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A brand new strictly 25+ age group server for the elders of Discord. Join us and help build a community of awesome adults!
The RolePlay Outpost is a supportive and welcoming community of mature (read as 25+ and drama-free) writers seeking other like-minded writers. We offer a place to hang out and chat along with channels to receive respectful and constructive feedback on your writing.

We are the original 25+hub server which also offers open drop in-drop out RP for when you just want to scratch that RP itch. If you’ve found the perfect partner and want to write something long-term publicly so other people can enjoy your writing, we now offer a place to host your own RP on our server.

We strive to provide a place for people who remember the days of IIRC and good old-fashioned AOL/Yahoo RP. We even have a nostalgia channel for when you feel like saying "remember when?"`

We offer:
•OOC Community - there is no elitism or hive-minded "mean girl" behavior here.
•Server advertisements, 1x1 plot and partner searches
•Collaborative writing channels
•Weekly writing prompts to help you stretch your creativity
•Character profile and development channels including regular character questions to help you develop your characters
•A caring and supportive environment for anyone who wishes to improve their writing
•Open RP channels with open settings perfect for when you want to relive the good ol' days of drop-in drop-out RP
•NEW!Closed RP channels for when you’re looking for a place to host your RP
•A parent channel for those of us who want to discuss the trials and tribulations of raising small humans

If you are 25+and seeking a hub to call home then The RolePlay Outpost is the place for you!
Got a hankerin' for some banjo? Looking for a chill mature community to hang out in? Come join A Slutty Nefarious Banjo Utopia!
Are you a Caregiver or Little personality type? Or both, (Switch)? Come join this 25yo+ community, find adults just like you living the CG/l life alone or with their partner(s). Our server focuses on the daily adult life with our personality types, how we enjoy ourselves whenever possible, and is open to all genders (LGBTQ+ friendly) as well as open to non-monogamy and poly people! No NSFW taboo, as long as you adhere to Discords ToS!
General chat channel for 25+ people.
Come for the trash, stay for the emojis.
We got a lot of Marylanders, but it's ok if you're not perfect.
La Team TGV dédié aux joueurs vétérans +30ans (voir moins suivant profil) sur Arma3, PUBG, EFT, Battlefield, Destiny, Apex, R6S... et bien d'autres jeux recrute !

Vous avez plus de 30ans voir plus de 25 mais votre vie n'est faite que de changes de couches, distributions de punitions et vous avez du mal à vous dégager du temps libre pour jouer ? Vous savez qui est Zara Whites mais ne savez pas qui est JUL ? Vous avez mangé des Raiders avec un bon verre de Tang un walkman aux oreilles ? Écouter un minot vous apprendre la vie lorsque vous jouez vous sort par les trous de nez ? La simple vue d'un forum et ses contraintes vous rend malade ? Dans mes bras, ayais c'est fini, vous êtes au bon endroit !
Recipe: Wine and Dine

This dish is witty, classy, and encourages the use of complete sentences.

You should be 25+ yo to consume, but 18-24 may as well if they demonstrate maturity.

Serves: 2


- Political and religious topics avoided
- 4 whole potatoes
- LGBT-friendly
- Safe/Non-toxic, violators and trolls insta-banned
- No annoying game bots
- 1 c olive oil or butter
- Counting channel to appease OCD
- Designated area for venting
- 3 liters spicy memes
- Light debate welcome
- [Coming soon] DJ events
- A pinch of salt, only if snowflakes are present

Instructions (server rule excerpts)

1) Preheat oven to 350°.
2) Common sense may not be all that comnon, but it prevails.
3) No religious, political, or NSFW conversations/posts/media of any kind are allowed on this server. There are plenty of other servers where these may be discussed.
4) Knead dough until velvety.
5) Allow to rise one hour.
6) Respect everyone regardless of race, gender, beliefs, orientation, nationality, etc. No derogatory language or slurs; no excuses.
7) Number seven is a paradoxical axiom, not an instruction.
8) Bake until all trolls have perished.
9) Allow to rest 30 mins before serving.

Click join to Dine
We are a like minded group of kinksters that have discussions, our experience is from beginner to 20+ years of kinky fun! Join us...
We are a group of recent kik refugees and are currently setting up our new home on Discord!

If you're interested in some good discussions, great memes and dadjokes, topics and great people, feel free to join us! 😊
This server is for gamers that are ages 25+. Very casual come hangout and talk about games or find a team of like minded people. No drama we are too old for that LoL
If you're looking for server just to play, share and discuss music, feel free to join. So far there are 2 music bots with assigned channels, but I can add more in the future. Channels' and categories' layout is intuitive. It ISN'T a dating or NSFW server. If you're underage or immature, don't join.
We're old people that want to talk and make friends with other old people that enjoys anime and manga.
Hahaha who said I could write a description.

Join us if you're old and tired too.
Our admin's knees already crack.
Don't really know what I'm doing, you'll fit right in if you feel the same. Give it a try! First group i've made so don't have any expectation for greatness. Talk some fun shit, dumb shit, romance shit. All shit is welcome!
A brand new community for people ages 25 and over who play games. Find new gaming friends, chat, and feel comfortable. This place is brand new but has promise to grow into something great. All we need is you.
We are a 25+ educational based B.d.s.m chat, w/general chat mixed in. We have themes and discussions throughout the week.