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◯▬▬▬▬▬▬▬{ ☣️☣️☣️ }▬▬▬▬▬▬▬◯
♥We have plenty of stuff for you:♥

⒈ A lot of of rp rooms based on the well known RE scenarios;
⒉ NSFW channels so you can be lewd all you want 😳
⒊ Funny bots for social engagement and Games;
⒋ Events and such between members;
⒌ Loads of channels such as "general", "debate", "vent", "share".

We are still a small community, but we look forward to see it grow ^^
😊 I can be made possible with your help 😊
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" We love you, my princess !"

A server full of music and songs, where love and dreams build palaces and cathedrals of wonder. From the top of our music sheets, to the bottom of your hearts; we officially invite you to Uta no ☆ Prince sama!

⊱ ────── {⋅. ♪ .⋅} ────── ⊰
We are a roleplay based server dedicated to Uta no ☆ Prince sama!. We are currently accepting canon and OCs to come and enter Shining Gakuen, The Shining agency and Raging entertainment!

If roleplay isn't your thing, then we have special channels to cater to your needs so feel free to drop by, say hi and maybe stay awhile?

We have idols you can interact with as well ~
⊱ ────── {⋅. ♪ .⋅} ────── ⊰

Please keep in mind that this is a 15+ server. If you are beneath the age of entering the server, we apologize.
HVM(Hunters Of The Violet Moon)


Welcome to The World of Caztiin

This is an RPG/RP Server with tons of Development potential for your Character as well as glorious in-game Rewards!

Take part in Role-plays throughout the many Lore Rich Cities and Locations!

Join a Guild! Or even Submit your own! You can discover new dangers as well as become the strongest in those factions!

If that isn't your thing! Then take up a Job as a Store Owner, Blacksmith, or even run for Mayor for a Town!

Discuss, ask Questions, and interact with the HVM Community! We would love to add you to our Ranks!


~Staff Heavily Needed~

Server Managers~ Less Needed!

Dungeon Masters/Game Masters~ Extremely Needed!

A plague has hit the US and well for all we know the rest of the world could be in this dire situation and hell you could be the last person/people alive but one thing is for sure, you ain't going back to the normal life anytime soon after seeing friends and family eaten alive by the undead.

A synthetic disease known as Covid-19 spread into the air starting off in a small town in 2025 and spreading to cover the entire country with man eating and somehow walking corpses the company responsible unknown but conveniently a group called "black tech" are prepared and has set up safe zones dotted around but only small.
~This is an 18+ server so please respect our guidelines. Thank you~

A ten year war between mortal beings and magic weilders seemed to end in a standstill. Finally the two sides agreed and became one. This in turn allowed mortals to visit magical lands and forest. However it also allowed the magical users to visit the mortal towns and villages. Everything isn’t as peaceful as it would seem however, even to this day. While the two sides might be at peace, it doesn’t mean that the people of two different kinds and lifestyles would get along so easily.

First came the problems of opinions being different between the two different sides. The magicians would start making themselves at home in the villages which caused problems such as mortals leaving due to fearing the magic users. What could have been solved with words resulted in many abandoned villages lost to time. One village remained though as a hot spot for both mortal and magic users. The village of ecstasy heights situated in between the two sides has remained active and stands as a seal for the peace between the two sides.

Come join us and explore your adventure!
Greetings and welcome! We're a brand new roleplay server based on Attack On Titan where you can use your ocs this time! What will your character do to possibly save humanity? It's up to you and your comrades to honor your hearts and plunge into drama and battle!
We welcome everybody! And by everybody, I mean people who have never watched AOT, we assure any new anime or manga watchers/readers have the information and help by any AOT fans to make sure their time with us is just as great as everybody else!
This is a Mil-Sim roleplay server following a Marine Recon Platoon at the tip of the spear during the Second Battle of Fallujah.

The server’s soul purpose is to fill the void of a Military-RP that accurately and respectfully displays military culture and the realities of the warfare that took place within the War on a Terror.

Give us a hand, and kick in a door as you painstakingly fight house to house in one of the most important battles of the entire Iraq War.
The Walking Dead: Our Story

!! OC ONLY SERVER TWD Universe !!

