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Come visit Bikini Bottom! The largest and most active Spongebob server! Come jellyfish, chat, and hang out with our awesome community!
We are brand new server with a very friendly community, looking to bring together a wonderful little close-knit community! Our server includes the following:

⭐ Your standard community channels, including a general chat, memes, anime, bot commands channel, self-assign roles, etc.

⭐ We're home to a strong smash community! Includes a 'Smash Ping' so Smash players can easily gather for games.

⭐A self promotion channel where users can promote their own content with limited advertising (only limited by a 5 minute cool-down).

⭐ Lack of frivolous @everyone or @here pings. We do NOT ping. Also includes an anti-raid bot to protect the server from raids.

Come join our community, whatever your purpose may be!
Hello to everyone!

This server is a laid back social gathering of somewhat like-minded people.

There's a range of different types of people in here, so you're bound to find someone you'll get along with.

If you have any questions or concerns please dm @pearlyq4#5660

Welcome to The Weeb Safe Haven! A safe haven for all closet weebs! Post images, memes, and chat with others!
This server was created purely for fun. Make sure to follow the rules, you can always dm me if you want to know something or just wanna talk! 」( ̄▽ ̄」)
Vapor Chill is a server for those that love to browse the internet and love things such as; music, gaming, anime, politics, internet forums, memes, and much much more. We have recently re-made the server and are looking for fun and energetic users! Join us in the simulation.
Hello and Welcome to ・°・。『 The Hub tbh™ 』!

Whether you're a Dank Memer or an Anime Weeb, everyone is welcome to our server!

・°・。◕・°・。◕『What Do We Have To Offer? 』◕。・°・◕。・°・

➤ ━・。A Wholesome Community!♡
➤ ━・。A Guaranteed Welcoming!♡
➤ ━・。An Active Chat!♡
➤ ━・。Tons of Lovely People To Chat With!♡
➤ ━・。A Chill Staff Team!♡
➤ ━・。Tons of Fun Bots to Use!♡
➤ ━・。Manga/Anime Enthusiasts!♡

Want to share art you’ve created/found? Want to discuss your thoughts about anime? Hey you’ve gotten this far reading my nonsense consider joining!
A fun and chill server started by a couple of friends. If you enjoy vidya james, animo, chillaxin, or somewhat offensive memes then stick around. We would love to have you.
The Lounge is a Hotel based server made simply for building a calm and chill community that socializes, games & has great humor.
We are a small but slowly growing server, with cute emotes, friendly community, memes and banter. (:
Welcome to the gang. We're just a chill server, which has memes, gaming and music. We might have some shit drama but nothing we can't fix. We hope you enjoy Ruly Jesus Gang!
The best discord community server(*)!

Want to join a community server with nice people, friendly staff and m e m e s? Join us!

What we offer: Cool people Fun bots Music Friendly members and staff Everyone is welcome!

*=ᵐᵃʸ ⁿᵒᵗ ᵇᵉ ᵗʰᵉ ᵇᵉˢᵗ Join now!:
Welcome! We are the rats. We prey at night, we stalk at night, we're the rats. Anyway, we have active voice channels, game nights (mostly cards against humanity and, and movie nights. Our other server was deleted (Shaylee’s Slut Cafe), so we are trying to make this one even more active, fun, and even bigger than before. Come join us, you won’t regret it (:
[ NEW: We support self promotion! ]

-𓁹 Welcome traveler. Take a seat, and I'll explain. 𓁹-
⟪In our robot world, our Haven of red, purple and blue is where we stay.⟫
In all seriousness though, we're a friendly, drama free, community with alot of inside jokes. Most of us just chill and shitpost. We gather in vc on the weekend to have drawing challenges, Image based discord games, and other goofy shit. We also have our own god, yeah.
This isn't that much of a serious chat, if you're a 24/7 edgelord, please don't join. We don't like constant negetive vibes.
+We have many channels. Memes, Minechat, Selfpromo, Art whatever.
+ Multiple roles including over 30 color roles, hobby roles, online Intro/extro vert, emotion roles and more.
+Inside jokes. Might be confusing at first.
+NSFW allowed

⸙One more rule, have fun, ok?⸙
new server, trying to expand. tf you waiting for? join already and become a member of our fustercluck and make some new friends :)
a relatively new server for people up to socialise! channels for bots, venting, spam, memes, and more. dating and porn is allowed :))
come join our small but warm community!
Hellbent Art Tips Discord Server is the official Discord of @hellbent.arttips on Instagram, an account dedicated to sharing tips and drawing references for artists to use.

✦ Tons of channels to share your artwork and receive critique!
✦ A supportive, fun-loving community.
✦ Channels dedicated to special interests including LGBT, anime, video games, and more!
✦ Friendly, active staff.

Come on over and hang out with us, artists and art lovers alike!
Looking for a NSFW Server? Well look no further because its simply NSFW. This is a place where you can come to meet cool new people. We are looking forward to seeing you join!!!
Welcome to The Basement!

Here in the basement, our goal is to create an active and friendly atmosphere for EVERYONE to enjoy.
• With our experienced and fair staff, the purpose of this server is to chat about anything and enjoy yourselves
• What we have to offer:
- active egirls and selfie channels
- Monthly Nitro Giveaways
- active vcs
- custom roles
- Friendly Community
- Hobby and game channels
- & more!