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This is a new one piece server which is still a work in progress but it is ready for people to join! Many things will happen such as giveaways and events with awesome rewards. So, why don't you give it a try?
P.S we don't have many human members right now
Warming Hearts Alliance is a support server that welcomes anyone.
In our server you will find valuable resources for mental & physical health, friends and possibly Love, a large variety of support channels, huge variety of roles to express yourself with and finally You will find a place to call home
»»————-**Welcome to Stray Streetミ★** ————-««

➱ ┊ We're a friendly server that welcomes anyone!
☆ Here you can share your love for Stray Kids ☆

.・゜-: ✧ :-𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐰𝐞 𝐨𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐫-: ✧ :-゜・.

☆ A loving community ☆ ☆Live Twitter & YouTube updates ☆
☆ Open partnerships ☆ ☆ Bias, color roles etc. ☆
deutscher server der noch im Aufbau ist aber hoffentich bald etwas bekanner wird.
PS:bitte bewerten
At Imagine, we value and celebrate the unique characteristics and perspectives that make each person who they are. The mental health of every member in the server is the foundation of our group, and it allows those in need to reach our audiences. Join us and meet people who may be experiencing the same issues you may be and help support others If you feel the need to. We host a plethora of channels to chat in. We will start doing weekly/monthly events once we hit 100 members! We all get a lifetime and we want to make sure that the happiness we can give on this server is immeasurable, and has a life-changing impact on those in need!
Tired of trolls and fast-paced chats? Then, our server will provide a vacation to your tired day, come hangout and chill with us! :)
This RP takes place 2 generations after the 2 arc.

Welcome to The Jade Mountain Academy
At this school, you will be learning side by side with dragons from other tribes, so we wanted to give you some basic information that may be useful as you get to know one another. You have been assigned to a winglet with six other dragons of every Pyrrhian tribe, and have also been assigned 'clawmates': one or two more dragons of the same gender and winglet as you. You'll be living with them for the next three years you spend studying. If you feel that you do not work well with your winglet or clawmates, you may request a winglet or clawmate change from Headmistress Scorpio.
Is there anything else that needs to be said?

Yes in fact there is. We are a server dedicated to worshiping the
purrfect form that is the cat. We share cat pictures, cat poems,
cat stories, and generally coo over all of the cuteness.
Come and hang out with us!
A brand new 17+ community on Discord, run solely for making new connections with other like-minded people!
Specific NSFW and *other* channels for 18+ users
The bombs dropped exploding the world into wasteland vasts of deserts, broken building and much more some people got lucky and made it to the vault just in the lick of time, it was an abomination the bombs were dropped by Afghanistan and there was only one thing to say from the soldiers, war... war never changes.

It has been 200 years since the world was destroyed in atomic fire, who will you be? will you be born into a vault or will you be one of the people who's ancestors naver made it one of the fallout shelters.
We are self explanatory we like waffles and we are a cult join at own risk
We are a safe haven, in which all types of guilty pleasures are displayed, sanctioned, and supported throughout the community. "After Hours" has many features and chats that you can use, including, but not limited to:
Self posted NSFW chats
SFW chats
Hookup chats
Porn NSFW chats
Smash or Pass chat
Leaked Nudes
And so much more!
Join us tonight, After Hours!
This is a server for discussing music theory. Any theory is welcome, and anyone is welcome from beginners to masters.
Come on down to the Vindico League! We provide the traditional 8 gyms e4 challenge, Along with a friendly community and some fun bots!, So if you wanna Hone your Pokémon showdown skills along with making some new friends, Come on down and we will welcome you with open arms! <3
It’s the dawn of civilisation and it’s time for the tribes to rise. It is time you steep up into the seat of power, time for you to make your empire heard, IT IS TIME TO RISE

A coastal small town on the coast of Jersey, obviously. Seems like a normal town at first, friendly high school with a quiet welcoming community. However, behind closed doors lies an entire other world that mortals wouldn't imagine existed. That is, without the residents inside the town. You see, Supernaturals had been their little secret within the town and their own personal play toys up until 1971, when Mehdis' School for the Supernatural was created and brought forth the time where Supernaturals were accepted and praised. Of course, there was tension but now it has lifted and now they live in complete peace... or so some think.

