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Community 20
An AMAZING Role Playing community that has alittle touch of everything. We are one of the most welcoming and friendly servers on discord!!
16 minutes ago
A server for all those without a place to shitpost, people to hangout with, and friends to play games with. Whoever you are wherever you come from we welcome you, come hide with us.
29 minutes ago
Starlight-Roleplay, a server made for everyone, young, old, new, experienced, Vanilla, Exotic.
Economy, private rooms, roles, chats, and plenty of public areas.
We have designed it in a way that everyone can enjoy their stay, and get into the world of roleplaying together with us in the Station!
56 minutes ago
All Games 5
A fun chill place for you and your friends to hang out on!
4 hours ago
Community 30
chatting server, if yall like the roosterteeths please hit me up
15 hours ago
Hi! I'd like you to join this lounge, This server is very new, so many things and subject to chance also, if you would like a chat room you want me to add, ask me!
18 hours ago
Just a server to come on and chat. There are also rooms for RP if you want to do that. There are also rooms for memes and art
18 hours ago
Welcome to Lesbian Discourse! We are inclusive of all female identifying people who love women. Feel free to join, we would love to meet you!
19 hours ago
A fun place to discuss your favorite fandoms or chat in general!
20 hours ago
Friendly server for England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland! Chat on many diferent subjects. Non-UK people allowed. The server is a place for friendly people to chat generally about lots of subjects and make friends with people around the world with a UK focus.
23 hours ago
This server has been created to support my podcast and music endeavors, and to act as a base for all of the people who like my stuff! You can talk, share artwork and music, and much more! Join today!
1 days ago
Anime and Manga 82
Hewwo! we are a server focusing mainly on Anime and Manga~ We are a very welcome and calm server to chat in come join the family now!~
1 days ago
Role play and chat as well as so many memes! Feel free to join.
2 days ago
A new server, just for fun. Please join.
2 days ago
A Speed running Discord based around Half-Life but we do other games too. You can request games in our #new-ideas chat
2 days ago
This is a newly made gaming channel mainly revolved around league of legends, but we are open to many other games if anyone if anyone has it. We only have 3 rules and those are:
-Respect people&admins
-Post nsfw stuff in the nsfw channel
-Shit-posting till you dead
3 days ago
Community 12
Enjoy a chill chat with great people! Join TGC - the ultimate cafe experience!
3 days ago
All Games 3
Welcome to Euro Chat. Here you can chat anytime you want. You can submit your server for people to come to it. Best of all here there's NO Rules!
3 days ago
chat, voice chat, share pictures, listen to music and have fun! please share my server it would make me so, so happy!
4 days ago
Community 71
- Description -
We are a community of people striving to do something with our lives. We are here to make friendships and play with others. We all play a wide-range of games and still games to come in the future. Some of the games we play are like Roblox, Minecraft, Paladins, UnTurned, Payday 2 and much more. We hope you find someone to hang with and enjoy your stay in our Discord.

This server is PG-13, which means…
- Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. Parents are urged to be cautious, and give parental guidance. Some material may be inappropriate for pre-teenagers. May contain some material parents might not like for their young children. No NSFW, or other stuff that wouldnt be suited for younger kids.
4 days ago
Community 3
--- Chat Lounge Shqip ----
@ Gjithshka në shqip
4 days ago
Community 13
This server is going to be a place where people can come meet others. Hang out, have fun.
4 days ago
New server for all your hentai needs. Come chat about hentai and share hentai.
4 days ago