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Canadian Hangout
Owner: Chancellor Pike#0117 aka Canadian Supreme
Canadian Hangout is a Canadian run, majority Canadian server for people to meet new friends and chat! We are an ever growing community, so don't feel shy to stop by and say hi!

-->Tons of bots to play around with!

-->Meet new people!

-->Learn about Canada!

-->Discuss things such as star wars, halo, anime, star trek, etc.!

-->Custom roles!

-->Friendly staff!

-->An actually active owner!
A laidback server with a unusual number of Canadian members. Come chat, shitpost and game with us.
The spider den is a general chillout and lounge server, with a lot to offer, including:

- A custom bot (with awesome audio!)
- Lax rules and moderators
- Places to advertise and share your stuff
- Various topical channels
- Giveaways and events
- A ton of NSFW channels, including a channel with no rules

Come join today! Can't wait to see you!
The Official Canadian Cosplay Community. We're just like you! A bunch of friends who decided to create a place where local people who love cosplaying can come together, make friends, collaborate, get help with projects or just chill and talk about their day.
Hello! Are you interested in politics, law, campaigning, and elections? Would you like join, or even create, your own political party? Would you like to write, vote and debate legislation?

Well you can do all of that in CGS! We are a discord server that is basically a mock government, but based around Canada! We will be simulating both chambers of Parliament, The Courts, and possibly even more aspects of government!

We also will be doing weekly community events, hosted by our dedicated Mod and Clerk team!

If any of that interests you, come on down, we would be glad to have you!
The year is 2397 Earth has been attacked by an unknown force and was almost lost. the only thing that saved us was the factions. Three factions exist: P.E.F. (planetary, Exploration, Force), P.D.P. (planetary, Defence, program), and the U.E.M. (United, Earth, Military)

-most advanced faction
-has star ships capable of slip space
-has advanced combat armors
-is very bad at land assaults
-mainly uses orbital bombardments

-is weapon superpower
-has star ships with heavy armor and heavy weapons, no slip space
-very well trained troops
-old tech

-has nuclear weapons
-no star ships
-very experienced troops
-has very old tech
A new community for fans of the series Anne with an E! We are just starting out so we would appreciate anyone to join and invite any of your friends!
Hey, are you Canadian? No? Want to see a server that takes place in Canada? No? Too bad.

Canada was annexed, then nuked. Pretty simple.
just some beautys whippin it up in the kitchen, if ur a pussy dont join, were just here to crack a couple brewskis and watch the game ya know. no rules :D
nsfw ;)
If you were born in Manitoba or currently reside in Manitoba you are welcome to join this Discord as long as youโ€™re part of the LGBTQ+ community!

Come make some friends and have fun!
A small community of people that play video games togeather.
We play games such as but not limited too; CSGO, Fortnite, H1Z1, PUBG, Minecraft, Roblox, ect.
Come join and talk a little.
Y'know I can't really explain the server, so why don't you come check it out.
The Lakes of North America have always been one of many tourists spots within the US and Canada, though to accompany the many lakes of the state also exist a vast amount of small and even large ships. The waters have been said to be causing problems for the local captains, as the waves of the lake have been known to destroy parts of the vessels, even causing major damage to the smaller boats. Due to this, it is considered a grant feat to be able to sail the large lakes and to bring back the boat in one piece.
IMPORTANT: give yourself a code name, itโ€™s our theme. This server is a mix of a joke and a roleplay and tycoon. In this server you can join as a worker, like a farmer or harvester, or just a customer or visitor. (This server does not actually sell any product, regardless of what anyone says.)
Group of Canadians and Americans who love to either just talk or to play games, most of us at the moment are playing vermintide,r6,league etc just a nice server to chill in.
The best server for drunk Canadians looking to have fun
This is a fun server with amazing people and they play league everyday but they also play other games to.some don't play games and just wanna talk we have a variety of things we do as a community
Welcome friends and fellow gamers! This server is meant to bring Londoners together! Once you've spoken enough you'll be able to make full use of the server! We are very chill and this server is open to all types of people and games.
This is a place you can meet new people play games and watch some streams and we have game nights where everybody on the server joins up and play one fun game. (ex: and other arcade games). This server was made by a twitch streamer "TheRealScc"
Mike's Computer Shop is a Computer Retailer with 5 locations across Canada. Now on Discord!