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A group of magickians dedicated to teaching, sharing, and learning as much as possible. We are close are like a family and are Lgbtqia+ positive. We host public classes and rituals by members and everybody can teach and participate without anything. We hope to see you there!
Our server houses all faces of humanity, from most stupid to most genius, from most ugly to most beautiful, from religious to atheists and what not. We are discord made for one purpose only, to make amazing friends that might in the long run turn out to be people who maybe even land you jobb in real life or may even become your gf/bf in real life who knows maybe even become so deep as to become your online and/or in real life brother and sister to you. So If You Want (Chill Jolly place to talk about, religious, spirituall or art or food/baking topics then this the place for you) We are like wild family in our discord, we do debating events very often and gaming events social events to, our staff are very jolly and willing to help. >>((most important thing is that we have only one rule in our discord that everyone must abide by, so maximal freedom is guaranteed))<< We have room for more people who wish to become staff in our discord. Right now we are in need of partnership managers/advertisers, more chat revivers and more event hosts. Other then that its pretty wild discord definetly not for everyone but we welcome everyone :] So be ready for wild ride if you decide to join >:D.
A laid back, open minded server. A place where you can joke around and have serious conversations to your preference! a place you will never be judged for any of your beliefs! primarily created for spiritual, Alien research, Conspiracies, astrology, and general spirituality, and many more things!
A brand new pagan chat for newbies and sages alike. Join us in one of our many discussion topics, or hop into a group meditation. 15+ only!
Hello, we are an 18+ occult/esoteric server with experienced moderators! Our aim is to create a server full of members with lots of different experiences and interests to put forth so that we can all grow in our practices and knowledge together!

We have a vibrant community for discussion in various estoeric areas, such as magick, diviniation, ritual, religion, paranormal activity, herbalism, materia, crafting, along with casual chats and pretty emojis!

A server about connection and communication. This is a home for those who are spiritually inclined individuals, those who are learning or wishing to learn, and especially for those who feel connected to other beings! All will feel welcome here. Share yourself, your experiences, dreams... share your perspective, and there is no need to fear judgement along the way. Explore reality and self!
This server is about Zen, Nature, Environmental issues, Human(-cultures), Religion, Art, Mental-Health(-issues), Philosophy, and so on. Feel welcome.
Greetings, fellow practitioners. We're a grouped haven of friends, seekers, and occultists. We follow Magick and psychic development. Our notion is simple, be what you are and do what is to be done in Divine Will. We have been growing rapidly recently and noticed a number of members capable of executing their knowledge, why not join us?

in case you have any inquiries - We familiarize with diverse topics and specialize in Magick, witchcraft, energy-work, and much more such as Theurgy, traditional Magick (Ceremonial Magick), Evocation / Invocation, Astrology, Philosophy, Wisdom, Meditation, Yoga (Hatha | Kundalini | Raja | Bhakti-Yoga) and Pranic practice, Grimoire studies, Hermetic learning, ancient history. These topics do not limit the server of its understanding, teaching and, or learning (i.e exercising One's Will) any other topics to be included.

If Hath One to join us, be sure to introduce yourself. Our focus also stands in member reputation and their skills of communication, if you are a beginner, we too would have to have you as we have plenty of teachers around (Including myself). With whatever concern you have, feel free to message me, privately. Thank you, and hope to see you at the Cognitionem.

-Be sure to read the rules.
-Be patient, after your introduction, we will assign you a role.
- We are taking serious students and magicians.
"Cafe Esoterica"A comfy server dedicated to furthering esoteric knowledge and practice of magic in all of its forms."
Emerald City is a community based on socializing. You can share fun content, meet new friends, and many more!
18+ only please. Server for finding friends and romantic partners who also happen to be otherkin/therians.
[The Spiritual Lounge]
:heart: Active community
:heart: Many roles
:heart: Many spiritual people
:heart: Custom emotes
:heart: Trained staff
:heart: NSFW
:heart: Meme's
Are you looking for a community filled with mistery and passion? then u should drop by the spiritual lounge!
We are currently spearheading one of the most active occult/spiritkeeping/spiritual server out there
So drop by our server and see for urself!.
welcome to fulfillment of mind we are a brand new community revolved around the spiritual including meditation, chakras, occult, astral projection, and many other topics we are a community with a open flow of knowable as well as fun games a PDF library friendly staff and much more
Everyone welcome, place for open minded discussions and new ideas.
A community of dedicated occult practitioners where anyone can join and converse with the participants, as well as purchase provided resources and services.
A fun and safe community focused on astrology and general spirituality! Come make friends and learn more about all things spiritual.
My goal for this server is to create an environment were people can go to learn, share there knowledge, and support and be supported by, not only like practitioners, but practitioners of many different paths under the wide "pagan" umbrella. This place promotes diversity and support of each other's unique qualities and gifts and is welcome to any mature and open minded person. This is a freshly starting up server, so if you have a drive to build the framework of a community, you are extra welcome! Hope to see you there.
This is a server for psychics when you can buy a Tarot reading from Elon as well as advertise and request other divinations.
A positively focused but driven community into the mystic, pagan, psychic developing and spiritual-friendly. Wiccans, witches and shaman and any earth-centered pathfinders are all welcomed here. Our boards can be found at
In this server our main goal is to help each and every person who has newly awakened to their spiritual path in the last couple years. Those of you who may be desperately searching for a place where you can ask questions, and receive the answers you need!
We are a soul family catering for all that lead a mystical and psychic pathway, we are a study group but a laid back one, relaxed, but friendly. Respect and Mindfulness ought to be key as we are opening our home to you. No negativity, no group wars or site drama, and no egos. Thank you.
A laid-back occult / spiritual server, for meeting friends as well as learning together. Focus is on tradition and experimental magick and meeting new beings / spirits. We stray away from using modern or mainstream content
This is a server for hanging out and talking about photography (or other art), self improvement, and spirituality!
We welcome anyone here, regardless of orientation, race, beliefs, disabilities, etc.
There is no such thing as a stupid question here!