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Welcome to Doki Doki High school! Create a character and roleplay with others in a school environment. Be lewd and make ships, or enjoy our chat channels!
Come to the Midnight Bunker to chill, talk about anime, movies, music, games or whatever. We have movie nights and contests! This is the best server to just hang out, be comfy, and have moderately serious discussions with really cool people.
In 2013 a small meteor crashed into Earth at Warwick Park, New York. The meteor brought a type of radiation humanity never knew existed that covered most of the Northern America. It was seemingly harmless and had no effects to humans or animals. Almost five years after the meteor reports started coming in and people started gaining what seemed to be superpowers. A small percentage of the human population had a hidden gene that could be altered with this foreign radiation. Of the people who got them they ranged from something has simple as super strength to being able to freeze anything simple by touching it. These people were labeled as "Freaks" by the public and American governments. They were outlawed and many of them went into hiding. Other had more malicious intentions, using their new found powers for evil. This up rise in Freak criminals forced the governments of North America to create the "Freak Task Force". Their goal was to hunt and kill all Freaks, good or bad. Eventually as Freaks started getting more powerful the FTF started experiementing on Freaks, during this they discovered that with genetic manipulation and training they can turn FTF Officers into Freaks, ironically enough. While these abilities weren't as strong as normal Freaks counterparts, they were able to kill Freaks off without fearing that they'd lose an entire platoon of FTF Officers.
Are you a Canadian? Do you want to meet other Canadians on discord? Then why not join our hangout?! It's a welcoming community with lovely staff and lots to do! (Ex. Canadians, Canadian heritage, and soon to be Canadians are welcome!)
The server is brand new and we are looking for Overwatch players to come join!!!!

Relaxed atmosphere.
Self assign roles to yourself for overwatch
Team finders to help you find players that you need
NSFW channels! (but not too NSFW)
server shop to buy premium roles
Music bot/Lounge

Server is mainly Overwatch dominated but new stuff is developing each day! so come in and join us!
Owner: @ImWoody
The City of Masolin is Crawling with Criminals and other Otherworldy things. Who will you be in this City?

The City of Masolin,A City Known for its Futuristic Technology,Big Casinos,And wonderful Places,such as "The Sky's Tower" which is basically the tallest building in the city.
But its also Known for its Big time Criminals in it,Like The Mafias,Yakuzas,Triads,And other Syndicates.
🌸 ❄
**Welcome to Exolvia! A place where you can roleplay without limits**
We currently have 2 rps set up and reazdy to go. We have general channels where you can interact with fellow members. A chill staff team, aiming to co operate with members to make this place great!
If you're looking to rp in the server or maybe just to look for people to rp with in dms we have that here for you
We're always willing to take in suggestions on how to make this server better or what rps to add.
We'll try to cater for everyone who joins 😄
❄ 🌸
Camp Half Blood~ A Percy Jackson Server

CHB~APJS is a server that focuses on roleplaying and meeting new friends. It is based on the Percy Jackson and the Olympians book series by Rick Riordan. However, even if you don't read the books, you're still welcomed to this server and have fun!

Things you can do in the server:
>Create your own unique character
>Meet your half-siblings and have fun with them
>Visit locations in the camp from the book
>Battle monsters and spar other characters
>And most importantly,you can meet new people and have fun!

We also have:
>Various bots which you can play with
>A community category where you can share your artworks and social media accounts, discuss your favourite games and get mental support from the rest of the members!
>Fun channels where you can post your memes or have a burn battle!
>A channel for half-bloods to talk about the books and fandom stuff

Join the server now and create your own character as a child of a godly parent with their own unique power!

Permanent invite >>
Perawatan is a newly designed furry server that focuses on character, support, changes - whatever you think is necessary.

We're a server that promises care, loyalty, honesty, and respectfulness -- towards both our members and staff. A warm, loving welcome with a server that's soon to be filled with warm, loving members.

Perawatan hopes you enjoy your exquisite stay here.
This is a Pokemon server. we use the pokecord bot. we are a friendly server with plenty of giveaways and events! we also include gyms!

A kind community, who welcome everyone!
What we offer is down below
- Bots
- Gym Battling
- Gym Badges
- Need Partnered Gym Leaders (Apply today ^.^)
- Giveaways
✨We are Artistic Expressions✨

We are an art-based discord. We specialize in all forms of art including traditional art, music, writing, and much more!

