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Hey you fucking retard, how about instead of drooling over your keyboard and devouring crayons you join our discord server. It will make your pp 3 inches wider.
Really no limits here. We're always on vc so be prepared for that. Active for the most part since we are growing. We meme around, so dont get offended
Growing community with memes, random shit, offensive language and much more. Join us!
This community is for memers and D&D enthusiasts, so if you get offended easily, you either leave or I make you leave. Follow the guidelines of Discord and our rules and you’ll be ok. We will have art contests, d&d games, the whole shazam. Don’t be too edgy and be kind to others.
We are a server of trolls and memers who are looking to have fun and a good time without mean and strict staff. Our goal is for our members to feel welcomed and appreciated and have a fun time! SO Hop on in and enjoy the cancer! And Have A FUN Time And Spread The Word!
Anything goes, you can say whatever. Anything.
You can be racist, homophobic-whatever, do what you like, send what you want.
One rule: invite your friends to spread the word of black Buddha.
Hello, welcome to our cult. We are a multifandom Hell server, and we have a moderate amount of members. This is a place mostly for offensive memes, so if you join, it's at your own risk. Please read the rules when you join, thank you!
General Gaming Server, with over 100+ members. Different Server Themes, current theme DRUGS. ALL Offensive jokes welcome. Come hang out!

I consent
I consent

The CC is a server for all Capitalists, regardless of social views. Absolutely everyone is welcome.

There is barely any rules to this server, you can feel free to be as offensive as you want, and say whatever you want.
We are a idiotic community growing every day.
looking for other retards and "exotic" people,
We can be offensive at times so don't join if you're a pussy.

Offensive. Gore. troll. this is what our server is about, no PC culture allowed. we follow no rules join us and have fun having complete freedom
卐We worship our holy god hitler, he has gave us hope and love, you should join to expand the server and help hitler.卐
To the 【2nd Reich 】
We're a small, friendly community that wants to grow
If you think that you're a big boy and that you can handle the great Reich, then come in and try yourself out
What can we offer? Well...

Very Epic Level roles that you may obtain by chatting and socializing with people

Very Friendly people and staff

Fun Roles related to the Great 2nd Reich

A lot of fun bots that'll make your time here a lil better

(Sometimes) Debates about History and Politics

Very Epic Emojis

Now, a little disclaimer
2nd. The server may sometimes be offensive so, don't join if you're easily offended

Other than that, come and join us in here
Looking for people who play a wide variety of games or who are just cool in general. Trying to build up an awesome group of people and expand. Working on my YouTube so any other content creators are very welcome! Musicians also welcome to join and jam.
Welcome to the Infuriated chatroom!
This is simply a general chat to make friends with.
The chat is laidback, all kinds of humour is tolerated. Be yourself.
There's also an nsfw channel
Attas Attic was started by 3 loosers who had nothing better to do. They wanted to create a place of comfort for others loosers. so they made Attas Attic, a place for comfort for all the loosers out there. We are judgemental free zone where we dont care where your from, background or age.
-God won't find you here-

We offer a variety of crap to do!
-Evolve yourself with our levelling system.
-A crap ton of memes. Like, lots of memes
-NSFW channels
And much more!

We offer partnerships! Message a staff member for more info.

- This server contains highly offensive language! Server is for teens (16+)
A mostly Australian shitposting server full of humble people who like video games and memes, you can share ANYTHING you want. Everyone is accepted and welcomed and can post whatever they want. :)
The Cult welcomes all who are in seek of the truth. Come and join us in the path of righteousness.
Buckle up faggot, it's going to be one hell of a rollercoaster between memes, porn and questioning whether traps are gay or not.
Also remember to hide your shekels, or else the merchant will find them.
Community of people who want to hang out play games or just talk. No matter what you're into you should feel like you belong.
Join this server when your bored so you can meet people online