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♦ Access to 150+ Rob enabled servers
♦ Dank memer premium,groovy premium,carl premium and what not.
♦ Daily nitro giveaways!!
♦ Giveaways like every few minutes.
♦ Rob events every hour.
♦ Regular Giveaways
♦ Regular Rob events (Server organised Fail robs & Heist event).
♦ Rob and Heist Disabled
♦ Highest possible dank memer Multiplier
♦ Friendly and always ready to help staffs
♦ We invite you to join our community make friends, invite your friends and enjoy your stay.
Server ni untuk apa?
Untuk orang-orang yang berada dalam kesenduan yang ingin mencari ketenangan.
(Bapak cliche)
p/s: Hidden place for Alam Bunian ;)

Just relax.Heal yourself.Make a new friends too!!
Hey there, Recruit! This is the Dungeon Maiden speaking. I give you my warmest welcome to Epic RPG Grinders Squad server! I hope that you'll have a wonderful stay with us.

Bots and Perks:
彡☆Epic RPG
-Reminder roles for epic events, giveaways, miniboss and arena, etc.
-Cooldown up reminder based on your cooldown reduction/donator perk on Epic RPG
-Coins giveaway on special events/milestones
-Epic coin giveaway from our Dungeon Master (happens once a while)
彡☆Dank Memer
-Disabled steal, bankrob and rich commands to ensure every player has their wallets/banks safe. You can try to beg for coins though
-The "Recruit" auto role is automatically added to you upon joining and self roles
-Leveled roles (this will be useful once we implemented personal and/or group channels in the future)
彡☆Confessional bot
-If you have real life problems or any rants or nonsense chats you want to send but you want to be anonymous, you can DM the bot and enter the code needed (Check out the channel for it)
彡☆Music bots (Groovy, Rythm, Rythm 2)
-Have a dj role (Music Merrymaker and Sound Symphonist for Rythm) when you actively use music commands

Private bots (See self roles to get the needed role to use this/Updating this if I consider to make all of this as public bots soon):
-There's a toggle snipe settings so no one can claim in your rolls within 8 seconds
-Lower kakera price for each badges starting at 1k for each and 500 for kakera loots
-Just like Waifu and Pokecord bot but League of Legends version!
-This is useful for spawning in Urbot channel and we needed to know numbers
Hello we are a new and upcoming server for friends who just want to enjoy each others company, we have some small bots for things to do like owo and miki and more will be added in the future, but we also mainly play town of salem, so if that is what you like then this is the server for you! Can't wait to see you inside :)
Welcome to OwO
We have a lot of fun things here! Including:
Over 90 fun emojis
A Super Chill Community
Super Active Staff & Production
Special perks for Nitro Boosters
NSFW channels
Cool/Amazing Partner Servers
We hope to see you there
♡•Server info!•♡

The Pickle Jar is a small SFW Furry server where you can just chill. We are all very open to anyone LGBTQ+ and we welcome anyone with open arms!

Our server has lots to do! With bots like Pokecord, Dankmemer, Owo and Rhythm everything becomes a little more lively, And we offer tons of channels to use!

If a member is causing trouble and we aren't active in the server please ping one of the Staff, (If online!)

Make sure to read through the rules to make sure you don't break any you're not accustom to! It's always better to be safe then sorry.
Hewwo and welcome to the FLOOFY hideout!

We welcome all furries in this very hidden chat and art server!!

The people here are very nice and floofy, and like to talk and draw. Feel free to talk with anyone!

The hidden staff here are very good at keeping the hiders in check and they help and notify everyone about the rules in this server. Please do not break them!!!

Have fun and stay hidden!
**Sleepy Snorlax®** is a Pokemon server with small but friendly community. We do giveaways and tournaments. You can earn your very own gym badge if you manage to defeat our gym masters. If you have any suggestions feel free to contact our staff, we are always open for new ideas!

We have :

**-= ALL POKEMON games =-**

-Snipe protected spawns-
-Gyms and gym badges-
-Quiz and mini games-
-Daycare service-
-Options for advertising-
-Special Giveaways-
-24/7 live support-

Other games:

**-= Mudae =-**
And much more! Just pick your poison :D
✧・゚: ✧・゚:  Hi There!  :・゚✧:・゚✧
Welcome to the best social discord server we also have all types of gamers and channels come by chill out and have fun.
Come check it out if you love memes and hanging out with epic people.
Welcome to Femboy Hooters
We are a small and growing server based on Yaoi/BL!!

What our server has to offer:

🌸Mudae, Owobot, Pokecord

🌸character chat rooms

🌸nsfw & sfw chats

We will be waiting for ur arrival here at our femboy paradise cya there~
🌟We are the discord server of a Minecraft Bedrock Edition Server called
EmperialsPE, Based on the Famous SaicoPVP
🌟We offer Head Hunting, Leveling, A Welcoming Community for all New
🌟We have many extremely active staff team waiting to teach you how to
ultimately dominate the server.
🌟Are you ready to Experience a Different Type of Server, We are ready for

⭐Minecraft IP:;19132
⭐Twitter: @EmperialsPE
We created this Naruto server for Naruto fans
We have many interesting bots
The only thing we missing is you ^^
You are welcome here 😊😊😊
⭐️ Bankrob and steal is disabled
⭐️ We do giveaways with Dank Memer
⭐️ We find servers to HEIST and grow ur fat cash
⭐️ We giveaway nitro sometimes
⭐️ Friendly community
Hi stranger :D

💥We are
-a small community
-searching for new mates to play
-open for everything

💥We have
-Giveaway at 500 members

Would be nice if you join ^^

Hi Fremder :D

💥Wir sind
-eine kleine Community
-auf der Suche nach neuen Mitspielern
-offen für alles ;D

💥 Wir haben
-Giveaway bei 500 Membern

Würde uns freuen, wenn du joinst ^^
What is in OwO palace?
-People that like anime and are kind well kind enough
-Hentai a good bit of it too
-meme that are greatly suspicious
-OwO's because we are those people
I hope you enjoy your stay here in my server
Welcome to wholesome!

🌙 a safe space where you can chill and meet new people

🍡 play games and chill in chat

🍭 level roles

🍬 weekly giveaways

🧁 festival prizes and team games

🍰 color roles/game roles

🍫 daily announcements

🥛active server and strong community

🍦tips and news

☕️ 200 cute emotes

🍪bot games / fun bots
- Place to be yourself.
- It's a place where you can choose imagination over reality and be yourself at heart.
- Happiness and wonders all coming from each corner in this server.
- Join to have fun! Maybe even make some friends.
g r e g
Ocean's Peek°

Welcome To ocean's peek°! We are a Dank Giveaway server that awaits your arrival! We Offer:
✓Daily Giveaways
✓Friendly Staff
✓Non-toxic Community!
✓Dank Memer Events
✓13+ means no NSFW!
✓OwO bot!
✓Music Bots
✓Rob and Bankrob Disabled Permanently
And more! Come join us and help us Grow!
Ocean's Peek°
Hi pls join this is a growing community of people looking to chat and talk hope you join and enjoy your stay if you need and thing dm me or ping me in general.
also we are looking for Partners Staff and developers if you would like to be one of these roles dm me and we will go over it. Stuff we offer

.1 We like to voice chat and chill and talk and share skills and be friendly

.2 We are updating the server and making it a better place

.3 we have game nights date nights and movies nights

.4 Fun bots to play with if you want any bots dm me or just use General

And also if your going to raid are server you are a poopy head :(