What We Do:
🔸Promotion 🕊️
🔹Social Media Promo 🐦
🔹Creation Gallery 🎨
🔸Events/Challenges/Contests 🎉
🔹Karaoke Nights 🎤
🔹Movie Nights 🎥
🔹Weekly Challenges 🌠
🔹 Commissions 💲
🔸Art 🖌️
🔹Traditional Art ✍️
🔹Digital Art 📷
🔹Art Trades 🤝
🔸Writing 📖
🔹Assistance 🎀
🔹Non-fiction/Fiction 📑
🔹Scripts 🎭
🔹Poems 📜
🔸Music 🎶
🔹Singing 🎙️
🔹Instrumentals 🎹
🔹Song Writing 🎼
🔹Assistance 🎀
🔸Homework Help 📚
🔹Sight Reading
🔹Music Theory
This server is a server for pretty much anyone! You can have fantasy characters, or just a normal human. Of course, you need to stick within the races and limits, but other than that you can really create whatever. We have a nice and welcoming community too!
Welcome to Nerd Unity
This is a server made for EVERYONE, we are a loving a community. We prevent our members from getting discriminated. We try out best to make our fellow members comfortable in our server and I hope you will too. So if you're looking for a server that has an almost every content this is the place.
this place is a friendly server where everyone can interact and socialize, we would like people to enjoy their time and moments in our server, also meet new people and as soon as possible have new friends. We accept and don’t discriminate anyone, we would be more than happy to see the server rise and be more alive than now.
Dragon Emblem is a Fire Emblem server that worships the fe dragon girls and loves video games!
-Level up and currency system based on fire emblem heroes
Melody of the Rain is a small, tight-knit server of active members who support one and other through all stages of life. Whether you're looking for somewhere to game, make new friends, discover new music, or find support, Melody of the Rain has something for you. We're one large family and we can't wait to meet you!
✯||⟪WELCOME TO⟫||✯
✯||𝒮𝓉𝒶𝓇𝓇𝓎 𝒩𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓉||✯
a community that just started due to the old one getting raided!
Come hang an enjoy what we have to offer!
✯||what 𝒮𝓉𝒶𝓇𝓇𝓎 𝒩𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓉 has to offer||✯
✯||Help if you ever need it
✯||friendly staff
✯||Anime chat
✯||manga chat!
✯||Lgbt chat
✯Looking for partnership managers!

Roleplay Hub is a community of 1.3k+ dedicated to bringing RP community's together, we also host many RP servers for you to try. Most of The Hub is a place for people to chat with other Roleplayers, as well as look for servers that my interest them.
Blissful Dreams is a chat server based around friendliness and close bonds.

We have lots of roles to choose from, including pronoun, sexuality, location, and more.

Join for an online family!

Discord Server Reviews

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๖ۣۜ01010011 01100001 01101101 ๖ۣۜ01010011 01100001 01101101
Great Community
This is a great place to hang out and talk about many things especially things that are related to anime. Great place to make new friends and always goof around a lot.
thisjacktansley thisjacktansley
Thoroughly good RP server
I've been a member of this community for roughly four months now, and I've really enjoyed being a part of it. The three servers offer lots of opportunities and creativity, plus the staff members (for the most part) are active and do a fair job of running the servers.
Oktapasgamer Oktapasgamer
Good server
This server is so good
Gucci Gucci
Awesome Community
Awesome community if you play many games and wanna hang out. 10/10!
LunaLillie LunaLillie
Its okay i guess.
Its a good server??????
Ƶ3Ɍ0 ЄЅ🐸🚬 Ƶ3Ɍ0 ЄЅ🐸🚬
Very Positive Community
A server that actually cares about human development and share disscusional topic in honesty, got good values, principles and maturely delivered concepts. haters gonna hate but that's just prove who's winning tha time in quality~ hats off!
sydnay sydnay
Better than expected
Y’all this a great rp server, even if you aren’t in to percy jackson. Join up and give it a shot. It’s a lot of fun
Lukas Lukas
Easy To Use!
This server is so amazingly formatted, very unique, and it's just overall brilliant! It's a brand new server and I can already see it has so much potential!
The Big Bang! The Big Bang!
This server is absolutely amazing in my opinion, they have an organised and healthy sized lore with no lack of friendly and active staff. Although I have just joined this server, I can not help but write a review with five stars (wish I could rate more) and say that the staff are unbiased, lawful and can actually do their jobs unlike most.
Benie Benie
They add new emotes each week, I love em
MaxFromDiscord MaxFromDiscord
Amazing server
This is a amazing chilling server!