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A new LGBTQA+ Steven Universe themed discord! We are brand new so we are in need of staff of course! Our theme is Steven Universe but you are welcome to join to talk about other things as well as to discuss gender and sexuality. Allies are also welcome! I hope you'll join us!
Age restrictions: 16 to be on server, 18 to post nsfw pictures of yourself
Server for Traps/Femboys/Transgenders and people who worship them
Includes NSFW content
Everyone is welcome here as long as you aren't just trolling or being toxic!
Enjoy your stay!
A modestly-sized server for LGBT+ youth, feel free to come and say hi we would love to see you.
>Comfy server vibe
>Non abusive mods
>Minimal rules
>NSFW channels
>Feels / advice channel
>Welcoming and chill community
>Everybody's welcome
Welcome to Gayborhood! We are an LGBTQ+ server, dedicated towards a friendly environment! As we progress towards 200 members, we see growing activity, and heavy diversity!

What we offer:
★ Music bots
✰ Active members
★ Lots of emojis
✰ Self-assignable roles
★ A wide variety of channels
💚 Welcome Home! 💚

🔴 You've finally found your way back? I'm proud, sweetheart! Hm? You don't remember this place? Oh, well..

🔶 This server is a pleasant paradise for all LGBT people, but also cisgender, heterosexual individuals. All identities are valid here! Yes, neopronouns included.

💛 We have a strict, no-pressure general environment. If you're arguing and making the place uncomfortable for others outside of the respective channel, you're to be muted. We're all in this for a good time, enough with the petty squabbles!

🍏 We have several roles, though they are not mandatory! Privacy is respected in this server. However, if you're feeling open, we also have a role request channel for those who require specific pronouns or identities!

📘 It may sound strict, but our staff team will be specifically selected and trained to RELAX a bit! We understand modern satire and shitpost culture, and are not very uptight about it. If a joke is funny, and you clearly don't mean any harm, we won't enact any punishment.

🦑 No chasers or transmeds allowed! Sorry, guys. Look somewhere else. We also have PluralKit!
Trap World is a community on Discord and on /
Trap World is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with other people..
This is also a place where you can make new friends or more! ;)
Trans friendly
Come join and have a lot of fun! <3
Once you join all you have to do is read the rules and make an introduction to gain acces to the rest of the server!
- Our own MC Server
- Can communicate with the people playing MC via discord minecraft channel.
- 150+ Emoji's (146 slots still open)
- 100MB upload limit without Nitro!
- 3200+ Users
- Steam shop Where you can buy free games with server currency!
- Game roles to find people to play with!
- Our own little bots with many features.
- Our own currency
- You can get your custom role OwO
- Twitter shilling to gain followers
- The most accepting users.
- Moderated (No one likes AFK mods)
We are a brand-new server trying to build a friendly community for adult (18+) trans/trap individuals to hangout and share experiences and make friends! Cis people are welcome to mingle too! Share your music, selfies, art, cool stuff! We have custom role colors and custom roles are available to active members. Build a community with us 💜. This is a free speech server as long as that speech isn't hateful so feel free to relax and be yourself 👯‍♀

Note: Intro channel is marked as NFSW, this is only to reiterate the entire server is 18+

-- Custom roles & colors
-- Server currency, earn server currency by being active!!
-- Server shop, redeem custom commands and perks
-- NSFW channels
-- Voice channel
-- Music channel
-- Selfie channel
-- Interactions (headpats, pouts, and hugs <3)
-- Non invasive bots!
-- Mewbot
-- Minigames
-- General chat channel
and lots more!
Transgender discord group that is here to give a safe mature space for its members. A place where do not need to fear hate for who you are. Seeking mature members 16+ and have 18+ chats.
This is a Gay Straight Alliance server! Everyone is included here and supportive, this is made for teenagers by teenagers! We hope you enjoy your time here! :)
Trans Revolution is a transgender oriented server meant for transgender people and people who want to talk to and have fun with trans peeps.
We are a NSFW server that supports traps, femboys, trans people and everything in between ! Lightly modded, good community, and there's always someone active.
We're a small community based LGBT+ server. This server is here to help people within the LGBT+ community find friends and make connections. Allies are also allowed.

We are not a dating sever!
Welcome to Actually Trans! We are a Trans-specific group specifically focused on alternative viewpoints not normally accepted in the typical dogmatic left-wing LGBT community servers.
Hopefully you will stay with us and meet some wonderful new friends!
We specialise in free speech for everybody, so it's probably best that you're not easily offended or upset, but we welcome all kinds of people.

This is a server for transgender teenagers between the ages 13 and 20. We're an open community to everyone who identifies with the trans identity. We also accept questioning people into our server! I hope you'll join this wonderful server soon enough!
Hiya and welcome to Trans Space!

We're a fast growing server (350+ members!) for trans and other LGBTQ+ folks to chat, make new friends, get advice and more.


🏳️‍🌈 A great community!
🏳️‍🌈 Events, contests and game nights
🏳️‍🌈 Open to all ages 13+
🏳️‍🌈 Channels for all sorts of interests - gaming, films, fashion and more!
🏳️‍🌈 Everyone is welcome - trans or cis
🏳️‍🌈 Voting on suggestions and events
🏳️‍🌈 Channels for serious topics, venting and advice
🏳️‍🌈 Friendly staff team
🏳️‍🌈 Hella inclusive - no discourse or judgement here!

If that sounds like your sort of thing, come join us! We'd love to have you here!
Hello! we are a small but growing Left-wing server. Come in and talk about the world, or even just your day.
Hello there! We are Transtation Central! And we are a new transgender support server aiming to bring a supportive community of transgender individuals together of all ages and opinions!

While we as a server are discourse neutral and welcome anyone of any opinion, please know there IS a debate channel!
- DUE TO RECENT EVENTS, we do not allow neopronouns in our server!

We have plenty of channels to share art, share memes, send selfies, and a whole section dedicated to transgender resources and support!

We hope you join the station soon!
This server is a peer-to-peer support and chat server. We have support and venting channels for when you need it, and we have chat channels for you to relax in. The server has people from many different backgrounds, ages and cultures. Welcome to The Island!! 🌴
A 18+ Community of femboys and femboy admirers. Everyone is welcomed! Come say hello!
- The largest femboy server with over 7,500 members.
- 500 emojis. Plus a dedicated emoji sever with 100 additional emojis.
- A private Minecraft server for community members.
- More than 50 SFW and NSFW channels.
- 10 Voice chat rooms.
- Custom mentionable roles available.
- Advertisements channel to post your social medias.
- Deep community leveling and ranking system.
- Community currency and banking system were you can buy items and roles with earned community currency.
- Over 50 Earnable roles.
- 50+ different Self-assignable roles to choose from.
The Cozy Box(🔞) is the Coziest little box around!
New to server Community we will work to be number 1!
We support everyone.
Come join and have a lot of fun! <3
Once you join all you have to do is read the rules and make an introduction to gain access to the rest of the server!(As of 16th you will need a profile picture.can be anything sfw.)
We have 15 active bots and will add more if needed!
- Nicest users around
- Moderated (With care and fairness)
-vent channels
-Little helper bot
-simple rules that are made to protect and keep creeps out.
-Available for server channel suggestions and bots.
So come in Too Cozy box and get warm! <3
Hello! We are a Discord server for trans people with unconventional beliefs but all are welcome!
-No cis males without invitation from someone within the server