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⭒ Hejcia z tej strony Sansy, założycielka serwera Amanogawa ⭑
⭑ Nie będę przedłużać więc tak, mój serwer oferuję między innymi ⭒

🍡 Miły dla oka wygląd kanałów oraz kategorii.
🍡 Aktywność na kanałach tekstowych.
🍡 Kanały dotyczące hobby oraz zainteresowań.
🍡 Sklep serwerowy w którym można zbierać na kolorowe rangi.
🍡 Różne ciekawe boty których można używać na przeznaczonych do tego kanałach.
🍡 Możliwość współpracy.
🍡 Oraz wiele więcej.
You are an experiment.

You will obey your life here. Trapped within the hellish districts; 16 students have been chosen to be the ones that are justified in the test. The test of sanity. Will the clock affect their mindsets and cause bloodlust, or will it cause sanity?

Hopes peak had moved on and government officials were desperate now. They needed to know how the times of day affect people’s sanity if destruction care happen. Surely; ultimates like them would survive? That’s what they thought.

With luck; they won’t drop too quickly.
🌸 A place to discuss about anime, manga, and video games, such as for example Boku No Hero or Danganronpa. We also have a channel for cartoons :)

🌸 Active mod team!
Bro, I basically live on Discord.

🌸 You can share your art, cosplay and fanfics, and get feedback! We strongly support fan creators and would love to see your work ❤️

🌸 We have fun events on special holidays! (Easter, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc.)

🌸 Don’t worry about getting spoiled, we have many spoiler channels! We even have a spoiler channel for every game in Danganronpa :O

🌸 We have NSFW channels! (For 18+ only)

🌸 Everyone is welcome, even furries! (We have a channel for furry art)

~ We’d love to talk about our favorite animes with you :)
Tired of only roleplaying Danganronpa? Wanna just sit relaxed, talking, playing, sharing memes?

°•-ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ ᴡɪᴛʜ ʙᴏᴛꜱ (ᴍᴜᴅᴀᴇ)
°•-𝔸 𝕗𝕣𝕚𝕖𝕟𝕕𝕝𝕪 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕤𝕦𝕡𝕡𝕠𝕣𝕥𝕚𝕧𝕖 𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕞𝕦𝕟𝕚𝕥𝕪!
°•-𝑀𝓊𝓈𝒾𝒸 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝒱𝒞
°•-Ꭰąղցąղɾօղքą ҽѵҽղէʂ ҽѵҽɾվ օղçҽ ìղ ą ահìӀҽ! --
Are you still here reading this? Seriously, what's wrong with you.. JOIN! 😵❤️

Welcome to Hopes Peak Academy!

We are a completely new server!

This is a non-despair AU, meaning it's completely NOT a Killing Game, The characters will live their lives in Hope's Peak Academy as Ultimate Students living their best lives!

We accept OC'S, 2 Fangames (Super Danganronpa Another 2 + Danganronpa Re:Birth) & canon characters from the Danganronpa series!

Here, we are:
{LGBTQ friendly
{Very very nice
{Spoiler free, though we have a channel for that
{Lots of fun
{Ready for you!

✭ Heyy! Please join dis cursed mess i have created <3
✭ It’s just a chill pit in the darkness of hell that we call a server :3
✭ We do cursed fanfic reading sessions which is always fun
✭ Eee i will be your friend :3
✭ We got art, cosplay, roleplay, one word story, mudae, pizza and more >:3
✭ Have a good day <3
✭ Remember you are valid!!
We’re a new danganronpa rp server! We have plenty of rp channels, music, mudae, and nsfw/sfw channels. We also allow Nsfw and sfw rp, plus ocs and canons!!
Tartarus is a Persona based server, where you can discuss whatever you want with fellow fans of the series. Even tho it's coined a Persona server, we like to discuss any games at all - another common thing is Danganronpa. So, why not join, right?
After hope wins in the war of despair and hope, someone who believes in hope betrays them and makes a killing game. That's how this school was made. But the mastermind is nowhere to be found! The killing game will begin when min. 16 students are participating.
This is a small server.A non-despair AU server.You will roleplay as the cannon chracters of DR1,SDR2/DR3,DRV3 and UDG.You may make an OC.Requests can be made,you could also file complaints.
This is what we have to offer:
・The character limit per person(including OC) is 3
・We currently have 6 bots
・A person can only make 1 OC
・Monitors and presidents(including vices) are admins
・Admins are given only to specific characters/trusted ones
・Events such as contests,stories,etc. will be made
・You may file a complaint or req tupperbox)uest for something in the
requests channel.

