

At Politico we know how important politics are to you! There's something for everyone!

Are you Pro-Life? There's a role for that!

Anti-Gun? There's a role for you!

Think ICE should be abolished? There's a role for you!

Come join a server that's fair, courteous, and is always working to make sure you enjoy your stay!

Current Roles available are: Republican, Democrat, Nationalist, Traditionalist and so many more!

Don't miss out on these great features:

*Political VCs
*Rooms for important topics such as Abortion & Gun Control
*Party Specific rooms

So, come on down and join the best Discord server for politics!
join you coon. we have:
-social hierarchy
-we hate em so much man
-trihard visits
-edgy shit
-trihard OG's
-!songrequest bots
-no rules

join or a trihard will eat all your chicken