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Canadian Hangout
Owner: Canadian Supreme
Canadian Hangout is a Canadian run, majority Canadian server for people to meet new friends and chat! We are an ever growing community, so don't feel shy to stop by and say hi!

-->Tons of bots to play around with!

-->Meet new people!

-->Learn about Canada!

-->Discuss things such as star wars, halo, anime, star trek, etc.!

-->Custom roles!

-->Friendly staff!

-->An actually active owner!
The owner is: 18♡CanadianEinstein#3790 This discord server is a very social place to meet people with the same interest like you. Make new friends and maybe find love. We do have to warn you that we have some type of people in here with a different interest and hobbies, not everyone but just some of them. Some interest goes from games to real shootings fans etc... But it's all about having fun with each other :D At least we all have one thing in common, and that is we are a friendly community.
Hi welcome to the great lakes RP where you can get a ship go across the great lakes and back you can earn money for shipping missions like dropping off cool iron & More
Welcome to The Town of Blackwood, British Columbia! We’re a new roleplay group that caters to your werewolf themed roleplay needs! We offer in depth lore and character building as well as a great group of friends to meet and hang with! We do ask for literacy and commitment, as we’re still new and growing.

We offer NSFW content, but we are by no means a strictly nsfw server. We promote interaction and story building with a side of sin.
Alright, eh. Let's get to the point eh. So I'm a Canadian, eh. Many of my good friends are too, eh. Many of you could be too, eh. Now just remember eh, you don't have to be Canadian to join eh. We Canadians accept all people, and have made our HQ to be friendly, open, and a safe, fun place for everyone around the world to enjoy, eh. (Note, this is just Canadian themed eh. Fun little server with lots to do, eh.) We got bots, staff, members, fun events and stuff, everything you can imagine eh. So if you want to come see Canada for yourself eh, then come on down eh! (If you don't, I'll get my moose to shove his antlers covered in maple syrup up your ass, eh.)
A laidback server with a unusual number of Canadian members (+18) . Come chat, shitpost and game with us.
A Canada Discord meant to replace the former official r/Canada Discord that went un-moderated and eventually got raided and shut down. We have many Canada emotes which are great for Nitro users as well, and we welcome everyone of every background, no exceptions! Come on in and say hello 😄
The Official Canadian Cosplay Community. We're just like you! A bunch of friends who decided to create a place where local people who love cosplaying can come together, make friends, collaborate, get help with projects or just chill and talk about their day.
The Canadian Government RP is a mock Canadian government set in 2005. be a politician, run in elections, and maybe even prime minister! We are just starting out, so come on down to parliament hill and let's make some history!
A Canadian made video game server! We’d love to expand further on our topics, as the scope of the server is to encompass all aspects of pop culture and everyday life! Come join us in the great white north!!
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𝐉𝐨𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐨𝐝𝐚𝐲
⬜ Friendly discord server based round meeting awesome people
⬜ Gamers united (this ain't the beach lady this is a bathtub)
⬜ we're a general topics server with so much to offer its so hard to label us.
📈 Custom leveling 📈
✅ Reaction roles ✅
🎥 Video Chat channel
💎〘Wanna make new friends? 〙💎
💎〘Usnerds is the place〙💎
800+ Users
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What's up? Welcome to the land up above! Canada! In here, we have such amazing people here and there's free and fair elections! So, you just might win and become the newest Prime Minister if you join. Other than that, we're all friendly people here who want to meet other friendly people. Enjoy your stay at the land up above!
New server looking for some fine folk to company us,
(As a reward you will get a special role down the line)

Welcome to the Maritime Provinces of Canada! These include P.E.I, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick! The Coastal highway is focused on mainly Nova Scotia, but this server has the other Maritime Provinces as well! Live in the busy city of Halifax, settle in the calm, relaxing countrysides of P.E.I or Newfoundland & Labrador, or live on the shore of the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick. Be anybody or have any job you desire in the beautiful eastern provinces. Coastal Life is not just for Maritime citizens, you can be from anywhere you'd like! In conclusion: If you want a nice, country life RP server, this is for you.
Ontario fire dept Roleplay server come and roleplay with us.
Are you a canadian fur and wanting to meet some new people? Well look no further! With CanFurs you can do that and so much more!

