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Party Time is a party themed server with everything in entertainment!

We have:
~giveaways (nitro premium, and
~game nights (Cards Against Humanity, Uno, and more coming)
~active VC and texts
~over 800 members
~channels for anime, video games, photography, art, and more!
~friendly staff with an open to all community
~anti raid protection

Come join us here in Party Time! We are excited to meet you!
Hey there! Welcome to Pastel Furs! A server focused on the Furry and the LGBTQ+ Community! We welcome all in our community and bringing us together! Come in to chill, chat, listen to music, share fursonas, and so much more! Our community is growing fast and we want you to be a part of it! Everyone is welcome here! 💙
Bienvenue sur Swing Arts !

Swing Arts est un serveur (Fr / En) regroupant graphistes , illustrateurs , peintres , codeurs ou encore photographes. Des channels sont disponibles afin de partager ces créations. En fonction de votre grades plusieurs channels sont disponibles …
Nous espérons que le concept vous plaira , et que pourquoi pas vous décidiez de commencez une nouvelle aventure !

Fondateur : BaTs123
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A new server just made and I need your help to grow

•You Can Advertise Whatever You Like

•Lots Of Giveaways

•Helpful Staff

•A place To Chat To People

•So What Are You Waiting For Join Now
Hello-- This is a server were all the wrestling fans who want to roleplay join.
This is What we Have to Offer in this server(:

😁Cool Wrestling chats st Talk about wrestling or you could go of topic as well and make new friends.

🏆Realistic WWE Roleplay with Championships you can earn and Raw And Smackdown Each week including PPVs and GM positions open Right now.

👌Wrestling News to keep you up With whats Happening.
And i cant do this without you guys joining so join and have fun while supporting the server.
Welcome to One Piece Community providing a place for One Piece fans to discuss and theorize around One Piece. Those who don't watch the show are more than welcome to join in and talk about their favorite anime.
Wasf eh
Join 4 Join Server
Minecraft Gen
Daily Giveaways Fortnite
Tutaj możesz znaleźć ludzi do grania, lub popisać z kimś. Miłej zabawy!
Welcome to the official "My Anime Land" server!

MAL is a server where you can meet anime fans from everywhere, discuss Anime/Manga, play different games using bots, chill and listen to your favourite music with others and more!

Don't forget to check the FB page/group as well.

- FB page:
- FB group:
Jotunn is a server that educates people who 'cheat' in games and provides an educational insight to the 'cheat loaders' that we make
A friendy and welcoming BTD6 community server where you can discuss gameplay and play co op with others
This server is for people who are tired of Allied and Soviet brainwashing, who think that not everyone in the Wehrmacht was a Nazi, and is for people who love Wehrmacht.
What we have on server:

- 💬 Channels for chating about history, art, and regular channel about everything, channels on which you can learn what happened on todays day in world war 2, or some famous quote

-🎵 We have very good German Qualität music and memes 🤣

- 🎥 Gifs, Pictures and Videos (also WW2)

- Many Wehrmacht roles (from Soldat to Generalfeldmarschal) and reward roles

- (Some day in the future we will have 🎉 giveaways)

- Helpful staff, and the Führer (i hope)

- Suggestions are very welcome

So, join us today!

A new era has arrived, the world isn’t the same, things have changed, humans aren’t anymore the dominant specie, the titans have arrived.
In the year 2025, things are different for the earth, monarch has become one of the most important organisations in all the world, keeping the research and investigations of the titans.
Our world is ruled by one, king of the monsters, Godzilla is in charge of maintaining the order and the balance of the nature, still some titans will try to take the place of Gojira
Welcome to the King of the Monsters universe.

A new brand rp server where you can be your favourite kaiju from toho and legendary universe!
Lots of fun and a Great time!
JP Classroom is exactly what the name states: a simplistic server designed to help users learn and use the Japanese language.

Need some tools to get started? We have an entire channel filled with tools for you to use.
Have a question? We have high-quality teachers who can help you understand anything from the most basic to the most advanced concepts in Japanese.
Just want to socialize? We have a general chat filled with caring users who like to relax and have fun.

No matter what you are looking for, JP Classroom has something that can push you in the right direction.
A discord community centered around gaming, anime, and chatting. We host gaming lobby events frequently and let the server decide the game we play in events. Our server also contains a leveling system that allows those active in it to accumulate more permissions. We strive to be as fair as possible. Come join the Sanctum!

Owner: LelReaper
Co-Owner: CodePapa

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samtrapzzz samtrapzzz
Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad
Asuna_XI Asuna_XI
One of the best Roleplay servers
The server may be small, but it's given me an enjoyable experience! You can clearly see how neat and well-thought out every function is and the staff are welcoming and often chatting with other members. It makes the server feel safe and homey, and any toxic people are removed after getting enough complaints. The roleplay system is also fantastic, the channels all have clear descriptions and everyone writes in a high quality, it's easy to find someone who can fit your style of roleplay- whether it be paragraphing or one-lining.
snat snat
fun server
the server is small but it's pretty fun and although there are only 2 people talking in it atm, theyre active af so please join it ! B)
Kanna Kanna
Good Server, yes. Review should contain at least 80 characters. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20.
alfpjack alfpjack
mistykitty is gay
quite frankly, her review is complete trash and the server is nothing like that. And what coke is your dumbass talking about, this is discord not Columbia. I hope your review is a joke cause if you ain't, I diagnose you with LAME. it's terminal
SomeGoodMozzstix SomeGoodMozzstix
Oof clan review
Oof has good people who work as a team to get things done, aswell as just chilling n skilling. There’s no pressure to do anything, only a brotherhood that shares the same goals and helps each other as the need arises whether it be in game advice or irl, to pk setups, financing in osrs or going on pk/pvm trips, the oof clan is there to help.
Dudu Deschamps Dudu Deschamps
Beautiful community and staff
Discord very active and to find partners with whom to talk and learn! I advise you to take a ride!
Swiggies Swiggies
Friendliest gaming server I've ever joined
All the people in this server are incredibly nice and friendly with similar interests in games. Haven't felt this great about being in a Discord server in a long time!
༄ Lightツ༄ ༄ Lightツ༄
Great server!!
awesome server! totally worth checking out :’)
Great place to hang out, community allows you to easily join conversation as long as you're being sincere
Solisterous Discord Solisterous Discord
The best review y'all ever gonna see
this server is gay.

that's why you all should join.
Hatsuu 💧 Hatsuu 💧
Meilleur Server Nintendo.
Après quelques mois d'activité sur ce serveur je vous le conseille vraiment. Il y a une très bonne ambiance, un accueil vraiment top, des personnes vraiment sympa avec qui ont peut vraiment se taper des bonnes barres. Les modos, les animateurs, le travail est présent. Je vous aimes. ♥