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-Non-Toxic, Friendly among us voice channels and chat.
-Active and chill community playing among us
-Fun commands and bots
Newly designed server looking for some new members to join and become our CrewMates.

We have-
• Nitro hunting and giveaway (Under development so starting soon)
• Fun bots.
• Daily giveaways.
• Activities (Starting soon after hitting 150 members).
• Events (Starting soon after hitting 200 members).
• Active and friendly staff.
• Join team feature for - League of Legends, Brawl Stars, Among us and Valorant.
• Seperate channels for different game related talks.
• Active gamers.
Welcome to Oldmann's Game Hosting!

This is a safe zone server, we accept all types of people!
Asian server but we talk in English
We play games together such as Minecraft, CS:GO, Valorant, Among Us, SCP and more in the weekends.
In our server you can chill and hang out. Our staff are nice and mostly active well some of them. We also have a Minecraft realm which you can join the weekends with our member and staff.
Funny, Chill
Join the right call for your game
Don't Be Racist
If you can't handle offensive jokes don't join
Just bring jokes
Ciao! Noi siamo la EGF's Among Us Community e come fa capire il nome siamo una community di among us
In questo server troverai:



Among Us (ovviamente)

Giovanni Muciaccia che balla la macarena

Nomi colorati

E tanto altro!


Brazzers Network is just a regular server currently, but as more people join, the better it's getting. We do everything from videogaming to just chatting and the occasional highschool chat. We have a venting channel that you can say whatever you want (within reason). We want to bring together more and more people, so join us today!
𝐇еllo е𝗏еryоnе! 𝐖е'rе the 𝐎letus 𝐌anor! 𝐄veryonе's welcomed hеre! 𝐖e also would play Among us from time to time so let's play together yo!

─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───

𝐖hat arе our pеrks?
↬ 𝐀esthetic 𝐒erver 𝐋ayout
↬ 𝐔sеr 𝐈nfo
↬ 𝐄xcellent 𝐂ommunity for 𝐀rtists
↬ 𝐂olorful 𝐂olor 𝐑oles
↬ 𝐍fsw 𝐂hannel
↬ 𝐈dentity 𝐕 𝐓hemed 𝐄conomy

─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───
𝐀lso credits to Ao and Zea for our server profile picture and welcoming picture! ==

𝐃оn't hеsіtatе tо јоіn 𝗎s! 𝐋еt's play along tоgether!
We are the Resilience Server for Resilience E sports from India. Join us for COD mobile Multiplayer and PUBG Mobile Scrims and Tournaments
¿Buscas conocer gente nueva, alguien con quien compartir todo tipo de aficiones, jugar o simplemente hablar? Únete a la mayor comunidad social de habla hispana. Disponemos de:

☑️- Sorteos y concursos con premios.
☑️ - Comunidad agradable y activa las 24 horas del día (tanto en voz como por escrito).
☑️ - Roles por país, edad, juegos, hobbies, experiencia, personalidad, etc.
☑️ - Bots y partners propios.
☑️ - Tienda con merchandising exclusivo.
☑️ - Salas especializadas en: cocina, cine, anime, series, literatura, dibujo, música, rol, etc.
☑️ - Estamos presentes en todas las redes sociales.
☑️ - Sala de Cine para ver pelis juntos.
☑️ - Soporte técnico y emocional (sí, emocional).
☑️ - Moderadores las 24 horas del día (0 trols y gente molesta) y que escucha vuestras sugerencias/quejas.
☑️ - Apoyo a los streamers/youtubers.
☑️ - Minijuegos (Trivial, PokeMew, Akinator, Blackjack, etc).
☑️ - Mentor y grupo de Steam con reseñas actualizadas de los juegos que van saliendo y donde se organizan actividades de juegos.
☑️ - Canal donde se recopilan los mejores memes.
☑️ - Muchas más cosas!
You are all welcome to join Nameless Server (NS),
We are a General Community server with gaming, anime, music & movies!

The goal is for everyone to just have fun and make new friends,
There is a NSFW channel, but permissions are required to view,
See you soon!
xoxo - NilFace
Hey, wanting to meet more Texas players for Among Us! Friendly server! Great community!
This is an Among us Server Made for arabic speakers only. English Speakers are welcomed ofcourse but You won't find as much.
• Türk oyuncular için hazırlanmış bir Among Us sunucusu
• Kendi ses kanalını oluşturabilme
• Kendi rengini belirleme
• Düzenli discord kanalları

🔱 Hemen aramıza katılabilirsin hepinizi bekliyoruz ^^
Welcome to our Indian server! We recently created it to support the Indian among us community and have fun with other people!
we have:
700+ member, 100+ online Players.
-Multiple game VCs
-General among us gameplay and community
Early members with good behavior will be promoted as moderators ;)
Xin chào mọi người :v tôi chủ trì hội anh em chơi among us muốn rủ rê mọi người vào nhóm discord chúng tôi :3
Cùng tham gia với chúng tôi, tôi sẽ đưa các bạn tới những trải nghiệm chơi AU vui vẻ :v nơi tình bạn là phù du, anh em chia rẽ :v
Group chúng tôi bé, mong mọi người cùng tham gia :3 Cùng chúng tôi xây dựng server chất lượng ( ° ͜ʖ °)
mainly an among us server where you can meet with other people who play the game and make friends!! you can also play with each other and vc! there is a verification process, all you have to do is create an intro and you're let in!! we have reaction roles and all that good stuff. i hope you have a good time here :)
Hello! I’ve never made a server so this is my first! Go easy on me. I enjoy playing Among Us, Fortnite, Minecraft, etc. I’m also into anime and horror movies so we can share good recommendations and watch them. Just open for all to come and chill out with other wacky individuals 🤗
Hey! Welcome to TurtleSquad! We are a active gamers who play a assortment of games. If you are looking for people to chat with play with. We are the right people! So hop on and join us.
Modern Warfare
Among Us
Discord Games
Servidor completamente portugues para tu e os teus amigos entrarem e usarem as nossas salas para conhecer e jogar com pessoal do pais inteiro. Entrem e convidem os vossos amigos!
Explicação rápida do nome do servidor (só para os mais burros)
"Meatballs" em português significa "almôndegas". Se virem bem, "Among Us" parece "almôndegas" quando o dizem. Perceberam? Boa. :)