A completely OC Walking Dead RP, 500 miles away from the canon stories, and 400 days into the apocalypse. You don’t even need to know their stories to join the RP!! Set in a post apocalyptic St. Louis, Missouri, a city completely forgotten by it's former inhabitants. The once busy city streets have fell silent to all except rouge military forces, wayward cults,and the moans of the dead. Until now...

Join the fight against the dead !! Make friends, communities, and help rebuild a new society. Balance trust, respect, and hope, all whilst fighting against the dead and the living!

━━━━ We Offer... ━━━━

🧟‍♂️ Literate Rp
🧟 RP Combatives
🧟‍♀️ Large Roleplay Setting
🧟‍♂️ User Made Factions and Charachter Plots
🧟 Chill Community
🧟‍♀️ Games
🧟‍♂️ SHIPS

And So Much More....


Join now!!!

𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝚆𝚊𝚕𝚔𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝙳𝚎𝚊𝚍: 𝙾𝚞𝚛 𝚂𝚝𝚘𝚛𝚢
**18+ Only**
~New Server~

I, The Count, Cordially Invite you to join the new regime!
A World Of Eternal Night!
Creatures Of The Night from all corners of the globe! Come out of the shadows and rule the night with me!

We Offer:
~ A variety of Dark Fantasy/Fantasy RP/ERP styled channels(With More To Come As We Grow)
~A Detailed Lore that allows you to pick from different Vampire Clans or Werewolf Packs. Even Classes of Angels, Demons and Mages.
~Special Class Roles: Lady Of The Lake,The Princes Of Hell, etc
~A IC Mating/Sire Bond System
~Up and Coming Things: Personal Housing Channels <3
~We're holding our 1st Event!
-A Writing Contest with the theme of Springtime
(Our 2nd is a WIP)

I shall be expecting you in the Land Of Eternal Night <3

__Server Summary__
Noir is a friendly & welcoming community. Even if you're a newcomer, we still consider you part of our server family once you come in.
Noir is a Dark Fantasy/Fantasy world full of legends and myths from across the planet that intersect into our main server lore.
Want to be a Angel?
Want to be a Demon?
A Werewolf?
A Vampire?
What about a Fairy or a Knight Of The Round Table?
In Noir, you can be <3
Welcome to Rovinare, Wisconsin and Ragnaro, Coloktor. A City and a Kingdom of heroes, villains, and mischief, both existing on two different planets, Earth and Terra. Will you join the heroes and drive the villains out of the city, or will you join the villains and take control over it. The Decision is on you.
Set in the New England, Eastern, Central, Columbia, Midwestern, and Texas commonwealths, roam the wastes reppersenting a faction, start a carvan bussiness, or maybe you will just be a wastelander looking to make your mark.

The current Year is 2288, one year after the events of fallout 4, we are going with the brotherhood ending to fallout 4. [along with the Project Purity Being a success in fallout 3] Also, were in the timeline where Megaton was Nuked, and Tenpenny tower was taken over by ghouls.
Stonewood Academy is the military academy of a fictional country in the 1890s. The country, situated in the northern Atlantic, is on the brink of a peasant rebellion.
This is a fairly new server and we hope to keep it small, but for now we are open to new members! Of course, given the setting, there is a fair bit of violence to be expected so please only join if you are comfortable with that.
A time of upheaval, a time of change, a Time of War. Star Wars: Time of War is focused around the Clone Wars period, focusing right after the Battle of Geonosis. We offer a open roleplay server that's 16+, with an awesome combat system and experienced, veteran RPers. See you soon friends, and may the Force be with you!
Welcome to Stardew Isle. Choose between Fernclan, Frostclam, Nightclan, and Oakclan!
Whether by malfunctioning transport or death, bots have found themselves on a near-perfect copy of Cybertron... If the main cities mixed with human dwellings count. Together with friends or enemies made along the way, they just need to settle down if they can. Canon and OC welcome, this goes for canon crossover characters as well.
⎾👋⏌Greetings, welcome to "Hollow Knight Roleplay"! This is a simple Discord server about roleplaying, and the story and setting of the server revolves around the game "Hollow Knight" by Team Cherry. We are a welcoming community, with a nice and judgement free atmosphere, although I myself must admit that some fights do happen once in a while, but I always try to deal with them as quick as possible. I apologize for this.

