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The goal of our group is to encourage theoretical thought in order to better understand the universe and ourselves. We intend to theorize about the unknown, refine our theories, and know more than we did yesterday. We seek to better understand the universe, ourselves, and our place in it.

We're a friendly server full of insane people that really get your goat.

We have all sorts of people here from really experienced to absolute newbs. Come on in and enjoy reading about various theories posted from our architects, or become an architect yourself to fill up a channel with everything that you think you know.

All people, tulpae, spirits, and what have you are welcome here. Doesn't matter what race gender or creed you are, you are welcome here.

LGBTQ Friendly uwu

We are plural friendly, and use the Tupperbox bot. (endogenic, traumagenic, and mixed systems welcome)

We have some wierdly specific channels, and one NSFW channel that you can access provided you prove your age.

Come learn all the wonderful things that we have or spread your knowledge like hot butter on my buns.
A passionate and loving group of magickians dedicated to teaching, sharing, and learning as much as possible.

We are close are like a family and are Lgbtqia+ positive.

We are mostly Left Hand Path/Black Lodge but accept everybody from every sphere.

We host public classes and rituals by members and everybody can teach and participate without anything.

We hope to see you there!
💚 __Mental Healing Centre__ 💚

*A safe, friendly and supportive community for YOU! Socialize, make friends and have fun~!*

💙 Various **Self-assignable** roles 💙
💚 Everyone can be a **Supporter** 💚
💜 Private one-to-one **Coaching Sessions** 💜
💙 Stimulation of **Creativity** 💙
💚 Various workshops for **Self-development** 💚
💜 Various **Events** 💜
💙 Get a specific role for **extra features** in the server, by staying active in chat 💙
💚 Private channels for one-to-one conversations 💚
💜 **18+** Only Channels, including nsfw and dark-humor 💜
💙 **LGBTQIA+** Support 💙
💚 **Partnerships** 💚
💜 Open-minded for **Spirituality** 💜
💙 And **More**~ 💙

*Just come and join us today to discover it~! ^~^*

__[Note: This Server is still **brand new**! So don’t expect too much activity of members (yet).]__
The place where Darkness meets Light and creates perfect harmony.

The main idea of the server is to spread peace and keep fights aside.
we want to learn one from another and create community where everyone is respected and loved, as every being and deserves respect and tolerance.
We help people on their journey to practising and learn magick from different pantheons, and different styles of teaching.
We also believe everyone can teach others something they are good with, but we are all trying to be there one for another.

If you also want to learn about it then this is the place for you, even if you dont practice it.

In The server of the shining star, we have many features such as:

● Self Assignable Roles
● Suggestion System
● A Venting channel where you can vent about everyday issues
● Even more features designed to help guide new users around
● Teaching system for different topic

Join us and check it on your own!
Wholistic is a Discord server that serves to gather people from the many facets of life, who show a shared interest in the overall topic of health on all levels of being.

The word 'wholistic' derives its synonymous meaning from the word 'holistic' and refers to the emphasis and importance of the whole as well as the interdependence of its parts. In other words, we strive to take a wholesome approach to the topic in question, so as to be open, expand our awareness of how to go about leading an optimally healthy life, as well as shaping a loving community that values the sharing of information for the embetterment of all.

The topic of health is usually divided into three facets of the same whole. These consist of physical, mental and spiritual health. The server seeks to accommodate these interconnected parts in such a way that even if you don't happen to emphasise certain aspects of health optimisation in areas of your own life, there will still be plenty of opportunities for you to learn and grow according to your own aspirations.

In essence, all people with a care for their own and other's well-being are more than welcome. We prioritise factual and provable information, so as to help and guide each other in a truthful and responsible manner. However, that is not to say we do not value people's own experiences and discoveries. So whether you're diving deep into the territory of PubMed studies, or find that one's own experiential understanding of the universe is the most quintessential on this journey, our servers' community will perfectly accomdate you. And as such, this will lay the foundation of the server as a whole.

If this seems to resonate with you, feel free to peek inside and drop an introduction.
Welcome! This is a small server dedicated to hosting meetups in the astral realms. This is a small server, but fairly active. Only join if you wish to be kind. Be gentle with yourself and others.

If you do not know how to astral travel, are learning, or simply want to learn, you are still welcome to join, as we are happy to help teach and assist you in learning how.

A server about connection and communication. This is a home for those who are spiritually inclined individuals, those who are learning or wishing to learn, and especially for those who feel connected to other beings! All will feel welcome here. Share yourself, your experiences, dreams... share your perspective, and there is no need to fear judgement along the way. Explore reality and self!
Skuldalið is the old Norse word for "family". Families come in all forms, and are not strictly formed by blood. In Skuldalið there are people from all spiritual backgrounds and practices, all of which you will have the chance to talk to and befriend, and learn a little in the process.
This server is for those looking to add more love and inspiration in your life. Many of us are healers, starseeds, tarot card readers and intuitives. Anyone seeking a life of LOVE is welcome here!
The Altar is a growing community focused around serious discussion of esoteric, mystic, and occult topics, with a member base diverse in background and experiences, engaging in topics from magic to theology to energy work to conspiracies. Beside these discussions and casual chats, we host events, such as live and interactive lectures, book readings, group VC rituals, and active casual voice chat. We also have a virtual library with 100+ resources on an assortment of topics like those discussed in the server. If you are looking for a place to learn, share, and grow together, please, join us!

