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Welcome to Rainbow Central! Where give u sweetness and laughter all around! Meet New Friends and have some fun! Show some Art and show some pride! It’s a great place for friends to get along and to know each other!
Mother's Garden is a growing community for women (age 18 or over) to make platonic friends. We welcome all women, including trans women, in our community. We enjoy voice chatting as a group. We will be hosting events such as game and movie nights on a regular basis. We want our community to be a safe place for women to connect, encourage and support one another. If you'd like more info, please join our discord and chat with a mod!
♂️══━━━━✥✥━━━━══ ♂️
Welcome to ftm kuk! We are a server for trans boys/men! This server is truscum only.
b a s i c s
☆ we speak english only
☆ 13-20 years old
☆ we have a very good application system to only let certain people in :)
☆ many channels
☆ role shop
☆ amazing staff
☆ all close to one another
♂️ ══━━━━✥✥━━━━══ ♂️
Hey there! :3 ♥
We are a small server and we welcome all LGBTQ+ people, such as trans, non binary, genderfluid, intersex individuals and more!
We're still working on this server so you can participate in creating a lovely community even more so than you could in other servers. C:
So if you're interested & looking to find new, like-minded people, join us! ♥

Note: You have to be at least 16 years old!
Colorful minds is an LGBTQA+ server that provides a safe space for those who are in the community or not! this is a server for everyone to get along and for those who are trying to find themselves out to do so we have:
~Friendly Staff
~Tons of channels
~ A friendly community
all that is missing is you

We are looking for more active people to help build our community
☆★ Welcome to Ally's Territory. An anime and trap themed discord server ★☆
❤︎ Anime ❤︎ Gaming ❤︎ Traps ❤︎ Transgender ❤︎ Femboys ❤︎ Selfies ❤︎ Lewds ❤︎
Adult Trap & Fem Themed Hangout with lots of fun topics, trap guides, and loyal community. Our discord has safety measures in place, do not allow (thirsty) creeps, and have verification processes to keep the community safe and engaging.

Cosplay ✦ Fashion ✦ Cosmetics ✦ Hygiene ✦ Fitness ✦ Anime ✦ Gaming ✦ Verification ✦ Bots ✦ NSFW ✦ Lewds ✦ Dating
A small server open to all members of the lgbt+ community. We also specialize in wholesome yuri and catgirls uwu
A discord server for mtf transgender people to come together and hopefully make some new friends. This is just a small server, and the people here are really nice and kind. And if you're not nice, there will be consequences.
Are you trans and into BDSM? well this is the server for you!
We are a all trans server, no transfets and raid proof? doesn't that sounds amazing?
Non-binary? get yourself in here!

if it wasn't clear this server is for Transgender people only, you will be banned if you aren't trans.

Don't forget to rate.
if you're trans/lgbt and into free speech, you should join up

chill or play games it's w/e
come say hi anyway!
We are ProudGamers. A 13+ LGBTQ+ gaming space. Come in, play some games and be proud of who you are
A private sanctuary for Transfolk & Non-Binary human beings, the only requirement of joining is identifying one of the above! We are currently small but are growing, and we feel that everyone in the server is part of our little family. We may be strict in rules, but we take care of our own; your future safe place in a big, wide and sometimes scary world ☺️ Come on in, read the rules, assign you roles and tell us what makes you, you!!! Love you all!
This is a server for transgender teenagers between the ages 13 and 20. We're an open community to everyone who identifies with the trans identity. We also accept questioning people into our server! I hope you'll join this wonderful soon enough!
Age restrictions: 16 to be on server, 18 to post nsfw pictures of yourself
Server for Traps/Femboys/Transgenders and people, who worship them
Includes NSFW content
Everyone is welcome here!
Enjoy your stay!
This is the Transpositive server, a place where allies and members of the LGBTQ+ can come together and make a peaceful, loving community. If you wish to join, you will be asked to answer a few questions, please have patience with our staff as we approve you!

We also have a minecraft server! If you want to play along with some of the people on the server, join today!
Hello Everybody and Welcome to The LGBTree Garden, we are a safe place for people within the LGBTQIA+ Spectrum!
🍃Daily QOTDs and Jokes!
🍃Self-assigning and Custom roles!
🍃Discussions on favorite movies, music, memes, asthetics, etc.
🍃Sharing advice and support to our community!
🍃Using many different bots for fun!
🍃Friendly Staff!
🍃And more!
Espacio seguro de apoyo para personas trans de habla hispana. Protegido de la transfobia.
Hello, my name is Valentine and this is my little server! We are an LGBT-focused & disability friendly server where the aim is to have fun, game, and discuss our hobbies! We have an uncluttered, simple layout- the focus is on sharing our passions and making friends!
I am very active with the server, it is just getting off the ground and I'd love to have everyone who joins help shape it. I truly want it to be a loving and tight-knit community.
We have:
• Dedicated hobby channels- art, music, photography, any kinds of crafts, cooking, and collecting of any kind!

• Dedicated rooms for each popular genre of coop and competitive games! Organize sessions with each other and discuss the finer points of your favorite games!

•Dedicated support channels- need to just talk to someone? Chances are someone's online and willing to listen.

•We have self assigned roles that will be expanded soon, so if you have suggestions feel free to share them! ♡

•We also have color-chan & rythm integration and if you would like to request a bot, feel free!
(Also, the icon is a placeholder- but it's cute, isn't it?)
we are a small safe place for trans people. cis people are allowed in without anyone inside but the punishment for transphobia or any kind of anti-lgbtq+ hate speech will be dealt with immediately
Trap World is a community on Discord and on
We support everyone and everyone is welcome.
Trans friendly
Come join and have a lot of fun! <3
Once you join all you have to do is read the rules and make an introduction to gain acces to the rest of the server!
- Our own MC Server
- Can communicate with the people playing MC via discord minecraft channel.
- 150+ Emoji's (146 slots still open)
- 50MB upload limit without Nitro!
- 2200+ Users
- Steam shop Where you can buy free games with server currency!
- Our own little bots with many features.
- Our own currency
- You can get your custom role OwO
- Twitter shilling to gain followers
- The most accepting users.
- Moderated (No one likes AFK mods)
LGBTQ+ Pride is just what it sounds like! A server for LGBTQ+ members. A place where you can ask for advice on coming out, a place where you can vent if it doesn't go well, a place where you can support those who are afraid to come out or did but it didn't go so well.

Whether you identify as gay, bi, pan, ace, trans, agender, etc you are welcome! Even straight people can join to support and will gain the supporter role. Upon joining please dm Gay Queen or one of the mods to let them know what you identify as or if you are just supporting the community so that we can give you the proper role!
💎CryptoPorn 18+💎


💎NSFW content from Transexual to Straight porn!💎

💎Roleplaying chatting with others💎

💎Friendly people in our chat and keep our server clean as possible💎

💎We have voice channels & Music channels💎

💎Memes channel for everyone!💎

💎There are active users right now!💎