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. . . Lights! Camera . . . ACTION!

Haven’t you ever wanted to live out the fantastical scenes you see in the cinema? Drifting race cars around tight corners, kissing a beautiful human in the rain, traversing the plains with dinosaurs?
Haven’t you ever wanted your life to be more than it is?

Haven’t you ever wanted to d̷͊̚i̶͐̉ē̵͘ be a movie star??

WELL THEN, have we got the Killing Game for YOU!
Join us in Cinematic Calamity, where the line between life and screen is blurred beyond recognition, and your favorite scenes from the world of film could become your reality at any moment! Hope you aren’t afraid of horror movies.


Hi, this server is for danganronpa/anime lovers, join, we wont mind! We enjoy people here and really want this server to NOT be dead! So join! Thank you for reading. *nae naes*
Welcome to Danganronpa Murder Monstrosity: Season 3

The Murder Monstrosity killing game created by Raven Bellran, and it has been the most popular series on the dark web, going two seasons strong. This season is meant to be the biggest one yet! This time it is set at a movie set and old players will return to survive the game once more. A mix of old and new, can they end the game once and for all?

This is an ongoing Killing game with an overarching plot, custom art, and the occasional puzzle! We have a custom made trial system meant to keep things interesting for all the players.

If you do not make it into the killing game we have a strong casual scene with AU, love hotels, and magic rps. All of it SFW. We even host game nights! We pride ourselves on having a friendly environment.

This is a cast of 18. No canon characters exist in this universe. Tentatively apps close on the 27th of December.
What about a Danganronpa Roleplay server, but on a spaceship?

Welcome to Danganronpa: Outer Space Despair! A Roleplaying server for Oc and Canon Characters. Applications are Competive, so from everyone that applies, we choose a few that get in. There are minigames to earn points (That you, for example, can spend in the shop).

Besides normal applications, you can also apply for the role as Traitor, Mastermind or one of the Mono's. Trials, body discoveries, Investegations and Motives happen once a week. If you want to murder someone, you also apply for it. If i don't have any Murder applications, i will randomly choose one of the less actives.

No Erp here. If you *really* want to do that, you can do that in dms. But, for SP (Starpoints) Your character can buy a datecard, for a nice trip with one of the other characters (as long as they want to join) 😎.

If you're still not sure if you want to join, you are free to come check out!

Everything is currently open, last updated 9 December.

Welcome to Danganronpa; Outer Space Despair!
A server to play rp with higher character consequences and to our interests.
-Fire Emblem
-Zero Escape
Planning and willing to try more!
Is... is this working? Hello. My name is not of importance... I am here to invite you to a Project... Project Despairbox. Don't let the name fool you... it's just a simple school Semester researching talents of students... Seize this opportunity. Its once in a lifetime...
(Be prepared for a surprise... a new KG concept made up by me... atleast the host is very Special. Looking for help and active people, as we will be starting up soon.)
a new kincord, open to any and everybody!
(with the exception of factkin; please dont join if you kin real people.)
we offer many channels and server events, along with plenty of places to share mems, art, cosplays, many kin and nonkin related chats, fun bots and more!
no matter your kins/kintypes, who you kin or where you come from, we love and accept all with open arms!
only requirements; be a kinnie, of course, and again, no factkin!
hope you enjoy your stay!!
ᵀᴼ ᶠᴬᴺᴰᴼᴹ ᶜᴼᴿᴾˢ!

ᴴᴱᴿᴱ ᵂᴱ ᴴᴬᵛᴱ:
Kind Mods,
Chill community,
Fun bots,
Fair rules,
Categories for fandoms that you request!

ᵀᴴᴵᴺᴳˢ ᵀᴼ ᴰᴼ ᴴᴱᴿᴱ:
Chat generally,
Make new friends,
Talk about your favourite series,
Play with the bots,
And more!

ᶜᵁᴿᴿᴱᴺᵀ ᶠᴬᴺᴰᴼᴹˢ:
- Danganronpa
- Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no yaiba)
- Madoka Magica
- Homestuck
- Steven Universe
- Boku No Hero Academia (MHA)
- Pokemon

Please drop by!
Even if it’s short, we hope you enjoy your stay!
The Institute for SHSL Juveniles is a canon character roleplay including all characters from all four games and characters from the anime. You must be 14 or older to enter this server.

Now this friendly little server is where you will find your worst nightmare coming to life. Why do you ask? Simple. It's kill or be killed. You are trapped in this school called Hope's Peak Academy after of course you are accepted in the school to begin with. Your objective? Well you need to kill in order for you to escape the school you are trapped in. Though watch out for Monokuma. He is always watching and won't let you get away so easily.

??: Did someone call my name? Well I'm here and ready to get this game started! The rules of this game are simple. You'll have to murder your friends in order to escape this place! Though I'm sure you were already familiar with all the rules. Kill or be killed. Survival is what everyone wants, but won't get. Now let's get this game started! Upupupu!

Oh boy. Did you hear that? Best to get up and grasp everything because you won't have much time later. The game goes by quickly and before you know it, you'll be dead. Don't sit back and relax or enjoy the show. Because this show might just be your last. This is the first game of "Danganronpa: Hope's Peak Ultimate Despair Arc".


