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Server for a bit of banter. Age limit is 14-21, (don’t have to be British to join!) We have many channels so you can express yourself and make friends :) have fun!
Looking for somewhere to play your favorite games?

GameHub is the perfect fit for you! Empowering thousands of gamers around the world, we strive to help find players that match you. Whether it be players across the world to players right next door, you are welcomed to communicate with everyone, and teamwork is highly emphasized. Join our community today!

We offer:
♦ Looking for game services
♦ Frequent Giveaways and Tournaments
♦ Extremely fun events every week
♦ Free coaching on any specified game

Our supported games:
♦ Counter Strike: Global Offensive
♦ League of Legends
♦ Fortnite
♦ Overwatch
♦ Rainbow Six Siege
♦ Rocket League
*You have mail!* `✉️`

`🌻`Feeling down with nobody to talk to?
Well, you're in luck because there's a server dedicated to helping people!`🌻`

It's called The Helping Squad

We have...

`🌼`A nice and caring community
`🌼` Services to make you feel better
`🌼` A vent chat to get advice
`🌼` Staff that will make sure you enjoy your time here
`🌼` Chats to socialize with other members

`🌻`What are you waiting for? Join us in The Helping Squad!🌻

Pro painting
moving edit
Animated gif
(Maybe even Nitro classic)

Un servidor nuevo con una gran variedad de canales y bots! Además de gente amistosa y muchos temas para conversar, sean bienvenidos!
Respect my Crippin' is a hangout/community server.
In this server you will find:
-Fun Bots
-Friendly People
-New Friends
-People to talk to
Salut, te invit pe server-ul Tempton
Informatii cu ce puteti gasii la noi:
Staff activ,ajutator si bine dispus!
Activitate pe chat!
Membrii prietenosi!
Canalele & Gradele & Modelele & Regulamentul, tot pus la punct!
Bot Personalizat!
Tag official serverului!

Te asteptam cu drag la noi pe communitate!
Feeling a lil homiesexual tonight? Or always? Join us because you know we always feelin some type of way about our homies ;)

😏 The funniest members around
🥵 The hottest egirls and eboys
❤ A loving community
😋 The best memes and trolls

Just join, we're edgy 😳
🎈 SOCIALIZEME 🎈 💕You Love it.
🌐 Website:
🎃.Hey there, I'm Ginna from
🎈SOCIALIZE ME🎈 Join us, or I'll bite
your nose. 😌
PS: Im weird 😊

A place to meet friendly people make friends, cure loneliness and boredom
Horny Sanctuary offers a multitude of SFW and NSFW channels with a great variety of purposes, targeted at adults. Come mingle with members of whatever gender you prefer, talk about whatever comes to mind, just don't be a prick and we'll get along fine.
[Minors are welcome but are restricted to just the SFW channels for obvious reasons.]

Clear and easy role system (if you're not braindead)
Nudity channels (for verified adults)
Gender-exclusive text channels
Gaming channels (, CAH, truth or dare etc.)
Stronk female staff to kick the balls of fuckboys
Handy array of bots (NotSoBot, MarriageBot, Rythm, YAGPDB, Tatsumaki etc.)
Consistent hentai feed
And more

If you join with a throw-away account you're a sad piece of shit.
Heyy, welcome to Sosial inept!

Social inept is a community server where we basically just chat. We're friendly, but we often joke around. Hope fully we will see you in the server soon to help us grow and make the community a better place!
((Welcome to the Orphanage))

-Teen Server (13 - 17 ONLY)
- Giveaways
- Selfies
- Storytime
- Entertaining Chat
- Good gender ratio
- 100+ members

Looking for PMs!

The community is nice and generally the place is fun, come and join to make some friends!

(not a dating server)
Willkommen auf unseren Server, Sunshine. Dieser Server ist zum Unterhalten über unbestimmten- und oder bestimmten Themen da
wie zum Beispiel Anime/Manga oder über Geschichten im Real Life
Wir hoffen auch das du hier neue Freundschaften schließen kannst und dich einfach wohlfühlst.Damit dann viel Spaß im Server c:
Dużo rozmawiamy na głosowym oraz dużo piszemy do zdobycia na serwerze nawet PSC
Welcome to Chill Galaxy a sever of different plantiers talking each other and sharing with tons of events
🔥 Pluto's MultiGenerator
🔥 The biggest multi-generator at Discord
-✔️A 30+ FREE ACCESS Generators!
-✔️Free Premium
-✔️Friendly Staff
Come to my very first sever 🔑
For a wonderful welcome stay ✉️
There are lots of things you can do in this sever:

-Talk to friends or make new friends
-Text your friends
-Play with some of the bots we have

And lots more so come to my great sever 🔑
**July 🦋`**
> low-moderated
> aesthetic layout
> chill asf
> dead chats
this is the server that went from some stupid kids idea of fun to whatever it is now we may be small (at the time im writing this) but please join we are a nice server we love new people and we are super friendly every now and again we drop free hulu accounts and such so be here for it have a good day!!