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This is a small server getting it's feet off the ground, so please join if you are trans and looking for a cozy spot.
based off of r/transgendercirclejerk so don't join if you get offended easily.

spider gang friendly
this is a server for trans (mtf or ftm) and nonbinary people! hi my name is sock and this is where you will spend the rest of your life! have fun
enby lesbeans is a safe space for lesbians who identify outside of the traditional gender binary. we're a growing community, and we're always looking for more members. if you're looking to meet other enby lesbians like you, this is the place!

~ 15+ only please
~ self-assignable roles
~ channels for talking about interests and identity

come chill with us! make friends! get to know your community!
Howdy! Welcome to The Cowboys, a LGBTIA+ server for people ages 13-19 in the LGBT community :] We're a server with bots like yui and eli, vent channels, channels for anime and games, and more! If you're looking for somewhere not too big to talk and make friends, this server is where you should be! BTW, if you join you wont have access to the rest of the server until you react to the message in the rules channel! I hope to see you there! o(*’▽’*)/☆゚’
We are a new 18+ only trans and non-binary server! We are not NSFW focused however we do have some NSFW categories. Our focus is to bring together trans adults so they can have a more mature environment to discuss trans issues and transition!
We are a new 18+ server for transgender and gender non-conforming people, this is not a space for allies but for trans/gnc people only.
Come hangout with us ~.` we're pretty alright.

NOT for hookups but we do have NSFW channels.
~ We are mainly a social chat.
~ 420 chat lounge.
~Mature members.
~We support POC
welcome to trans town!
we are a transgender/nonbinary ONLY discord server (no cis people, sorry!) made to meet people like you and have a good time :]
lots of roles to choose from!
walled-off discourse area, so you dont have to see it!
raid protection!
lots of channels to chat in!

DNI (dont join if you fit this criteria!): truscum/transmeds, t/rfs, gender critical, "nonbinary skeptic," or are otherwise transphobic or nonbinaryphobic, support maps/nomaps, center or right wing.
if ur trans and love trans people, check us out! (all orientations welcome) we're a brand new safe space to chat & make friends with other trans people.
🌈 16+ and no older than 21!

🌈 neopronoun friendly!

🌈 system friendly (PluralKit & SystemTime)

🌈 neurodiversity friendly

🌈 ace & aro inclusive

🌈 games & events
+ more!
NO: terfs/truscum/transmeds/anti-mogai or anti-neopronoun, endos/tulpamancy/etc, cottagecore/goblincore/clowncore
A casual, inclusive place for nonbinary and trans people to discuss gender, have fun, and be a part of a community.

💛 Friendly, active community & staff
💜 Self-assignable roles for pronouns, genders, & more
💛 Fun, creative events (with prizes!)
💜 Voice chat, music bot, & custom commands

Come join us today!
This server is for trans people and allies, mainly teens^-^ a safe space for all things lgbt and trans. Everyone here is very friendly and we'd love to have you :>

Now with level 2 boosting <3

Welcome to the trans mountains, a server based for trans people to meet and talk to other people like them
we offer fun chats, with lots of specific creative channels especially

Quite a few trans specific channels, with tips for passing and general conversations with people like yourself

We also offer help and support channels, to talk to others and get help and advice

So why not join and meet others in the same boat as yourself?
Welcome to LGBTQIA+ nest! We are a friendly LGBTQIA+ server that's also poly-friendly, but we don't have a poly focus! We are an 18+ community.

❤️ Always active staff
🧡 Friendly community
💛 Lots of self assignable roles
💙 Multiple language chat
💜 Always open vent and support chats
This is a new trans masc discord server for folks looking for a space that isn't transmedicalist or truscum. We are a friendly brand new community seeking members who are trans masc! It doesn't matter if you're binary trans or non-binary trans!
Young Trans Peeps is our server for transgender, gender questioning, or nonbinary teenagers to just talk, hang out and make friends! We have channels where you can discuss your specific interests with other people, as well as channels where you can vent and get advice :smiley:

>!!!Please note: This server is only for those aged 13-20 and is not meant for dating. The server is also uncompromising towards transmedicalist/truscum opinions and mindsets along with other harmful ideologies, (alt-right, rightwing, etc.) and you will be kicked if you cause animosity within the server.!!!<
✨ ~ Welcome to TransSoul! ~ ✨

We're an LGBT discord server targeted towards transgender individuals, but not exclusive to them!

🤝 We accept all minorities, and cishet allies! 🤝

[ ~-------~-------~ ]

What do we offer?

- A laid back atmosphere

- Fair, and simple moderation! If you're not making problems, you can stay!

- Plural-friendly!

- Relaxed ruleset- As long as nobody is uncomfortable, we're chill.

- Verification -- You cannot send images or enter sensitive channels (like #selfies, #support, etc.) without first hitting level three.

- Lots more! (events, support, etc.)

[ ~-------~-------~ ]

We hope to see you stop in!
Welcome to the Wild West! We're a small, cowboy-themed community of transgender folks. Our server icon and name are discrete enough that you don't have to fear opening the server in public, and we're dedicated to protecting our friendly community. We're open to all ages. Feel free to drop by and join us!
A safe place for the lgbtq+ community to come together and talk about whatever! We love to have fun and stuffs. We’re small yes but we are trying to grow! **TEENS ONLY only 13-18 will be verified. 19 will be verified at admin discretion**

We have support channels, a validation channel for our trans frens, and we all around just talk about whatever. We pretty heavily monitor to ensure a safe place.

A lot of us are really silly and if you catch us at the right time will be very hyper and not shut up! Please join!
Fo you like to argue? Do you want a small community of people to be able to back you up in those arguments? Do you like cute pictures of cats? If you answered yes to one or more of these things, this may be the server for you!

The Discourse Force features:
- Many regular discourse channels on a variety of topics
- Channels for more info on another side, from people on that side.
- Channels for only people of your discourse stance (including neutral)
- Lots of opportunities to educate and be educated on one side or the other.

What are you waiting for? Come join!
This is an 18+ server queer server hoping to provide community to those who aren't gender / socially conforming. We offer a safe space for alternative spiritualities & lifestyles - witches, psychonauts, etc - and try to avoid the reactionary politics that can fester in other groups. Exclusionists, gatekeepers, etc need not apply.

We have a variety of channels, including hobby channels, support channels, and channels for various spiritual practices. We try to maintain a healthy, laid back atmosphere with as little moderation as possible. Be kind, and respect eachother!

We now have pluralkit for any and all systems who would like to join as well as a divination bot and an astrology bot!
Welcome to the Nonbinary Hotel! With friendly staff and plenty of support for all identities, everyone is welcome. Whether queer or just an ally, we hope that you'll enjoy your stay with us. :)
A trans and non-binary discord server focused on anime! We also have channels for other topics if you're not too interested in talking about anime. We also accept non-binary folks and anyone who is questioning!
Now with a working invite link!!!
💙 Hello and welcome to Binder Boys! 💙

This server is a hangout for anyone who identifies in a masculine presenting way despite being afab such as transmen, transmasc individuals, and folks who are nonbinary, etc. Find new friends who you can relate to and who will understand your situation.

What we have to offer:
- experienced staff
- friendly atmosphere
- we provide support and advice
- we provide education on trans topics
- 40+ self assignable roles
- 60+ channels
- creative outlets
- fun events
- pluralkit for systems (all types welcome)
- OwO bot
And more!!!

💙 Come and join us today! 💙