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Welcome to our EverGarden!
╭Enjoy our:
╰➤ Giveways
╰➤ Events
╰➤ Roles
╰➤ Emojis
╰➤ Ranks

Some of the bots we have on the server:
• Mudae Premium $
• Shoob Server Lvl 5
• PokeHeart ❅
• AniGame ღ
• Karuta ☆
• Ramen ❀

🔴 Unique anime events!
🟡 Waifu-wars! (Join to see what it is about)!
🔴 Cute server design
🟡 Very cute emotes!
🔴 Simultaneously watch anime series/movies with others!
🟡 Introduction and Selfies channels!
🔴 Meme / Nsfw channels!
A server filled with active players around the world. We have game bots, giveaways, streamers and all sorts of activities. Join the family <3
Bem-vindos ao 魂┊Soul Society

魂┊Soul Society é um servidor novinho em folha que se concentra em conhecer novas amizades e se socializar, mantendo um ambiente para todas as idades e mostrando nossa comunidade saudável! *:・゚

Um pouco do que temos a oferecer:

👉 ・Uma comunidade amigável.
👉 ・ Bots divertidos como Mudae, Pollux, Loritta, Diana entre outros.
👉 ・Staff amigável e responsável.
👉 ・Parcerias.
👉 ・Salas de divulgações para YouTubers/Streamers/Geral com o bonus de marcar uma tag para cada tipo de divulgação.
👉 ・Eventos variados.
👉 ・Sistema de level com o bot Loritta.
👉 ・Sistema vip que todos conseguem ter.
👉 ・Entre outras coisas e muito ainda por vir.


Vamos lá! Oque está esperando??
꧁✿ **𝚁𝚒𝚌𝚔𝚢'𝚜 𝙷𝚒𝚍𝚎𝚘𝚞𝚝** ✿꧂
We are a diverse Rick and Morty themed community of non-toxic people. While we are currently small, our server is about to grow with your help!

🌸 Rob/heist/rich are disabled.
🌸 Multiple giveaways daily!
🌸 We have several bots to play with including owo bot, mudae, dank memer, pokecord and more!
🌸 We host events for dank memer coins and items AND we have premium cooldowns!
🌸 We host dank memer heists teamed, friendly and in other servers.
🌸 Our goal is 500 members and staff positions will become available very soon as the server grows!

Bonjour et Bienvenue sur le serveur PARC SAFARI !
Ce serveur est principalement dédier au bot DERIVER nouveau remplaçant de POKECORD qui nous a tristement quitté..

Ce serveur propose :
- une équipe pas très complète mais toujours de bonne humeur
- le fameux bot DERIVER
- des gifs pour pouvoir changer le nickname de vos pokemons (a la demande + send boost svp )
- des events autour du bot : redeem spawn, giveaways pour des redeems, crédits, légendaire ou autre
- des salons de spam avec possibilité d'avoir son rôle avec son salon secret..hihi
- un salon pour poser vos annonces de collectionneurs ou vos pokemons a vendre
- le bot mudae avec ses deux salons rien que pour lui
- des bots de musiques
-!!Prochainement vous pourrez trouver un salon enchère privé pour pouvoir vendre vos pokemons sur place avec les membres du serveur!!

(Serveur encore en expansions, les conseils sont donc bon a prendre merci a vous de venir en étant bienveillant u-u)

Soyez les bienvenues ami(e)s dresseur(euse)


NITRO GALAXY is an awesome server with many fun and friendly people!
➣ We are rob and heist disabled for Dank Memer, so you don't have to worry about getting robbed or heisted again!
➣ We host frequent giveaways using GiveawayBot or through events and games!
➣ We have many amazing bots such as Dank Memer, Mudae, UnbelievaBoat and many, many more!
➣ We have voice channels so that you can talk with other people or listen to music!
➣ We have roles that you can earn by being active in this server!
➣ We are open to applications for staff such as Administrators, Moderators, Giveaway Managers, Event Managers and Heist Managers!

We are a fairly new server and is still growing. We would really appreciate if you just join the server. Also invite your friends and family so that this server will grow faster. Once our server is big enough, there will be more frequent and larger giveaways, more people to talk to, more people and bots to play with. Thank you and click that button below!
∘ Socializar com novas pessoas.
∘ Chat para conversas.
∘ Chat para shitpost.
∘ Conversas de madrugada. ☕
∘ Amizade / WebNamoro
∘ Mini-Games.
∘ Bots de Músicas.
∘ Eventos. (em-breve)
∘ Waifubot, unobot, pokemonbot, akinatorbot etc
・Vagas de divulgador・

Ah, quase me esqueci.. também alugamos web-namoradas(o). 💞
Ce discord est un repère de fan d'anime, nous avons actuellement + de 500 membres qui débattent, propose, regarde ou juste partage leurs animes/mangas préférés.

