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A W.I.P. server, where you roleplay as a pokemon or trainer in Kanto. (However, pokemon all the way from R/B/Y to X/Y are available)
just now
Welcome to The Wyverns lair we have Giveaways, Gyms, And much more this server is still under development and we need more staff so if you get pinged a lot please be understanding!
just now
The Hurricane is a Fictional Platoon within the 16th Infantry Regiment (New York's Own). The Leader of this Platoon is 2nd Lieutenant Haldor Havard (Played by the server owner.)

We will be starting December 20th, 1941 in Fort Devens, the RP will begin with training and bootcamp, after which will come the Departure for England to partake in Operation Torch.

This server is a World War 2 RP, that being said, fair warning in advance, females will have limited roles, mostly in the medical field, however, you show a lot in training then you may get lucky!
just now
CHB is based off the books of Percy Jackson and also the movies here you'll attend camp and learn to be a great demi-god and learn to be a leader
just now
Community für alles Mögliche, von Gaming bis zu Fahrrädern.

• Eigene Webseite, sowie eigener Bot
• Themen aus aller Welt
• Aktive Community
• Eigenes Level-System

Komm' und überzeug Dich selbst!
44 seconds ago
Ravenclaw? Gryffindor? Professor? Death Eater? Who will you choose to be in this modern day Hogwarts universe role-play. Explore hogwarts, the ministry of magic, diagon alley, and hogsmeade With unique roles and experiences for everyone fun is ensured!
45 seconds ago
Say welcome to AloneClub!
After a difficulties we achieved with our previous Russian-based project, we had relaunced our work in Europe, providing stable and cool experience, listening to our auditory, making a company, playing games and making content <3
Join us, and you'll be a good part of our community
1 minutes ago
Roblox club for chatting and having fun. We provide vip servers, robux/game giveaways, and frequent events. New group created in November already up to 700 members and looking for more active members.
1 minutes ago
This is a server where you can create your own story, where you update the plot with your own choices.
We have recently started and are looking for new members and will be doing giveaways for roles such as one-eyed and kakuja.
Feel free to stop by and create a character, no need to rush, be creative.
2 minutes ago
We're a friendly, active gaming community-based in the United States.

Don't worry we're just minor trolls, don't take what we say too cereal.

- NSFW * (must be 18 years of age or older.)
- Pokecord, Kawaii, Music Bot, Ranking System, etc.
- Activate Members and Moderators
2 minutes ago
°°Heyyo! Are you looking for a new home? A place where you can relax and have sex with anyone?
!!Then this is the right place for you my Dear!!

°Welcome to Galaxy’s Village Ulaora!! The home of fun and a small family!!°
This server is just starting out, and we would love to have more members ^^

°This is an 18+ server!!!°

°This places is for erp. We won’t judge you no matter what kink you have. We are open minded!°
°We have caring and kind staff members! We respect everyone and happily talk with anybody!°
°We have a lot of NSFW with us so, feel free to be kinky ;) !°
°We have self assignable roles! Feel free to give yourself some cool roles easily!°
2 minutes ago
- Hey Random People Of Disboard, a New Roleplaying Server has Appeared! This server was made to embrace the art of Roleplaying, and test its limits in storytelling. Regardless of the details, this is a place to have fun.

Welcome To The Oblivion.

A lonely island on a lonely planet in a lonely dimension. It doesn't matter the time period, timeline, universe, kids and adults alike keep ending up here without explanation. Usually its along the lines of "I woke up here please help me!". Before you go screaming know that we have been dealing with this issue for about 2000 years, we know how to handle kids lost from their home dimension... Ship them to the Academy and train them of course!

This year however is special, an event named "The Game" has once again begun, and victory yields a prize named the Ceil Relic. Only few have ever laid hands on this powerful item, and the mystery behind it grows. Perhaps with luck, or wit, you and your friends may win The Game and obtain this mystical artifact.

Tensions are however rising, and a new reign for the future of the Oblivion lurks in the shadows. Lies will always break open, childhood games must end, the age of anarchy is nearing. Enjoy the safety while it lasts...
2 minutes ago
A server to discuss, show off, and trade One Piece merchandise, as well as discuss One Piece in general!
2 minutes ago
A server created for Vinsmoke fans! We hope to create a friendly and welcoming environment where people can discuss the Vinsmokes, One Piece in general, or anything really.
2 minutes ago
Star Wars United is a brand new Star-Wars based server where you can talk about any Star Wars topic you want, share your opinions, and roleplay with your own original character in any era you want. Interested? Join now!
2 minutes ago
🛍18+ social server. We mostly talk about makeup and support each other. Easy-going and pleasant voice chat routine. Come be our new friend.
3 minutes ago
♥ Welcome to Toy Shop! <3 ♥
This is a 14+ BDSM server which welcomes people of all kinks! This is a safe place to talk about any and all kinks with absolutely no judgement. You can meet new people, make relationships (friendly or loving), or just chill and hang out.
Things We Offer:
♥ Self Assignable Roles!
♥ We have tons of text and voice channels for all of your needs.
♥ Places to spam, post pictures, and vent!
♥ NSFW channels and bots for those that are verified 18+
♥ Fun bots with different chat games and independent games such as tic-tac-toe, or hangman!
♥ Do not be afraid to speak your mind, talk about certain kinks, etc. We are completely open to anything! Just remember to have fun!
3 minutes ago
»»—— ★彡 Weeb Café 彡★ ——««

Hiya~! ★ We're a small community full of anime/manga lovers
The admins are nice and we love meeting people!!


We have~

★ A gaming channel!
★ Memes!
★ Art channels!
★ Fun bots!


We hope you join and will promise lots of fun!!

3 minutes ago
Ten years in the future after Ladybug and Chat defeat Hawkmoth. Our heroes are in their 30s/40s by now and have had children of their own. A new evil arises, will you join the fight for paris!
3 minutes ago
Join to find a Discord sexting partner, flirt with people looking to share nudes, etc. Find people looking to hook up, have sex or share nude pictures and/or videos.
3 minutes ago

a server with a bakery theme with;
🥐a 24/7 lo-fi music channel for studying, relaxing, & sleeping
🥐many bots to have fun and play with
🥐several qt auto roles to choose from
🥐a friendly community for anyone
3 minutes ago
Hiya!. Super Smash Bros Infinite is just a RP Server where you can find a bunch of people who like SSB just like ya!. This isn’t any competitive server since its “RP” It’s just to have fun. Please consider joining us! Thanks!
4 minutes ago
• We are an open and friendly community dedicated to Marvel. We invite all of the fans to join and hangout with us. We are working towards having weekly events: movie nights, karaoke, contests and more to come. See you in a bit! 😃

• If you’re looking for an active Marvel RP with active members, full teams, events, and contests, look no further. Join today and rp as your favorite heroes and villains.
4 minutes ago