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come chill in a server for people who dont fit in and struggle with mental health and chat.
If you are new lurk a bit before venting
>imageboard experience appreciated

Aussies is a community that accomodates Australians across all states to gather and hang out. We feature a diverse range of chats, from shitposting to IRL, roleplay, art showcase, homework help, even chats for individual states and territories!

On top of our chatrooms, we also have self-assignable AND level roles. Level roles give you both a new colour and are hoisted on the user list so you can look super cool; self-assignable roles span from roles such as gender and gender pronouns, identification roles (furry, gamer, developer, etc), and state/territory roles (so people know where you're from).

So what are you waiting for, join now!
cum sock is a server for chilling, chatting and making friends. mainly made up of aussies and europeans. we have roles you can choose from and people to talk ab anything with. please come join our community! 15+ only
We are a chill server based off pictochat lmao. But mainly we're an extremely new hangout server started in Australia and it'd be awesome if you joined.
Yeah na were just ya typical bloody Aussie server, we love to smash down tooheys new at the bloody pub while betting on horses and then bashing each other for losing all our money. We are some mad cunts but also bloody chill so come introduce yourself in general chat and have a bloody ripper of a time.
Hey guys welcome to Average Gamers. We are a YouTube channel/clan based in Australia and we make mostly fortnite videos and streams. I'd appreciate it if you joined and subscribed to our channel which is linked in our discord. This is a friendly server designed to allow you to connect with our clan and also meet other people in the server and just to have a good time in general. Anyone and everyone is welcome so don't be shy!
We are an active discord server that regularly host events such as gaming sessions, movie nights, giveaways etc. Blah blah blah, join or you're double gay nerd (ツ)
𝟜𝟚𝟘 / 𝓟𝓼𝔂𝓬𝓱𝓮𝓭𝓮𝓵𝓲𝓬𝓼
Bud Pics
Live seshing
420 friendly give-aways

A little server for people of 16+, it is a friendly caring server for all being a caregiver or a little of any gender and sexuality.
Tired of drama? Tired of lewd? Looking for some place to fit in with friendly furs? Then you've come to the right place! (Cliche, I know. shush.) With a no nsfw policy, this place is the safest in the Southern Hemisphere! Visit for more info!
Newaus is set in an Industrial Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian Australian Outback, the year 2310. After Asia and the Americas nuked each other over resource conflict, the rest of the world ended with them. Now, the Outback is filled with many things, from strange mutant Koalas to cultist Gulags. Just another day in Newaus.

- A non-toxic community.
- Interesting people, and staff.
- Great music bots open to everyone
- Amazing advertising channel.
- Roles that you can achieve
- Overall good experience and time.

Chill server mainly for messing around & having fun. Nice members & open to suggestions/ideas to improve
Riding kangaroos and taking names; bogans and commoners alike unite in this sever centered on and celebrating the land down under. *You do not need to be Australian to join
A destiny 2 LFG discord server for Oceania region. Come join and meet some cool and chill people!
🌟Hey gamers🌟

We're an Australian 🦘& New Zealand 🥝 run discord server!

It was created by gamers for gamers, we have 300+ members and are growing daily. Many who have joined have called our server their home. We listen to our members and provide everything including the kitchen sink to keep things different.

Now to the gaming part;

🔹 We play a wide range from team based shooters, grinding & PVP. Right now we’re staying up to date and playing apex legends, anthem - if the games not listed we have a feeedback channel where you can post what games you want.

🔹 We also host Pickup Games AKA PUGS for overwatch, it's dedicated for structured causal Overwatch experience but with a team you know.

🔹 We also host movie/ tv binge nights where you can "Netflix & Chill" with other members.

Finally, We are growing more and more each day and would love to see the community become more diverse!

Hope so see you there! 🤜💥🤛
Heya guys, we're a SFW Australian/New Zealand LGBT+ server for 20 and over! (Please join LGBTQI+ Teen AUS/NZ if you are under 21.) We have all sorts of chats from state-specific to gaming, as well as a general place for everyone to get social. Hope to see you around :)
This is a SFW Australian server for gay teens (21 and under). We have state specific chats, gaming chats, as well as some general channels for being social with everyone.
Welcome to the Sonic the Hedgehog AUS Server ! A friendly and loving community of Australian Sonic Fans who need a hub to talk games, make friends and have some fun. Come aboard ! <3
G'day ya bogan cunts. Join this fuckin server to experience full aussie slang. We are fuckin chill, and let in other countries, but prefer green & gold. We drink VB's and sit on the porch staring at the fuckin hoppy motherfuckers. Thats all. Cheers fellas.
A friendly server that is currently in the works and slowly improving as the days go by. We are trying to give you a very Australian kind of server so come on down mate!
Australian based tech server for talking about most things including tech and gaming.
It is the year 2020. Scientists have had a breakthrough and have discovered how to bring the dead back to life with all of their personality. It was called the Iterum Vivere project (Latin for: To Live Again). The reanimated were studied for a few months with no sign of abnormal behavior and the project was labeled a success. They were wrong. The people who were brought back still had their memories and personality, but at a cost. After 3 months of being brought back, subjects began to experience a strange hunger. That was when this all started. The reanimated soon became know as the infected and began to eat people. Australia was plunged into chaos. When an infected bites someone, they experience the same hunger. They were like zombies. Now, only 8% of the population are still alive and struggling to survive. How long can you last?
Join the 24/7 #AustraliaisNOTreal Discord today!

╠ We're an Active Community made up of Australians and E-Thots. ~

╠ Regular events with games such as Secret Hitler, etc. ~

╠ Make your own commands with unlimited functionality ~

╠ Over 15+ Bots (Including music bots!) ~

╠ PS4/XB1/PC Matchmaking! ~

╠ Over 30+ Active E-Thots! ~

╠ Currently Hiring! ~

╚ NSFW Channel! ~

Join Today!