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Here we have general channels where people can chat and relax, music channels, art channels and role play areas for anyone who wants to join!
Hi! Welcome to TBS, a help server by teens, for teens!

We are relatively small right now, but have alot of systems in place to make sure you and everyone else feels safe and secure in our environment, including;

- 14 Different channels dedicated to serious discussions and wanting help

- Fully paid Voltaire ( subscription, allowing anonymous messages if you feel a bit shy (all members are logged in the event of misuse of anonymity)

- A large, welcoming and kind community

- Fast and responsive moderators

We are always working hard to make The Brighter Side a place everyone feels safe, so if you join and don't like something, feel free to let us know, in our suggestions channel! We hope you try out our server, be it to help others, or get help yourself!

Kind Regards,
The Mod Team.
🟢⚪🔴Il PRIMO server 🍝ITALIANO🍝 di WatchDogs: Legion!!!🟢⚪🔴

Potete trovare anche:
| Tornei 🏆| Musica 🎶| Canali generali 👥| Memes 🐸| Livelli 🡹|
| Canali fan-art 🎨| Shout-out 🎤| Affiliazione Streamer 📺 |

Welcome to our Playplace! we have games, events and a welcoming community! Our server is a safe environment for Littles, Care Givers and Gamers alike, a welcome place if your both! We have lots of fun roles, and different areas to cater for your needs! Please remember this is not a dating server, but a place to find friends and to feel safe, for everyone. Feel free to join us ^-^
Hello! This is a safe space for all fictionkin to interact! We just talk, and have fun here, but suggestions to improve the quality are always welcome! This server is run primarily by @Kinnietingzz on Instagram. It's also noteworthy to add that double-related issues must be solved respectfully or simply not mentioned in an offensive way. As well as this, if you consider yourself a spiritual kinnie, please make sure to consider the fact that a lot of people may use 'kin' in a more loose term. Nonetheless, the staff hope you join, so we can all have a great time together! The more, the merrier, as always!
We are a growing community of gamers and anyone who wants to hangout with new people, we have tons of games to talk about and play and we greatly appreciate anyone who joins and we welcome everyone. (also we do promos!)
↳  ੈ꒷꒦⊹₊ ℍ 𝕆 ℙ𝔼 𝕎 𝕆 ℝ 𝕃 𝔻 🌱☁ㅤㅤㅤ    

꒰🌈 ꒱**Welcome to Hope World** ꒷꒦⊹₊
**What we offer** ꒷꒦⊹₊ ❥ ꒰🌱꒱

╭ •🥡• A SFW BTS/Multifandom K-pop server
│ •🍵• J-Hope Hope World/Indie theme + organized layout
│ •💿• ALL Fandoms are welcomed here
╰ •🥡• Friendly Members and staff

THE server
╭・・Features ﹋﹋ ⸝⸝ ୨୧
┇𐐪 ₊˚๑꒰🌻 Welcoming community! ༉‧₊˚✧
┇𐐪 ₊˚๑꒰🌿 Games ༉‧₊˚✧
┇𐐪 ₊˚๑꒰🌱 aesthetic layout ༉‧₊˚✧
┇𐐪 ₊˚๑꒰🌷 Lots of fun bots ༉‧₊˚✧
╰・・✿ Come join us! ✿

From the wastelands of Tatooine To the fire mounts of Mustafar, We will Fight our Empire's Battles in space and on land. We strife for Right and Order and to keep the Galactic peace.

"On the day We claim our place in the Empire's army, a Salute to you from these cadets Assembled here to serve, in many a Fight we'll show our Might and never lose our nerve"


•PS4 only (XBOX and PC for squadrons)
•A relaxed milsim experience
•Daily Raids
•Weekly Clan Battles/Co-op's
•We play all manner of STAR WARS Games,
Battlefront 2, Battlefront 1, Jedi Academy
and soon Squadrons

🎀 Welcome in Darling In The FranXX! 🎀

Why would you join our server? Simple!

Darling in the FranXX is a server created mainly for talking with others about the anime or just regular talking! We have a lot of things to do, so everyone can like it! We have special channels for Zero Two lovers out there and way more!

We have:
- Reddit voting system (of DITF pictures) I CREATED! ⭐⭐
- Level 1 boost and getting higher! ⭐
- Swearing is allowed. Make sure to read the rules
- Special chats with perks for nitro boosters and active members! ⭐
- Self roles ⭐
- Tons of cool bots
- 110+ DITF emojis ⭐
- Voice channels
- Music channels
- Future Events
- Meme channel
- Cool Staff
- Actual Giveaways! ⭐
- Levels and Invites Ranking ⭐
And way more!

