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🐌Papa’s Pornhub🐌

Want to chat, play games, meet new people?
🐌Well you’ve picked the right server!🐌

🐌what we offer🐌

🐌 selfies
🐌music bot
🐌staff applications
🐌simple rules!
🐌epic gamer times
🐌music discussions
🐌bruh moment

🐌so what are you waiting for? join this lmao🐌
┊❥・゚Welcome to Strawberry Milk

╔══════════ ∘◦ ♡ ◦∘ ═══════════╗

Hello! Our server is a level 2 boost!!
We have 120+ emotes and an amazing community!
We have many perks and features! ♡

♡┊Welcoming and Friendly community and Non Toxic Staff
♡┊Platonic friend seeking chat
♡┊ Freedom of Speech
♡┊ A lot of Self Assignable Roles (personality & more)
♡┊ Community Activity Nights
♡┊ Vents and Advice
♡┊ And so much more!

╚══════════ ∘◦ ♡ ◦∘ ═══════════╝

❁ Owner: @/crumb's bi pride gf#6969 & @/shantes bi pride slut™#0904
Do you love dark humor? Do you love saying the n word? Tired of sensitive fucks? Are you a virgin? How did i know you ask? Just shut the fuck up and join the damn server. We got all the shit you need. 🍻🥂
PFN BBQ is a place to interact with english speaking gamers worldwide. All types of gamers welcome- PC, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft... we have sections for every type of device. We also have sections for memes, venting, and a nsfw area for those 18+. There is no age limit on who can join. Come make some friends and share content~ We host free online Cards Against Humanity games frequently and you can play on any device with a browser. We are a new server!
We have all love Ricardo Milos memes, this is a Ricardo themed meme server that has a great community of hardcore memesters ( no normies pls)
Our staff is fair , our emotes are mostly all Ricardo, so if you want to just banter off and have fun join us.
Hi, from the owner. Welcome to The Cotton Field. I named it that because it is an inside joke between some of my friends in the server.
- Venting channels: (ask for the venting role in the verification chat).
- Dark channels, offensive humor, NSFW, etc: (ask for the dark side role in the verification chat).
- A fairly chill yet opinionated community.
- Music bots, and bots in general.
- Easy to follow rules.
- Pets/animals, food, memes, self-promotion, gaming, etc channels.
- An art category.
We are somewhat active, and if you report any problems. Feel free to ping any moderator, administrator, or the owner (me)
We also hope that you have a great time on the server!
Backup invite:
We are a server that allows offensive stuff and nsfw. but in general we are nice i guess i mean that is if you are.
In the League of Toxicity, banter won't get you chat banned for 100 games and we won't tell Riot about your flaming habits. Offensive and edgy memes/language are completely allowed to so don't be afraid to unleash your inner edgelord.

We don't care about your rank or how long you've been playing, if you're a toxic game-throwing bastard then you're one of us! So if you want a community where people can insult each other without the fun police stopping you, then join the League of Toxicity!
Skidaddles bar and eatery
•offensive memes
•Rp channels
•easy partnering
•nsfw bots
•dank memer
•tons of emojis
•reasonable rules
Currently need partner managers and mods
share your most epic memes. don’t join if u get offended easily lol. there are pretty much no rules
Were not so nice people and i drink to much alcohol. Oh yeah and theres porn. and memes..just memes. porn and alcohol. Like a classic teenage house party arranged by a single dad for his 15 year old son.
┍————- /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\ ————┑
Hewwo ! We are Cafe de Love,, 14+ server ! If you would like a laid back community that uses the occasional
offensive slur or humor, then come right on in !

what we have to offer you ~

๑ active chat
๑ cute aesthetic
๑ lively memebers
๑ complimentary cat emojis
๑ memes (duh)
๑ social media plugs
๑ dating
┕————(..)(..) ∫∫————-┙
Looking for awesome people to join in and talk with us! We play pretty much any games as well. Trying to build up an awesome group of people and expand. Freedom of speech is #1 :)
Our server is kinda fucked. Humor very offensive (all jokes fly). We post really fucked images and have a bot that constantly post cursed images and memes. We have our own Minecraft realm open for anyone who joins. Basically just don't be 12 or gay and your cool here. Also Females very welcome ;)
A General gaming and chill place to talk! come hangout! Over 100+ Members!
-gaming daily
-Community Events
-Different voted themes every other month
- chill admins
Come hang out!
where kurdt nobrain fans gather to repeatedly yell the n word and 12 year olds roam freely, join you cumslut.
Wanna join a discord server about a pedophile? Have you been asking yourself for this exact server ever since you first downloaded the discord application? Who am I kidding of course you have, well it's finally here.
Welcome to Awooo’s Christian Minecraft Server!

Here we have a lot of bots to play with, a Mudea, and lots more!

Also saying the n-word or any other offensive word won’t get you don’t worry!

*We also have NSFW Channels.*

Also weebs are here too 😔😢

Speaking of which, we have roles! Roles you can ask for! can have as many roles as you want to boost your ego! Ha!


Have fun asshole :>