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Welcome to The Nerf Agora! You can chat about modding, gameplay, blasters, youtubers, buy/sell/trade or just Nerf in general. We focus on Nerf but you can just chill in off topic if you prefer. :)
Do you like chilling and hanging out with all of your buddies? ChillPlace is just that!
We offer multiple rooms for you and your friends to chat!

Our community is great and non-toxic, and we will help you out with any problem that you may have!

But, it's not just talking with your friends, we have got multiple other sections like the memes section where you can post funny memes or the music section where you can listen to music!
Note: This server is very new and we are working very hard to make it as good as possible. Do not hesitate to give feedback on how to improve it!

But with everything out of the way, if you want a nice place to hang out, then grab your friends and head on over to ChillPlace!
A help center server for anyone that needs to vent or be apart of an incredible community, accompanied by an amazing staff team.
Hey you, the one sitting down right now!

Welcome to ✦Changing Seasons✦

We're a new wholesome little server trying to create a comfortable community for people to enjoy.

We offer plenty of space to:
◽ Share and talk about artwork
◽ Talk about games you like
◽ Share anything that interest you
◽ Make new friends
◽ Relax and Listen to music
~and were always open to suggestions for more~

If you're interested in any of the stuff mentioned or are just looking for a place to chill, why not stop by? It cost nothing to ya and we're always welcoming new people.
⋘ esexters ⋙

〷 NSFW Community 〷
〷 Trying to grow 〷
〷 Not many rules 〷
〷 Giveaways 〷
〷 And a lot of fuckery 〷

〷 So if you're looking for a cool place to hangout 〷
〷 with fun roles, cumsluts and edaters. Come join. 〷

〷 18+ 〷
〷 Looking for partners/PMS 〷
シ __welcome to Zach’s Hangout__ シ

✞This is the best community server you will thus far and this server contains...✞

★A very friendly general chat room☆
★Self-assignable roles☆
★Bot playground☆
★NSFW content☆
★Roleplaying OC’s allowed)☆
★Meme channels☆
★Voice chatting☆
★Music rooms☆
★venting channel☆
★suggestion channels☆
★and much much more☆
We're a couple of IDIOTS who are close knit and looking for my DEGENERATE SCUM to join
We don't care if you're below 18....
Just be above 13...
We are a community, dating and gaming server ages 13-21 and if you are quarantined at home then this place is for you! anyone can join!
We got
Level system up to 40 (so far)
Live Streaming
Emoji request if you want us to add an emoji
Chill hangout
Rising and active community
Mod and admin applications are available!
Mythic's Chill Room is a place for people to come and hang out! It offers a community for many different people to make friends and chill out with each other. Everyone of all different ages and genders are welcome to join!
We aim to create a social server where you can feel like a family with everyone around you. We are interested in seeing people able to have fun by chatting with others here!
The White Lotus is a small new 18+ server mostly to hangout and have a good time.
Here you can do things such as:
- Play games
- Hang out
- Post memes
- Make new friends
- Participate in community events (Coming soon)
- etc
ello! We’re currently a growing server with the founder axa_xa#7454.
We’re a friendly community server that will be active somehow in the future. We also do gaming atm (at the moment). Looking for people to join and support the server.
- A server where you can meet new people such as our staff, members, more!
- Chill people
- Fun bots and channel
Come join Ixk! If you join a welcome to you!
This Discord Server is a testing plat form for my main discord. Which you can get by this Code:FxKdt4U
Very small Server<little to no content or time put into it.>
Welcome to The Pond 🦆
🎉 Giveaways, role giveaways, and more!

🥳 Events 🥳

🎣 Fishing bot 🎣

🤝 Partnerships 🤝

🐟 An active community 🐟
👉We’re looking for active staff members.


Stupid Town is a community full of friendly idiots who just want to chill, chat, and most importantly, meme. Come join!
🔸 18+ Only
🔸 Active
🔸 Organized
🔸 Girl Friendly
🔸 NSFW Channels
🔸 Chat Leveling
🔸 Color Roles
🔸 Movie Watching
🔸 Members from different websites, games, countries, and ethnicities.
🔸 Bot-games: Enderbot, Pokecord, IdleRPG, IdleMiner, and Yu-Gi-Oh.
Welcome to the Forest. We’re very chill and laid back server. Come join us, we play games and chat!
✦ ───── Welcome to the Forest Dreams Roleplay Server! ───── ✦
This server is an aesthetic server for people to hang out and roleplay for fun. Our features include:

~ Fun Bots

~ A Kind Community

~ Entertaining Roleplay

~ Organized Server


If you want to be part of this new community, all you have to do is join! ;]
Hello! I just made this server.. I Hope u like it! Find friends, have fun (or even find love o.o)
Chill Lounge Is A Server That Is Welcomed To Everyone. In Here You Social And Make Friends. Make Sure To Read The Rules When You Join.

If You Have Any Questions, You Can Ask Any Of The Admins Or The Co-Owner.
Hey there. We have an active community, many bots, and features. Select from speaking in one of our many VOICE channels or our TEXT channels! We like asking YOU what you think by having polls and hosting giveaways. Come join today for awesome porn and lots of fun!
Ameno Dorime, c’est un petit logis confortable, où n’importe qui est accepté à condition qu’il respecte les quelques règles établies et possède16 ans au minimum.😉
Ce petit serveur en expansion recherche une parfaite entente entre ses membres. Accueillant aussi bien les mineurs que les majeurs, nous veillons à ce que chacun y trouve sa place. 🤗

Pour cela, nous avons :

~ Une communauté de base active
~ Des vocaux assez réguliers
~ Un gout pour la bonne musique
~ Des débats de toute sorte

À très vite 😎
A place with a plentiful amount of bots, old-time users and a great mod team to go with! Only 1 day since the last incident too :)