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Welcome to Snacc Isle! A 16+ LGBTQ+ friendly server for NSFW, Dating, Friends, etc. Here we're all Snaccs, and anyone who joins is welcome so feel free to join! We have many roles, tons of bots, text and voice channels, and an amazing community! Come find the perfect snacc for you!
just now
P L O T :
After the first war between two strong kingdoms, people of all sorts were forced into a new era; Laenielira. The awakening of brand new powers and magic, everyone became wary of eachother. The trust that each kingdom once had had dispersed into the air. How much longer does this era plan to last?
——————————[ ★ ]——————————

We are a brand new roleplay server that had just opened in July of 2018! Although we are a very small roleplaying community, our staff and roleplay members are all very friendly (and a bit goofy)! Here’s what we have to offer!

✦ A friendly and wacky community
✦ Incredible and hard working staff members (we get pretty weird though, here’s a heads up)
✦ Bots! Including music bots, Nekobot, Tatsumaki, and many more!
✦ Japanese mythology based kingdom!
✦ NSFW (includes tentacles, free of charge )
✦ Elves! Mages! Vampires! Demons! Werewolves! You name it! We’ll add it to our species list! 🧝‍🧛‍🧙‍🧚‍
✦Art, Memes, Selfies (for those glowing with confidence), and more channels filled with fun!
✦ And much more to be discovered!
45 seconds ago
Friendly food-eating, music-listening, artist-exhibiting, anime-watching, game-playing cafe drinkers welcoming you with 0.0001m+, 1:1 loco to wise ratio

We have channels for Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Filipino, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Korean, Latvian, Malay, Mandarin, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romenian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, and Vietnamese conversations.

3d Modeling, Angels, Animation, Anime, Artists, Chatting, Colors, Colours, Cosplay, Crafts, Dancers, Dancing, Demons, Drawings, Emoji, Gaming, Hangout, Jpop, Karaoke, Kpop, Legendary, Literature, Manga, Memes, Mixer, Models, Musicians, Mythical, Neko, Paintings, Performing, Photography, Picarto, Pictures, Questions, School, Selfies, Sharing, Singing, Socializing, Stories, Twitch, Voice Acting, Vote, Work, YouTubers
49 seconds ago
A world of fantasy, mystery, horror, and beasts. Build your story in the last light-filled territory of Verdisol while pushing back the ever-encroaching Darkness. Explore the Frontier and Rift Lands, fight fantastic creatures, and revel in the dwindling light of the world. Will you be able to stop the Darkness, or will you bring forth a new age of horror by aiding the Old Ones?
18+, Literate/Advanced, Plot-Driven RolePlay.
1 minutes ago
This server is for a alt shop. You can get free alts from giveaway !
Join power server!
1 minutes ago
The land of Iresia is like any typical kingdom, with its royals, its knights, and its fair share of magical creatures. One of the Great Houses, though, elected to do something different. The Lands of Ashe are a lawless society held together only by the Code of Honor and mutual respect, where almost everyone is a thief, a mercenary, or a servant of the brothel on the mountain~. We're a small group remaining after most of us imploded and we're looking for more to fill our ranks. We just wanna enjoy ourselves, with minor political shenanigans if you're interested ^^
2 minutes ago
Whether you're an Artist, Programmer, Music Producer, Voice Actor, Writer or just someone who enjoys one or the other, you will always be surrounded by other members who would also like to share their talents and ideas with you!

A place for creative people to share, network and collaborate with others. We also host a variety of different things (i.e Palm readings!) so don’t think that you need to be an artist to be here.

2 minutes ago
**The Crippling Hub

●▬▬▬▬▬๑ WHAT IS The Crippling Hub? ๑▬▬▬▬▬●
The Crippling Hub Is a music - based server where you can share your favorite music, or even share your work! You can do almost everything in here even if it's not about music!

:crown: SERVER OWNER : [email protected] :crown:

●▬▬▬▬▬๑ WE CONSIST OF ๑▬▬▬▬▬●

| ► Music Channels

| ► NSFW

| ► Self Assignable Roles

| ► A custom bot (currently under development!)

| ► Events

| ► QOTD
And more!

