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We are an open all age furry server! Join and help us promote and grow, we try our best
This is a support server with no frills, leveling systems, roles, or any other bells and whistles. The only thing that matters to us is making sure people get the support they need. You're welcome to chat or vent here, and you can also help others if you're feeling up to it. Come on in! 👍❤️
Welcome to our friendly and caring mental health community! We're always here to help you get the love and care you need!

We are open to everyone, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, or any other arbitrary category. Racism, homophobia, transphobia, and any other type of discrimination have no place on our server.

Here's what we offer:
➺Peer-to-peer support
➺Venting channels
➺An emergency system
➺Volunteer Counselors
➺LGBTQ+ inclusion
➺Self-assignable roles
➺Serverwide events
➺An additional gaming server
➺2,000+ members
➺Level 2 Nitro Boost and 150+ custom emotes
➺Love and support!

ƈσɱҽ ʝσιɳ υʂ ϝσɾ ʂσɱҽ ϝυɳ♡
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Honeysuckle Clan isn't just a server. It isn't just a place to heal. It's a home.
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( ˶˘ ³˘(⋆❛ ہ ❛⋆)!♡
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Life sucks. This is a fact that we all know and live with, however that doesn't mean we can't spend out sucky lives alone. Come along with us weebs, losers, weirdos and some actually cool kids to have some fun. We don't allow toxicity here as everyone and we mean everyone is welcome. Just don't break TOS and you're fine with us.

Having fun and chatting isn't all we do here. Giving support to others a big thing for us and offering a place to vent out your frustrations is another. No hiding your emotions and balling up your feelings here. No dudes let it all out. No one can judge you here, because you're family.

・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
We have self assignable roles, a server shop with our own currency, semi active chats, support lines, vent channels, a self promotion channel and so much more. Just come join the fun.

[NOTE: We are not strictly mental health, if you just want to make friends but don't have any mental illnesses you can still join and be part of the family. We have no problem with this at all!]
^`—~–.。metanoia hotel 。.-~—‘^

metanoia hotel is a small server including many things;

┊ friendly server mods and members
┊ bots, and more to come
┊ different topics, such as kpop and anime
┊ lgbtq+ acceptance, fanfics, and more
┊ colored and personal roles

and even more! what are you waiting for? check out our hotel!

✧ owner - @tofuai#2403
✧ manager - @dubulei#6384
Serenity Venting is a place for letting out all your fears, stresses, etc. We have channels for several different venting topics! We strive to help as best we can, and we don't tolerate bullying of any kind over the topic of your vent.
Venting Place is a peaceful place for people to come to vent!
There is venting channels of all sorts and a ranting channel aswell, AND an artwork venting chat
Everyone in this server is very supportive and understanding, im sure you'll enjoy it here!
Come and relax at the cafe - a pure, toxicity-free Discord server. We hope you'll enjoy your stay.
***Want To Join a Fun Community?***
***Want Fun Commands?***
***New Server!***
**We include…
😂Funny Memes!😂
😤Debate Channel😤
And much more!**

Hey Everyone!
Please consider joining my server!
We have gacha competitions, themes and roleplay chats!
Our group is quite small but it's slowly growing! Our server is very open-minded and loves everyone!
There are many ranks with there own little perks involved, Please consider joining, I cannot wait to meet you All <3
We Also Are Cool For Furries To Come And Chill~
Just another little server for friendly little people. Private Rooms for venting, discussion, philosophy, a lot of Pokécord spawns, NSFW, tons of bots, music and a small group of friendly people if you want to meet new people and are bored.
The Good Place is a friendly themed server where you can talk about your issues, make friends, or just chat and have a good time. We offer a safe place for those looking for support, advice or for anyone who just wants to vent. We have:

♡ A place to hang out and make new friends
♡ Active members & great staff
♡ Heart to heart private venting sessions which you can simply request by typing ?heart2heart in chat
♡ Plenty of venting channels
♡ Self-assignable roles & colour roles
♡ Events
♡ Bot games
♡ Media channels
♡ Serious channels
♡ Channels for hobbies
♡ Question of the day
♡ Debate channel for those who enjoy debating
♡ Love to sing? Love hearing others sing? We have a Karaoke channel!
♡ Emotional support, need a listening ear? We're here
♡ One to one venting sessions with a staff member