Don't forget to leave a review! It will help new people to see the server! Any constructive reviews will also help making this server a better place :)

🎀 Hope to find you here! 🎀
We play a lot of Pokémon Go here, we have a couple extra channels for streaming, PC, PlayStation, XBOX, etc. other gaming platforms. Come raid with us! 🥳
A 16+ girls only discord server! Made to connect girls through anime, video games, music, and more!
!! we do require face and voice verification !!
About the Server
Welcome to grim oz monster Offical server, we hope you have fun with our stuff we setup for yall and have fun with the bots this server have any things to do like Rank up your role by using points and play around with marriagebot and marry players and talk about games in game chat if you have any suggestion to what game to add in our server and post and share your 3D art or 2D art, game you made, cool memes and funny videos, funny gifs share your music and be creativity, also we got daily Roblox anoucements and PROMOCODES if you know roblox you will love this server and their always a way to get a role by leveling up and to level up you have to be active once you make it to level-5 you get the level-5 role and have acces to change you nicknames and more levels roles too! and robux giveaways are here in this group and, Nitroo soon giveaways and im certeinly hiring mods to look out this server and your fav thing to do! Advertiseing! their is advertiseing here too so advertise your discordserver,twitter,reddit,youtubechannel,instergram, and More! and Roblox piggy anoucements too! and we do SERVER BUMPS, yes you heard me SERVER BUMP so join in we always bump!! we got specials roles like Halloween roles and secret role, some of these roles you can earn and some of these roles you can Buy it! dont mess out and come look at this server for a min!! its great you'll see! all we need is couple more members and this server will be fun!! make friends here and have fun with the bots whoever be the 40 member get the 40 member role and get Speical Perms More stuff well be added soon as long as you follow the rules you get roles and a free advertise and shout out!!

hope yall have fun at Grim oz Monster Offical server
And if you join you get a free role!!
Boost the server and get something free =)
Ihr habt keine Lust immer nur mit Randoms zu spielen? Du und dein/e Freund/in wollen endlich mal in einem Premade Team losziehen? Dann schaut doch mal auf unserem APEX Server vorbei! Lerne neue Leute kennen, bildet Teams, tauscht euch aus und habt zusammen einfach eine geile Zeit in APEX Legends!
Australia's premiere discord server, with quality users and quality chat. AusChat is an exclusive server featuring discussions both serious and light-hearted, about all things Australian, and everything beyond. Eccentric or creative people are very much encouraged to join.

Channels for Music, Books, Health, Film, Computing, Gaming, Sports, Politics, Game streaming, Audio chat.

Channels for every Australian capital city (and state), so get to know your neighbours.
⭕Hi come join this server⭕
✅ Join this server if you want to have a hell of an acid trip. We are a small community and all are accepted. This server mostly consist of just fucking around and having fun.✅
Hope to see you soon 👀
An Among Us Discord Server (we also play minecraft)
Cool bots that will keep you entertained
Level up roles for active members
Max amount of emojis and they are all good
Seriously you will never be bored here, we have tons of unique channels, bots that are really cool . Join before 500 members to get the OG role.
"s m o n g" is a growing, tightly knit community that offers various things such as:

- Lots of friendly people to play among us with :)
- A positive, non-toxic community
- A fun RPG based level-system
- Many text and voice channels you can have fun

Join us today to start making cool new online friends!

Hello there, and welcome to the vibe house! This is a community server where you can meet and talk to people and make friends! We are open for Staff Applications from time to time also. We hope to see you here! Have a fantastic day/night
Guangzhou 广州 is my 2nd installment of roleplay servers based in my fictional universe. Set in Guangzhou, in 2067, you can create your own adventure in this technologically advanced dystopian world. It's basically an OC sandbox!

•From being a ruthless government official pulling the strings, rebels in the slums who seek to disrupt the regime, or those in the middle trying not to get killed, we have space for characters of all walks of life.

•Realistic sci-fi.

•Lore that has depth.

•Currently the playable species consists of humans, robots, anthropomorphic animals and demi-humans (think like an anime animal person), and cybernetic variations for each.

•We also allow custom factions, and to an extent allow you to bring in your own lore to help shape the world.

•You do have to submit a decent roleplay sample when you join, this is an anti-raid measure, and to keep up quality of roleplay.

The server's language is English, and most people in it live in American time zones. As this server is newly made, there's going to be oversights. Please tell me about them so I can fix them.
Hub to meet foreign people and practice languages (chat/audio) inside a unique tower-structured server. Join in and talk with people from around the world. Our passion is to bring people together, Enjoy🌈
Welcome to the Secret Society BLANKET

We are a relaxed environment where everyone is welcome

We have channels which include but are not limited to;
- Music channels
- General chat
- Roleplay
- Promotion
- Anime group watch rooms

Come and join us for lovely people and forge new friendships

We look forward to meeting you
|==|[Club of Legends]|==|

Toto je náš server, na kterém se můžete dobře zabavit a užít si příjemnou komunitu.
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