Please have a nice time in this server,thank you!
Hello! This a new Danganronpa rp server ♡
Obviously, It's about the remnants of Despair.
Since the server is new, pretty much all of the characters are open.
We also have some fun bots and textig channels if you don't want to roleplay.
I hope you consider joining!

Taken Characters:
Junko Enoshima
Kaede Akamatsu
Miu Iruma
Sonia Nevermind
Izuru Kamukura
Kazuichi Souda
Korekiyo shinguji
Nagito Komaeda
Celestia Ludenberg
Anyone is allowed in here!
Just be friendly to everyone else!

-Make Friends
-Listen to music!
At the beginning of it, there was a flash of light, then nothing at all.



And then suddenly, there was something.

In the sleepy ghost town of Westerlight, in which nothing seems to happen, a sudden new population of twenty-four joins the sluggish ecosystem. Whispering melodies that seem to stem from nowhere worship those who might have been here previous to you, filling the air with a haunting feel. However, there is no proof those before had ever existed in the first place. Passive scents that fill the air expel aromas of peace, shedding pleasant smells from the thick forest surrounding the town, almost reminding you of home. But you have no home outside of Westerlight, at least not anymore. It suffocates you with its noxious and cozy atmosphere, clutching your chest and begging you to stay.

In the sleepy ghost town of Westerlight, with its mysterious and hypnotizing tranquility, something finally happens to disturb the residents’ drowsy lives.


Danganronpa: Paint the Town Pink! is a mutual killing game set in 1984 between twenty-four residents of the abandoned town Westerlight. You wake up to the humming white noise that rocks you back to sleep in a world where things seem to glitch out and disappear before your very eyes. The peace is lingering, but will it stay forever?

Close-knit accepting friendly LGBTQ+ Safe-Space themed around Danganronpa, Persona, JoJo, and other Japanese media! Anyone is free to join, including allies, and is 100% free of Transphobia, Homophobia, Racism, and other bigotry! Mudae Premium allows members to claim waifus hourly and force spawn Kakera! Join today for one of the nicest and most accepting servers you can find! No TERFs allowed!!
☆ Welcome to the Pigeon's Home ☆
We are a small, accepting family seeking to grow. It's a place to relax and chat with new people about whatever. We are multi-fandom, too!
We have fun bots such as Mudae, Chiaki bot and Dank memer, and music bots like rythmbot to vibe to.
We are a safe space for any kind of people, so please come for a while!
What if we could go back in time...? Change the past, change the future? Well.. here we are; the same old Utsuroshima Killing School Trip. But something is different. 5 different VOIDs. Spies from the Kisaragi Foundation watch from within the game. And most importantly.. everyone has a different story now.

15 high school(?) students, one former merchant, and a monochromatic crow, all on a cruise ship sailing between islands. Different relationships, different enemies, different everything.. so what can they do?
This is a server dedicated to Magical miracle girl Monomi, also known as Usami. We have bots please join
This is a server dedicated to one of the most underrated characters of SDR2, Teruteru Hanamura. We have NSFW channels and lots of bots to keep you entertained!
This is a killing game rp server based of the games "Your Turn To Die" and "Danganronpa", but this is an original killing game. This rp will take place in a mansion and the players will have to hide their identities to survive.
a new kincord, open to any and everybody!
(with the exception of factkin; please dont join if you kin real people.)
we offer many channels and server events, along with plenty of places to share mems, art, cosplays, many kin and nonkin related chats, fun bots and more!
no matter your kins/kintypes, who you kin or where you come from, we love and accept all with open arms!
only requirements; be a kinnie, of course, and again, no factkin!
hope you enjoy your stay!!
Our server is dedicated to the ship Pregame Saiouma
We're a friendly community and we're trying to work our way up to the top.
We talk about shipping without any toxicity!
We also have roleplay channels for you to have fun in!
Feel free to be open about your favorite ships, characters, headcanons, and many other things!
Our server is still a work in progress but we're welcoming people with open arms!
•~• Welcome to Red Hopes High! •~•

Red Hopes is a server for roleplaying canons and ocs of your choice! Not only are we a growing community, we also are huge fans of Danganronpa! We will be hosting events and fun activities for you and your friends to join!

Take this time to join Red Hopes High!

Who knows? You might get away with murder...