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Welcome to Nintendo HQ! We are a small server that is still under construction, but we would appreciate if you join and help us grow! Our server offers:
- A non-toxic environment for everyone
- Self-assignable roles
- Up-to-date news for Nintendo games and products, and customizable in-stock alerts
- Many bots, including Pokecord, Spyke, and Gyroid
- Separate channels for different franchises
- A channel dedicated to memes
- The Rhythm 2 bot and a channel to listen to music

This is server where you can stay up-to-date on the latest Nintendo announcements, talk about games, show off your awesome collections of games, consoles, and amiibos, or just relax!

-New Server
-Looking for staffs and mods
-Anyone can join and have some fun!

This is a new server made by Divipop. It's not yet done and we’re looking for people to help us make the server better!
Henlo. This is a relatively new server so we might not have many members yet, but don’t be deterred!

Please join so Connie doesn’t throw a tantrum

In this server we offer canon characters, oc characters, lots of roleplay channels, a friendly atmosphere and lots of fun!

Don’t be afraid to join, I promise I don’t bite. See you soon!~
《Small Dead By Daylight server for any kinnies out there》



✚ This server is for KINNIES to chill and talk about horror/DBD and whatever you want. Wouldn't recommend it if you're a gamer only looking for people to play with. (Yeah we play but we're not that kind of server)
✚ All DBD kinnies are welcome! Even the ones from the franchises added to the game
✚ Horror/slashers kinnies welcome too!
✚ LGBT+ and doubles friendly
✚ Beware of slashers fuckers(tm)
✚ 15+ members only!
**__Hey welcome to The Crystal Coven here is a bit about us:__**
💎 A friendly divination witchcraft based server
💎 lots of channels for all kinds of divination methods
💎 a nice community and reasonable staff
💎 fairly new but growing slowly
💎 self assignable roles
💎 the sister server of “Let’s Talk Witchcraft” and co
💎 so come join us here in our divination coven!


☁️✧₊ Active community
🕷️✧₊ New Server In need of members
🔗✧₊ apply for staff nd pms
🗡️✧₊ Cute Aesthetic
🔧✧₊over 69+ unanimated emotes
🍙✧₊over 90+ animated emotes
🍥✧₊nitro level 1


~~ Welcome to Monster Girl World! ~~

We are an (E)RP server heavily based on Kenkou Cross' "Monster Girl Encyclopedia" series.

Humans and Monsters were in constant struggle in the medieval world of MGE, battling with blood and sword, but a succubus corrupted the monsters with the essence of a Succubus, and the battles of bloodshed had been turned to battles of lust and desire.

The Order exist to slay the now-lustful monsters and protect the humans, yet the Monsters wish to capture the humans to turn them into their "husbands", raping them to feed their lust for human energy and children.

Who will you be? Who's side will you take in this battle?

~> Normal, Erotic, and Combat-based Roleplay all in one server.

~> Expansive server infrastructure & curation.

~> ~100 Monster Girl species to RP as or with.

~> High quality of RP with a tie-in to lore.
Slac's (SFW littles and caregivers) Small fox den. Is an 18+ server that has active mods and many roles to choose from! Our server is a work in progress but we would love to have you here 💖
゚. Welcome to Naughty Dreams
  ・ 。
Must Be | 18+ | To Join!

🔞┊Verified 18+ Role.

🌈┊Over 50+ Roles :heart9:

🍼┊ Nudes and Tease Channels for everyone! :

💌┊ A chill community open to those looking to make friends and hang out!

🌸┊Fun bots, Self Roles, and Voice Chats!

🐰┊ Channels for everyone to enjoy including Selfies, Memes, and more!

🔥┊ Giveaways and Events to join in!

We just started and growing fast! Join now to enjoy your time here...!

L o a d i n g . . .
╭─ ,, ⟶ .♡. ⊹. ,⡠﹞♡﹝⠢ ° .
__Welcome into our server!~ ♡
╰────── ─ ─╮
Welcome to The Vestibule!

We're a small group of 18+ kinksters that started a private Femdom community. We're a social (friendship based) server, not a dating server. If you hit it off with someone by all means, but if that's your only objective we're not for you. We're primarily queer folks, though we do have many straight people and several trans/non-binary members. The age range on our server is presently 18-43 and we have people from over 15 countries! Our server is minority friendly, given who runs it: women, POC and queer folks. We maintain a roughly 50:50 M:F gender ratio on the server - we find it makes for the most pleasant kind of server environment. We also host events: server munches, karaoke, storytelling nights and group gaming sessions. Events usually happen once or twice weekly.

