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Muted Fruits

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If you’re someone who has Selective Mutism, or if you’re just really shy and don’t feel comfortable talking to a large group of people, then this server is for you.

Here in Muted Fruits, we prioritize safety, non-toxicity, and a relaxed environment in our server in order for our members to feel comfortable and say whatever they want to say and to be able to make new true friends

Our server is pretty new (1/24/2020) and unfortunately we don’t have a lot of exciting bots, but don’t worry, we will add lots of it as soon as possible! We have an amazingly friendly staff and cute decorations. Members may suggest edits or additions to the server if it will make it more comfortable for people while still following the basic rules

Thanks for reading! And hope to see you great people soon!
I little silly server filled with goofs, uwus, wholesimity and other stoof uwu.
The owner says uwu too much and so will you if you join this server.......uwu
Long story short, you'll love it here :D
RULES, because we all care about those uwu
1. Don't be an ass, stop means stop.
2. Repeated/Singular (depending on rule broken) of any of discord's TOS will result in an immediate ban.
3. NSFW is a big nono, keep that crap outta here, silly.
4. Respect everyone in da server, no bullying my bebes >:(
5. Enjoy yourself gosh darn it >:((
6. U W U
6.74. (If you want custom colours just tell me uwu)
6.89 (If you need anything, in general, don't be afraid to dm me :D, i don't bite, I think....)
The aim of this server is to gather depressed people and hopefully lessen our loneliness.🙂
Let's be friends
Ps I'm Zsaragon
A chill and hangout server that is snow themed if you feel lonely and wanna make new friends or just wanna talk to people or someone come join our server!

what we offer:

-chill chat
-moderators to moderate the server
-other specific channels like gaming, memes, art, and more
-server events like
-unique level system with perks
-economy with shop
-voice chat and music rooms
✧ Hi, feel free to join our hideout if you ever feel lonely. Don't be depressed fucc cus this server is already dead just like the members.🤎✧

🚫N O • N S F W • A L L O W E D🚫
Hey, Over there! Wait one moment!
Are you looking for a kind and fun safe haven in the midst of this corona? Well this is the right place for you!
This server is the place to develop long lasting friendships, and maybe something more? With lots of interactive channels, we are here for support and a great time!

Side note:

~ 13-17 (we cock-block the pedos)
We aim to provide a caring and supportive setting for all members while overall just having a good time.

(Last Purge: 4/27/2020)
Q: What is this server all about?
A: This server was created as a place for people who have trouble socializing in other settings or need emotional support, even if temporarily. Even if neither of those reasons fit you personally, this is still a place for sharing interests in a judge-free community setting.  (Disclaimer: while we are here to provide support, we are not meant to be a substitute for professional help.) We have recently added a Support role that you can ping in times of distress, or you can give the role to yourself. This can be found and elaborated on in #help-and-resources.

Q: What makes this place any different than the hundreds of other servers advertising the same thing?
A: The best answer to this question would be personal experience. What most places similar to this seem to lack is a warm, inviting atmosphere. Here we aim to be inclusive and interactive with our members, and encourage healthy growth over time.

Q: Are there any server-wide events?
A: We have a daily Question of the Day, weekly writing prompts and have just added a Movie Night ping. As for events, we do hold them on occasion although not regularly. We are definitely open to suggestions.

Second Home is a safe place for others to express their feelings, meet new people, and chill. The main goal of Second Home is to help all kinds of people with different mental health issues. We don't judge, we welcome everyone, make yourself at home.

• Support Team
• Self Assignable Roles and Colors
• Daily Events
• Music Bot
• Level Bot

And more to come based on community feedback! We try our hardest to listen to our members and their needs so don't feel afraid to speak out about something you'd like to see added to the server!

Second Home goal is to be one of the best mental health servers on the market. Come join us in a welcoming community and help us achieve that goal! :)
Hello, welcome to Lonely Hour. A server where lonely people come here to become less lonely! But this server isn't just for that, it's for having fun too!

