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Хей хей! Ищешь себе маленький сервер для общения?
У нас есть вариант!
//(0_-)\\ - это сервер, где тебе точно будут рады!
-Классные боты!
-Свои роли!
-Хорошее комьюнити!
-Отличная администрация!
-Музыкальное настроение!
-Экономика у Howling Wolf!
Заходи, не бойся :)
Sans règles est un serveur conçu pour le loisir de tous afin de discuter de tout et de n'importe quoi. Aider nous à le pub afin d'avoir chaques jours de nouveaux débats amusants !!
Welcome your self to the ⚡𝕋𝕙𝕖 ℂ𝕣𝕖𝕖 [𝔼ℝℙ]⚡ a small RP server

🔶What we have to offer
🔹🅶🆁🅾🆆🅸🅽🅶 member count
🔸Custom 🅾🅲'🆂 are allowed
🔹Custom 🆁🅰🅲🅴🆂 are allowed
🔸Many areas to 🆁🅿 about
🔹🅴🆁🅿 Dedicated section
🔸A 🅽🅾 shame policy
🔹Add 🅱🅾🆃🆂 at user suggest
🔸🅽🆂🅵🆆 areas to post whatever to
🔹🅼🅾🅳 spots are open
🔶And many other sights to see

So come join us at the pub 😜 for a drink or two we will be waiting we'll keep a seat warm for you
Discord's biggest furry server that purges regularly and has over 16,500 users! Commission channels for artists, roleplay spaces, gaming channels, astronomy and more! Super active VCs and helpful staff, too! :)
Friendly • Non-Toxic Community • Auto Art • Level Ranking System • Self Assignable Roles Fun Bot • Music Bots • Regular events • Advertising Channels 💝
Welcome to our weeb community— I mean anime community, we talks about anime related stuffs, games, even your own problems.
—trying to create a good atmosphere where everyone can be themselves and not worry about others judging them.
This server welcomes everybody, so don't be afraid to join!
You can make new friends and talk about anime.

-Play Pokemon
-Hunt waifus and husbando
-Train your pet
-Play with card games
-Calm your mind with musics
and much much more!
Are you interested in fantasy roleplay? Well, welcome to the World of Bion!
In this world, there are many different races and many different places! You can make friends, create your own character, and, of course, roleplay!
We bring you
- a nice staff always there to help
- overall a nice community
- fun plotted events
And much more! So join :D
♡ Welcome to Amy's Place ♡
About us:
♡ Music Lovers ♡
♡ Memes ♡
♡ Active members ♡
♡ A lot of Fun! ♡
♡ Open Suggestions ♡
♡ Looking for new Partners ♡
♡ Making new friends! ♡

Hope you enjoy your stay here! ♡
Join the Biggest Country in Europe,by Military,by population and by land
We are one of the most Badass discord servers that exist
Also a really good community,i swear you will meet the best people here.A really good balkan server that has not only balkan people but people from all around the world

Here we Have:
-Strong Roleplay
- :dollar: A Well Controlled Economy :euro:
- :gun: Really Powerful Army :gun:
-We talk about History and politics a lot
-:map: Map :map:
-:guardsman: Government :guardsman:
-Music Parties :notes:
-Great Allies-
-We are True Communists-

So Join us Now
Blackbridge is a large and sprawling industrious city. It is the heart of the human empire of Arcum. It is a cosmopolitan city, where dwarves and elves can also find fortune alongside their human counterparts. However, Vampires and Werewolves lurk in the shadows, alongside creatures of darker and stranger origins.

This server is a Victorian-esque setting with supernatural elements, with a collection of original characters and content.

The server has been on a hiatus for the past few months and only just reopened as a fresh start. We're looking forward to meeting new memebrs and characters!
We love games we all treat each other like family we are all gamers
Wattpad Friends is a server that welcomes everyone, user on Wattpad or not! If you are a reader then you are welcome to ask for book suggestions and have discussions. We also have a lot of fun channels for you to have fun and play. If you are looking for ways to improve your writing or any tips then you can find that here too! Hope to see you around
We are a friendly and active furry server of more than 2000 furries of all ages from all over the world! Chat, share, and meet new furs! Focus on keeping mature, civil & active members. Various channels for SFW, NSFW, art and games. Movie nights, giveaways, raffles and more! OFFICIAL FURRILY MINECRAFT SERVER ONLINE NOW! Come join the fun!
A new safe space created by a few friends. We are the safest place in the world. So safe its lgbt friendly. So safe we are able to have political discussions. So safe that even the safest person ever doesn't come close to being this safe.
So join to be safe
The Keystone Comics Multiverse is a fun attempt at creativity in creating well... a new unique multiverse like the DC Multiverse and Marvel Multiverse.

Here, we intend to have fun and propose ideas. Give feedback, collaborate, develop, write, etc.

It's an open field for your imagination and creativity. Create your own characters, stories, organizations, universes/earths, etc.

There's even roleplaying if you'd like.

We are a very new server, so we're on the lookout for possible staff members as well.

We look forward to having you as a part of the Keystone Comics Multiverse.