Des jeux sont aussi mis à disposition pour que la communauté puisse s'amuser ensemble, tel que AMQ (AnimeMusicQuizz), Minecraft, bientôt d'autres jeux tel que Tera ou d'autre mmorpg.

Un bot waifu reset tout les mois, est mis à votre disposition ainsi qu'un casino.

Des animateurs et un staff très actifs, présent pour toutes vos questions, pour vous aider, ou juste faire des événements, comme des blindtests, des quizz, des visionnage d'anime ou de film
Hi and welcome to Cozy Closet!

We're a friendly, SFW server that started out relating to Pokémon Sword & Shield and grew from there.
We have a nice, active community and also have bots like Mudae, as well as games such as black tea and Uno!

We have monthly mudae leaderboards as well as occasional giveaways.
We also play smash and mario kart!

Come join us if you'd like a friendly, cozy place to hang out.
Join and chill. Multiple channels to play bot games and dicuss about animanga and games. dont leave in two seconds. Dont be toxic. No-no words are semi-allowed
🈹Night Raid🈹
Night Raid is a place where you can talk about anime and communicate with other weebs !
Here we offer:

😉100+ Emotes😉

🎉Nitro Giveaways🎉

😏Chill chat😏

😊nice community😊

✨weekly events✨

🤖15+ Bots🤖

🔊promotion access🔊

👩‍👩‍👧‍👦LGBTQ+ friendly👨‍👨‍👦‍👦
We welcome each and everyone of you to the community.
❀ꕥ✽ ฬelcome to Paradise! ✽ꕥ❀✿

We're a friendly community server where you can chat about nearly anything! We offer:

- A friendly, welcoming community
- Fun bots, such as PokeCord, mudae, Dank Memer, and more!
- Frequent events
- Art channel
- Anime & manga
- Memes
- Selfies

And so much more! Come join the Paradise family today!
We welcome you to our ꧁Ryokan꧂!
Level 1 Server!
There's over 100+ emotes for you to use!
Server contains:
Mudae (Waifu gacha game)
Uno (Card game)
Pokeverse (Catching pokemons)
NSFW (Best one)
Poketwo (Catching pokemons)
Akinator (Questioning the future~!)
RPG Bot! (EPIC RPG discord bot)
Join now!
We'll see you there!
It’s a pretty chill server where you do whatever you like as long you don’t be annoying and have common sense.
Welcome to Danganronpa! If the beautiful Noodle Kyoko icon wasn’t enough, we also have welcoming members, bots, level 1 server boost, custom roles and much more! And despite the title, Danganronpa isn’t the only thing we talk about! So, forget about despair and join our hopeful server!
Blueshift Galaxians is a community server with two main sections: safe and unsafe!
If you have parents that go through your phone, you can mute the unsafe chats and talk in the safe chats. We have a lot of things to do and talk about, so come spend time with us for as long as you want!
⠀⠀┊ ┊ ┊
⠀⠀┊ ┊ ┊
⠀⠀┊ ┊ ✫
⠀⠀┊ ⊹ ⋆
⠀⠀┊. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀»🌸 [snoccord]🌸«
⠀⠀✧ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ {a server for finding new friends, chatting about your interests & playing around with the bots !🍵}

∙ ~Server offers~ ∙
<3 bots{ Mudae, ramenbot, Ani game,pokecord etc}
<3 relatively active chats🌸
<3 events, Minecraft servers & more
<3 anime based server🍥
We're mainly a Pokérealm server since Pokécord has been shutdown, but we also created a great and fun community!
What can you find here?
◾️ Bots (Such as Pokéheart, Pokérealm, Mudae, Dankmemer, Unbelievaboat and Tatsumaki)
◾️ Roles (To be earned by activity)
◾️ Active and helpful staff team
◾️ Gyms and Elite Four
◾️ Daycare
◾️ Frequent giveaways!
◾️ Lots of events such as and Pokérealm tournaments!
◾️ A kind community, who welcomes everyone!

Hello! 👽🌌
Nice people, fun bots, and a good community. This server has been growing for a few months, but we still need more people!! If you enjoy this server, please invite your friends and leave a good review!!
Let’s keep the community growing!! 💫

We have frequent giveaways on anigame and other bots! if you have any ideas to improve the server, you can tell us!👽🌙✨

Bot List 🚀🌟:
Dank Memer
Um servidor super normal e divertido com pessoas normais,nem um pouco retardadas,sua sanidade sera melhor doq antes de entrar no servidor,temos mudae no servidor,gartic etc,espero que aproveite bem (não entre nisso se você quer preservar sua sanidade mental)