━━━━━━⎾💡⏌SERVER FEATURES⎿💡⏋━━━━━━
These are the qualities the server features that other servers may possibly have too! Here's the list:

💡 - Canon Character claiming.
💡 - Original Character creation, allowing members to get creative without breaking the lore.
💡 - A judgement free atmosphere that's clean of homophobia, racism, inc-st, l-licon, NSFW media, etc!
💡 - Venting and other serious channels where shitposting is absolutely forbidden.
💡 - Astonishing artwork, mainly paintings, from our wonderful members!
💡 - Active community (Varies with timezones) and chats for you to engage in.
💡 - Plural / Multiplicity / System friendly channels!
💡 - Semi-Literate roleplayers and standards!
💡 - Many bots to mess around with, such as Tupperbox and Fredboat!

We decided to fit all these in one category then make another one for more unique features, as we have heard some people complaining about how servers claimed "Active admins" is something special about a server, when it's just common sense that all the admins and higher-ups should be active to manage the community.

These are unique things that our server has that most other servers don't have, which makes it greatly different, but not better, from other normal Hollow Knight roleplaying servers. Here's the list!

🎉 - Color roles that are used to change your username color! Up to 19 different colors to choose, including the default (White).
🎉 - Amazing visuals thanks to special characters that make the whole discord more colorful and visually appealing, such as emojis.
🎉 - Countless amounts of roles for every small detail about the server, that are organized thanks to role separators.
🎉 - Character (limit) management is dealt with in an organized and unique way, with channels and roles dedicated for a certain purpose.

━━━━━━⎾📖⏌SERVER LORE⎿📖⏋━━━━━━
The story of the server takes place after the Godmaster ending (No delicate flower), after the great fight between the Radiance and the knight has managed to slash her into nothingness by turning into the Lord of Shades and finishing her off. With the cause of the infection being terminated, the epidemic has been slowly but surely dissipating. The Dreamers have found themselves back in the physical world and are awakening, and the Hollow Knight has been freed from it's prison in the Black Egg.

Now that the Shade Lord is free and it has the King's brand burned into their body, they are rising to take the throne they were born to usurp.
How will such a foreign Higher Being do as the new King?
Just like the Dreamers, the Pale King has also come back to the physical world somehow, possibly doing something that relates to the dream world. With him being back in Hallownest, will the old king arise?
What conflicts and events will surface?

━━━━⎾📖⏌QUESTIONS & ANSWERS⎿📖⏋━━━━
Q:What happens to deceased characters?

A:They are brought back to life with no explanation, we just shift the lore a little bit so it makes sense. The explanation is up to the person who has claimed the character, and if the characters are under certain conditions that will make roleplaying difficult, they are able to slightly modify it so it's more convenient.
An example of this could be Vespa, if someone was to claim her and if the person wants to, they are able to just scale them down in roleplay so she can move around the hive instead of being stuck in the same position.
╭──────╯::**__J'VOUS PRÉSENT ?__**:: ╰──────╮

꧁❃______。o๖̶̶̶ Ⱥʂէҽɾվą Աղìѵҽɾէ ༄o。_____❃꧂

**➤ Salut l'ami je suis Kira tu connais « __Asterya__ » ? Nan ? Sérieux? Bon et ben je te le présente alors camarade !!**

> Nous sommes un serveur RP LIVE (futuriste/fantasy) d'un peux plus dans d'un ans maintenant.

:: **__CONTEXTE__** : ::

> - Voilà le lien d'un google doc où tu pourras trouver résumé du contexte (RP) :
> - __Niveau de RP recherché : **CONFIRMÉ**__

> →Une bonne communauté ::
> →Un staff proche de vous et >un peu sévère, bah ouais il faut bien des fois ::
> →Des events régulier en RP, et hors RP prochainement.
> →Des aventures, et mini jeux avec les > bots (Mudae, Koya), et aussi une multitude de bot varié.
> → Un bot fait spécialement pour le serveur ! ::
> →Des Giveaways divers et variés (prochainement). ::

:: **__𝗔 𝗣𝗥𝗢𝗣𝗢𝗦__** ::