[The Spiritual Lounge]
:heart: Active community
:heart: Many roles
:heart: Many spiritual people
:heart: Custom emotes
:heart: Trained staff
:heart: NSFW
:heart: Meme's
Are you looking for a community filled with mistery and passion? then u should drop by the spiritual lounge!
We are currently spearheading one of the most active occult/spiritkeeping/spiritual server out there
So drop by our server and see for urself!.
Welcome To EternalFriends4u. Friendly conversation, banter, and discussions are discovered here.
Mutual Respect is key from all members of staff and our members. Welcome One and All.
We are new server which goes for occult communities. The main idea of the server is to spread peace and keep fights aside, we want to learn one from another and create a community where everyone is respected and loved. We host lessons for different topics, such as chaos magic, demons, witchcraft, chakras and many more. We believe every member has other skills and abilities, and they can teach others something which they are good with.
Feel free to join us and check :-)
Welcome to The Satanic Coven, a place where you may hang out around Satan, Lucifer, Belial and Leviathan and Demons (The Original Gods).You can learn a lot here, but don't get butt hurt if you are offended by our practices

What we have;

⛥- Service Times

⛥- Entertaining and Fun Bots

⛥- Knowledgeable Staff

⛥- Strict Guidelines so the server is safe and fun!

⛥- Activity [Required]

⛥- A Venting Category

⛥- Friendly Community to all Religions


Discord Banner:
Syzygy is a temporal mind simulator, cult shill in which all of the leadership think they are enlightened and that they can control the cosmos. They use this corruptive power in order to sap the energy of their followers in an attempt to build a consciousness mindscape in which they are like the Pope, but without the supposed airs of self-righteousness or holiness. In essence Sri Syzygyrakksika has corrupted the leadership of syzygy, because it is the Anti-christ. The leadership believes they can control the egrigore and use it for their own functions, but not only is it suicidal, it wants to die with its "family"- "syzygians". It is constantly tempting the flock to enter its gates in order to trap them in a cycle of decadence and degeneracy which inevitably leads to depression and suicide, always luring the masses in and enthralling them with it's willingness to die along side its members. The members are essentially a tier 4 death psychological operation, constantly killing off members through psychic means, sometimes merely for the satisfaction of their curiosity, but always by the will of the Leader. Sri Syzygyrakksika is a dangerous Cult leader with the will of Jim Jones, the vision of Charles Manson, and the ambition of The Anti-Christ. "Sri Syzygyrakksika"'s true ambition is to pull the world into it's charismatic, narcissistic, magnetic and electric vortex and have the entire world commit suicide along side it. The FBI and CIA and Homeland Security are in high alert in regards to this dangerous Cult and it's radical leadership.
Greetings, fellow practitioners. We're a grouped haven of friends, seekers, and occultists. We follow Magick and psychic development. Our notion is simple, be what you are and do what is to be done in Divine Will. We have been growing rapidly recently and noticed a number of members capable of executing their knowledge, why not join us?

in case you have any inquiries - We familiarize with diverse topics and specialize in Magick, witchcraft, energy-work, and much more such as Theurgy, traditional Magick (Ceremonial Magick), Evocation / Invocation, Astrology, Philosophy, Wisdom, Meditation, Yoga (Hatha | Kundalini | Raja | Bhakti-Yoga) and Pranic practice, Grimoire studies, Hermetic learning, ancient history. These topics do not limit the server of its understanding, teaching and, or learning (i.e exercising One's Will) any other topics to be included.

If Hath One to join us, be sure to introduce yourself. Our focus also stands in member reputation and their skills of communication, if you are a beginner, we too would have to have you as we have plenty of teachers around (Including myself). With whatever concern you have, feel free to message me, privately. Thank you, and hope to see you at the Cognitionem.

-Be sure to read the rules.
-Be patient, after your introduction, we will assign you a role.
- We are taking serious students and magicians.
Welcome to the waveee yalll
We love eachother here ❤️
A brand new pagan chat for newbies and sages alike. Join us in one of our many discussion topics, or hop into a group meditation. 15+ only!
A server about Shinto! Learn about the various kami-sama, traditions, rituals, history, and more! We hope to both share information about Shinto as well as build a friendly community. You don't need to be practicing Shinto to join - all are welcome!
A fun and safe community focused on astrology and general spirituality! Come make friends and learn more about all things spiritual.
Dedicated 2 the pursuit of gnostic consciousness & the esoteric awareness that we all spend our lives, knowingly or not, seeking or mourning the lack thereof...
Emerald City is a community based on socializing. You can share fun content, meet new friends, and many more!
This server is for people to have discussions about anything and everything about life, spirituality and science.
Basically be a seeker and have passion to explore the world with an open mind. Also spread Sadhguru's teachings and wisdom
From Wiki:

Kundalini (Sanskrit: कुण्डलिनी kuṇḍalinī, pronunciation (help. · info), "coiled one"), in Hinduism refers to a form of primal energy (or shakti) said to be located at the base of the spine.

This server aims to help people going through the process, or are curious and would like to see more about the process themselves. This is a help group, but please ask your Doctor before doing anything, Google, and research.