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'Bloody Red Wolf's World' is a place and a community for those interested in promoting and/or sharing self made gaming content - frag movies, streaming, showcases and much more. The community can also be used as a get together to organize premade queue ups for one of your favourite games - counter-strike, apex-legends, fortnite, sa:mp, gta v and more. We also have numerous amount of bots available for public use under the bot section - games, music, public profiles, etcetera - which we believe will make the community more fun and enjoyable than it already is. We also have regular giveaways such as Discord Nitro, free games and more. If you feel like this would be a suitable place for you to share your content or just lurk around, feel free to join us.
Hello, discord créé il y a peu. Je commence dans le stream sur twitch, je stream a partir de ma PS4 en attendant de m'acheter un bon pc. Venez m'apporter votre soutien. Je vous en serez éternellement reconnaissante.

Sur ce discord vous pourrez y trouvez le casino, ou tout simplement des petites emotes bien sympathique que vous pourrez utiliser.

Venez me soutenir et ainsi passer du bon temps avec nous.

Je vous attends.
We plan to make this a server where you can have fun, find people with the same interests and talk with people you generally just like talking to.
Welcome to The Halo Boys, the server where you can have fun and play with other people with the same tastes as you!

We offer:

-A friendly community
We are friendly people who always tries to improve as many ways as possible

-Responsible staff members
Any staff member will try to help you and make your stay worth!

We do meetings on different games like most of the halo games, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Minecraft and in the future others! And we even have own channel in Youtube!

We are starting to make machinimas too, so you can collaborate with us body acting, voice acting, scripting or even animatingok_hand

So what are you waiting for? ! Come and join us!
Apocalypse MC is a developing server bringing factions and a story together.

The story is as follows.
A volcano, years ago, had exploded, wiping out most life on the blocky place that was earth. The few that had survived grouped up in a giant crater formed right next to the volcano. There was nowhere else to go. To the north was a giant volcano, the south was a path straight to a cloud of ash and the west and east was simply a giant wasteland. The ash cloud had formed a ring around the volcano, trapping them in. They gradually formed the community as we know it today, but it didn't all go as planned.

As the tribe slowly grew and grew, the 10 or so original survivors began to succumb to greed. They, in secret built blimps to escape from this nightmare. After stocking up on supplies to last them an eternity, they took to the skies, and created a small island to manage the others bellow. They slowly got worse and eventually tyrannical, sending down supplies to the settlers bellow to watch them fight over them. After many years, the settlers bellow had split into groups too. The largest are the miners and the guerrillas.

Miners mined into the volcano to find the precious magmore, and accidently discovered the magma chamber of the volcano, still quite full of lava (nether). The Miners never really bother anyone but can get aggressive if you insult them or their pride.

The guerrillas are a large collection of warriors who are bent on destroying the creators, and anything that stands of the way of them and the blimps. For some reason this includes anyone who isn't a guerrilla. Some say they have gone mad...

Many others decided to go solo, or form small groups. They did whatever it took for them to stay alive.

Eventually, the original survivors (now widely known as Skyrants), grew tired of watching their roads and buildings being torn apart - even though much of what was left was not theirs - and sent the Watchmen. The Watchmen are a robotic sort of creatures, that range from the heavy lumbering, golems to the small and nifty scouts. They won't attack you unless you attack them first or damage the roads. It is rumoured that inside the Watchmen's base, there is lever that can deactivate the golems and send fast travel shuddering to a stop. Unlike golems, however, scouts will continue to work if their base gets shut down and will fight brutally.
꒰🖇꒱Hello! We are Pastel Palace.꒰🖇꒱
We offer:
Venting channels
Gaming channels

♡꙼̈ ࿐ ࿔ I hope you will have a great time here♡꙼̈ ࿐ ࿔

-The staff team <3
Join the ditchcord empire an active cool community
There are many cool roles, channels and activities to choose from.
admins who treat everyone fairly and equally.
There is little to no rules apart from leeching and threatening the server and being an all round dickhead.

Newly Founded Fortnite clan ! Appreciate any support ! Join EU clan ! All friendly :)
Hello dear traveler. (.❛ ᴗ ❛.)
Are you looking for a place to rest for a while? Perhaps you want to meet new people with similar interests? Or maybe you just want to talk about anything?
If answer to one of those questions is yes, then this is the place for you! (⌒‿⌒)
In our server you can find:
✯ chill and nice atmosphere
✯ SFW environment
✯ Self assignable roles
✯ art channel where you can share your creativity
✯ gaming, anime and art theme
✯ monthly art challanges with a chance of winning a custom role
And more!
We hope you'll find something for yourself in our Ragged Flagon. (´• ω •`) ♡
Hallo,suchst du einen Server einfach zum chillen,Musik hören und zum zocken?Dann bist du hier genau richtig.
Wir bieten:
-eine nette Community
-guten Support
-viele Bots
und vieles mehr.
Ich würde mich freuen euch in der Chill Lounge zu sehen.

