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welcome to garfielf's lair, a place where you dump all the memes you don't want. we're a kinda friendly community that just posts memes and says slightly offensive jokes
we also host server events...
- Discord Purge
- Cards against Humanity
more events will be added soon
howdy ngigers we are all supporters of the ka klux klan here and make sure your toxic or die in a hole. k join now
A fun place to hangout drink a coffee make some new friends we also have cool bots and games hope to see you there
Weeb Squad is a server of fun and anime,we have a bunch of memes and Pokémon's. Come join us and catch some Pokémon with us we also stream and all the staff members are very friendly,also make some friends while your in this server. Come Join Us!
+friendly people
+ a lot of memes
This is a 16+ community server, we invite all types of people. If you just want to chill and make some new friends you are welcome here. 😊We have bots and fun roles. We do VC nights as well as activities if you are into that type of thing. Our staff always has at least one active member, and there is room for promotion to staff as the server grows.
Join the Buzz Club because we got Gamers, gaming voice channels, music, chat, fun, developers, youtuber shout outs, need staff, friendly staff, one nsfw channel, pokecord, and an awesome server. Join today
We're a new community with a wide range of categories!
Programming, Batch, Hardware, Software, Music, Gaming, Hacking and General text and voice channels.
As our other server with 500+ members got raided and taken down, we are trying to re-grow this server and make it better than the other one.

➴ Lots of different colour roles for you to choose from!
› › Many friendly people for you to make friends with, including staff
彡 Lots of different channels to fit just about any of your interests!
- ⌲ Non-toxic community
♡ Lots of different bots for you to play with
➵ Partnerships
Welcome To Server Aftermath A Server Based On Gaming, Tech, Social And Chill We Wish You To Enjoy This Place Based Upon Having Fun And Thank You All For Your Time :D
       ❤️Welcome to Like 18+❤️
     • Social • Dating • Profiles • Kinks •
        All the things you like.

⛔ 18+ SERVER
18+ server with NSFW channels for everything you want.

LGBTQ+ friendly with a tight welcoming & accepting community.

Very protective of female members & seriously against sexual harassment for all.

Channels designed to share as little or as much as you want to!

Weekly giveaways of Discord Nitro, Steam Gift cards, & more.

Customize your profile even more with 106 different roles just for you.
Hogwarts is a Harry Potter themed discord server, where muggles and wizards alike from all around the world can connect and bond over the shared love of Harry Potter. Step into our halls to meet fellow Potterheads, make new friends, and relive the magic.
We offer classes based on the Hogwarts curriculum, a fun currency, events and games, and more! (NOT an RP server)
Welcome to Mingle!
We are a friendly, fast growing community server dedicated to providing a platform for fascinating discourse, entertaining conversation, diverse opinions and beliefs but, most importantly, a cure for loneliness.
Invite Link:
Sei un amante di anime/manga e la cultura Otaku in generale?
Unisciti e conosci persone con i tuoi stessi interessi!

- Membri attivi pronti a darti il benvenuto
- Ruoli assegnati con un sistema di livellamento basato sull'attività
- Bot per la musica utilizzabili da tutti
- Sezione NSFW auto-assegnabile (facoltativa)
The most bold e-family you ever gonna get

Our SFW server will help you break all the chains that hold you down from conquering

- Weekly Events (Karaoke, Quizzes, much more!)
- Discord Nitro Giveaways
- Paid Steam Game reward every 5 invites you make
- Custom Roles owned by you as reward
Welcome to ChatSpace, A chill hangout space made for people to get together and hangout and have some fun and make some cool new friends

- We have art channels for sharing your artwork

- Selfie channel

- Music channels and music bots

- Lot's of voice channels!

- Gaming Channels

- Self-Assignable Roles

- NSFW Channel

- Looking For Partners

This server is a chill space for people who wanna hang out talk to different people and above all have fun.
We at Chatspace strive to provide the best environment possible for having a good time.
At Chatspace you can talk to people from all over the world, meet and interact with different cultures, find people to play games with, and even make new friends
We post dumb and funny shit and talk, we also play a lot of video games
C'mon down and join the server to chat and make some new friends!
We have bots for games and music and also a level system!
So what do you say? Why not join us for a good time?

We are a very new pewdiepie fan server.
It's a fun community with plenty of people to talk to and lots of things to do!

Bot Features:

MEE6 Activity Leadboards and Leveling features
Rhythm Music Playback in Music VCs
PewDiePie Bot Shovel Economy

Come join today :D, we would love to see you in our active server!
Welcome to the :25 Café, a new server dedicated to group writing!

We're a new server looking to welcome some new users. Our goal is to create an inclusive and fun space to share in our passions for all things writing, music and books.

We're also the proud creators of the :25 Club, the best writing and productivity group to help you get stuff done! Here's how it works:

- When the club is called to session, we will all have 25 minutes of focus time to work on your project - that could be writing a poem, getting stuck into your novel, editing a first draft, or maybe just sorting your emails or tidying your room
- In those 25 minutes, we're all in the chat, but no talking, no distractions, no checking your phone, just focus!
- After the session is up, we can all gather here to discuss how it went, if we wavered, how much we got done etc

Feel free to drop by!
⚪ Connect ⚪

• Connect to the world
• Get role
• Meet new people
• Promote yourself or your server
• Friendly users
• Selfies
• Share your own art, gaming, facebook, youtube, instagram etc.
• Get high ranks like VIP or Moderator
• 24/7 support

Be yourself and join
Be a part of 'connect'

Do not wait to much & join now ✓

We see us on the server :)
The United States, The land of opportunity, 2006, three states, liberty, Alderney, and North yankton, two years after the Ludendorff job in 2004, and two years before niko belic arrived in liberty city, this is the time to make your mark, become a busniss man, crime lord, poltican, or movie star in this, make it big, have a house, a dog, live the dream in this relastic city server set in the world of gta
we are/offer
- LGBTQ friendly
- friendly staff
- lore friendly
- relastic rp
- newspaper system
(Note, this is not for a RP in-game, this is a GTA chat rp)
We are a chat discord server where we hang out, have fun and chill in chat rooms. We are welcoming anybody that comes in the server.
International chat server for everyone and anyone.
western, desi, south asian, african, caribbean, asian, middle eastern, arab, filipino, malaysian, indonesian + all the countries in the world!

➔ Text Chat in the #Lobby.
➔ Various voice chat rooms.
➔ Memes, Videos, Pictures.
➔ User bots for some added fun.
➔Multiplayer boardgames Ludo, Checkers, Dominoes.
➔ A clean environment for all ages, no NFSW content.