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edgy and borderline offensive server created to make new friends and to create a fun community !! everyone is welcome, but please don't be sensitive; this server is not for the easily offended. we also having a currency system that’s linked to a couple other servers so that’s cool {looking for new regulars}
Holy fuck gamer
You've stumbled upon Autism Headquarters!
Yes, it's me Chris Hansen, why don't you take a seat, and let me explain to you how this shithole works
Basically speaking this server is for every single virgin out there, who loves a good amount of rascism, gore and other shit
What's so different about this one?
Well, uh... We have uh... We can say the nword ok that's epic enough to convince you to join.
On a more serious note, this is what our server can offer:
- Memes, yeah man epic gamer memes, we love 'em and you love 'em
- Cursed Images, No denying that cursed shit is the best am i right or am i right my dudes
- Epic Staff Now, the thing about our staff, is that it acts like it doesn't have any admin role, and will only ban you if you spam some hardcore stuff ij the wrong channel
- Cool Members, I can easily say our members are very epic and you'll surely enjoy being around them
- Gore, Uhm... Idk man just enjoy it i guess
- NSFW, Everyone loves it
And many more...
Now, a quick disclaimer. This server is really fucking rascist and politically incorrect, so get an appointment to a doctor before joining, for your own good. Other than that, enjoy being in this god forbidden server.
A meme server where you can post whatever you like. Just no gore or any illegal stuff.
Join this server when your bored so you can meet people online
Welcome to Alien vs Predator roleplay! We are a growing community that is looking for people that are willing to roleplay
The best way to describe this server is "a server made by a person that usually gets kicked off public servers" so you know what youre getting into.
memes mostly, join if you want to suffer
nah but seriously
we have, artists, memes, more memes, gaming chat, vent chat when youre feelin sad, some bots and cool people
join for the memes at least smh

(also, you dont have to make edgy and offensive jokes every five seconds, just dont get offended)
(oh also breaking the rules doesnt make you funny, it just makes you look fucking stupid, trying way too hard to be cool)
-Apocalyptic Friday
Welcome to Hell's Hell. Its Hell but worse but we do have a lighter side tho. We are looking for new members.
General Gaming Server, with over 100+ members. Different Server Themes, current theme ANIMALS. ALL Offensive jokes welcome. Come hang out!
JewMonkeys is a discord server built off of one meme page
Intsgram- nutpod
Brawlhalla and Terraria server but we play other games and are offensive pieces of shit
This is a server where you won't get banned by making offensive jokes, memes, or anything. everyone is chill, everyone is welcome. :)
Alright fags it's time
We make plans here to be the biggest trolls in the world
Heil Hitler, heil trump, just dont be a pussy
We dont care who you are just troll and be altright
This is hell where all the horrible offensive people go to have fun and party its offensive but a good community

I consent
I consent

Are you looking for a free or a paid cheat? Well we Wyvern Cheats have got your back we have just launched and to celebrate that we are giving away premium to 2 users for 10 days free! (once we reach 25-30 members) we will also be doing many other giveaways so please check us out.
A Newly Opened Server!
All the characters in the original series are just legends,its unknown if they even existed or not,many think they did,many think they did no,nothing is clear so far...uchiha,uzumaki and senju members are still very rare,all of the villages do not trust eachother and most of the shinobi from diffrent villages will attack on sight,there are many rogues so be careful!
Come join us!We are a few Naruto roleplay server looking for members,hope you join us!
We are strict about our rules, but please do respect them.
If not:
You'll be warned
Then kicked
Then Ban
And finally your actions to not abide by the rules will lead to a Perma Death.
We're a group of idiot's. The age range is weird and ranges from 11-20+. Yes we have 11 year olds and 20+ year olds. We may not have any rules but please be respectful of others. We've known each other for a long time. We'd love to have you join our family
helo welcome to epic server
some things you should know
1: we are pretty offensive, but we look out for our fellas
2: epic self-roles
3: there is verification, but thats to be safe, mostly fancy though.
4: no bubble blowing babies
so join before i eat your bagel
Hiya, Welcome to the Dating Circle
This server has all imaginable
~NSFW channels
~meme channels

This is a place to mess around and take nothing serious . So join if you would like