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Doggo chat lounge is a fun place to go hang out | Chat | and use some fun custom bots!
We have a nsfw section and fun giveaways and events!!
1 hours ago
the multiverse rp server is a rp server that is exactly as the title says, it takes place in a multiverse, that you can be anything you want in it, so long as it isnt godlike power wise. DO NOT JOIN IF YOU DONT RP
1 hours ago
EVO Academy is a high classed academy that supports both College and Highschool, we give you a leveling system that let's you grade up as you RP. Yea, not as you text in the (ooc) channels, but as you RP. When you first join you will be greeted by an introduction, taking you through the steps of how to get started and enrolled, after that you will have to enroll into the academy in order to get acceptance call.(There IS an acceptance "phone call" for each and every one of you that we approve of.). It's not all just school and teachers and detention, there will be drama that'll be spread. Will you overcome it? Who knows. There's sports, with it's own captain. We give you Cheerleading, Football, Soccer, Tennis, Swimming, and so much more. With that, we also give you clubs and opening of student council. How ever these all don't just happen, we will put up events in the school for example, School wide sporting competitions, Prom and much more. There's a whole load of factors, but I guess you'll just have to find out by joining. Anyways, I hope to see some familiar faces in there. Have a good day and learn on.
1 hours ago
Looking for a social hentai server? Come join us! Wanna chill with us cool people who talk about anime and games? Come join us!
1 hours ago
New and small server, we love every type of being, furries, otherkins, whatever!
The server is mostly english talking but also spanish, we love seeing both languages in the same server, of course, we have roles for each language so for example there's a category only for english talking people!

We've got:
•Leveling system with ranks
•Game chats (To talk about certain games)
•Voice chats
•Continuous server updates
•Language roles (Spanish and English)
•Rythm, for music in voice chat
•Role play
And much more!
2 hours ago
A server for all those without a place to shitpost, people to hangout with, and friends to play games with. Whoever you are wherever you come from we welcome you, come hide with us.
2 hours ago
Coffeehouse server dedicated to customers looking for friendly, meaningful conversations.
2 hours ago
Welcome to hlos! The only place on discord where we dont care about rules!
We have:
Nsfw channels,
Random ass bots
Colour and self assignable roles
A suggestions channel
and so much more
(disclaimer: do not take anything said in the chat seriously)
2 hours ago
Come join if you want lesbian parents or you like gay stuff. Some straights can join too ig
2 hours ago
An RP server set in an asylum, play as a staff member or a prisoner! We have a friendly community and everyone is welcome and hopefully you’ll fit in!
3 hours ago
The Venting Forest is a peaceful and friendly server where anyone can join to talk about their problems, make friends, or just chat and enjoy themselves. Our Forest Keepers are always ready to help our members, and our staff are super easy to talk to, and don't forget the gnomes - the gnomes are cool.
3 hours ago
A new bts community server to chat and make friends. We include a fun levelling up system and will be hosting events and giveaways once we've reached a certain amount of members!

Feel free to join, anyone is welcome.
4 hours ago
Lonely People is a fun server to talk to people on and is a safe space for everyone thanks to our staff members!
4 hours ago
Welcome if you want a kool place to chat come join us.also looking for partner managers
4 hours ago
chat, voice chat, share pictures, listen to music and have fun! please share my server it would make me so, so happy!
4 hours ago
FreeAppSW Server is a little cosy guild mainly related to coding and a little gaming.
We feature:
• Custom bot with a website and a dashboard
• Community feedback channels and polls before rolling up updates.
• Nice Staff
• There are Staff members online practically all the time
• Staff apps open
• Proper permissions setup, raid protection and spambot protection
• Lots of automation
• Fun events
• Lots of programmers and coders so you can get help
• Lots of channels for most purposes
• Partner friendly
• Advertising channels (however if you leave your ads will be removed)
Oh, If you have a bot you can request to add it!
5 hours ago
The most active and exciting political server on Discord. Mock parties, debate nights, weekly community events, and more. Ready for midterms 2018!
5 hours ago
170 + server made for the people who are tired of all those restrictive rules who just want a fun conversation w/o worry about saying the wrong thing.
5 hours ago
Welcome to the Chill House! This is a server for meeting new people, talking about gaming, listening to music, and overall having a good time! You can come talk about anything, or maybe talk about Pokémon TCG and your deck! Come join today!(P.S. Rules are at the top of the rules channel)
5 hours ago
If you're looking for a place to chat and make friends over the game series Danganronpa, then DICE is the place for you! Currently at 140+ members! We have discussions for the games and your favorite characters, ships, and theories! Feel free to share your art or any ocs here, or just come to make friends, chill, and chat!
5 hours ago
Snapchat community for sharing selfies, images and Snapcodes! Active #story channel with verified members.
5 hours ago
=> NEU! <= Dies soll ein entspannter und deutscher Server für Frauen sein. Also an alle Frauen die lesbisch, bi oder neugierig und zwischen 18 und 32 Jahre alt sind. Ihr seid hier herzlich Willkommen. ;-) Beachtet aber bitte das dieser Server "neu" ist. Also bringt etwas Geduld mit damit der Server langsam wachsen kann, danke. ^^
6 hours ago
We're a Danganronpa roleplay and general server, we're huuge fans of the franchise and we'd love to have new people here to chat and roleplay with!
6 hours ago
A new and growing server that tries to cater to every corner of Discord.
Anime, gaming, NSFW, and more will be found here.
6 hours ago