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All Games 64
Chill listening to music, requesting your favourite!
Chat with people and earn experience !
Automated rank system with permissions based on your rank!
Chill rooms to play with your friends!
Youtuber/Twitch Streamer badges to share everyone when you're streaming! Beatbox battles and a lot more! JOIN NOW!

Community incentrata su BEATBOX e VIDEOGAME!
Il server offre oltre che la possibilità di conoscere nuove persone, anche un sistema di ranking automatico!
Inoltre anche la possibilità di ascoltare musica con il nostro semplice e intuitivo musicbot!
Groups: Youtuber/Streamer where you can ask to an admin for a simple "sponsor" for all the members that are in the discord!
just now
Community 34
Friendly gaming server, sprinkled with lewds for when you’re done pushing the payload! ;) What else could you want? 18+
44 seconds ago
Community 53
We are a one stop shop for DDLG advice, whether you need advice or are looking to give advice. Stop on by, introduce yourself, be yourself and hang out!
1 minutes ago
Computers 50
If you are an expert pro hacker or new to the hacking scene this is your place to learn, collaborate, and thrive. We cover just about everything in the hacking niche and need more members for our community.
-Website Hacking
-Wireless Hacking
-Post Exploitation
3 minutes ago
Community 1083
3 minutes ago
A server for everyone especially the lonely ones like me. This is a server for a bit of everything, gaming, politics, history, memes and many more topics. Share your interest to new people you don't know and Chill will the music channel. This server is still under development and we could do a bit of help.
5 minutes ago
Tabletop Games 35
All Types of Roleplays from DND, To home brew systems everything here. For your anime needs
5 minutes ago
Created for the sole reason of Chatting, Socializing, Gaming, Anime, Art
and much more such as Events, Giveaways and other kinds of good stuff!
7 minutes ago
Community 139
A server for non-binary and trans folk! We welcome cis allies with a connection to the community!
10 minutes ago
A very friendly and active community! No lurkers, drama, cancer or toxicity, completely moderated! A place designated to you, for you. Lots of events and free giveaway.
11 minutes ago
Community 30
Are you an individual with a cheeky sense of humor but also a friendly person who likes to chill and play games? We are a social community with an emphasis on gaming, lewds (in its own section) and just all around cheekiness.
Since we are new, TB has the potential to shape into something awesome through the input of its users.
Welcome to the Basement! :^)
12 minutes ago
Come join us in Rizado, if you like Roleplay then we got it! We also got fun and friendly people!
13 minutes ago
All Games 33
This is a room for YouTubers and gamers to find each other, here you can find others and chat, play, record, e.c. I hope you will join our server. Thanks :D
15 minutes ago
Check out our discord channel, 50 people right now, a lot of needed bots!
19 minutes ago
LINK FIXED. The Hentai Enthusiasts over 10K members. 21 categorized hentai sections, self hosted music bot, also heavily moderated. ^ _ ^
21 minutes ago
Economy | Royal | Military | Clergy | Combat
A safe Medieval Roleplaying environment for everyone. Europe in the middle ages, realistic but alternate history!
21 minutes ago
All Games 296

Blue Gaming is a gaming community in which you can find other players to play games with and have conversations with them in voice channels or text channels.
24 minutes ago
best community server on discord
24 minutes ago
A small community for those interested in Anime & gaming. We also provide emotional Support to those in need, and provide a free and comfortable environment for people with diverse interests! Don't hesitate to join.
25 minutes ago
We are a bunch of necromancers. We try to resurrect this dead server. Come and join this 300+ members server, and help the resurrection!
27 minutes ago
Community 101
We are a server made for fun. We are active (we are really active unlike most other servers this size)
We welcome everyone, come and chill with us! Drama free! We have self assignable roles & choose your own name colour!
27 minutes ago
Anime and Manga 13
Hallöle Leute! Schonmal im vorraus: **Leavt nicht sofort ^^'** Hier könnt ihr chillen, reden, Lernen, Hausaufgaben machen und vieeeeles mehr! ^^ Kommt doch mal vorbei und setzt euch bequem hin! (Ps.: ist ein neuer server.. deswegen 'leicht' leer, aber ich hoffe wir werden eine wunderbare Community! ^v^)

LG Kaito KID
28 minutes ago