[Society has always been.. something. It typically has an impact on someone's mindset in their everyday lives. From choosing to what you should love and what you should hate, it sets a norm for people to follow, always changing.
Certain people in the streets of Shibuya have begun to resent it, especially when it ignores or belittles people's problems, or allow injustice to pass.
Will you join in and group up with these people to help reshape society? Grow bonds with them and discover your true self within you? Or will you allow society to silence you beneath their feet?]
(We also happen to be looking for an artist! Come on down!)
The official FreshPanda Discord server!

• Friendly and Active staff team 👮‍♂️
• Weekly giveaways 🎉
• Tons of cool emotes 😎
• Secure Save-The-World trading ♻️
• Tons of earn-able roles to keep you occupied 👤
• Discord partnership 🏁

Join and relax in our server, we promise you won’t regret it!

I'm tired of people being lewd on furry servers so here, this one is going to be a hundred percent non lewd. I want to see y'alls cool OC's and art and stuff. We also have rooms for sfw rp if you desire.

Discord Server Reviews

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artyom artyom
Welcoming and friendly!
I haven't been in the server for a long time, but I already feel quite comfortable! The members are nice to talk to and the server as a whole has a pretty and positive atmosphere!
Super serveur
Pour pub c'est le meilleur en plus il ce démarque des autres avec son originaliter et son système d'invitation.
3 1
JingleTheLeo JingleTheLeo
Awesome server
Tight knit community, love the mods! Full of fun people! Fair share of egirls too ;) come join its awesome
Ivanovitch Ivanovitch
Good memes
whole place is 1 big ol meme. greeted by the N word is pretty neat. this 80 char minimum is not though.
PhrygianMan PhrygianMan
Beautiful server with supportive and kind members that really make you feel comfortable.
When I first joined NeverFapDeluxe I thought it was just another discord server with inactive members and an awkward environment. I can gladly say I was so wrong, everyone is active and supportive, the founder himself is almost always available and interacts with everyone every single day. Best server for recovery hands down!
4 1
Nemo Nemo
All Around Good
For starters, as the title of this post suggests, this server thrives off of literacy and maintaining a sense of adventure and triumph with its fantasy element. Currently there are two GMs to run things and as the server grows, they hope to expand this number to increase immersion in roleplay. For the little amount of time I have been on I have personally admired the Owners' willingness to listen to players and their open-mindedness to new ideas (given they are logical) making this server all the more enjoyable for their players.

For those who wish to express their creativity in a fantasy environment, I believe this is a fantastic server for that as well. The staff on this server allow people to play almost all fantasy themed type races and characters (with the exception of unreasonable things like dragons, gods, etc) while also keeping a tight leash on a character's magical abilities. By that I mean, for those of you worried about getting screwed over by magic, you don't don't have to be afraid of encountering OP characters as spells are relatively simple and able to be combated with basic means if you want to play a character who thrives off physical combat. That being said, there is a large world to explore, a lot of open ranks that can be filled and I would love to see them be filled by those who like the general idea of the server and strive for quality RP.
[Jeden z polecanych serwerów przez R3MEZIS]
Bardzo dobra społeczność, ciekawie zorganizowana, poznałem tam niejedną fajną osobę, polecam, jeśli ktoś lubi tematykę anime itd. Radzę też lepiej zostać, jeśli jest cicho to dla cierpliwości trzeba poczekać, fajna osóbka na 100% gwarantowana.
Jovi Jovi
Prima server, goede en vriendelijke community
Ik zit nu een aantal maanden in Dutch Players Discord channel en heb al vele lach momenten meegemaakt.

Het is fijn dat je met vreemde mensen toch ontzettend veel kan lachen en dat zij, daar waar nodig, je ook kunnen helpen met reviews van spellen, hardware problemen enz.

Het is een aanrader voor Nederlandse gamers of voor Nederlanders die gezelligheid zoeken.

Key rule is wel; wees respectvol naar elkaar en laat elkaar in waarde.
De beheerders hebben humor, zijn aardig en helpen je graag met problemen die gerelateerd zijn aan oa; spellen en hardware.

Al met al een top server!
P̫̉͢r̼̓̆ͅo̷̪̍g͡r̮̊am̞̮͕mê̢ͯȑ P̫̉͢r̼̓̆ͅo̷̪̍g͡r̮̊am̞̮͕mê̢ͯȑ
Great server and great audience!!!
The server has a great member list and is very friendly.
Very Fun and Helpfull!!!!!!!
Anarchy Anarchy
Soviet Military 1983
I joined the server through a partnership with an... equally horrible server (Soviet-afghan war) and wasn't really surprised to find it too was nasty. Members are constantly pinged for no reason, meaning you can get anywhere up to 17 pings every few hours, which is extremely annoying. The character creation process is slow. The same can be said for the staff. The community is toxic and full of horrible people. Its not a good server to be in. At. All.
Very nice staff, people, and owner.
I love this server.
4 4
Curry Chicken Curry Chicken
Curry Chicken aka Shakeel
Love most of these motherfuckers on this server <3 2nd family in this server. Love all you little nigga biscuits <3