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A server to talk about whatever you want with your friends, very laid back and welcoming group of people, only just started out.
Welcome to the sever where you must ask, Where's the funny??
-NSFW channel
-Active Moderators
-Owner is trying to be a Roblox youtuber what a loser B)
-Friendly community (lie)
Attention all epic memers! Papi Chulo needs your help! He has made a server but no one will join it, to help him all he needs is your credit card number, and the three numbers on the back and the expiration month and date! Also you **MUST** join this server now!

~ Papi's Shack ~
This server contains:
~ Lots of epic emotes
~ Many epic memes
~ Epic bots
~ Friendly staff and members

Join today, pls
hola bitch,,

this is a relatively new server that includes :
─ low moderation
─ self-roles (soon colors lol)
─ 1:1 female to male ratio
─ cyber ghetto aesthetics

if u a bad nigga AND u active then join
Welcome to Lewd Cafe!

- A small but growing server looking for teens and young adults. We're heavily NSFW focused so it's 16+.

- We don't have many rules, just enough to keep the server safe for members within it. Our staff is very respectful and will be happy to help you if it's needed.

- Emotes.
- Self roles.
- Memes.
- Lots of channels.
- Lots of fun bots.
- Plenty of NSFW content.
- Daily/Weekly events.
- A welcoming community.
- Lots of VC channels to talk in.
- And much more to come in the future!
˜”*°•.˜”*°• Welcome To Meemers •°*”˜.•°*”˜

We are a new server with slowly growing community of friends and all the members are dedicated to memes. Come join us and have fun with other meemers!
This server is a place where everyone is welcome. A place to hangout, chat, look at and post memes!

We have helpful and dedicated staff, text and meme channels where you can chill with other memers, music and voice channels, meme emotes. We are pretty laid back, so feel free to make friends and have a good time. Our server is cool and fun as long as you're following our rules and Discords TOS.
💫New server
💫Active Voicechats
💫Level Roles
*100+ members*british timezone*

Join Mankind for Bar chat (Memes, shitposting, debates), VC calls, music, Unbelievaboat (server money making/store for roles), have conversation with other servers, Introduce yourself and share your selfies, bet your money that you've earned, deck out your profile with a lot of roles, and play a RPG fantasy game; all of this neatly tucked into an active interpersonal community, that packs a variety of interesting individuals.

12+ Hand chosen customized bots
60+ Reaction roles/Buyable roles/Leveling roles, to define and shape your profile
6400+ Messages only written across a small number of people (Very active)
20-+ Channels with variously different uses/environments
+No Clutter, +Easy to use, +Highly functional, +Constantly adding new stuff

Welcome to hell

We've got shit you'll probably find elsewhere, but in better amounts
Meme channel, as well as a channel for a bot shitposting memes
Bots for all your needs: phone calls; shitpost; fun bots, you name it
Self assign roles (mod and admin is now self assignable)
NSFW and porn
Mods who aren't gay

We're also Open for partnerships

With our only rule being dont be a fuckwod, so shitpost all you want

Feel free to join us, we'll be busy dicking the jam jar!
Server invite:

It was either this or painting myself blue and masturbating to mick jagger
mystical 🤠
~ a server where there's no hierarchy, everyone's opinion matters & is taken into consideration ~

~ minimal rules and moderation ~

~ chill staff and members, with achievable ranks ~

~ advertising, cursed images, pet channels all available ~

~ frick ton of events, and looking for new ideas ~

~~ a sense of community and support ~~

why not join broski ;)
we all hope to see ya around 🤠
Hello, this is basically my twitch community. You are very welcomed we don't have a specific topic.
A fun 13-17 dating server!
Channels include:
and many more!
Join for a fun time!
this is a server i came up with when i was bored so join i guess and we'll talk
this is a meme discord just started it have fun!

Howdy! Welcome to the Lil Nas X Discord 🤠. A little community for people who like lil nas x. get notified whenever Lil Nas posts something on twitter/youtube and hang out with us 😊
Looking for a place to talk about and roleplay as your favorite shipfus? Say no more, in here we center around the Azur Lane community including game chats, roleplaying and even some of that NSFW stuff. Filled with friendly people and inviting guides, we welcome all you peeps to join our community shipfu server!
Hey there! We're the Dusk Tavern and we would like you to come over and check out our server. We got gamers, memes, server games, and giveaways once in a while. Come on down to The Dusk Tavern and have a great time here!
╔═════════════༻ ♡ ༺═════════════╗
╚═════════════༻ ♡ ༺═════════════╝
Fun community, active chat, and people to talk to in text and voice chats. Includes waifucatch for any anime lovers. Growing server of gamers and weebs, with self assignable and level-up roles. 50+ cute emotes and animated emotes, with more being added!
· · · ───── ♡ ───── · · ·
♡ Active Members
♡ Dedicated Staff
♡ Voice Chat
♡ Ecchi Channel
♡ Fun Games
♡ Cute Emotes
· · · ───── ♡ ───── · · ·
♡ Owner: Moon
Welcome to Ramen Reboot. We are the server that caters to everyone's needs. We have channels dedicated to memes, games, bot spamming, and even channels dedicated to having a chat. We have a friendly staff team that are to help if needed. Come join and lets have a chat!
As of June 6th, 2019 we are opening our community to the public.

Hey you! Yeah, you. That wonderful, beautiful person reading this message. It just so happens that this lil' Discord right here is looking for new friends to add to our dysfunctional family. Are you interested in making some long-lasting friendships and integrating yourself into a new friend group? I bet you are!

Primarily, we are a My Hero Academia themed server that took form during the old days of a game called VRchat. (Though you don't have to have watched the anime to join!) We provide character-themed roles but we also have roles for Seven Deadly Sins. Ever since this server's founding we have developed a close-knit community that has just now decided to begin expanding in members. We promise you that there will never be a dull moment when you're here with us! Here's what we have to offer:

• A friendly, clique-free enviornment that is easy to integrate yourself into
• A big love and support energy environment
• The toppest quality memes you can't find anywhere else
• Many, many fun community events including movie nights, anime viewings, game nights, and more every single weekend
• Fair and active staff members who are always around to lend you a hand
• A mature, drama-free group of people. Although most people are over the age of 18, we do have a couple of underaged members who are just as chill
• An active group of people who play a variety of games such as VRChat, Overwatch, Stardew Valley, Pokemon, and Minecraft.
• An easy way to discover like minded people with simaliar interests
• A variety of bots for your time-wasting pleasure such as Mudae, YAGPDB, Pokecord, and much more
• Huge variety of color roles to fit anyone's tastes
• A place for artists and model makers alike to share works, ideas, assistance, and praise/constructive criticism
• Very lenient set of rules
• A safe zone vent channel
• LGBTQ+ friendly
• An active NSFW channel for members over the age of 18

And there's many more things to discover if you decide to pay our server a visit. I promise you, you won't regret it! ❤
MZ // New server!
Reasons to join:
⦿ Active and friendly members 🥂
⦿ Giveaways and events 🎉
⦿ Leveling system 🏅
⦿ Custom community emojis 🙂
⦿ Custom roles 👥
⦿ Invite channel 🔗
⦿ Fun lotteries 🎟
⦿ Growing community 📈
Come visit Bikini Bottom! The largest and most active Spongebob server! Come jellyfish, chat, and hang out with our awesome community!