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The greatest server for sharing, making, making new friends, or simply listening to music. A new server, meaning there are many high ranks to give out.
27 minutes ago
A place to talk about anime and video games, as well as whatever your dear heart pleases. We also play video games together fairly regularly, often PUBG at the moment but we're open to ideas. If you want to be a part of a tight-knit community, come join us. Accepting slut/dame applications
1 hours ago
Community 48
General chat room server that is mostly lgbt+ members but we are open to everyone.
2 hours ago
We are a social OCEANIC server who love good banter. We have a main focus around Gaming, and also have Memes and NSFW to offer. So do come and introduce yourself, and we'll play some games together!
7 hours ago
Other 20
This a place where lost souls are found.
11 hours ago
Hiya, welcome to my special hell!
We have:
Custom Emojis
A variety of bots
Memes galore
And free WiFi.
So, come on and join!
14 hours ago
We're a Aesthetic Discord server with great people and friendly staff! We're looking for members to share their Aesthetics with us, come join us!
15 hours ago
RPG Games 15
Yo welcome to the SADBYS corner this is a rp/meme/gaming server I put in a lot of work for this so I would really appreciate it if you would join :)
17 hours ago
Other 32
Join us in our clan of the KKK(Kewl Kids Klub)
19 hours ago
SingularityZ Fleet is a space fleet theme server for everyone and anyone. We host events, have different channel for different topics and we even have other communities inside the server with us!
1 days ago
Just a nice place to hang out and chill, come out and enjoy yourself, game, discuss random topics, send memes, here you can do it all.
1 days ago
All Games 31
a league community (but that doesn't mean that people who don't play league aren't welcome, feel more than free to join just to be social) for people to meet up and have fun.

Everyone is welcome, we're usually pretty chill when it comes to rules, but rule of thumb is don't be a %%%%, but we do try to have rules already written clearly so there won't be any confusion to what's allowed.

We meme around a fair bit, even have a channel for nsfw.

We are still in the early stages of building up the community.

Currently most of the members are from EUW, but every region is welcome.
1 days ago
All Games 22
Community/Gaming Discord | Active Staff | Bots w/Music, Games etc. | Top Memes
2 days ago
Just a server to come on and chat. There are also rooms for RP if you want to do that. There are also rooms for memes and art
2 days ago
FPS Games 11
At The Meme Stash, we have the most quality memes. They are so quality, social norms/normies will not understand them at all!
3 days ago
Community 29
A great meme discord that is steadily gaining members, and watching them never go on the server.
4 days ago
Community 8
No rules this is a free speech zone you can say what ever come on in and tell us your woes
6 days ago
We are a country devoted to free memes and free love for all Internet users and defense against abusive mods and admins. We enjoy online culture and discuss a little bit of everything. We have custom emojis and memes made for this server. We have quality Discord security for users and against abusers of power. The rules of this Discord are laid back yet thorough in calculating for what can happen. Our punishments are also laid back and thorough calculating how things should be handled. Our mods and admins are held to the highest ethical standards and made thoroughly aware of the dangers of corrupt mod/admin oligarchies on the majority of the Internet. If you join you will be welcomed as family. We will never betray you. My name is Epyc Wynn, Meme God, Internet Leader, Free Speech Lord, and this server is my family.
6 days ago
A romanian cancerous meme website only for romanians where we trash daily talks and find trollers for times.
14 days ago
Hey! Come check out the sickest new server for gaming, finding friends, chill, music, and many more on Discord! I hope you like to hear that please join than ^^ I would love to talk to you!!!
14 days ago
Community 3
Hello and welcome to hell a lovely meadow of flowers!

We are a dedicated meme server, with a few minor boundaries that help keep this place running.
14 days ago
Community 13
A small friendly server for everyone to join! (It's still new)
14 days ago
Community 12
We are a server that is just starting and hope to expand, We have DiscordRPG, Pokécord, Music bot, Image distortion bot, and some others. We do have Art / Gaming / Memes channels for your desires.
23 days ago
Probably the worst server you'll join. I made it cause I need friends. Help a brother out, feller. Anyways, join for fun or whatever, lul.
28 days ago