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„Zu hart für mich? Das is ja wohl lächerlich! Letzte Woche hab ich mir ’n Zeh angstoßen, als ich meinen Kräutergarten bewässert hab, und ich hab nur 20 Minuten lang geheult!“
It's pretty nice, I guess. We have a lot of bots, and a lot of channels. Overall it's cool, but honestly it's kinda a shithole.
A Hangout Server, I made just for the fun of it..It has simple rules that regulate the server as well as a positive community that will happily meme the shit out of your day, OWO, OWO, OWO, OWO, OWO, OWO, OWO, for anyone looking for a Furry Community....this isn't one, keep looking somewhere if you came for that sense, if you just came too hangout and become apart of the OwO community, then feel free to come over here and have some fun, we accept EVERYONE..>wO
Looking for friends? Maybe even more? Come and join High Castles and be a part of an active community dedicated in providing a wholesome experience.
The Land Of Few is a server created primarily for roleplay. It is based in the year 2045 on a planet named Izov where it is a planet that is entirely ocean. It has an atmosphere capable of inhabiting nearly any sort of life form. The only bit of land that exists is a massive island which resides on the back of a massive, ancient whale slowly floating and moving through the ocean. Creatures of all races live together in these lands, but at the sea beds, tribes of fish people live who can often be aggressive and tend to attack the mining submarines that are sent down in the search of materials. Who will you be? An average human who makes a living fishing? Or a anthropomorphic shark, attempting to earn peace between the races of the island and attempting to prevent violence? You decide who you are.
🦊 Furmeme! 🦊

Furmeme is a discord server for furries and meme lovers everywhere! Even if you're not a furry, you can still join for the memes. And if you're not a memer, you can join to be a furry!

We have:
😂 Memes
🗨 Active Community
🎨 Art
😘 Nsfw
🎵 Music
🤖 Custom Bots made by the owner
😝 Custom emojis
🤝 Affiliating/Partnering
🦊 Furries
🗒 Roleplays
🆙 Leveling system
🎉 Contests
💯 400+ members
👤 And tons of roles to customize yourself in!
After being banned from pretty much every chat room I have participated in I have been forced to react against PC culture. In this Discord channel offensive combative behaviour will not only be tolerated but rewarded.
Join this slavic server if you want to talk to other people about anything from gaming to memes to the collapse of the nazi party we don't care. You can also get roles such as bolshevic/comrade and so on. (this is just for fun you don't have to be a full on communist to join).
Welcome to the Pantheon of the most autismo deities to ever ravage the lands. We here are a close-knitted family with tendecies to come off as raw, honest, and unfiltered folk when we speak to one another. It can be like this for you as well should you decide to come on in through them doors.
╞═════A sliver of our content═════╡
[1.] Your average gamers with the matching voice.
[2.] Fictional religions and all that comes with this subject. (Minus the shaming.
[3.] The occassional movie night. We aren't nit-picky with the genres.
[4.] Rules that suits not just the administrators, but the entire community.
[5.] The themes are subject to frequent change.
[6.] People willing to talk in the Voice Channels.
[7.] The choice is yours when it comes to the roles.
[8.] Nothing here is severely regulated. Ex.: you can say whatever is on your mind, to a degree.
[9.] Weekly sessions of Roast Battles that are hosted by yours truly. The winners often recieve temporary roles that lasts a week.
Dokkan Akatsuki focuses on the gacha gaming community, but we’re so much more than that. We have a ~*weeby*~ section for anime fanatics, an NSFW section for the dirty, and a meme section for the dank daddies. We have the best staff with little to no moderation. We are currently looking for partnerships!
Welcome to Dating Universe!▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
This server is for them meme bois and traps ofc, but you can also join if u are looking for some pus pus or pp! JOIN US. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
Btw there is also a place for that spicy hentai
A fun server with lots of good people to hang out with
Attention all epic memers! Papi Chulo needs your help! He has made a server but no one will join it, to help him all he needs is your credit card number, and the three numbers on the back and the expiration month and date! Also you **MUST** join this server now!

~ Papi's Shack ~
This server contains:
~ Lots of epic emotes
~ Many epic memes
~ Epic bots
~ Friendly staff and members

Join today, pls
Want to Advertise your Discord server or Social media for free ?

We offer:
- 40+ categories to Advertise your servers and Social media
- Active server (600 new members monthly)
- Weekly Giveaways
- Different Partnerships depending on your server size
- A steady way to grow your membercount
Big Chungus is a discord server that i just started so that people can come together and share memes with eachother.
although my community is very small, I want to make it where people can just send whatever they want aslong as they follow the rules.
The community will decide how this discord will develope. If you're intrested join Big Chungus and share the best memes that you got in your pocket.
hey! this server was originally meant for my friends and i (because they're mostly all British and i am not [tiller]!), but i actually want some members and for this server to grow. i want this server to have a safe, fun and active community, as well as to fit to anyone's needs in a discord server. thanks, and i hope you check us out!
shit post af ......memez af....... we got Ricardo milos so basically im monky yee yeee yeee ya ya same same banana good description btw ay ay
NSFW/LGBT/Meme server, free speech too so it's a free for all you can say or post what you like. New server but growing fast.
* We have over 30 emotes for your dank needs.
* We're accepting partnerships! Check #partner-requirements
* We have a channel for counting! We aim for 100,000 one day. #counting
* You can speak in #main-chat as it's the general chat.
* We hope you have the time of your life in the dankest server of discord.
Salut à toi petit(e) passant(e) !
Tu traînes dans le coin à la recherche d'un discord n'est-ce pas ?
Eh bien ça tombe bien nous on est là !
On cherche des gens sympas et ouvert d'esprits
Les thèmes abordés sur ce discord sont larges , il y en a pour tous les goûts !
Alors n'attends plus et rejoins nous dans notre aventure !
-find yourself a hot egirl or eboy
-many hot thotties
-we eat ass
-we yeet even faster
-dont miss out:)
Friendly 18+ community with a few nsfw aspects, gaming, memes, events, monthly themes and more. Gaming tournament and photo contest this december! 3k+ members. 🎉🎉
a place for loner teen hangout, making friends, or finding your soulmate memes. 14-19 only.
'nitron' is a Discord server for use with people using Discord Nitro, with emotes from different varieties. Suggest and share emotes, and out of those we will handpick servers with emotes with notable features and put them in our list. We also have a couple mega emotes, a gnome and fat sal.

It is not necessary to be active, just join and leave it at the bottom of your server list.