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Community 15
Hello fellow witches and just to clear things up, I only like witchcraft in games, not in real life. This is a roleplay server and you can pick multiple races and kingdoms/affiliation!
just now
Community 27
We are a small server made for fun. We re active even if we are almost no people so far. We ll welcome you with open arms!
1 minutes ago
Other 319
Welcome on the NSFW, Nude, Porn, Sex, Erotic, Hentai, Furry, BDSM server!
Discussion and viewing the charms of naked bodies.
Joint exchange of private photos and masturbation.
The cave of anal pleasures.
15 minutes ago
All Games 52
Chill listening to music, requesting your favourite!
Chat with people and earn experience !
Automated rank system with permissions based on your rank!
Chill rooms to play with your friends!
Youtuber/Twitch Streamer badges to share everyone when you're streaming! Beatbox battles and a lot more! JOIN NOW!

Community incentrata su BEATBOX e VIDEOGAME!
Il server offre oltre che la possibilità di conoscere nuove persone, anche un sistema di ranking automatico!
Inoltre anche la possibilità di ascoltare musica con il nostro semplice e intuitivo musicbot!
Groups: Youtuber/Streamer where you can ask to an admin for a simple "sponsor" for all the members that are in the discord!
15 minutes ago Welcome to the Milkfields boys and girls this server is a bdsm server and is brand spanking new but does not come with a lack of text channels, voice channels they each have their own intended topic or use we are a 16+ server we do have 18+ content but it will be blocked until you msg an admin your DOB and age we are growing so if you like us share us with your friends thumbsup P.S If you are here just to join then leave dont join at all
17 minutes ago
We're a 18+ server for queer folks who are looking for friends and dating! You must be at least 18 to use this server. THIS IS NOT A PORN/BDSM SERVER!
20 minutes ago
Anime and Manga 198
Heyyy duu! :)
Du bist Anime-Fan und findest keinen Guten Deutschen Anime-Server?
Dann komm doch zu uns, Animo Network
Wir sind eine offene Gesellschaft und sind auf Anime und Gaming fixiert:smiley:
Wir haben bisher über 400 zufriedene User und es werden täglich mehr!
Wenn du auf unseren Server willst,hier der Link:
Außerdem haben wir eine Webseite, die du genauso gerne besuchen kannst, für mehr Infos,rund um den Server:
29 minutes ago
Economy | Royal | Military | Clergy | Combat
A safe Medieval Roleplaying environment for everyone. Europe in the middle ages, realistic but alternate history!
40 minutes ago
Community 2092
~Daddy Server~ Highly active /1:1 male to female ratio / chill rules almost 3k Members movie/karaoke events Self-assignable roles 30+/ 18+ NSFW contents and more....
This server is for everyone to meet and talk to new people or others they have already met.There is no specified use for this server,it's pretty much a social server that tends to hold events.Everyone within staff will try their best to keep everything under control,solve problems and make sure you, as a member,are comfortable.
24/7 Music non-stop/Self-assignable roles 30+
40 minutes ago
Community 53
A great community with an awesome cat theme.

We have:

- Multiple roles that you can level up through.
- Special cat emojis created just for this server.
- Our very own custom bot, CatBot!
- Multiple other bots for you to play around with.
- A friendly community.
- Partnerships for other servers.
- Events/Giveaways.
- Plenty more to come.
42 minutes ago
I have just launched a discord server for all minecrafters. A place you can play games, enter giveaways, talk to youtubers and even more! The invite link will be below! We also have "User XP". When you talk, you gain! You can also gain money from chatting and use that to customise your avatar and level up screen!
I hope you like this discord server to hang about in so...
See you there..... I guess??

Friendly Staff 👍
Growing community😉
Music Nights 🎶
Collect coins from being active 💸
And use coins to change you avatar 💴
Weekly Giveaways 🎉
Clever Bots 👻
Game stats 🎧

Permanent Invite:
48 minutes ago
Community 99
Looking To Talk is a server that is accepting to everyone. No matter gender, age, sexuality etc. We are a family friendly community looking to grow.We have friendly, experienced staff.
49 minutes ago
Community 4
We're a friendly mix of hoomans. Artists, musicians, gamers, writers, roleplayers, everyone is welcome, as long as you aren't an asshole. We even try to be the funny sometimes, rarely succeeds, but we try! So if you like making the arts, the music, and just chatting, join Panda Pop!
53 minutes ago
Community 21
Hey look here! Welcome to QuixxEmpire we are a server with many features like:
Cool bots
Lot's of game sessions to play with our members at!
Cool staff :sparkles: !
Giveways and events!:tada:
We aslo have more to give join and checkout the rest yourself!
57 minutes ago
Hello folks! We're a fairly new server! We have mascots, use currency and have weekly events. We've started becoming more active recently, and want to keep growing to have a larger community! We're pretty relaxed and our community is pretty open. Come join us for a conversation about anything :D
1 hours ago
Fresh NSFW focused server with great and supportive community plus friendly and very active owner who talks to everyone, not only her faves!
We have over 150 channels in 22 categories! Those categories includes BDSM and bondage as well than hentai, basic porn and fetishes. We also have own categories for DDLG and LGBT communities!
Terrified of the amount of channels? Don't worry. We have 60 self assignable roles for identifying and unlocking channels. In that way you don't have to see everything. We also have level bot, so you actually have to talk too for opening for example all the NSFW contest and most of entertaiment too! ;P

Not fan of NSFW? Well, you shall still join us! We have plenty of channels and categories just for hanging out with great company :3
1 hours ago
Community 39
For twenty-somethings on the verge of a breakdown. Good eggs only. 18+ (SFW)
1 hours ago
Community 104
Naughty Tree is an elite treehouse for elite people like you! Welcoming all Youtubers/Twitch streamers that wants more views to their channel, Designers/Animators that don't mind constructive criticism on their crafts. Gamers that are looking for other gamers. We organize movie nights, giveaways and many more fun stuffs! Come and join in the fun with us today! :)
1 hours ago
Movies 13
A small, quiet and still-new server for Clone Club - Fans of Orphan Black (All 5 seasons available to watch on Netflix if you've never watched before and you're interested).
1 hours ago
Gaming squads, channels, news, discussion, videos, memes. Playing a lot of PUBG, Squad, Battlefield, Insurgency, Overwatch, CS GO, Fortnite, Day of Infamy and More.
1 hours ago
Community 86
(Mental health server) Our goal is to get you connected with people who can understand you on your mental health journey. Safe & welcoming space for everyone, we strive to encourage each other positively and recover!
1 hours ago
This server is the official chatroom for the HRP YouTube channel.
1 hours ago