We hope you enjoy your stay! ♡
E-Girls and E-boys: We are a server for dating, chatting, socializing, and venting. We will make you feel at home, and yes, we have pizza, and tacos, and partys. 🥳🎉 We can also help you find that significant other ;) 😉
Darkness is a dedicated emo server and mental health awarness support center. We are trying to foster a community of like minded emos and people in need of emotional support. Wether you are just an emo in culture, a true emo at heart, just a person suffering, or in need of a friend. We are here for you. This community has so many different aspects to it.
Venting and Support Channels!
Dank Memes!
Great Moderation!
Awesome Bots!
News Channel!
Debate Channel!
and so much MORREEEE!!!! ;P
Hi, from the owner. Welcome to The Cotton Field. I named it that because it is an inside joke between some of my friends in the server.
- Venting channels: (ask for the venting role in the verification chat).
- Dark channels, offensive humor, NSFW, etc: (ask for the dark side role in the verification chat).
- A fairly chill yet opinionated community.
- Music bots, and bots in general.
- Easy to follow rules.
- Pets/animals, food, memes, self-promotion, gaming, etc channels.
- An art category.
We are somewhat active, and if you report any problems. Feel free to ping any moderator, administrator, or the owner (me)
We also hope that you have a great time on the server!
Backup invite:



⌘Welcome to the AntiDepressionSociety⌘
➥specialized on socializing and emotional/mentional-support

▬▬▬ ▬»»-————-————-««▬ ▬▬▬

🔷⁂What we have⁂🔷

1.0|✪A proffessional team,

1.1|✪a venting and discussionschannel.

1.2|✪A friendly and open community,

1.3|✪24/7 Support.

1.4|✪36 international suicide-hotlines,

1.5|✪Many gamingchannels.

1.6|✪We gladly accept partnerships.

⌘Our goal⌘

Our goal is to change that so many people are getting bullied.We want to help people which are getting bullied/are depressive.We created this server with the intentions to build up a place where people can feel safe, have fun and meet new people.A place where u can get help if it's needed or someone to talk. The key for a good atmosphere and a good one with each other is a respectful behavior, helpfulness, safety, trust and acceptance. Accepting others personalities is important.
➥Words heal as fast as they can hurt people

We want to change bullys, help them to see clearer what they do.
People which are alone can come here and get friends.They can get help and feel better.

If youre getting bullied

Pls come on this server.We will help you and talk about your problems.We will give you power cause youre not a
waste of life.You deserve love, friends and a respectful behaviour.If you are depressive, come on this server and we will help you too.

If youre interested to help people which are getting bullied or meet a friendly community, join and have fun with us or become a mentional/emotional- helper!
This is a place for both straight and lgbtq+ people alike, join the server make new friends and have fun, I hope to see you in here.
Hi there ^-^!! I see you’ve found our server.. I’d like to introduce you to our little palace! We have Roleplay, self assigning roles, Voice chats, gaming and a place to share your feelings. Join and help our server grow bigger >O<!
╔═══════ ═══════╗
☢⚜꓄ꏂꏂꂚꑄ ꋬ꓄꒒ꋬꂚ꓄Iꑄ⚜☣
╚═══════ ═══════╝
Welcome to Teens Atlantis!
Join us today for more fun!
Some of the things we have is…
◈Tons of Voices Channels!
◈many fun bots!
◈Giveaways and Events!
◈Level System!
◈element roles!

◈We cant wait to meet you and see your creativity! ◈
Come and join us

Hey there! 💫

Welcome to strawberry chill server! 🍓

This is a server for those who would like to meet new people, socialize and have extra fun on Discord!
This server is new and more members would be appreciated! We are also still working on this place, so give it a little more time and we'll make this server bigger and better with new features such as community events, many different roles, channels & more!

What we offer in this server at the moment is a variety of different text channels, such as a main chat (of course), memes channel for that good ol' dankness, an introduction channel for those who would like to present themselves a little extra and many more! We do also have a few bots, but there will be more to join later on. And yes, we do also have roles you can customize your server profile with a little better, and there are more to come aswell!

And something more unique we have in our server aswell is the different "gangs" we've got. These "gangs" are basically different smaller groups in the server, and you can choose to join 1 of them by picking a role! And no, we aren't talking about criminal gangs here.

Our goal with this server is to make this a nice place people can come back to whenever they feel like having a chat, or if they are simply just seeking something fun to do with others. So, if you feel like joining, come in & let's talk!
The venting cafe is here to fulfill all of your venting needs! Here, you can make friends, vent, and receive help. It's now a fairly sized community, and we're really thankful for that! Please enjoy your drinks.
Weclcome to Midnight Blues, a friendly server where you can
- Chat with everyone
- Make friends
- Vent
- Find a relationship
We are here to support you and give you a great time. Please join the fun!
A safe place for everyone! 😁
•O●🌸Our server is 13+ and our goal is to help people that feel a little down and make them feel loved
We are LGBT friendly, with active members and staff🌸●O•

We offer
🌺 - Vent channels
🌺 - Artist-friendly channels for people who want to share their work and photos
🌺 - A meme channel
🌺 - NSFW channels for 18+ people
🌺 - Active staff that get rid of toxic people
And plenty more!
We hope to see you soon 😀