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Just for Fun
Bergabunglah dan Berpetualang bersama kami,
Server kami memiliki pembahasan seru yang tentunya menarik dan kamu juga bisa membahas hal seperti : anime, game, k-pop dll karena server kami adalah server yang free topic.
Server kami pun terlihat sangat simpel ditambah member yang asik bakalan menjamin keseruan dan kenyamanan kamu disini.

Join us :) and let's have fun together
Hentai Folder is vast community of Hentai enthusiast and people looking to meet others in a friendly accepting environment. We have an extensive leveling system, along with a stable economy which you can spend to buy roles, waifus, gifts, and other things from user auctions/trades.
In our public bathroom u can play blackjack, Pokémon, look at memes talk with tards and much more....join us to find out and help us make a better and stronger community
new server, trying to expand. tf you waiting for? join already and become a member of our fustercluck and make some new friends :)
New fun community that likes games, meme's and uhm, bee's... Don't ask, Just join, relax and sip some honey. We have custom emotes, rankup system, and a LOT of fun!
Here in the basement, our goal is to create an active and friendly atmosphere for EVERYONE to enjoy.
• With our experienced and fair staff, the purpose of this server is to chat about anything and enjoy yourselves
• What we have to offer:
- active egirls & selfie channels
- WEEKLY Nitro Giveaways
- active vcs
- Over 200 Unique Emojis
- Friendly Community
- Hobby and game channels
- & more!
The Lounge is a Hotel based server made simply for building a calm and chill community that socializes, games & has great humor.
Hey. Hey you! Yes you!
Come and join Webtoon Community Discord.
We have:
-Interactive Bots
-Friendly Community
-Channels for you express yourself in
- and much more!
So come join us and have a really fun time in the Webtoon Community Server!

>Active discord server with 4k+ members!
>Has Hot, slutty e-girls and traps
>Comfy server vibe
>Non abusive mods
>Partnership channel
>NSFW channels
>Welcoming and chill community
>Everybody's welcome
Come visit Bikini Bottom! The largest and most active Spongebob server! Come jellyfish, chat, and hang out with our awesome community!
Hello! Welcome to World of Thonk 2! This is the brother server to World of Thonk. This server introduces even more thonk emotes for you to use if you have discord nitro and want even more damn good thonks. We take suggestions/submissions to add onto our list and if you make your own custom thonk, we will gladly add it to our list for many people to use! Come check us out, and remember to keep on thonking!
Emergent is a cozy discord server made for the purpose of the community, allowing others to get together, listen to music, play with discord bots, show off what they've done in their favorite games or what they've drawn, written or taken photos of, or just chat with friends! It's a free, fun for all server just made for fun, for talking, chilling, whatever.
What we offer:
• A multitude of fun bots, such as music, meme, and activity!
• A kind and fairly active community.
• Channels to show off your art, photography, and music.
• Friendly staff members, and fair rules.
• Partnership and staff applications.
• Chat to level up, and gain roles with cool perks as you do so!
• Many fun and unique games to play with the community of Emergent.
So why not join us, what do you have to lose!? We're waiting for you!
retarded as all hell
populated by idiots, "redditors", jojo spammers and cringy normies

join or deathpacito from the 😂👌👌💯💯 squad
(meme server not a nsfw server)

➳ ♡ Tons Of New People To Socialize With!

➳ ♡ Active Chat and VCs

➳ ♡ Fun Bots

➳ ♡ Karaoke :microphone:

➳ ♡ Memes

& 𝐦𝐮𝐜𝐡 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞
Invite link:
this is a non strict shitposting server that allows free speech and pretty much anything that doesn't violate TOS. While this server is over a year old, it hasn't been made public until now (to explain why it may be dead) and it has memes, nsfw, places to talk gaming and anime, and so much more. Please join
Filled with Memes, Anime, Music, Epic Gamer's, ᵖᵒʳⁿ, Fancy Bots, ligma and much more! Join our community to meet new friends, hangout and/or epic game. Thinking of doing Giveaways soon! Come chill with us!
Just a chill, laid back server. We do nitro giveaways and we are able to partner with your server. We don’t have tight rules and no strict mods. You can do whatever the fu%* u want and no one gives a shit. Join the server for a chill place.
Looking for a NSFW Server? Well look no further because its simply NSFW. This is a place where you can come to meet cool new people. We are looking forward to seeing you join!!!