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A new transgender and non-binary server open to everyone! We are literally brand new so it's quiet. Hope to see you here!
13 minutes ago
An active community for everyone LGBT+! Please do not join if you aren’t LGBT+. No homophobia/transphobia/racism and other awful things!
51 minutes ago
General chat room server that is mostly lgbt+ members but we are open to everyone.
4 hours ago
Are you Always being made fun of for being trans or just need a place to talk to and make friends,? then this is just the right place for you.
8 hours ago
I created this discord server so that I could chat, have fun, and mess around with my followers! I wanted to create a fun an safe environment where like minded people of all shapes, sizes, and sexuality could come together and have a little fun! This server was originally created for members of the LGBT+ Community with heavy emphasis on transgenders, sissys, and anything to do with femininity (Boy ---> Girl transformation)! But You don't have to be LGBT+ to join!!! This server is open to anyone and everyone that wants to join as long as you follow the rules there is a place for you!
Anyway I hope you give us a shot and we look forward to seeing you on the server!

So what exactly is S-3-H Community?

|18+ NSFW COMMUNITY 18+| Although the whole server is not NSFW a majority of it is! So please be 18 years or older if you are going to join!
|Roleplay Events!| We have weekly and monthly group roleplaying events that anyone can join!
|Movie Night!| We hold movie nights on every other Friday!
|Game Night!| We hold game nights on the Fridays we don't have movie night!
|Lewd Stuffs| We hold a large collection of just about everyone's taste when it comes to Clears Throat "Art"
16 hours ago
A safe space for Transgender users. If your not and you come to tease or troll we will ban you.
19 hours ago
A new friendly server for people apart of the LGBT community and allys
1 days ago
LFG is a very friendly LGBT+ community. We pride ourselves on our very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Regardless of your gender, sexuality, and background you are welcome in the fam!
1 days ago
An all-inclusive LGBT+ focused server with a friendly, relaxed attitude. Small community looking to grow :)
3 days ago
A server for non-binary and trans folk! We welcome cis allies with a connection to the community!
4 days ago
A accepting server for LGBT+ members and allies to just chill, make friends and maybe play some games together! We contain lots of fun bots such as Pokecord, Tatsumaki, Proto, and Dynobot. Some of our features contain self-assignable roles, and we run a Minecraft server for all of our community members. We wish to watch and see you become a active members of our community!

4 days ago
A new LGBT gaming and anime server with channels for NSFW, kink, vore, MLM, WLW, and trans people! Please don't mention NSFW things outside of the NSFW channels, like in #introduction. Help us build a really cool discord group! Everyone is welcome as long as you follow the rules!
5 days ago
Welcome to LGBT Studios. We are a small community focused around art and artists, and we welcome everyone in the LGBTQ+ community.
6 days ago
A fresh LGBT+ community made to provide a friendly space to meet new people! Everyone is made a member manually for a bit of added security!
6 days ago
We zijn een jonge server van Nederlands sprekende transgenders en vrienden, gericht op support en gezelligheid. Wil je iets kwijt, zoek je naar informatie, of wil je gewoon een leuke groep open-minded mensen om mee om te gaan, kom dan eens langs en zeg hallo!
6 days ago
This is an LGBTQIA+ server for meeting and talking to people in our community. The server is quite active with a group of regulars who support each other when needed. The server is a place for people to talk to people who have similar experiences and meet more of the LGBT community. We have a lot of general channels in order to facilitate conversation about whatever topic you choose (within reason of course)
7 days ago
We are Prism - the newest LGBTQ themed Discord Server! We welcome everyone; no matter race, sex or sexual orientation so please come as you are and have fun with us as we grow as a community.
14 days ago
SunnySideUp is a small community of trans people, femboys, and admirers with verification steps to allow access to the deeper parts of the server. Come for the porn and stay for the people.
16 days ago
Come hang out in this nerdy LGBTQ+ community where we chat about things, talk about life, and sometimes group watch a tv or show! Happy Pride!
17 days ago
An area for teenage trans people and allies to play video games and hang out together! Must be 13-18 to join.
22 days ago
General and inclusive support for everyone who falls under the transgender label and at any stage in their transition
22 days ago
Trans-Sylvania is a place for everyone, but is specifically a safe haven for trans peoples! we have sfw and nsfw roles, so all ages are welcome.
23 days ago