On CanFurs you will find...
And so much more!

CanFurs is a safe environment for people of all ages, furry or not!
Hope to see you there! <3
A fun little slice of life RP server taking place in northern Quebec during the 90s, when native tensions and seperatists were on the high.

The year is 2027, and the Earth is in a state of terror. After a few small wars, a terrible disease began spreading. This disease is called Vulture. Most towns and cities are in anarchy, and the entire world is beginning to fall. The air is thick with fog and smoke, caused by carbon dioxide emissions that makes breathing hard. Once the disease is caught, in the first day, the person begins to have muscle spasms, coughing, itchiness, sneezing and runny nose. On the second day, the person's arms begin slowly being corrupted by a purely black color. By the third day, both arms are fully black, and the muscles inside are destroyed. The arms aren't under the person's control any longer, and they suffer immense pain everywhere through their body. Their limbs begin to be corrupted by the blackness as well, and once a limb has been fully engulfed, it begins to move sometimes. With the arms, the fingers move every now and then, and the virus figures out how to move the whole arm. This isn't like.a zombie virus, it's worse. The virus is incredibly contagious, and skin to skin contact with even the smallest part of black skin can and will give you the disease. It's also spread through mosquitoes, air, water, and everything else you can imagine. Nothing can fight against it, and the limbs may begin to start hitting other people, or the victim.By the end of the third day, the person's eyelids will be destroyed, along with their cheeks, leaving them in the most excruciating pain ever. Their vocal cords will be gone, they will be pouring blood from out of their eyes, mouth, and nose. Their hair will be a horrid white color, and their skin will begin to wrinkle into a terrible, dead looking skin. After this, their face and neck will be corrupted, and nothing in them will be able to move anymore. Their jaw will be constantly locked open, and their teeth will be an odd color of pure yellow. Their internal organs will begin hemorrhaging, and they will go blind, all while every part of the pain is felt, and their pupils and cornea turn to pure white, they will look horrid. The virus will then begin eating the internal organs, and their entire body will be covered in black disease ridden skin. Their cheeks cave in, as their jaw is stuck open, and they will feel their throat slowly begin to close. During all of this, they will be having terrible hallucinations and pain, the disease forcing their own brain to turn against itself into insanity, until the person's mind finally
Caves in, and they die of multi organ failure. You can't tell when they die, because in the last stages they look the same, and when the person dies, going within 10 feet of the body could mean the end for you too.
The Lakes of North America have always been one of many tourists spots within the US and Canada, though to accompany the many lakes of the state also exist a vast amount of small and even large ships. The waters have been said to be causing problems for the local captains, as the waves of the lake have been known to destroy parts of the vessels, even causing major damage to the smaller boats. Due to this, it is considered a grant feat to be able to sail the large lakes and to bring back the boat in one piece.
Hello! Are you interested in politics, law, campaigning, and elections? Would you like join, or even create, your own political party? Would you like to write, vote and debate legislation?

Well you can do all of that in CGS! We are a discord server that is basically a mock government, but based around Canada! We will be simulating both chambers of Parliament, The Courts, and possibly even more aspects of government!

We also will be doing weekly community events, hosted by our dedicated Mod and Clerk team!

If any of that interests you, come on down, we would be glad to have you!
A friendly community where people from the greater Vancouver metro area can hang out, meet new friends, play games, and have some fun!
Welcome to VancouFur! Server based off a con in Canada BC Vancouver, We are sfw and young furs are allowed! Even if your not Canadian you can still join!
**Welcome To Canada Eh! We Are A Newly Formed Nation Awaiting A New And bright Future With Your Help We Can Make This Nation Grow. We Accept All Walks Of Life From The Fields Of Asia to the rain forest in Brazil and we have a wide diversity of religions. So please come on in to Canada and have a wonder time.**

`Stuff We Have`
-Political Talk Chat
-Religious Talk Chat
-political events [exp minister elections]
-fun bots and games
-currency system
-government system
-welcoming environment