1) Killing Game Channels.
2) Regular Roleplay Channels
3) Trusting Staff
4) Accepting and Welcoming Enviroment
5) Bot Commands and Channels
6) Hobby Channels
7) Support Channels
8) Voice Channels
9) Canon/Fangame and even OCs are allowed to participate!

NOTE: We are currently new so this will be the start of our first Game. We will update our disboard whenever we start a new game. If you cannot join this game, there will be more games to come so do not fret. We hope you enjoy your wake in this server.

╓==========« ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ »==========╖
💥Welcome to Mexican Mafia Cult !! 💥

The server is brand new, but is open to making friends, suggestions, and talking about loads of other different cool stuff !

Some perks this server has:
🌸・゚-Fun bots. Such as Dank Memer bot, uno, Pokécord, rythm bot, and MarriageBot. We are looking forward to add more fun bots!

🌷・゚-Ranks! People can level up all the way to 100!

🌼・゚-Friendly server! As the owner of this server, I welcome anyone with open arms! There is no judgement and everyone will be accepted for who they are! Don’t be afraid to be yourself, this is a place for making new friends!

🌹・゚-Variety of roles! Many different roles to choose from, and we are still looking to add some more!

🌺・゚-Activities area! You can play some really cool mini games with your friends !!

The server is still in development and all suggestions will be noted!
I hope you guys decide to join our server and help us grow. Enjoy your stay!!!✨
╙==========« ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ »==========╜
this server is a server dedicated to danganronpa. you can chat with everyone, send cursed photos, promote your hobbies, and make new friends! everybody is super friendly and accepting, we are one big happy family.

We host Danganronpa mastermind killing games where people can try to win as either student blackend or mastermind.
it contains
-Different abilities for each character
-maps from the 3 games.
-updates with fresh new changes/stuff
-great people to play with
Not sure yet?
Join us, look around and I am sure that you will enjoy your stay.

Be warned that the server contains spoilers for all games and anime.

Welcome to Korekiyo Rights. This is a varied server from Debate to kinnie stuff. Please be respectful
"Who knows? I am a liar, after all."

ayup kokichi gang where you at

other people are ok too but yall better respect our boy
《 Towa Central 》

Towa Central is a new non-despair AU Danganronpa server, allowing OC’s and canon characters from the first three games, anime, manga, and several fanganronpa series. As previously mentioned, it’s a new server, thus meaning it has a lack of members!

So, what do we include/how are we here?

🌺 A roleplay spot for anyone that joins from any of the canon games, etc.
🌺 Bots such as Mudae, Unbelievaboat, Rhythm, etc for messing around or.. Any other use, really.
🌺 A LGBTQ+, kin, and mental health friendly place.
🌺 Tons of social and roleplay channels.
🌺 A spectator role for people who simply just want to talk about the game and make friends.
🌺 Tons of canon characters

..What don’t we include here, though?

❌ Killing Games. This might change in the future, though.
❌ Haji Towa.

If you want to join, feel free to do so! I hope to see you there.
Okay so, right off the bat, yes, this is a Danganronpa ERP (Sex rp). This is a new server i started to share my love for Danganronpa in more ways than one. It needs new members so don't hesitate in joining if you want to rp. Also special note, only join if you're +18 and don't bother joining if you don't even know what Danganronpa is.
You’ve been invited to one of the most prestigious schools, Hope Hills academy! You and 17 other Ultimates must take the train, Arik Arik, to get to this wonderful and wondrous school.
Don’t worry! The train is safe and is luxurious too! Now, enjoy your joy ride! Have fun and don’t jump out the window!
I'm starting a new killing game with a new story and new characters and stuff. I'm just getting the vibe to do so, so here it is! I just made the server though, so things can change or be added in. This is a non public NSFW server, there are minors here so we don’t want that.. but NSFW Roleplay is allowed only in DMS. Character applications and Admin applications are open!
Things we offer-
✧A Killing Game with story that isn’t connected to canon Danganronpa
✧Drawn bodies for body discoveries
✧Currently, our admin staff is doing great!
✧There’s Tupperbox if you like using that
✧and a Mono that is neither human or a furry!
Hop on and enjoy the ride!
Hiya! We're a newly-formed Danganronpa ERP server for 18+ users. Congratulations an your acceptance to Hope's Peak... and enjoy the adventures that follow!

- ERP!
- NSFW Channels!
- Memes!
-a great community ran by wonderful admins!
- Bots such as Inspirobot, Rythm, Mudae, and more!
- Many RP settings, ranging from Hope's Peak to Towa City to natural landscapes and more!
Come one come all to the experience of time! You and your other 15 class mates have gained a life changing trip to the Keebonia Fair! You will have lots of fun we are sure of it!..and we will have fun seeing you there in any state..hehehe


Once the real rp starts I will mention things such as abuse and more gore,if you are not comfortable with that please do not join the real rp

But for now we have amazing people to talk to and a free peacefully rp so no big serious stuff yet ówò

Bye bye for now!
Welcome to danganronpa monomall

16 students wake up in a mall
How did they get there? What Mysteries lay wait inside?

Currently accepting ocs