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Hey, come and check out the Trans Community Center.
If you’re looking for a great resource for support and to find a safe space to make some new friends within the community come and check us out. 😁
enby lesbeans is a safe space for lesbians who identify outside of the traditional gender binary. we're a growing community, and we're always looking for more members. if you're looking to meet other enby lesbians like you, this is the place!

~ 15+ only please
~ self-assignable roles
~ channels for talking about interests and identity

come chill with us! make friends! get to know your community!

**we are nonbinary lesbian exclusive. anyone who is not a nonbinary lesbian will be kicked. questioning people are welcome.**
🍲Welcome to the Sacred Soup Corner! This 🍲server is mainly for non-binary/enby ppls 🍲but anyone from the lgbtqia+ community is 🍲welcome! This is a small server but we
🍲have high hopes that it will grow into
🍲something great!
🍲Thank you and have a soup-tastic day! 🍲
This is a server for transgender people between the ages of 13 and 28. We're an open community to everyone who identifies with the trans identity.
We also accept questioning people into our server! Be sure to join and chat, we got bots and friendly staff! And even channels to discuss hobbies and such!

Side note: We're system friendly!

We cannot wait to see you in the server!
welcome to transapphics! a server dedicated to those who identify as female aligned and aren't cis who love girls in any way, shape or form. We're just starting out so we haven't got the biggest community yet but we have server events, calls and a dedicated support section! join us now to help found a great new loving community!
Welcome! We're a small community of female trans teenagers and enbies (13-17) who just like hanging out and having fun! We hope you'll join us!
Just a chill server for the LGBT+ community. And Welcome to chillest LGBT+ server in the world! Where everything is chill and cool to everyone. The only requirement u need to be in here,is that u need to be 13 years or older. We love you to join us and join the squad and spread some happiness as we’re full of it. And best of all,we have it all the time 24-7 to help you with ur dyshopria,depression,and other sad things that you wanna talk about. So come and join the family today. We can help u in whatever way u can. We love u all.

Now with boosting!

-Drama Free
+50 colors!
-3 music bots!
-Nice staff members
-Vent Center
-LGBT Support
-Therapy Channel
-Positive Stories
-Sweet Rewards
Welcome to our bee hive! 🐝🌱

The non binary bees is a safe space for people outside of the gender binary and for friends and family of those outside of the gender binary. The goal is to meet new people, make friends and learn to feel comfortable and confident in who we are as enbys and allies!

🌼self assignable roles!
🌼a supportive and friendly community!
🌼a variety of channels to suit everyone!

Join us today!
This server is mainly to create a safe space for enby people. Anyone under the non-binary umbrella are welcomed warmly in this server, though you have to be 15 yrs old or over to join to assure a more mature environment.

🌿Trans masc/fem are also welcome but again we try to make a place for genderqueer folks.
🌿We welcome you like family, we give plenty of support and share ressources for those who needs. This is morely a chat server. Eventually we will have events between us to keep us close and entertained!
🌿Self assignable roles.
🌿Allies will need to fill a form to be sure our members are kept in a safe space
🌿pluralkit included

✨people questioning are also welcome
✨special spots for various interest
*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙˚ Welcome aboard The Starship! ˚•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙˚*

Fly with us to a safe space far from Earth, where gender is yours and yours alone!

★ We are only accepting trans and non-binary (along with any sub-labels) into the server at this time! ★

We feature:
✧ A steadily growing server to make lots of friends in
✦ A non-toxic, judgment-free, friendly community
✧ A simple verification system
✦ Tons of different channels to suit your interests
✧ Friendly and welcoming staff
✦ Varied support channels
✧ Tons of bots to play around and listen to music with
✦ Interactive pings to bring the server to life
✧ A Neurodivergent and system friendly zone
✦ An NSFW channel for 18+ users
✧ A minor-only zone for -17 users
✦ A server-wide currency system with cute roles to buy [ran by Mimu]
🎉Welcome to Enbies Incorporated 🎉
This server is a a safe place for anyone under the Non-binary umbrella.
A server for chatting and making friends.
Welcome to a safe place where you can be yourself with nice staff and even nicer people
In our server we have self asignable roles
And over 30 color choices
So come have fun in our server today
Trans creative is a (relatively new) Discord server primarily for creative trans and non-binary people - though everyone is welcome to join!

