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This is a relatively small server, so staff may not be able to register you upon joining. Please bear with us.

You start off at the edge of the nuclear age. The world tensions are rising, and you have a chance to push it over the edge, or preserve the peace. What will you choose?

We also have memes.
Welcome to The Other Side. (18+)

Basically this server is trying to be a small community spread across various geek-ish topics, where people who aren't a certain level of mature won't survive, and where we can engage in plenty of thoughtful discussion.
This server is meant to be one based on community without extremely uptight rules. If you are easily offended, I suggest you do not join. Otherwise, this is open to everyone!
International chat server for everyone and anyone.
western, desi, south asian, african, caribbean, asian, middle eastern, arab, filipino, malaysian, indonesian + all the countries in the world!
We aim to build a very interesting modded Rust community server, filled with fun and friendly members! The server type that we are aiming for is a x2 modified server, with improved loot tables and a few more systems that will enhance your gameplay. More updates will come out soon, along with screenshots and a few more details (some which were already released in our discord channel). So stay tuned! Join the discord channel below.
Hello we wish to welcome you to the Apex Legends Europe Server.
We are new here and we wish to grow our Community.
All you need to know about Apex is on our Server.
If you are looking for players to play with or just to have fun, join us!
Have a nice day!
A server for discussion of ancient Indo-European topics, including:
- Linguistics
- Archaeology
- Culture
- Religion
- Mythology
Nice people only, please.
Our server is only for Dark and offensive humor. If you are offended, do not even attempt to join this server. Every kind humor is welcome
Welcome to r/Croatia, the official Discord server from the r/Croatia subreddit, and the biggest Croatian server in existence!
If you are looking for a friendly community chat where you can hang out, listen to music and chat not only with Croats, but with other south Slavs, what are you waiting for?
Everyone is welcome, as long as they follow the rules.
Special channels have been created for foreigners who wish to study our language and learn how to speak and write Croatian. Welcome!
A European community server, with a common goal of being able to freely rank up with no toxicity and casually game whilst having fun.
Hey :) We are a community made Discord server for players from the EU!
If you ever need to find a team to play with, drop your Origin name in the squad finder channel or join a voice channel with a space in it!
If you have any questions or need help you can message someone from the admin team!
This server is for the people that just want to fuck around.
We are gamers who play lot of games and also we have chill chat. We would like to also have some new player so we can grow our clan/community with you!
Server for gaming, coding, anime, language learning and anything you want
We have:

:musical_note: MUSIC BOT :musical_note:

:dollar: CURRENCY/LEVEL BOT :dollar:

:house: PRIVATE HOUSES (channels) :house:

:sparkles: GENERAL CHAT :sparkles:

:tools: VARIETY OF CUSTOM JOBS :tools:

:handshake: PARTNERSHIPS :handshake:



:blush: KIND MEMBERS AND STAFF :blush:

:no_entry: NON-TOXIC MEMBERS :no_entry:

This is the place where you can be anything you want to be. We welcome all species to join, whether you’re a hybrid, human, or a fury this is the place to be. All ages are welcomed and no trolls are tolerated. There are only a few basic rules to be followed and new ideas are always allowed.
Translogical acts as a safe-space for Truscum/Transmed beliefs.
That should in no way mean that we would shy a way from a civil debate about the topic though; So if you adhere to a tucute ideology feel free to take us up on it. Be so kind to stay civil.

The server is strictly 18+ and aims to build a mostly european community!

Hope to see you around!

p.s friends/family of trans*people are also super-duper welcome.
Europa server is a server based on the British Empire. You can war role play.
Listen to music.
Communicate and make friends and speak in gaming channels to meet new people to play with. There is one NSFW channel and please use it at your own risk. We take suggestions and hope to start comps. Please join it means alot.
Heya! It's a tiny tiny server that is completely dead but with hope to like...become alive idk man. down to watch movies, play games together and all that kinda stuff! just looking for friends really. wooo join!!1!!!! i mean if u wanna ig ¯\_(・ ͜つ・)_/¯
Are you a fan or roleplay? Looking to have a fun time? Well, then we might have found a place for you!
This roleplay server aims to give people a fun time in our academy, with not much restrictions and not just that, we have way more to offer!
Active staff members
A growing friendly community
NSFW chats (Even if we are NOT dedicated to it)
Vc aimed not only for socialization but also for roleplay ambiance!
We are awaiting you
NOTE: This server is hosted in Europe, following the timezone CEST.
Join our community of League of Legends from Europe and you will not regret it! Enjoy and Have Fun! :D
Hello, looking for europe basketball discord server ?!!? Then join this server! In this server we talk about Euroleague,Eurocup 7DAYS,Basketball champions league and other national league's
Welcome to Estonia! When you join, First read the rules or you will be kicked. if you come back and do the same thing, i will ban you.
Come join us. we are european based, but other people are definitely welcome if they can keep up with game speeds and play when the rest of us do and such. uhhhhhh oh and we do some roleplay too. it's not strict or anything, but the way we'd like to do it is that you act in the way your nation would, and we try to have disputes and such settled in a civil manner - prior to war, that is. there are no rules against attacking players, except these:
1. dont completely cripple players for the sake of it
2. dont attack players for the sake of it
an admin/mod will need a justification for war declaration (yes, sheer imperialism is a reason, albeit a bit of a dickish one)

that's about everything. if you've got questions, feel free to join the server.

we're new, so don't expect much. (you may get to be mod if you join quickly though :P)