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A transmed server specifically for nonbinary people to discuss things, have a safe space hate-free, and just vibe together. We are also system friendly. We are not a MOGAI server, but we are quite liberal with pronouns and gender identities. So as long as you are nonbinary and believe you need dysphoria to be trans, you are more than welcome here.

💖 >We are a pretty new and active server with channels for all your Furry Femboy desires

💖>Our server includes: NSFW image bots, Art channels and lots of other femboy related things.

An 18+ community of femboys and femboy admirers. Everyone is welcomed! Come say hello!
🌸The largest femboy community with over 15,000 members.
🌸1,300 emojis, including four dedicated emoji severs!
🌸A private Minecraft server for community members.
🌸50+ SFW and NSFW channels.
🌸10 Voice chat rooms.
🌸Custom roles available.
🌸Advertisements channel to post your social medias.
🌸Deep community leveling and ranking system.
🌸Community currency and banking system were you can buy items and roles with earned community currency.
🌸Community Events
🌸50+ Earnable roles.
🌸50+ Self-assignable roles to choose from.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Safe Kingdom
Safe House is a recently created LBGTQ+ safe haven as the name suggests .
We offer support for new members of the LBGTQ community alongside our awesome staff who’s there to help.
We have channels for talking about how you feel and amazing bots.
Everyone is welcome even if you aren’t part of the LBGTQ community.
Just keep the server amazing for all people.
This is the Transpositive server, a place where allies and members of the LGBTQ+ can come together and make a peaceful, loving community. If you wish to join, you will be asked to answer a few questions, please have patience with our staff as we approve you!

We also have a modded minecraft server! If you want to play along with some of the people on the server, join today!
Welcome to Sissy Space, a safe place for all things sissy! Come explore your fetishes in one of our NSFW channels, warp your brain in our hypno channel, find a partner, or just make friends! You'll find everything you want here! Enjoy
✨ ~ Welcome to TransSoul! ~ ✨

We're an LGBT discord server targeted towards transgender individuals, but not exclusive to them!

🤝 We accept all minorities, and cishet allies! 🤝

[ ~-------~-------~ ]

What do we offer?

- A laid back atmosphere

- Fair, and simple moderation! If you're not making problems, you can stay!

- Plural-friendly!

- Relaxed ruleset- As long as nobody is uncomfortable, we're chill.

- Verification -- You cannot send images or enter sensitive channels (like #selfies, #support, etc.) without first hitting level three.

- Lots more! (events, support, etc.)

[ ~-------~-------~ ]

We hope to see you stop in!
Salutations newcomers i hope you come to our great server and chat with us we always need new faces here but if not we have a selfie section for
males,females,femboys,trans,and sissys but if you want we have sfw content and plenty of nsfw stuff .
We have all the lewd content you need plenty of hentai and irl porn and even auto bots uploading porn if we can't we have 20+ channels of nsfw stuff we can always use help in the server so if you have porn feel free to dump it and if not then come chat with us its a growing server so i hope you'll stay and enjoy yourself XwX
The Sissy Ever, the friendliest sissy community. A safe space for all peoples! Whether you want to chat, lurk or get lewd you can find it all here!
➤Strictly +18
➤Monthly Giveaways & Contests!
➤Deep Ranking System.
➤Active Minecraft server!
➤An economy with the option to buy Custom Colors and Nitro Subs!
➤Anon chat & confessions.
➤Sissy and sissification focused!
➤100+ different Self-assignable roles to choose from.
➤Self-promotion channel to post your social media.
➤100+ SFW and NSFW channels.
➤Custom fun bots!
➤Friendly staff who truly care.
➤Welcoming community!
Welcome to LGBTQ+ Hangout server! This is a place where LGBTQ+ members can chill out and talk
🌺 Henlo We are a friendly LGBTQ+and allies server🌺
🌺Our place is a safe and loving place for LGBTQ+ people🌺
🌺We love cats and big cats they are nature most beautiful creature🌺
🌺Our place to be toxic free and positive🌺
🌺A place for people to socialise and talk and meet new people🌺
🌺Have some lewd bots too and nsfw channels for 18+ people🌺
🌺Porn categories channels to enjoy🌺
🌺Original content nsfw channels🌺
Welcome to Trans Haven!
We are a community that works with and for transgender people from around the globe. We are able to connect with other transgender people, supporting them, sharing tips and tricks with them as well as making sure everyone is having a good time. Our server includes channels to boost your self confidence, support channels and some fun and lighthearted channels in which you can have a bit of a laugh. It is a space where you can make new friends, share experiences and help others who are or were going through the same things as you did. Everyone is included even if you aren't trans
If you need advice, want support or just want to make friends just like you join us here at Trans Haven.
-Axel and Ryland, founders of Trans Haven
Pride Cuties + We Are Family = This

Just a chill server for the LGBT+ community. And Welcome to chillest LGBT+ server in the world! Where everything is chill and cool to everyone. The only requirement u need to be in here,is that u need to be 13 years or older. We love you to join us and join the squad and spread some happiness as we’re full of it. And best of all,we have it all the time 24-7 to help you with ur dyshopria,depression,and other sad things that you wanna talk about. So come and join the family today. We can help u in whatever way u can. We love u all.

