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why hello there, we are a humble server trying to start a nice community. we are NOT an rp server. you can come here to rant play premium mudae, or just chat! we are friendly and laid back admins so dont worry about us being to strict ;)
Just a chill laid back server to make friends and talk about mudae in one of our three mudae channels.
Academy is a server made for everyone! We have movie nights, giveaways, updates, clubs, pokefans, a shop and more! Join us and we can promise you a fun time :D
Hello! Welcome to the Pokecult!
Pokecult is a multipurpose server for everyone and anyone! We're a new and very small community, however we have a wide range of interactive aspects for everyone, including;
- Pokecord, mudae and several otherbots
- A full list of channels for every possible use, excluding nsfw
- Self assignable roles
- Giveaways including pokemon, waifus and currency!
Join us and enjoy the realm of pokemon with the Pokecult!
The Official Server for r/Lolice . Join our fast-growing community and make new friends in here! We'd love to have the chance to meet you! We have level roles and free colours for all. Mudae, Pokécord and Waifubot are here too!
Welcome to :sparkles Neko Universe sparkles

A fun server for Anime lovers, Neko lovers and anyone who just wants to be here to get along!

We have fun bots like mudae
Which you can claim anime waifus with and show off your list of waifus who you have and get on the leader board!

We enjoy having new members so come on in and enjoy the fun!~
Misfits Roleplay is a server for literate roleplayers. We have a handful of bots listed below. We have separate chats for just talking, hanging out, memes, NSFW content (in private, 18+ only channels), voice chat, spam and of course roleplaying. Current roleplays are Fantasy Medieval and Fantasy High School. We have a custom map for our medieval rp!

Bots we have:
Zira (allows reaction roles)
Dyno (For the good members who earn a special role)
Mee6 (To prevent the few words we don't allow)
🍇 Kokichi's Coochie Includes: 🍇

1. Friendly staff
2. Bots like Mudae Miki and OwO + more!
3. A small community just waiting to grow.
4. Fun Activities and games to keep you occupied.

💜 Just Join and see for yourself! I'm sure you'll like your stay. 💜
Anime server for people that want to talk to others with same interests.
newly founded DANMACHI server!! with premium mudae. looking to grow a nice community that everyone can enjoy. we dont anime shame here so feel free to come and share your favorite moments!
Psst! You! Come over here! Come join Jirachi's Wish and you can be a Wish Maker too! What? Afraid there's nothing here for you?! I'll have you know we have tons of things! Such as~:

☀ Pokemon Bots 🌕
🎉 Giveaways 🎉
🎧 Music 🎧
😏 Memes 😏
👓 Fun Bots! 👓

And so much more!

So Whaddya Say? Wanna become a Wish Maker? Our link is below if your interested.
Newish Anime/Gaming server with multiple bots to waste time with.
Group watches planned frequently, with game nights when available.
-owo(osu bot)
Hope to see you soon!
Hey there! This is a server where you can come and talk to a wonderful community centered around your favorite webshow! We have several discussion channels, great fan art that runs through, and always some memes! We have members from both sides of the Pond, and would love to meet you!

We also have some Jojo fans.*
Future Of Anime is looking for fellow mroe fellow weebs out there.

¥This is Mainly a server meant for mudae.
¥An nsfw channel for those of you out there.
¥Very friendly staff.
¥We have gamers as well.
|| Description ||
->Talk with other anime lovers
->Listen to music with others using Groove bot
->Claim and trade waifus/husbandos with mudae bot
Greetings, fellow invertebrates! We are the Hive Mind, the centerpiece of the Anthill. Here, many tunnels await you; Treacherous passageways and dreadful creatures lurk in every corner!

However, we are a social group of ants, and never leave anyone behind. Our activities include a variety of bots, interacting in the ant themed server, ant themed RP, pokemon, insects in general, nsfw (optional), event horizon (game), rusted warfare (game), and pretty much anything that you desire to talk about. The server is still very much in developement, but we'd appreciate anyone coming and checking us out.

So join us now, and embark through the dreary tunnels into a flurry of invertebrate life: Begin your journey in the Anthill!
We have mudae, pokecord, and friends
tons of bots to play with! new server but hopefully it will grow fast!
Come join Bot Playground for a chill place to chat and enjoy bots.
- Pokecord, Waifubot, Mudae, and more.
- NSFW options
- Voice channels and Music Bots
- Spam channels for those who feel the need to run wild
- Image based channels for feel goods and memes
- Some moderation
Welcome one, Welcome all! To the despair's past amusement park! We're a friendly server and we don't bite! We accept everyone! Even if you're a black and white bear! Upupupu! We have a lot of bots here like Mudae! You can get your waifus now! Hooray! Also subscribe to Pewdiepie so Moto Moto likes you!
Welcome to our little empire citizens! Our empire is just for u to have fun and make new friends and chill around! Do join our empire and have fun! See ya there~!
A new server looking to expand its member count so that we may become an active society.
Aqua won’t be the only things that’s useless if you join this server, but you’ll never know that without joining this chaotic but wonderful server. We are a casual server for people to talk, have fun, play games, and participate in weekly events that anyone can join. We are an anime community looking to grow, and gain new members and is welcoming to anyone even those that aren’t cultured like us. If you're looking for a fun, friendly, and anime community you should join this server.

The Bots We Have Are
Mudae, Alice, MEE6, Dyno, And Paisley Park.
Join The Globe!

Play Various Fun Bots ranging from Discord Tip to Pokecord, Mudae to Idle RPG, Unbelievaboat and More!

PokeGlobe has Three Main Communities
- The Economy - Gaming - Anime

Enjoy an increasingly Use Guilded Bot to Get Fortnite Stats We have Waifu Bot in our server
Unbelievaboat Economy, Fan of Pokemon?, Play MewBot or Pokecord! You can also use Mudae in The Globe!
Discord Tip Faucet Pool, Play Koya Survival and also use Idle RPG
Nadeko Flower Roosts and Discord Miner for Minecraft Fans!
Join Us Now and Don't miss the fun!⤴