The server is small right now, so it's a very chilled out environment to post and discuss anything from knitting to software development.

We currently have a few general discussion channels and another group of channels dedicated to specific topics including art, writing and programming to name a few - we want the server to evolve so these channels will expand to meet the needs of the userbase.

If you want to share your creative projects or just get inspiration from others, feel free to join!

Welcome to Tranquility Lane
We are a newly launched community server for trans people to socialise, vent or ask for advice. We wish to foster an inclusive and welcoming community, so anyone who can abide by the rules is welcome to join, be they a member of the LGBT+ community or not!

♥ Capable administration
♥ No drama
♥ Verification system to ensure the safety of our members
♥ Game nights and other community events
♥ D&D server
[Dit is een trans server voor trans mensen, niet zomaar een LGBT server]
We zijn een Nederlandse server met de focus op trans onderwerpen en alle andere termen die onder de umbrella horen. Als je hulp nodig hebt, gewoon gezelligheid zoekt of graag wat meer mensen wilt leren kennen join dan vooral. 15+
- The cult bit in the name is more a joke than anything! This is just meant to be a hangout place for enbys and allys! -

Welcome to The They/Them Cult! A place for enbys to hang out and chat, all owned by an enby named Beta!

- Rules! -

1. Everyone is welcome here! However only people who are non-binary can have the @Cult Members role as this is a NB clut discord haha.
2. NO SLURS AT ALL. This is safe space, if you use a slur, you WILL be muted.
3. Be respectful! This goes for staff and other members of the discord!
4. Use each others corect pronouns and preferred name! You can ask people for this, or they may have it set in they're nickname!
5. Don't spam! Spam messys up the chats, and makes it harder to read through.
6. Please grab some at least pronoun roles! This makes rule 4 easyer to follow!
7. Keep is SFW! Swearing is fine, like fuck, shit, hell, and others like that is fine. But anything really more than that can get you warned.

3 strikes, your out.
A fairly new server for lgbtq+ people and allies. If you're looking for help, have questions, or just want to hang out, we'll be here with a warm welcome!
Hej, hej!

Chcielibyśmy serdecznie Was zaprosić na serwer "Happy Pride!"

Serwer został stworzony z myślą o mniejszościach seksualnych. Jest to miejsce w Internecie, dzięki któremu można nawiązać nowe znajomości oraz porozmawiać na wiele różnych tematów, zaczynając od życia codziennego a kończąc na poważnych problemach aktualnego świata.

Serwer oferuje wiele kanałów offtopowych, możliwość wymiany swoich poglądów, rozmowy na temat filmów i seriali, czy znalezienie kogoś do wspólnej gry.

Serdecznie zapraszamy!
Safety Trans 3.0 is a trans-friendly community server for transgender, non-binary, intersex, and allied people! We're here to provide a means to make friends, hang out, and provide support if needed.
Hi! Welcome to our server!
We strive to offer a safe space for all our members
We have an email helpline active 23/7 to provide advice and support!
We also have many channels dedicated to providing a safe space to share all your hobbies and interests
Come along and find new friends in our server today!
A private sanctuary for Transfolk & Non-Binary human beings, the only requirement of joining is identifying one of the above! We are currently small but are growing, and we feel that everyone in the server is part of our little family. We may be strict in rules, but we take care of our own; your future safe place in a big, wide and sometimes scary world ☺️ Come on in, read the rules, assign you roles and tell us what makes you, you!!! Love you all!
A server for anyone who is non-binary or a non-binary ally. No slurs, no hate, just love.✌️🏳️‍🌈❤️

♡ Rant channel
♡ NSFW/CW/TW channel
♡ Personal channels for every gender
♡ Gender roles (including ally, labeless, and questioning)
♡ Pronoun roles
♡ Friendly community
♡ Staff opportunities/friendly staff
♡ Debate channel
A safe space for LEFTIST questioning, trans and gender non-conforming individuals. Chat in a variety of channels ranging from gaming to medical discussion, or just ramble about politics to a community of like-minded leftists.

Truscum and exclusionists are not welcome. You don't need dysphoria to be trans.