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We're a friendly community, most people are chill. Join if you're looking for the truth, if you are already woke and want to be in a place full of like-minded individuals, or are just looking to have fun. Be sure to get a role, otherwise you won't be able to talk and will eventually be kicked.
"Hello there! Are you looking for a Minecraft server for bedrock users? Well you've found the right place.

We welcome any Xbox/Nintendo Switch/Mobile users/etc. To come and join! We host events, level up, and talk!

We are a small server so if your looking for something to dedicate to, (and minecraft of course), you should join.

We'll see ya in the server!"
Hi! Welcome to Cinnamon Roll Cafe! We hope you enjoy your time here and make some new friends!
Here at our cafe we’ve got lots of self-assignable roles! We’ve also got color roles as well!

We’ve got lots of bots and we have friendly staff! Since were pretty small we might seem
inactive but if you stick around you’ll see that we’re very active and growing!

Our server is for anyone and everyone who is 13 years of age and up!

I hope you’ll come sit down and drink some tea or coffee at the Cinnamon Roll Cafe and make some new friends!
This is a server where you can speak about whatever you want, but each chatroom is in a different language. The main goal is to make a safe place where people can say whatever they want while training their skills speaking foreign languages and helping others do the same by speaking in their mother tongue.
For now we have chatrooms in : English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, Polish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc.
Just ask us and we'll add new languages.

The more people come, the more interesting it'll be.
We're waiting for you !
The Land of Thudalk RP is a server that hopes to grow into a great roleplay area for everyone who loves the medieval fantasy genre! Make your own character how you like (so long as they're within the boundaries of the rules, of course) and explore the lands! Fight or befriend other players! But most importantly, have fun!
Royalty Lounge is place you can join to have a laugh, make friends, play games, listen to music and a lot more.
We are an expanding community building an empire, why not be part of it. All ages are welcome, mixed members, male and female. Join us, or don't join us, we don't care tbh, we're busy.
A friendly low populated server for people to make new friends, hangout and have some fun. Events are held every weekend. Anime bots are used in this server to promote gif chatting too~

-Lots of Bots (Requested bots may also be added)
-Anime Chating
-Game Chatting
-Friendly peeps
Um servidor Inútil onde pessoas inúteis falam sobre coisas inúteis.
this serv only has one channel and basically no effort put into it

which is exactly why you should join
🎼Welcome to Musicord!🎼
***__Browsing for a place to rock your eardrums? Here’s the chamber to be, we are a musical community with infinite touches to please ears in every way. 🙊__***

Check out our beat that can play it to your satisfaction!

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯
__**F e a t u r e s i n c l u d e....**__
🎵- 45+ Channels, 10+ Bots - assignable whatever way you want to tune it 💻
🎶- Symphony of friendly musical staffs 🎤
🎵- Resolution bang (Question, Fact, Music of the day) to send chimes to your ears daily 😲
🎶- Weekly events and host karaoke 🍻
🎵- Consonance chord of staffs and jazz members 🙌
🎶- Amplify your talent 💪
🎵- Open to all partnerships! 🤝
🎶- Faction battles (Coming Soon!) ⚔️
♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯

__To get into dynamics, you gotta articulate to Musicord! We will see you there~ 👋🏼__

-•=| ೋღ🔥DESCRIPTION🔥ღೋ|=•-

➔|🍒|•🐸 MEME CHATS!
➔|🍒|•🔞 NSFW CHATS!
➔|🍒|•🎵 MUSIC BOTS!


🍃 ━━ ✗⁺◟·

⋆————————⋆◦💋{INVITE LINK}💋◦⋆————————⋆

•₊̣̇.ෆ˟̑̑˚̑̑˟̑ෆ.₊̣̇.ෆ˟̑̑˚̑̑˟̑ෆ.₊̣̇.-• •-.₊̣̇.ෆ˟̑̑˚̑̑˟̑ෆ.₊̣̇.ෆ˟̑̑˚̑̑˟̑ෆ.₊̣̇.•
@here | @everyone
S O C I A L I Z E.
This is a server.
Go join.
Or don't.
People are cool.
server where you can make friends and have fun!
this server is not fully done so if you notice any problems, please tell me.
Looking for a nice change of pace from the typical Discord servers? Then hop into the Lounge, and join our little family! ^-^
✨✨✨We are only human but we believe we can ALL reach for the stars.✨✨✨

Welcome to Reach For The Stars. A growing, active and friendly community hoping to bring people together. A place that's open to anyone looking to make friends, chat and hang out!

🗣️ Multiple active chats
😜 Custom emojis
👋 Super friendly community
🏷️ A selection of self-assignable roles
☎️ Cross servers communication!
👷 Great admins that actively improve the server.
🆙 Levelling roles to show activity
🤖 Multiple bots for economy, fun and games. (Dyno Premium!)
🎁 GIVEAWAYS (Currently Spotify premium giveaways active!)
✍️ Community input channels, so our members can enjoy the server to its fullest!
1️⃣ Unique chats such as anonymous chat, motivational chat and more
🔞 NSFW chat (visibility optional of course)
🌐 Non-English chats for other languages!

We also do professional partnerships for helping us and other people grow their communities!

We don't stop there!
We'll continue to grow our server and host community events and competitions to bring our members together.

We welcome all new members to socialise with us in a happy, safe environment.

✨ Maybe YOU are what we need... to reach for the stars ✨
Silver's Palace is run by me, Silver!
I do a lot to make sure all of my friends are happy and I'm here to make sure that you all are here and having fun.
Meet new people, talk casually, keep nsfw talk to a minimum, swearing is ok in certain situations, and we're glad to have you here!
Welcome to Sunbouro! This is a roleplay zone where it's based in a supernatural town and highschool! It's not too much, but I hope you feel at home while you are here!
🐺 Hello! Welcome to Furry Fantasy 🐺

🎉 We are lovely furries who play games, role-play, and watch videos together!

🌟Coming up is events and more activities

✒There is an art section, and commissions section plus more.

🙋 Custom self-role bot

🔔Active and helpful staff members

🔞And There are NSFW sections for 18+

❤ Join our little sanctuary today and become a member 💜
21+ only! Brand new server looking to build a small, tight-knit community. Most of us are gamers but we welcome all kinds! In an effort to keep things drama-free and age-relevant, we ask that you be at least 21 years of age. Shared interests are video games, anime, movies, books, and music. If this sounds like your kind of crowd, come find your new home!
Welcome to Furcord, a place to chillout and have fun with like minded people.
We can offer:
> Active staff members who will help you with any issues
> 12 bots, including NotSoBot and Dank memer
> Optional NSFW channels!
> Easy roles system
> An easy verification system
> Voice chats often
> A growing community
> VIP chats & channels
> Two custom bots!
And more!

Consider giving us a go, and tell us what we might need to improve on!

Oh, and don't forget, enjoy your stay!