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G'day you bloody legends, come on and join us to be a part of a solid Aussie community. Enough said mate.
A community focused multi-game discord based in Oceania. Must have a good attitude. Must be LGBT friendly. Don't be a dick. We play on Oceanic servers where possible.
We expect people to interact with each other outside of game specific stuff (aka get to know each other).
𝓦𝓮𝓵𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓮 𝓣𝓸 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓖𝓻𝓸𝓸𝓿𝓮

Are you a lonely ass and want people to hang out with or chat with? The groove is the place for you!

We are a community of teenagers that range from 13-19. We are hoping to invite new people to chat with and learn lots of stupendous but interesting things about one another. Not only to just chat but have people ranging from a variety of countries.

𝓘𝓷 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓼 𝓼𝓮𝓻𝓿𝓮𝓻 𝓲𝓽 𝓲𝓷𝓬𝓵𝓾𝓭𝓮𝓼 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓯𝓸𝓵𝓵𝓸𝔀𝓲𝓷𝓰:
• Self assignable roles
• Colour roles
• Active server!
• Lots of bots
• Memes
• Some of your favourite bots! (Pokecord, Marriage, etc)
• Friendly staff
Tired of drama? Tired of lewd? Looking for some place to fit in with friendly furs? Then you've come to the right place! (Cliche, I know. shush.) With a no nsfw policy, this place is the safest in the Southern Hemisphere! Visit for more info!
Friendly Furries is a community for furries, lgbtq+ members, & others!
Our server includes:
- Mild rules
- Lots of different roles
- Multiple art channels
- Gaming channels
- And more!
Chatroom for mature people over 20s 30s 40s in western Europe, the Americas, Australia Canada ect. Type, Discuss, Chat an Chill...
G'day all Bored Aussies from across the land! We're an Australian Discord chat community, originating from Austnet IRC. Active chat and group voice chats every night. Recommended age is 18+ and don't have to just be from Australia to join! :)
Come down and join the Official Aussie Teens Server!

Why join?
The server offers many different channels, such as memes, such as homework help, music, self-promotion and more! The community in the server is non-toxic and friendly. The staff are constantly working to make the server a better experience overall by updating server with different channels, rules and extra settings to make sure that you experience the best you can out of Aussie Teens.

What makes this server unique?
Unlike many other meme servers, and as stated above, we are non-toxic and give you the chance to either use the meme bot, Dank Memer, or post a meme of your own, both edgy or normal. Again toxicity is not tolerated and Aussie Teens staff ensures that.
D00Med's dungeon is a server for socialising and making friends, without nationalism and toxicity. It is australia based, but anyone from around the world is welcome ^^

The server is divided based on 4 roles, for a bit of fun:
✨Magicians: Art, gaming, tech
🏹Hunters: Anime, vc, memes.
🗡Assassins: Politics, memes, dark humour, relaxed rules.
💖Healers: Support, roleplay, stricter rules.

There are also general channels for art, links, vc, and nsfw stuff, so everyone can talk together. Other stuff includes levels, music bots, dungeons and dragons, and events.
welcome to the best hotel ever O-o
what we offer:
-Self roles
-Nsfw channel with bot
-Semi active people idk
-server stuff aeilrhsgkdnlesghd no one reads this
pls join
Snag Community, the most aussie server out there. Come join us, chug a few virtual beers and talk about aussie stuff. If you're aussie, join..
Hayyyyy. This is the official discord server for The Pineapple CrewTM. Best U can learn more about the pineapple crew members, Talk to friendly and active members, Use all sorts of bots, Suggest ideas for videos!!!, Suggest ideas for the server, And help make our channel better and also get notifications when our channel posts videos. We do basically what ever type of videos we.feel like. We can do whatever U want probably so come join us in The Official Pineapple CrewTM also check out our YT channel
"Arte et marte"

For all people of the Oceanic Region.

Synthesized information on current events within the Gaming community.
Reviews and Youtube channels posting allowed and encouraged.

This is a group made by devoted Gamers from Brisbane, Australia. Everyone in the Oceanic region is accepted, we only ask you follow a simple set of guidelines and try to maintain a positive attitude.

#1 No ostracizing other platform Gamers.
#2 Political and/or social debates prohibited, keep it gaming related.
#3 We will not tolerate people being attacked. Differing opinions is fine but it has a line. Don't be a d**k.
An Australia / Australasia based LGBT+ server, for teens looking for support or just for a quick chat with other LGBT Australasians.
Welcome to the Dead Memes Discord! We are a LGBT friendly discord looking for more members from New Zealand and Australia to play PC Overwatch and share dank Memes! Say Hi in the Chat channel and share your tag
An inspirational server that advises all both women and Australians to feel welcomed and enlightened, and to be eXtRaOrDiNaRy.
The very bad, no good, awful, terrible server that you shouldn't join. See you there.
𝟜𝟚𝟘 / 𝓟𝓼𝔂𝓬𝓱𝓮𝓭𝓮𝓵𝓲𝓬𝓼
*new and improved*
Bud Pics
Live seshing
420 friendly give-aways
Oceanic discord server for AOE II.
We are a friendly bunch, are very active and hold the occasional tournament.
Welcome To Skull Gunner Gaming!
About us: Anyone is welcome to Skull Gunner Gaming! Whether you just play video games, or if you're a movie geek, anime weeb, coding god or just want to come to place and hang out and meet new people!

We have:
• Chill peeps
• Active staff
• Tons of gaming voice channels
• Gaming computer to post specs in
• Event's
• Artwork
• Coding
• Server suggestions
• Memes and spam
• Music bot and more fun bots
• NSFW channel

People will also receive 1 unique role to those who are active and nice in the discord @SkullGunnerGamer
The 'Littles Downunder' Community is a server for Australians and New Zealanders who are interested in ABDL, DDLG, CGL and related kinks and lifestyles. We regularly host community events, giveaways and other promotions. We have a simple non-intrusive level system, role menu and leaderboard which rewards activity with higher tiered roles and other perks.

Come say hello!
an Australian server filled with some Australians. if ye aint Australian ye can still join. we are a small community and would like to meet new people, you can also influence the way the server turns out if ye wish. so come on in and play some games an shit with us and hopefully make some good mates