(Looking for Partnerships, DM's if interested)

♡ __PERM INVITE__ : ♡**
3 minutes ago
The year is 2039 and Network Technology has advanced to an extent that Virtual Reality is fully accessible via a mobile device called "VRsyn". With the net being so intergrated into the lives of people in Virtua City. You can do anything in "Digital Space", the relm just beyond the naked eye. There people control Avatars called "Digital Phantoms", and the corporation that controls everything known as "Cypulse" reign supreme. Come and join us, A server is waiting for you.
4 minutes ago
We are a casual discord with about 400 people, a nice rank system, and channels for just about everything. We have daily events to keep you entertained. We have separate channels for gaming, music, porn, memes, and much more! We are also working on new multi-purpose bots to improve your chat experience.
4 minutes ago
Small laid back server looking for new members so they can take over the world (very much still in the works so don’t expect much)
4 minutes ago
Hello! We're a therian/otherkin/fictionkin server! We accept all types and will make sure you get a warm welcome! We chill and have fun like any server, but we also have a place to talk about your kin experiences. We hope you join the Kin Kingdom, and have a great day!
-Kin only please, I'm sorry for the exclusion but this is supposed to be a safe place and some of us are uncomfortable with non-kin <3
4 minutes ago
Random Chat is all about bringing diffent kinds of people together to talk about gamming and music. We have a growing community of many diffent gamers from many diffent games. We also have many diffent kinds of bots to keep you having fun when your friends are not online.
4 minutes ago
Enter a world, where anything is possible. Powerful godlike beings, dueling each other for supremacy, people with inhuman abilities fighting for their lives. A convoluted plot that continues to get more and more convoluted as the story goes on.
4 minutes ago
With attentive admins and a relatively laid-back attitude, The Dragon Keep is a furry server that manages to have a welcoming community. We take pride in our flexibility and listen to our user base. If this sounds like the place for you, feel free to stop by and give us a quick look!
4 minutes ago
Do you like Star Trek? Well... This is the server for you! This server is star trek themed, with 3 custom coded bots!
5 minutes ago
We're a Pokemon-based server for all things Pokemon.
We have:
- Bots (Such as Pokecord and Tatsumaki)
- Roles (To be earned by activity)
- Active admins and owners
- A kind community, who welcome everyone!
5 minutes ago
A new and exciting server for all fandoms to meet and create! Run by amazing staff, helpful and easy to navigate while also being safe and friendly!
5 minutes ago
Delta Hub :fire:

We are a Discord that mainly focuses on ROBLOX gaming.

A fun, socializing server with some of these features -

:robot: ➺ Bots, to your enjoyment! :white_check_mark:
:musical_note: ➺ Small Music Community :white_check_mark:
:spy: ➺ Friendly Staff :white_check_mark:
:cheese: ➺ NSFW :white_check_mark:
:tada: ➺ Role Giveaways :white_check_mark:

Be sure to Join Delta Squad today!

6 minutes ago
Literally just a bunch of weebs that play games. Everyone is welcome!
Join if you wanna have a great time
We're a bit vulgar and cuss a bit but not to an extreme

We are actual memes
6 minutes ago
Hello! If you like Steven Universe and Homeworld gems then this is a server for you. In this server you could create your own gem and rp as them, but in Homeworld! So if you want to join the fun then come on over to our server!
7 minutes ago
`Welcome to the beta phase of a brand new school-based RP! Currently under development. The school will focus on the various "dere" types, including Tsunderes, Yanderes and Kuuderes! Team up with your fellow deres, and fight for supremacy!`

----------------------------------------————-Essentially, what we have developed up to this point, is that this school is comprised entirely of the different dere types. However, dere's acknowledge their types and wear them proudly, essentially like school teams. Picture Harry Potter and how people are sorted into competing classes based on their personality traits. The reason for this is is that at the end of the year, only ONE dere class will graduate, all the others are forced to lie back. Staff members support their classes, and each dere class has a professor that basically takes the reigns.

Surprise RP events every night! Join us for the server wide fun, which includes detention break outs, cooking show offs, and more! Dere territory battles will commence soon as well! The whole SCHOOL can be up for grabs, and each area can be taken by faction. More to follow if you join our active and friendly community!
8 minutes ago
The Silver Sword Tavern was located in an odd spot compared to others of its kind. It was isolated from any life within 5 miles, and is the only building in sight while traveling near ██████.

It holds a dark secret, or perhaps a dark magic, that coerces travelers of any kind inside.

Will you be able to escape the Tavern?
8 minutes ago