-Drama Free
+50 colors!
-3 music bots!
-Nice staff members
-Vent Center
-LGBT Support
-Therapy Channel
-Positive Stories
-Sweet Rewards
Hi Welcome to The Safe Place!
We're so glad you found us! We are a LGBTQ+ server where you can make MANY new friends, we also are very supportive and will be there to help you with any problems you may be facing. We're really trying to grow and expand the server to help as many people as possible every single one of you are very important to us.
Things we Feature in The Safe Place
- Variety of Roles to choose from
- Venting and support channels
- Group Chats in which only you can be allowed into based off of roles
- Plural Kit Bot
- Music Voice Channels along with just voice channels
- Level System
- And so many more great things to come enjoy and experience, We can't wait to greet YOU!
To gain server access you will need to answer a few questions based on the rules just for safety purposes.
Stay Home Stay Safe! | Trans Rights!
Welcome to the Neko Café!
What we offer:
• Weekly Movie nights
• Private Modded Minecraft server (Forge/Twitch 1.15.2)
• 128kb Audio - 100 Emote Slots - Animated server - Custom banner!
• 670+ Friendly members
• FREE Giveaways
• Custom Bots 🤖
• Experienced Active staff
• Currency, Ranks, Rewards, Shop

Come on in and grab yourself a drink!

Partnerships temporarily closed!

Welcome to The Commune! We are a laid back community where you can post trash, talk about random stuff you're interested in or just v i b e in general chat. Everyone's welcome no matter how cringe you are.
———— Hello! —————————

This is a safe space for leftist and left-leaning queers, as well as those who want to learn more.

Are you tired of traditional LGBT+ spaces uncritically praising rainbow capitalism? Are you tired of left-leaning spaces throwing queer people under the bus, or simply urging you to read “theory” that is inaccessible to some? Are you a member of the radical queer movement, and annoyed by the neoliberal/liberal bend in mainstream LGBT discord servers? This space is for you!

Most LGBTQ discord servers are naturally left-leaning or at least liberal, because of the lack of queer acceptance in most conservative spaces. However, most are not politically oriented, and, more importantly, not very intersectional.

We have:

- identity- and ideology-specific channels
- support channels for LGBT+ people with intersecting identities, such as people of color and neurodivergent/disabled people
- PluralKit and SystemTime for systems and multiples
- vent and blacklist channels for people who want to talk to a supportive community
- inclusivity of non-majority experiences (bi/pan gays and lesbians, non-dysphoric trans folks, etc)
- education channels for people who want to learn more about politics or LGBT+ identities
- theory and praxis channels for sharing interesting reads and promoting your activism
- a loving, accepting community of fellow queer radicals!
** ★༝☾-x.{。.☆:<--o--[Goodday!]--o-->:☆.。}x-☾༝*★ **
✧ ║ ★༝☾ ***Queer Nova***
✧ ║ ★༝☾ We're a non-toxic, LGBT+ server that accepts everyone (°◡°♡)
✧ ║ ★༝☾ *Everbody that's 13 years or older can join!*
☆ ║ ★༝☾ What do we have to offer?
☾ ║ o -*Toxic-free community*(つ✧ω✧)つ
☾ ║ o -*Different events and/or competitions*
☾ ║ o -*Safe space where you can be yourself*
☾ ║ o -*Cool new friends to chat with* (っ˘⌣˘(˘⌣˘ ) ♡
☾ ║ o -*Different channels and cool roles, but not too much!*
☾ ║ o -*Probably the perfect place for you* ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
☆ ║ ★༝☾ ***We have an art-competition going on where you can win Discord Classic Nitro 'till June 30th!***
✧ ║ ★༝☾ < Meet us! >
✧ ║ ★༝☾ < _by hellphhish on Reddit_ >
** ★༝☾-x.{。.☆:<--o--[See you later!]--o-->:☆.。}x-☾༝*★ **

╔═════ °• ♔ •° ═════╗
Pride city

Pride city is an LGBTQ+ server, it is targeted for the LGBTQ+ members!
But, anybody is accepted.

The age range here is 13-18+

Come join Pride city today!
Introduction to Society Of Civilised Traps:
All ages are welcome!
Join this server if you are an otaku who's interested in cosplaying/crossplaying etc who wants to talk openly to others!

This server is LGBT friendly and I welcome all to join as long as you are a freethinker and not a troll!

P.S. Please follow the discord guidelines, even if ya don't agree it helps keep a server safe etc!
A modestly-sized server for LGBT+ youth, feel free to come and say hi we would love to see you.
»»———— Hey there! ————-««

We are a supportive LGBT community that offers a place to make meaningful friendships and maybe even a significant other.We are focused on the lgbt community but we do welcome all! We all come here for different reasons but no matter the struggles you face, you are never alone and your friends here will always greet you with open arms, listening ears, and a warm, caring heart. ❣️

»»————- What We Have ————-««

👑 Fun bots some with premium~

👑 Kind welcoming Staff~

👑 Custom Roles and Colors~

👑 E-dating~

👑 Safe Community~

👑 A fun community and new friends~

👑 A place to be yourself~

»»————- Mwah. ————-««

We’re so happy to have you join us ❣️
We are a new 18+ only trans and non-binary server! We are not NSFW focused however we do have some NSFW categories. Our focus is to bring together trans adults so they can have a more mature environment to discuss trans issues and transition!