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13+ | LGBTQ+ | GAMING | EVENTS | GIVEAWAYS | TOURNAMENTS | ProudGamers. The LGBTQ+ Gaming Server. Join. Be who you are. Be Proud
This is a server for nonbinary folk, but everyone is welcome, cis or trans! We promote diversity and acceptance of all identities and views. I kept getting kicked from nonbinary servers for my views so I made a true safe space, for people of all kinds, MOGAI, tucute, truscum, transmed, everyone. We keep discussion of these views in a specific channel to avoid unwanted conflict.
Welcome to Transyouth!

We are a 13-20 server that mainly focuses on transgender topics but we’re open to all of the LGBT. We also host giveaways & game night if you’re interested in that. Hope to see you there 🌸
Alphabet Soup: LGBTQIA+ inclusive BDSM! We are an all inclusive, full spectrum BDSM server that welcomes people of any experience level in the community! Drop in, make some friends, maybe even find a partner!
Tree House is an SFW 13+ server for members of the LGBT community (allies welcome!) to get together and hang out!
We hope to create a chill, safe environment for members of the community.
We have:
- Music bots
- Fun events like game or movie nights
- Safe places for minors, trans people, adults, etc.
- Three servers of pride emojis for users with Nitro!
- Partnerships with other 13+ servers!
Please note that we do age verification for NSFW content!
This is a server for LGBT people of color! Some cool things we have in the server are:

~ Self assignable roles!
~ Server Events (, Cards Against Humanity, and More!)
~ Fun bots and a leveling up system!
~ A kind and welcoming community!
A nifty LGBT server for youth, come join and have a look around.
welcome to the small but intimate server for lgbt teens (ages 13-19) and allies! we are great bunch so come join! we offer so many cool things!
a m e n i t i e s
☆ members from over 15 different countries
☆ lots of custom roles
☆ custom emojis
☆ friendly admins
☆ art channel
☆ language channels (for you 2 speak your native language)
☆ music player
☆ aesthetic channel
☆ pet pictures
☆ healthy venting sections
☆ fun bots
☆ server events
LGBT Teen Discord - A fun, friendly, and welcoming community for LGBT teens (13-20) to chat and make some new friends.

We are now hosting our Harry Potter themed House Cup. Join now to get sorted into your house, meet some new friends, and take part in some fun activities!

We also regularly host Mafia games and are always looking for new players and hosts! As well as Mafia, some of us play Roblox, Cards against humanity and more.

- Active chats for talking and meeting new people.
- Other channels for gaming, debates, discussing films and TV, etc.
- Fun events and activities.
- Friendly staff members.
- Self-assignable roles.
Trap World is a community on Discord and on
We support everyone and everyone is welcome.
Trans friendly
Come join and have a lot of fun! <3
Once you join all you have to do is read the rules and make an introduction to gain acces to the rest of the server!
- 1650+ Users
- Steam shop
- Our own little bots with many features.
- Our own currency
- You can get your custom role OwO
- Twitter shilling to gain followers
- The most accepting users.
- Moderated (No one likes AFK mods)
Ce serveur artistique a pour vocation d'offrir une safe zone pour les personnes transgenres, tout en étant une plateforme permettant de s'améliorer et de partager ses talents créatifs. Vous êtes tous les bienvenus qui que vous soyez.
A new trans discord server focused on anime! We also have channels for other topics if you're not too interested in talking about anime. We also accept non-binary folks and anyone who is questioning! We also welcome allies!
NSFW server with amateur trap galleries!
Meet your trap gf today !
Click that join !
T.I.E (Transgender Institute of Education), is a brand new server looking to create an active community.

Our theme is all around education, based on the United States schooling system, we have Elementary school, Middle School, High school and even College.

We allow ANYONE above the age of 13! Unlike other servers, we allow "older" people to join our server! Cause you deserve a space safe as well.

The server is currently open to ANYONE, we allow CIS, Questioning, Allies/ally, or anything. We are an Institute of Education, after all.

Things we offer.
☆ Self-assignable roles, opt-in channels and even a Roleplay channel.

☆ Custom Emojis

☆ Levels & role rewards, try and level up and become #1!

☆ Simple and easy rules.

☆ Permanent Invite:
A nsfw server for only trans (mtf and ftm) and non binary people to enjoy and themselves and share photos without fear or judgement (ps, cis people aren't welcome, we're not being exclusionists)
LGBT+ Family & Games (LFG) is a very friendly LGBT+ community welcoming all types of members (gay, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, asexual, straight, furry, etc). The community has:

👦Self-assignable roles.
🎮 Gaming Channels
🎲 Giveaways & Events
📹 Video Chat Rooms
🌈 Custom LGBT+ Social Network Site and Apps
🌵 Private Minecraft Server
🔒 Teen only channels for members 13-17
🍆 NSFW for 18+ Members

Come join the fam!
Are you trans and into BDSM? well this is the server for you!
We are a all trans server, no transfets and raid proof? doesn't that sounds amazing?
Non-binary? get yourself in here!

if it wasn't clear this server is for Transgender people only, you will be banned if you aren't trans.

Don't forget to rate.
Espacio seguro de apoyo para personas trans de habla hispana. Protegido de la transfobia.
Real Trans Shit, a server for all your trans needs. We got a chill community, a diverse set of opinions in all of our members, and an overall truscum-friendly environment. WE ONLY ALLOW BINARY TRANS PEOPLE AND CIS PEOPLE TO JOIN, so please find another server if you're nonbinary. We have a debate room and plenty of other channels for just about any occasion. You are required to fill out an introduction and your roles in order to enter, as we don't want to just let anyone in who may potentially be a troll. We hope you enjoy our server!
☆★ Welcome to Ally's Territory. An anime and trap themed discord server ★☆
❤︎ Anime ❤︎ Gaming ❤︎ Traps ❤︎ Transgender ❤︎ Femboys ❤︎ Selfies ❤︎ Lewds ❤︎
Friendly LGBT server where everyone is welcome!
A new LGBTQIA discord server with a focus on polyamory! Although we have polyamory in our name all you need to be is a member of the LGBTQIA+ community in order to join us!
What we have to offer
>Several identifier roles to help you find people similar to you
>Channels about sexuality and gender to help those who are questioning
>Channels for mental support
>NSFW channels
>An 18+ only community so that we have a more mature audience here
TINOL is a safe-space for all GNC people, we'd appreciate if you'd join and help grow and make an impact,
we're is a commnuity server that offers:
- Self-assignable roles -
- Friendly users -
- Safe space for all, we dont judge! -
- Lots of fun bots! -
- Friendships! -
- Lots of channels to express yourself and what you like! -
- Venting and support channels -
- We're open to suggestions on what to change and how to improve the server
hope you’ll be willing to join <3
A place to hang out with porn performer Lewd Belle and her friends. Generally have fun, share each others creativity, care about transgender people, sex workers, LGBT and everyone who supports us. There is a lot of Lewd content and discussion on this server too. Be aware! Over 18 years of age only.