Welcome to Vibe Check, a welcoming and friendly community centered around gaming and anime. Just chill and listen to music, chat with other people, or do whatever.
- Self Roles
- Active members
- Bots
- Random Giveaways
- Various different text channels
This is a server for 18+ It is designed for making friends while gaming, sharing experience and gaming strategies, and having a good laugh. We provide gaming help, team ups, game suggestions, promoting Twitch accounts, and weekend activities. We hope you enjoy your time here, we are a mulit-languaged, open-minded, non offensive, respectful community!
We have channels for :
🕹️Xbox One
🕹️PlayStation 4
🕹️Mobile Games
🕹️NSFW Category
🕹️Fun emojis
🕹️Mudae, Mantaro, Mudamaid 21, Dyno Bot, OwO
🕹️Roleplay Universes
🕹️Movie Nights
**We are 18 and up exclusive, so if you wish to view the NSFW section, please verify with an admin.**
Greetings from the Transformers Universal Discord! Managed by The Decepticon Empire. All fans are welcome! We have diverse chat-rooms, daily voice chat's, and plenty of our own media ranging from Minecraft to Youtube. Join today and get to know our community!
This is a very chill server with people willing to chat, play games, listen to music, etc. with you.
Well set up and hard worked on bots
Anyone is welcome

⊶ 𝐿𝒶 𝐹𝒶𝓏𝒾𝑜𝓃𝑒 𝑀𝒶𝓇𝒾𝓃𝑜 ⊷

A little Info on 𝐿𝒶 Fazione 𝑀𝒶𝓇𝒾𝓃𝑜

This is 𝐿𝒶 𝐹𝒶𝓏𝒾𝑜𝓃𝑒 𝑀𝒶𝓇𝒾𝓃𝑜. weird name for a server, right? We're a growing social and roleplay server, where every is welcomed! This server aims to make everyone feel welcomed and appreciated, on the other the note help every to socialize one another. Theres so much things to know and wander around this server, so come on and join us!

This discord server provides for:

▸ Roleplayers :busts_in_silhouette:
▸ Gamers :joystick:
▸ Artists :paintbrush:
▸ Others

◇ What We Offer ◇

▸ Overall welcoming environment!
▸ Active staff!
▸ Lots of channels!
▸ Emojis!
▸ Bots! (ZeroTwo, Tupperbox, Yui, and more!)
▸Many Roleplays (for roleplayers)
▸Many more!

• We are in need of •

▸ Advertisers!
▸ Partnerships!
▸ Staff who are experienced in roleplay and can develop lore, and approve character sheets! (Roleplay Category)

This is a growing server, as we are still new and are patching mistakes up and adding more items as we go. Anyways, come and join us!

Do you like to create beautiful works of art and want
to share them with the world? Are you new and looking
to improve your craft? Just want a place to hang out
and meet new people? Well, whatever it is, The
Beach House is the server for you!
We offer:
- A fun environment to share your work
- A community of good people
- Weekly prompt competitions to compete it
- Channels dedicated to writing, visual arts, and music
- A safe place for people from all sorts of backgrounds
So if you’re looking for a fun discord server, look no further, The
Beach House is for you!
Imma just gonna get to the point, This is a server YOU personally have never been in, the action of this server is going to be insane. You maybe asking, how do i know if its gonna be insane its because you and I'm personally talking to you i know that you are going to make this server great, i know you will make everybody day literally the best so don't be a loser and join.
˜”*°•.˜”*°• A community of celestial beings who just wants to chill, talk, listen to music, gaming and watching movies. Join us in the abyss ^^ •°*”˜.•°*”˜
Heyaa :3
Wir sind ein deutschsprachiger Anime und Gaming Server~
Wir bieten:
-ein Level-System
-viele Bots
-und eine nette Community!

Wir freuen uns schon auf dich o/
Somos una pequeña comunidad que espera crecer.

No tenemos mucho que ofrecer, pero generalmente hay alguien en línea para hablar
Hello and welcome to Gamers Rise. We often play MrSoulsSlayers ATLA on roblox. We also play other games such as Minecraft and fornite. You talk and just hangout. Have fun!
⊱ ───── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ───── ⊰
This is a discord for all different things.
We have roles set up so you can only see chats for your personal interests so if you don't like makeup, you won't have to see those channels! ♡

If you like:
✧ Music
✧ Makeup
✧ Gaming
This discord is for you.
We also have channels for artist to show off! (Music, photography, drawing, and handmade art)

✯¸.•´*¨`*•✿ ✿•*`¨*`•.¸✯

Bots in this server:
⊱ ───── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ───── ⊰