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Plug 🔌 is a server all about, cracking, carding, and more. We offer bots to giveaway free accounts, offer FREE seller slots, and offer methods and plugs for all your needs. This server is a great way to meet fellow crackers and make some cash while doing it.
Compete against other teams and earn points to be the best team of all!! Get roles, have fun, and participate in special events! We have Uno, Cards-Against-Humanity, a full-fledged casino, IdleRPG, Bingo, Music, and more!
Empire is a place to socialize from all over the world, chill, hang out, talk about everything, vote polls, enjoy events, play games, win giveaways, make new friends, advertise and more!

We provide :

- Active, friendly and international community every hour of every day.
- Army level ranking and self assignable roles.
- All the fun, useful and music bots you need.
- Giveaways (everyweek).
- Games channels, play together, tips and deals.
- Media, Movies & Series, Technology channels and more.
- A non-english-talk channel (with auto-translate bot activable).
- A categorized News system linked to 100+ famous YouTube channels (music, games, movies, space, sports and more).
- Both funny and serious polls to answer to on every Sunday.
- Regular events such as game nights or movies sessions.
- FREE & Premium advertising.

Give it a try and join us, you may even like it there!
This is a discord server for our project to dub all of Homestuck with voice actors, background music, sound effects and other things ! You can come and participate as we need more Voice actors ! But anyone is welcome !!
A new gaming server has emerged. Use this server to advertise your YouTube gaming channel or just talk video games. PC, xbox, ps4, Nintendo Switch, Steam, VR Gaming... everything and anything goes here when it comes to Video Games!
We welcome everyone to join Pancake's Playhouse. Make new friends and chill here! We're currently looking for more new members and we're trying to create a community, so join us today in Pancake's Playhouse! You won't regret it!
Server may or may not still be in development, but that shouldn't stop you from suggesting a few new things.
We are proud gamers who know having fun comes before being the best. With an emphasis on being social and helping one another. We know that the gamer playing the game is just as important as the games themselves.

Cimmarian is all about the lifestyles of gamers! From game reviews, gamer grub (cooking), healthy lifestyles and more. Some of the topics we tackle are.

Game Reviews
Software Reviews
Service Reviews
and so much more!

Cimmarian also offers group events and activities, Cimmarians can review what we review and help show the overall score within the community. Review recipes and submit their own. Take part in monthly votes, Cimmarian award shows and even monthly events all controlled by the Cimmarian community!
Welcome to Paciion - Fortnite Sell and Trading wave

Chat with people al around the world

Get FREE Fortnite Accounts for inviting others

Fortnite Account drops

Friendly and Active Server

Welcome to The Underground! Set slightly into the future of the 21st Century here all of your desires can come true, join a mafia become an assassin, work your way up the ladder and become a mob boss the possibilities are endless here.
We are a new server looking for good people to recruit and help build the server!
With things like custom bots that allow
Custom items
Shopping and selling
Money Laundering
And so much more, come check it out for yourself!
In this server, we have a great community where you can send memes, art, and chill with others.
For lighthearted and serious discussion surrounding political and philosophical topics. Unlike other servers, freedom of speech and ideas exists here.
*✧・゚: ✧・゚: ∼ αlσhα !∽ :・゚✧:・゚✧*

✧༺❤️:༻∞Our server - Otaku Artists And Such∞༺❤️༻✧
🎨 Is a friendly server art based server for everyone! 🎨
Doesn't matter if you're an anime lover 🇯🇵 gamer 🎮 or an artist 🖌️ - anyone can join!

*✿❀ 🌸 Our server offers: 🌸 ❀✿*
× A place to share your models, art, poems - basically everything you consider as artwork!
× A channel to advertise your social medias
× Friendly and active staff
× A special leveling system & points system that gives roles and points
× Art & writing contests with prizes
× Karaoke and music voice channels
× Channels for gamers
× Anime, manga, games and music recommendations
× And much, much more!

❤️♡∞:。.。 We hope you'll join us! 。.。:∞♡❤️
Depression and anxiety server | Incudes 500 Gudetama (melancholy egg yolk) emotes.
Welcome, traveller, to the world of Alagasea. Our territory is quite extensive, so do feel free to refer to our #map so that you do not get lost. A variety of diverse species inhabit Alagasea and while a majority of their our vicinages posses a benign equanimity, there exists a number of them that are exhibit rather....mischievous behavior at times, to speak euphemistically. Under the pretense that you discover an affinity for one of Alagasea’s kingdoms, we request that you proclaim your loyalty to your preferred land of residence in #role-play-roles. And do ensure that you read our #rules. A shame it would be to have such a fresh face banished so soon. Should you have any salient inquiries or concerns, please do not dither to ping one of our erudite @King or @Queen. Do forgive us if we are unable to tend to you promptly...our royal duties occupy a copious amount of our time. As for now, however, best wishes and please, do enjoy your stay~
Howdy partner! Welcome to Apollo’s Bird Nest! This server is constantly growing with new members and server updates!

🔞 NSFW Channels 🔞
🔈 Voice Chats 🔈
🎶 Music Channels 🎶
🎭 Roleplay Channels 🎭
🖌 Art Channels 🖌
🎮 Gaming/Tech Channels 🎮
🕺 Self Assignable Roles 🕺
😁 Fandom Friendly 😁
🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+ Friendly 🏳️‍🌈
📛 Raid Protection 📛

We hope to see you there soon! Come meet new people and make lots of new friends!
Viral City is multipurpose discord for having fun, using bots like Pokécord and Mudae, making new friends, gaming, music and more in this growing community!
Looking for more gamers and friends? join our server ! age range 13-18 <3

Discord Server Reviews

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Ridley Anderson Ridley Anderson
Fun, happy, caring environment
I've been with these lovable clowns for nearly a year, and I've enjoyed every single moment that I have been an active part of the RP. Every one of the admins, myself included, are totally and whole heartedly willing to help you fit into this community. This was my 1st Hero Academia server I hopped in on, and it's still going strong to this day. I've not found a single "competing" server that even compares to half of what this little group has to offer.
Potato Potato
Fun and Inclusive
Being a part of this community has given me a chance to play fun little games with friends, and it's so much fun, definitely recommend
eva eva
fuck hets
I would give this 1 star if it wasn't for the amazing community in there.
Ugly ass layout, way too many channels and incredibly offensive. Just how I like it :D
𝓓𝓪𝓶𝓷 𝓓𝓪𝓶𝓷
best growtopia server?
Hhhm i think it is the best growtopia discord server yet i just joined 2 other gt discord servers with disboard but this is the best in my opinion.
Sir Graz The IIII Sir Graz The IIII
Very Nike.
I neither am a admin or anything like that, i would never lie owo
Patryk89016 Patryk89016
Best Server
Good server !!
plus + Nice atmosphere, No toxic people, Nice administration, server open to changes, frequent changes and security
Cons - few people :(
🧡TapWater762🧡 🧡TapWater762🧡
Fun community with lots of different options based on the people. Lots of anime related stuff which is always fun and I love the emotes.
3 1
Smithy Smithy
recently been reformed and now it is good I would recommend joining
1 2
Honestly don't know what to say
I like the self role system, the fresh looking templates, even the people there great server
Echo Echo
bird is good
this server is the best one i have ever seen
VelecusVox VelecusVox
Simply amazing.
I would join right now if you want to RP.
Huss Huss
I love this server its friendly staff are kind its just madness join it is my opinion!