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Transgender discord group that is here to give a safe mature space for its members. A place where do not need to fear hate for who you are. Seeking mature members 16+ and have 18+ chats.
This is a server for transgender teenagers between the ages 13 and 20. We're an open community to everyone who identifies with the trans identity. We also accept questioning people into our server! I hope you'll join this wonderful server soon enough!
This server is for trans people and allies ^-^ a safe space for all things lgbt and trans. Everyone here is very friendly and we'd love to have you :>

Looking for Staff too
We are a new transgender support community. Friendly group. we also play games. feel free to join :)
We're a community exclusively for transgender males to discuss transitioning, social issues, or to just chill out!
Serveur d'information et d'entraide pour les personnes trans, en questionnement, et leurs proches.
•Hi! Welcome to the Trans Gang server! My name is Adonis and I'm the humble little owner of this server :)

•We're a server dedicated to meeting other like-minded and diverse trans individuals! With a plethora of customized roles, trans-based text channels, and just general all around positivity!

•My goal is to make everybody happy, pretty much. With server requests and just relative actual conversation with the people on my server, I hope to make a community that's not only fun, but nice to be in.

•We also hold art, writing, and poetry contests! You get put into the hall-of-fame and a special role! Along with a karaoke voice channel and music player channel :)

•If you decide to come in, I hope you aren't disappointed! I want to try my best to make a fun and loving server!

•i'm also currently taking mod applications! Please message me, the owner, if you're interested!
♂️══━━━━✥✥━━━━══ ♂️
Welcome to ftm kuk! We are a server for trans boys/men! No nb. This server is truscum only.

------------{A few things to note}------------
[x] We have a thorough application system so no one will be disturbed by raiders or "spy tucutes".
[x] People as young as 13 will be talking about going on tesosterone. And minors as young as 13 will be talking abt sex so if you’re uncomfy about that don’t join here.
[x] This server \\does\\ have 18+ chats but underage admins talk there and if you can't stand that then find somewhere else.
b a s i c s
☆ we speak english only
☆ 13-20 years old
☆ we have a very good application system to only let certain people in :)
☆ many channels
☆ role shop
☆ amazing staff
☆ all close to one another
☆ nitro boost level 1
♂️ ══━━━━✥✥━━━━══ ♂️
A new 18+ Trans masc and non-binary discord server! We are a friendly discord server for adult trans masc individuals to find a sense of community! We are accepting of all within the trans masc community and we are also welcome to users who are AFAB and questioning their gender!
Trans community (allies welcome). A small server where you can talk to others, discuss your c̶r̶i̶p̶p̶l̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶d̶y̶s̶p̶h̶o̶r̶i̶a̶ beautiful lives and meet new people. We welcome anyone who wants to join and we have many channels to discuss different trans topics.
FtM only, no MtFs! Sorry!

We have:
👽Reaction roles👽
🛸Vent channels🛸
☄️ Sexuality roles☄️
🌌systems + alters (pluralkit)🌌
👾raid protection👾
🛰️cute server theme! Ocean / space!🛰️
🌟 chats for age-regressors 🌟
🚀(Coming soon) game roles!🚀
ight so this server is pretty chill; we got memes, voice chat, n music. Mostly just a hangout to talk about music, gaming, trans stuff n whatever else. Ain't got excessive rules, generally I'm laid back about rules and I think people should have the ability speak their mind without being censored. The only exemption to this is harassment or hate directed towards an individual or group of people.

This server is directed more towards trans men but anyone can join
A server to promote trans positivity. We support people trying to get better from their problems of having the wrong body. Having transgender be an identity is toxic, doesn't make sense and is bad for your health. People should not identify as their problems. Transition to get better and don't let Transgender define who you are or what you are. Having the wrong body is hell, a problem, and shouldnt be considered anyones identity.
this is trans tavern *:・゚✧ !
any binary trans person that's 16-24 is welcomed to stop by, we'd love to have you <3
Validation Station is an established safe space and the premier friendly community for transgender teenagers to talk, have fun, and meet new people! The server is currently only open to trans (or questioning) people under the age of 20. Come join, if you can! :D
welcome to transman town! a safe, discourse free server for ftm men :)

we are a fairly active community, and make you a personal promise to be your new best friends uwu

transmeds, tucutes, and neutralists alike are welcome! but any mention of the dysphoria debate will get you striked. debates are allowed, but lets leave that out of it. we should fight transphobes, not eachother.

enjoy your stay in transman town!

-owner kokichi boom
Support server for those in the transgender community, people of all ages provide an ear, or information on what they are going through dealing with family, friends, HRT methods and even a few that are DIY. We may not be the most active server out there, but we have a stable and loyal following. Our server is based in the USA but there are a few that are up over night that are willing to talk and provide some sort of support.
We have sections that are only accessible by the role you pick so that you can keep your privacy, or only deal with those in your particular situation. We have sections based on age, if you're under 18 you have your own chat and support section that no one over 18 can join or see. same for those over 18.
So come check us out, and remember, if you join and no one immediately speaks, its usually because everyone's, sleeping, or at work/school.
A server for Trans people, run by Trans people. Currently, we're quite small but we'd love for you to pop in and have a chat, we welcome all people, be they LGBT+ allies, Non-binary people and Plural systems. Have Fun, we hope to chat soon!
Primarily Transgender & LGBT+ Gaming Server! We work hard to make a fun & loving community! A safe space to talk and be comfortable. Be respectful and kind to each other. Time is the one thing we don't get more of, use it to build long-lasting connections in quality people! We're so thankful to have you with us!

We are firmly 16+, no exceptions.

All our love!
<3 Kahlan
This is an 18+ server for MOGAI / Queer-spectrum individuals, hoping to provide community to those who aren't gender / socially conforming. We offer a safe space for alternative spirituality & lifestyles and try to avoid the cliquey politics that can fester in other groups. Truscum, aphobes, and other gatekeepers need not apply.

We have a variety of discussion channels, including support channels for those in need, and hope to be an accommodating space free from the hierarchies and cliques of other servers (and much more laxly moderated.) With that in mind, we have very little tolerance for aggressive bigotry or toxicity, and expect everybody to approach the community in good faith.
dragons den is a server for people who identify as transmasc to hang out, chat, make friends and have fun! we are looking to make a laid back community with no discourse or drama :-)
This server is for people who are 13-18, the only people allowed over 18 were 18 or less at the time of joining!

Hello and welcome to TransTogether! We’re a server for trans people, whether you be Mtf, FtM, or NB we’re here!
Please avoid arguments, but if they do happen, bring it to the debate channel
This server is still very new and sort of a work in progress, but I hope you can enjoy it.