We have ;
Fun bots,
Nice people,
Many categories & channels,
And more!

Thank you and thanks for joining! We hope you have a wonderful time here.
Our permanent server invite link!;
🌺 *- Peach's palace-* 🌺
*Feeling sad?*
*Need some positivity?*
*Just want to meet new friends?*
*Or maybe get some wholesome content?*
*Need some cuteness?*

*Peach's Palace is perfect for you!*
*We are full of wholesome content!*
*Cute things !*
*Fun Bots*
*Amazing events and giveaways*
*Channels for all your needs*
*and a non-toxic community!*

*Well... what are you waiting for? :>*
*Join today !*
This is a server mainly for the lonely people out there, but anyone can join!
Here's some of what we offer:
> Self roles
> Colors
> 50+ channels
> A venting section
> A confessions channel
> People who like to vc
> A friendly and welcoming community
This server already has 200+ members and is active! Hope to see you there! ♡♡♡➹➹➹

-This server is brought to you by ~freedom~#3682-

No retards, no zoomers (18+ only), no sexhavers, NO THOTS, and no normies. Virgin loner doomers only.

We are a server that is focused on people who feel lonely, abandoned, and looking for new friends.

Our website is connected to our main discord room. you can chat with us through our website and see what's going on from there.
╔══════‧͙⁺˚*・༓ 🌸 ༓・*˚⁺‧͙══════╗

°.+ °❀ ⋆。˚✿ Cozy Crew ༄ ✧° +.°

╚══════‧͙⁺˚*・༓ 🌸 ༓・*˚⁺‧͙══════╝

Welcome to our little corner of the internet!
Cozy Crew strives to make a safe, comfortable
space for people to come to relax, make friends,
chat and sleep in call!

୨ ──────˚₊‧꒰ ❛ 🌸 ❜ ꒱‧₊˚ ────── ୧

♡ Non-toxic
♡ Colour roles
♡ Reaction roles
♡ Make meaningful connections!
♡ Sleep channel and pingable sleep call roles
♡ Public and private voice channels
♡ Wholesome and friendly community
♡ Meme channel
♡ Accepting community

୨ ──────˚₊‧꒰ ❛ 🌸 ❜ ꒱‧₊˚ ────── ୧

This server is for chronically lonely people making a last effort attempt to make friends (:

So this is a server. We all just hangout and mess around. Formed pretty nice friendships here. It’s chill so you might like it. I’d love for it to grow. Feel free to drop by anytime. The whole place is very weird and mainly consists of kids with parent issues so it’s like a damn orphanage but we get along great. We’re a very accepting community. Cool thing about our server is we have a team of people dedicated to helping you. We’re all a really big wack family and there is always room for more here. And that’s about all I got to say. Please join sorry if my description makes it seem more cancerous than it already seemed before.
Voice Only is pretty self explanatory...VOICE ONLY. I'm tired of joining new servers and trying to find people to vc with. So instead I put together a server with one vc that you can hang out in until people join you...I'm a genius I know 😎
Depression, anxiety and loneliness server | Incudes 500 Gudetama (melancholy egg yolk) emotes.
this server is for anyone everyone who just wants to hangout and talk with people. we are LGBTQ+ friendly who wants to grow our community! also beware of idot stick, he will eat your soul. have fun!

This Server is self maintain the members are one makes it active not me. The more active you are the more levels you Get and gain more permissions to fuck around in the server. And after being active enough you might encounter a secret...;)
so this is a server-
filled with retards. <3
come join and ill send anime titties ...
its still in the early stages, and will never be good <3
Lonely is a community of positive and supportive people from all over the world. In this server, you don't have to be lonely alone. Relax, find solace and comfort in like-minded conversation, vent your frustrations, and much, much more. In silence, find your voice; with your voice, find yourself.