We take our community culture seriously so please take time and thought with your application. If you are a cool person we want to hang out with you! We prioritize a good social fit over everything to help keep our community as awesome as it is. If we sound interesting to you, please apply on-server and leadership will be in touch if we think you're a good fit! We find we tend to accept about 1/4 to 1/3 of those that apply.

We do not allow discussion or media containing watersports, hardsports, furry, gore, vore, sissification (feminization's ok!), little/middle/ageplay and shota/loli. This is a server-wide decision as the content exceeds the personal limits of those who moderate it.

If we discover anyone to ever be underage you will be immediately banned. We are not a roleplay server. This server is for consenting adults only.
Fresh Fate Grand Order based RP server, with a great story and more room for fun.
Hiya! This server is a server just starting out, we need your help to grow!
Our staff is very kind and helpful as well ^~^
Can't wait to meet you!
Hello! We run Another Kinnity, a 13+ server for Kin, Fictives, Therians, Synpaths, Coping Links, and more! We have a very active understanding staff team, pluralkit and tupperbox, contests and events, non-english chats, mem jams, and more!
・〉Welcome to Chéy Lea's Community!

We strive to be a welcoming and friendly community where you can be comfortable, meet new friends, and be treated with kindness and overall, love. We are more than just a community server, so everyone and all topics are welcome!

What Our Community Offers:
➺ Hosts Movies Every week in server!
➺ Many cute and adorable emotes!
➺ Active Chats + Vcs to make and meet new friends!
➺ Events + nitro giveaways!
➺ Birthday Announcements!
➺ Play with bots all. day. long. Dank, Mudae, TTT, Owo and more!
➺ Variety of self-assignable roles!
➺ Ranking System + Booster Perks!
➺ Self-Promotion, Art, Counting, Gaming, and Music Channels.
➺ And so much more ~
Pings: @/everyone, @/here, @/lurker {on occasion}
・〉Looking to grow our community!
✿ | Vanity link:
✿ | Invite link:
✿ | Banner:
The supernatural have always walked the Earth alongside humankind until the Iron War of Men pushed them into the shadows. History has now reduced such beings to stories of myth and mere superstition best served as a cautionary tale for children.

Regardless, the supernatural community has always been here, now shielded by a veil of mankind’s own ignorance in this modern age.

• 18+ and literate server

• Self assigned roles

• Flexible character creation

• Original lore and characters

• Player driven plots with GM inserted arcs

• We are a new server and just starting to establish ourselves. We welcome ideas and input from players!

**Current Setting**

• Location: City of London, United Kingdom.

• Timeline: Modern day. 2020
We are a pbp server with rather active quest and roleplayers, looking for DM's and players feel free to join and ask questions!
Sumner, a quiet, harbor town like any other in Maine, is home to a small, hundred or so born-and-raised residents. It is also home to an odd thousand of elite students attending Beauchêne College. The town has tried, desperately, to separate itself from both Beauchêne’s name and activity, but the connection between Sumner and Beauchêne lies deeper than mere proximity. A dark and horrifying history binds them together, but what is history does not always remain in the past. Something immense and dreadful has awoken in Sumner, carrying inexplicable tragedy and unimaginable horror with it. Beauchêne students sit within the center of the chaos, as hyper-realistic nightmares spread among the masses like a virus and peers are discovered murdered within campus limits.

There is no denying the threat that looms over Sumner. It won’t allow itself to be denied.


- 18+
- Literate RP
- Member application process
- Interactive, evolving plot
- Friendly, helpful moderators
US Gov Sim is a mock US Government. All are welcome to debate in the House of Representatives and start parties and organizations.
This server is for everyone that can follow simple rules! Don't follow them and get banned, it's as simple as that! If you follow them the server is yours to enjoy!
Community server!!
- Become a subject or rule over your own realm
- Games
- Discussions
- Role play
- Many fun bots
- Lvl XP roles
- Mystical dungeon bloop
- Empress for sale to the highest bidder
and more!
- Be a part of a community and have fun while you're at it
See you there!
⊱welcome to solitarybevys/ the maddest chilled server it can be
💠💠 💠💠💠💠
⊱uk x usa server