> →Tout le staff vous attends avec > impatience ✦・~ ::
> ➤Voilà ton ticket :
> →

꧁❃______。o๖̶̶̶ Ⱥʂէҽɾվą Աղìѵҽɾէ ༄o。_____❃꧂
Welcome to the monarchy of Aveza. This kingdom was once controlled by humans, but that is no more. Many years ago, the elves took the kingdom over, instilling themselves as the rulers of the land. Recently, revolutionaries have gone into hiding, leaving the queen with little to no opposition. Will you become an adventurer or join the royals?
𝔻𝕦𝕤𝕜 𝕚𝕟 𝕋𝕒𝕝𝕒𝕙𝕞
Welcome to Talahm, a modern day city, and haven, for those of more... ancient origins. In this metropolis, the supernatural reigns, both day, night, and dusk. Though there are tense relations, terf wars, and fighting amongst the inhabitants of this city, there's a place for each and every one of them.
• Perhaps you're like the Trodaí, soaring through the sky on beautiful wings, keeping the peace for those below.
• Or, maybe you feel closer to the Dwarves and Dark Elves, who reside underneath the city.
• The Marh are Death's scythe, deadly warriors when needed, but peaceful when not.
• Gorgons roam the city, though unlike their matron, Medusa, their eyes do not turn others to stone.
• Join the Sirens and Water Nymphs in the Bay, where terf wars are common.
• Play with lovable and sly Kitsune, but watch out for their bite.
• Lurk in alleys and thrive at night, when you can attack those who are least expecting it, stealing their looks as a Skinwalker.
• Rest in the Rooftop Gardens as a fae, enjoying the sweet smell of flowers and flourishing in the sunlight.
• Work with Light elves in the city, or reject modernism entirely in the Great Forest.
• Sulking and sex are the trades of teiflings, or become a fallen Trodaí as a Droch, joining the Empousa and Teiflings in their sinful existence.
• Or, maybe you've washed up on the beaches of the Bay, a human, confused, lost, and bewildered, starting to find your footing in a city unfavorable to those who aren't special.
Dusk in Talahm offers almost 200 channels, both for RP, ERP, chatting, character creation, and much more. We are classified as a literate or semi-literate server, this means that we expect at least three grammatically correct sentences out of our members in RP. With fun self roles, bots, a relaxed community, and more to offer, why not join? Even if you don't stay for long, we're still glad to have you.
Welcome to The Forest of FallenLight, an RP server based on the Warrior Cats series! We're an active community that welcomes roleplayers of all levels. As our community grows, we hope to include more and more features and roleplays, so stayed tune!

*some High Rank positions are currently available*

Nestled between mountains and forests lie five clans of cats: DriftClan, MeadowClan, EclipseClan, TorrentClan, and SleetClan. Tied together by common borders, bonds, and quarrels, these cats face the everyday task of surviving in a constantly shifting world.

We offer:
-5 unique clans + the ability to RP as kittypets, rogues, or loners.
-No limits on the amount of characters you can create!
-A safe, family-friendly environment for you to grow your RPing skills in.
-LGBT+ friendly
-Helpful, active staff members happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have
-An active, friendly community of roleplayers!
-Several clan events and more!
Hai visto tutta la serie del Trono di Spade..? Letto tutti i romanzi del buon vecchio George R. R. Martin..? Cosa aspetti allora..? In questo canale avrai l’opportunità di parlare con altri fan delle Cronache del ghiaccio e del fuoco di metterti in gioco e interpretare uno dei tuo personaggi preferiti delle Cronache e tanto altro ancora se sei anche tu come me innamorato di questo meraviglioso mondo fantasy non ti puoi permettere di perdere questa occasione..! Passa a dare una occhiata al nostro canale e sono certo che ti divertirai a presto mio piccolo figlio dell'estate...
HYDRA is everywhere. It is up to you to help stop them! Join the Marvel: Hail HYDRA crew and enjoy a fun community of literate writers enjoying both marvel comic and cinematic universe. This server has bots and a multitude of characters to choose from.
Site 19 [RP] We Secure. Contain. Protect. We Ensure those In the Light, Do not see Harm of Those within the Dark.

Site 19 Orientation.
"You might think, Well This server is simply another ensurer of a another well being organism, BUT I will show you, We provide a Great Experience and Greater Good, If you check us out, I will tell you this, You'll have a Decent Amount of Consecutive Fun - The Administrator"
We're a furry server! We have NSFW and stuff like that!
we do Furry rp stuff Furry/feral
we are also a vent/support network!
Come on by for all your furry needs