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This is a new server where people who just need to chill out from the harsh hours of the day or night can gather. Grab a Coffee, a piece of Cake and chat! We feature lots of cool bots and rooms like the NSFW CHAMBER, Roleplay World, Mafia, Pokemon and RPG bots! 18+

Come join in and introduce yourself! we'd love to serve you. :)
5 hours ago
A new and lovely chill place for both furries and nonfurs to hang out, meet new people, chat and have fun! Join for a friendly place for anyone to chat about anime, games, roleplay and art!
7 hours ago
Community 117
General chat room server that is mostly lgbt+ members but we are open to everyone.
13 hours ago
Not the British Empire is a guild heavily infulenced by the wonderfull works of Queen Victoria and her British Empire. We have heathy doses of, Democracy, Colonialism and of course tea. With that odd bit of politics and Power Struggle thrown in. We wish you a merry stay in our humble abode, oh and isn't the weather horrible?
1 days ago
The greatest server for sharing, making, making new friends, or simply listening to music. A new server, meaning there are many high ranks to give out.
2 days ago
Welcome to SingularityZ™ Fleet, a fun spacefleet-themed Discord community server for all to enjoy.
5 days ago
Other 16
this is a meme server and chat server .looking for staf
6 days ago
Looking for friends? or just meeting new random people? Here's a chill, friendly community server that covers any topic.
8 days ago
Community 71
Hi, Emperor Mays here to sponsor the Oxian Empire! You may ask, what is the Oxian Empire? Well, it's a server where you can get along with anyone you want. We are a community. You can
do anything to talk about supernatural, memes, listen to music, and talk about your problems! I try very hard to make this server work, so please, give it a try! If you first enter the server, you must read the rules and talk in the Imperial-role-confirmation channel, afterwhich an admin will give you the Imperial Loyalist rank, you're all set after that!

You will also be able to advertise your own server if you get permission from me or an admin! These requests get accepted most of the time.
13 days ago
Community 28
welcome to this wonderful server! all are welcome and we look forward to talking to you
talk about whatever you like
we also have a bunch of bots and are open for new admins
51 days ago
All Games 11
Gaming/Meme Server
Languages: English, Greek
Join this server if you want to have a good time and find some people to play games with.
72 days ago
Other 2
Are you tired of no memes? You are in a right place! Join our server for our meme
84 days ago
Community 8
Just an OOC discord for our roleplayers to our chatzy. We talk about anime, life stuff, really anything so feel free to join.
110 days ago
All Games 12
Welcome to the LC, our Loving, Limitless, any words that start with L, Community.

This channel originally started with GTA IV videos, which slowly turned into Arma 3, which slowly turned into Unturned and now we are here with a bunch of different content! If you're new to the channel I welcome you, and I hope you enjoy your stay. If you're revisiting, thank you, thank you very much. I try to make at least a few videos a week and so far that has been working.
115 days ago
We're just a stupid group of friends who like memes and weird humour, we're a mixture of British and American, ages 15-20 but we accept anyone and everything.
116 days ago
FPS Games 16
At The Meme Stash, we have the most quality memes. They are so quality, social norms/normies will not understand them at all!
117 days ago