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A new, family friendly, non-toxic, Kirby-themed general community server with a slight focus on health and sleep. Very accepting, humble, and welcoming users.
Social community full of insomniacs and people who don't sleep much. We come in all ages (16+), shapes, colors, genders, sizes, time zones, and species.
Try to talk and initiate conversations with complete strangers who joined for the same reason as you. Otherwise there's no point in joining.
Don't join if you're just passing by. You join for a reason. Stay woke!

(Also please don't promote anything in our server)
Anime , Music and gaming server. The idea behind it is to find people who stay up late or have insomnia to chill and do something. Sometimes.

We're not always active, and we're mostly just looking for people who would stay and become friends.

Not trying to become a huge server.
This is a relaxed place I made to meet, converse and share your talents with some decent people.

The main premise of this server is that most of the time there will be someone here to talk to.

If you need help with anything whether it be someone to talk to, drawing/collaborations, an itchy back there will be someone here to aid you in your predicament.

Don't be an arse and alls good, have a good time.

Also, I'm the only one currently in this server. : /
Do you play games A LOT? GREAT because I DO TOO! Honestly I'm just looking for LATE NIGHT friends to hang out with. Currently most of my time is dedicated to "Final Fantasy 14", BUT I do play other games. ALSO, the server is kinda of new.. SO HELP ME GROW!