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A relaxed server with very laid back rules, mainly focused around anime and gaming.
We are a friendly community.Come by us to have a good time socializing,because we all know you don't go outside,a reason why your mom is mad at you.
a hangout for anyone who has ever felt rejected. no homophobia/transphobia. we have pokecord and neat people. so join already damnit
Welcome to hell. Just your average everyday server with a tinge of memes to it.
Ever wanted to be dyslexic? Come join this RP server for fun and laughs
Adding more things as we continue to start up the server once again
Hey do you want to look at some furry chicks and knotted dicks? Well you found the right place
Hello, this is Trix, and welcome to Trix’s Realm! Here, we hope you can find some new friends, furry or not. We are always looking for new members, and would be glad if you were to join us! So, why not give it a good ole look?
yep a pretty cool meme server. we also have bots which are pretty great. like the one that posts memes 24/7.
This is a server to just chill, obviously. We have pokecord, owo, ygghrail, and mee6 and Many others. There is no NSFW. Only certain swears are allowed. We keep moderation tidy. We hope to make this server active and happy 😃
Hope ya have fun..
yee yee yee boi's and girly's bome join us over here at Boolin™
We have no food. We have nukes. We have Stalin, Lenin and Marx. New Rasputin for hire.
This is just a random place you can hang out. there aren't really any rules (except for no promoting in here pls or you will be banned) so yeah. the only thing I can say is there will probably be really edgy humor, just be ready for that. PLS JOIN I NEED FRIENDS
This is a small server where we want everyone to feel welcomed and safe. We don't want any NSFW nor do we want hatred to anyone. Always remember to love yourself and I hope you enjoy it! (=^vv^=)
hey! we are small server chat, that is growing. there is no-rude furries! we are nice :3 we can get crazy, funny etc! Also we like to draw OwO
Join the pack for all your pokemon needs!!! We are friendly so don't worry.
Some Furry Shit is cool i guess join if you want i don't care
。+゚.。+。Need a chill and cool place to hang out? Join uwu central!

We're a small community hoping to be a bigger server with lots of activity!.*・。゚

We offer...
🌟 • Active and friendly members
🌟 • Self-assignable roles
🌟 • An addictive economy with purchasable roles
🌟 • Music and entertainment bots
🌟 • Rotating seasonal emotes
🌟 • Role Exclusive Channels (including NSFW and Pokécord)

Curious? Interest peaked? ゚*。(・∀・)゚*。
Then join uwu central today!

(∩。・o・。)っ.゚☆。'` And before you join to ask, no we are not open for partnerships, but we do have a channel where you are welcome to post any server links and advertisements.

。+゚.。+。Member Count as of 1:00 AM 3/27/2019: 122 。+゚.。+。
chill+funny server, everyone is really outgoing. all ages below 18 are allowed <3
A chill server to come and hangout! Just follow the rules and you should be good to go~! Hope you enjoy your stay <3 THERE IS AN NSFW CHANNEL SO THERE IS GOING TO BE POSSIBLE EXPLICIT CONTENT!!!
TᕼE Tᖇᗩᑭ ᑕᗩᖴE
Here at the trap cafe we have
❤️ anime traps
🧡 cancerous memes
💚 cursed images
💙 selling out
💜 plenty of lewd chats O//w//O
💖 self roles
We escaped from the special eds room. Please dont tell dad.