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Social community full of insomniacs and people who don't sleep much. We come in all ages (16+), shapes, colors, genders, sizes, time zones, and species.
Try to talk and initiate conversations with complete strangers who joined for the same reason as you. Otherwise there's no point in joining.
Don't join if you're just passing by. You join for a reason. Stay woke!

(Also please don't promote anything in our server)
Some random server we made when we couldn't sleep. It was partly created for those that are sleep deprived and awake at 3am, that can suck real bad. There is always somebody alive and free to talk so you don't have to worry about dying of loneliness. In this server you can chill; chat; hang out in voice chats; listen to music and etc. (You can also stalk the chats if you're socially awkward!) Everyone is welcoming and no one is to be made uncomfortable or to feel left out. We may be a small server but we for sure are growing 👌 So join up :) No thots or fuckboys allowed.

Join when you have insomnia and make friends to do all nighters with
Friendly, quiet server mostly revolved around Insomnia and all night hang out. Though most of us work. Come in, introduce yourself !
(16+) Brand new (as of 2/15/2019) server meant for people in North America who have a terrible sleep schedule. Come make friends who also stay up really late!

Seeing as this server is BRAND NEW, I don't really have anything on the server yet.
As time goes on though, I will be adding more, so join now and you could probably help me!
The reason I started this server is because I don’t sleep much and in the middle of the night, all my discord servers have emptied out. Sometimes I just wanna play games with another night owl, sometimes I wanna chat and hang out, sometimes I wanna spill my guts about shit.

But there is never anyone on.

So here is the “Late Night Conversations” server. A place to chill, relax, play a game, RP a character, chat, check out porn, whatever….
This is a relaxed place I made to meet, converse and share your talents with some decent people.

The main premise of this server is that most of the time there will be someone here to talk to.

If you need help with anything whether it be someone to talk to, drawing/collaborations, an itchy back there will be someone here to aid you in your predicament.

Don't be an arse and alls good, have a good time.

Also, I'm the only one currently in this server. : /
I dont sleep so i made a server to meet other people that also dont sleep. we are lgbt+ friendly and dont tolerate any sort of harrassment.
Do you play games A LOT? GREAT because I DO TOO! Honestly I'm just looking for LATE NIGHT friends to hang out with. Currently most of my time is dedicated to "Final Fantasy 14", BUT I do play other games. ALSO, the server is kinda of new.. SO HELP ME GROW!
This is a server for people who like to talk and have varied interest. I like to read, listen to music and discuss these things with other people. I also have insomnia so i'm up at odd hours over thinking things. You can come keep me company or just talk about something. 18+ and everyone friendly no judging.