Who will you be within this life? A human who cowers in the shadows? Spreading forth hate and violence towards other for some petty reason? Or a supernatural, fighting for your rights to survive the damn day? To get revenge for all the racism you've faced over the years?

Create your destiny, in Jersey Shore.


• Kind, caring and active Owners who will be there to help you.

• Owners are in different time zones, so there will be more of a chance you'll be tended to, no matter the time.

• Character creativity, in which we'll add channels and roles to your character's personalized species/job!

• Quick, simple flexible lore for you to make character creation fun and easy! (Which is tied to another server)

• Multiple different quirks and tricks to our world, for you to make your RP experience even more enjoyable!

• Tupperbox, and various other bots for your entertainment!

• Self roles, for your OOC needs!

• Partnership opportunities!

• And finally, a neat simple template for all of your character creating needs.

Who will you be, in Jersey Shore?
Hello! We are Ravaryn, a small community based Discord server where you can talk about and share anything! We hope that you spend some time with our quaint server, and help us grow!

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hold up hold up
ok aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
6 2
Jayce Jayce
This server is great for Sailor Moon fans! LOL! You will definitely get a laugh out of the meme channel too!! If you wanna have a great time make sure you join this Discord server! 🤩🤩🤩
1 2
Spooky Wolf Spooky Wolf
Good Christian server
Nice server and moderator. Expect theological discussions, brotherhood and banter.
20 2
Damien Damien
This would the be 20th review for this server. And I must say this server is simply amazing. Although I haven't talked much if at all, I've been watching the chats. Everyone has been so friendly and supportive. I would recommend this server. No one here judges, so don't worry if you are shy or think that you are different.
Aaron Aaron
Guter Zock server
Das ist ein kleiner aber feiner Disocord wo ferschiedene spiele gespielt werden.
C00ld0gs C00ld0gs
I love this server and think it’s incredible! There is lots to talk about and lots of people to talk to. The more people that join, the better things get!
Sheridoodle Sheridoodle
Amazing built community and fantastic roleplay
The way this server is set up is genius. The channels and roles are organized and clarified and it’s always clear to tell where you are. Having a solid character sheet with tons of info really helped me build my characters a lot more for roleplay instead of sending in a few blurbs. The power system is so smart, and I’m incredibly glad there’s a set card system so that no one goes out of hand and powers can only be built up through participation. There are always fun events going on! The roleplayers are literate and it’s great to test writing skills by expanding what could be said in a one line to multiple paragraphs without it getting boring.
The staff is kind and approaches situations in a calm manner, trying their best to please the community. They keep up activity by encouraging conversation with others. They take logical and reasonable suggestions to heart and try to make it as safe and happy of a space as possible. If I could recommend any server for roleplayers who are big fans of Percy Jackson, this would be the one I’d tell them to join!
Chrissy Chrissy
Chill server
One of my favorite servers I’ve ever been in, really chill, great and welcoming staff, great people as well, pretty lit place, join and get lit too.🤪
ArndreS ArndreS
Why I love this damn server
I love this damn server because it's the one and only server I'm in

And also because of the nice staff.

They made me feel welcome and supported me whenever I want to do something.

I feel love from them all and for that I choose to stay with them
3 1
Wayne Wayne
A very fun and relaxed server where fans of NyanNyanCosplay can chill, make friends, and be part of a growing community.
3 1
Goddess of Spring Goddess of Spring
Really helpful and great community
I've only recently joined KoA but it's already helped me in being more productive and having healthier habits. There are so many great and supportive people, and we have a lot of fun as well as helping each other get stuff done. Plus, there are a lot of different topics and clans, so there's something for everyone. I'd highly recommend joining this community for the motivation and discussions.
2 2
Adam, Adam,
Great Discord
Great Discord, nice community. Worth joining