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A cool server where I post memes and my friends discuss them. I want to die.
We currently have a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure RP starting, but we plan to have more in the future!
Join to cure my crippling depression.
1 minutes ago
Welcome to the Hunter Association, are you seeking to become a hunter? Then you've come to the right place! The theme is HxH but this is a jack of all trades server so you can talk about anything and everything
3 minutes ago
Bored? Want to chat? This is a great server where you can talk to friends, and play with the bots! We're not a clique, we just chat and have fun! Our predominant bot is Pokecord, so you can play with Pokemon anytime! Join us, and we hope you enjoy your stay! :)
7 minutes ago
Not only are we a hentai group, we are a community. We thrive to cure depression with cartoon pornography for all! We have channels to fit all your hentai and porn needs, but in grave need of collaborators to fill them. We have a level system that can land you mod, and an active community of friendly chatters. Come chat and have fun, or have your way with our ... /content/.
31 minutes ago
We are a server dedicated to the genre of fantasy! Come chat with people who share your interest in literature, movies, television, and more. Franchise specific channels such as Harry Potter, LOTR, Buffy, DnD, and more!
39 minutes ago
Nation is an upcoming community with lots to offer from gaming, dating, good and entertaining times through many interactions, enjoy your time here and we hope you can be apart of this experience!
39 minutes ago
Welcome to my server!
We got memes n shit. Sign up kthxbai.
40 minutes ago
An active community of over 9,800 members open to anyone looking to make friends and hang out! We host regular events, including our own podcast.
46 minutes ago
Looking for a social hentai server? Come join us! Wanna chill with us cool people who talk about anime and games? Come join us!
46 minutes ago
Psst~ hey there! yes you coffee bean (^ω^)we are a new server to make friends, chill, chat & drink our cup of coffee~
So come & join our server to tell us about your day & drink a cup of coffee with us (๑・̑◡・̑๑)
Hope to see you all there (^ν^)
57 minutes ago
I'm just a 14 year old guy eating cold pizza at 12:56 who loves Lo-Fi and nice people. I want to be able to tell lovely people good morning and be asked how my morning is going. I want that coffee shop vibe when you are sitting there with a hot chocolate in the winter with the sun shining in through the window providing heat, comfort and beautiful scenery outside.
58 minutes ago
This is a Roblox Community with Robux Giveaways daily, invite rewards and cool events to earn more RS!
1 hours ago
alexa, play is a LGBTQIA+ friendly server who’s main purpose is to create a chill environment to make friends and hang out!

↠ slowly growing server
↠ horoscope channel
↠ gallery for all your photos
↠ bots
↠ self assignable roles
↠ voice chats for music, gaming, & chat

and plenty more when you join!
1 hours ago
Welcome to Lesbian Discourse! We are inclusive of all female identifying people who love women. Feel free to join, we would love to meet you!
1 hours ago
Welcome to hlos! The only place on discord where we dont care about rules!
We have:
Nsfw channels,
Random ass bots
Colour and self assignable roles
A suggestions channel
and so much more
(disclaimer: do not take anything said in the chat seriously)
1 hours ago
Coffeehouse server dedicated to customers looking for friendly, meaningful conversations.
2 hours ago
A server for all those without a place to shitpost, people to hangout with, and friends to play games with. Whoever you are wherever you come from we welcome you, come hide with us.
2 hours ago
We are an LGBTQ+ friendly server for ages 13-25!
- custom self roles
- custom colour roles
- game nights
- events
- applications for staff
- bots! (music, memes, etc)
- amazing staff
- many different channels (media, vent, etc)
- voice channels
- to be continued :))
We hope you enjoy your stay at our server!
2 hours ago
Come and try this server, we need you! This is a new server that deals with various topics, from socializing to gaming so you can talk about anything and everything. IPG (I Pro Gamers) is always ready to receive advice to improve. This is a multilingual server.
So what are you waiting for? Be a part of this friendly community, make friends, and find your circle here with us!!
2 hours ago
If you're looking for a place to chat and make friends over the game series Danganronpa, then DICE is the place for you! Currently at 140+ members! We have discussions for the games and your favorite characters, ships, and theories! Feel free to share your art or any ocs here, or just come to make friends, chill, and chat!
2 hours ago
We're a very fun and loving community, we have a variety of members from all over the world. We host game groups, and online chats together and we own a Gmod TTT server for our members. We give a home to those who are lost and those who want to meet new people and have fun, don't be scared to ask us anything or to just say hi, we got you.

--- Here is what you can find in WLO ---

> 💎 Memes and media channels

> ☁ Fun Mee6 roles when you level up + perks per level

> 🔓 By supporting the server with your donation, you unlock all the perks of Mee6

> 🎲 Events and games

> 🎵 FredBoat bot, karaoke and music channels

> 🎰 Tatsumaki bot, with a secret NSFW room

> 🔊 Lots of voice and text channels, including private ones + VC room you can own by donating

> 🛡 Friendly + dedicated staff

> 🔥 Custom emojis + animated

> 💣 We own a Gmod TTT server + donation packages with lots of perks

> 🎖 Various staff ranks (ex: Mini Mod, Moderator, Sir. Mod, Admin etc.)

> 🎫 If you are very humble or make good deeds we make custom ranks/titles (ex: "𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐁𝐈𝐆𝐆𝐄𝐓𝐒", "It's the cup!", "Bullying's actually my secret kink", "Ugandan Brudda", etc.)

> ⭐ As the name of our community suggests we got your back, don't be scared to ask us anything or to just say hi, we got you

> 🔰 If you can't or don't want to be staff you can still help us out a lot with the Community Aid system we made
2 hours ago
Team Callum or Team Nat? you decide. 2 owners. whos the best? join a team and begin socialising with our members. invite all your friends. have a lot of fun and pickup afew chicks ;) cant wait to see you. #teamcallum <3
2 hours ago
Welcome To "The Home Hub"!
Once a private chat for friends, we now have opened to the public! There's lots to do and explore, as well as an allowance for suggestions!
❤ New, friendly and amazing people!
❤ Roleplay, With a MASSIVE Intergalactic and Dimensional Storyline!
❤ Pokemon, music, lewd and many other bots!
❤ Admin rooms for general fuckery!
❤ Lots of fun stuff to try out!
❤ Some NSFW rooms
❤ Roles to gain!

We have a system where you have to prove you have read all the rules and to just show you're generally nice!
We hope to see you there!
2 hours ago
Bienvenue dans « Discordopia », un discord fabriqué par et pour une communauté appréciant les mangas, l'informatique et les jeux vidéos dans sa globalité, dans le but de les réunir afin d'échanger dans la joie et la bonne humeur.
3 hours ago