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This is a server made to help people get through the toughest journey, Life, we have very active staff who are here to talk to you. You are never alone in your journey.
VIP is a decent-sized server (~300+ members) where everyone can vent and talk about their problems and make new friends with those who are in the same boat as them. When you first join the server, you are more than welcome to request a vent room in order to privately vent. There are also specific Group Vents where users can vent about their thoughts and/or situations. We also have venting roles that you can assign to yourself so that those in the server can see what you're struggling with so they can help you out even more.
We are a server dedicated to helping people through tough times, your never alone, no matter your situation, where you come from or who you are, you have a story, and were here to talk, to help; whatever you want.
Welcome to Vent, Listen Speak, Unite!
Some of the things we offer include:
♡ friendly active members and staffs
♡ approximately 700 members
♡ non toxic environment
♡ don’t tolerate trolls
♡ high security against raid
♡ support LGBTQ+ community
♡ regular events such as giveaways
♡ few interactive bots
♡ don’t tolerate NSFW content
♡ partnership opportunities
♡ staff applications open
Hope to see you in the server!
Welcome to our friendly and caring mental health community! We're always here to help you get the love and care you need!

We are open to everyone, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, or any other arbitrary category. Racism, homophobia, transphobia, and any other type of discrimination have no place on our server.

Here's what we offer:
➺Peer-to-peer support
➺Venting channels
➺An emergency system
➺Self-assignable roles
➺Serverwide events
➺An additional gaming server
➺1,000+ members
➺Love and support!
Our server is new, very small, and budding. We focus on fun and quality conversations alike, and have rooms for mental support and "intellectual" conversations such as politics and other serious talk.
💬🌐Speak Up🌐💬

Majority of us blame the 'bad people' for why the world is suffering how it is. How there's crimes committed every minute, deaths caused every hour and majority is because of humanity. But the world isn't suffering because of the bad people. It's suffering because the good people keep silent.

What is this server for or about?

We all have different opinions, thoughts and mindsets. We all go through so many hardships during our lives.
There are two types of people who deal with these things.
Those who keep silent. And those who use their voice.

This server is encouraging everyone to stop keeping silent, to stop staying quiet
And finally use the voice they were given
Whether you want to let go of the things you've been bottling up inside.
To talk about it with someone who can provide you with comfort and peace.
Or to get your opinion across.

What can we offer?

Not only can you talk about your thoughts opinions, goals, dreams and mindsets 💭
But you can also meet new people, make new friends 😀
>Music voice channels and commands 🎶🎵
>A corner to relax and have fun with members 😊😀
>Bots 🤖
>Media- (Photos, selfies, memes, music links/recommendations, books anime and more) 📸 🎥
>Friendly community 👫
> Self assignable roles 📋

And a chance to say something that could change the opinions of everyone. 🗣️

If you're tired of keeping quiet and ready to use your voice
To provide yourself with comfort or peace
Knowing there are people who will support you in this community
Or to tell someone your opinions, goals and dreams

Then this server is for you
Hello, I don't know exactly what to put here so yea.
Do you enjoy singing? Are you a music enthusiast? Well, this is the server for you. With audition ranking and singing voice chats, you can experience singing at it's finest. This is a brand new server, and we'd appreciate new ideas and critiques. Join today!
Our goal is to reach five hundred to five hundred fifty members before July 23rd, 2019!
We would all appreciate it if you could join and make my wish come true.
(We're not an anime server, so please never call it that because it irritates me...)
Maybe you're asking what we offer:
• 🛠️ A verification system and good moderation
• 🤖 Many fun Discord bots
• 🎉 Weekly Polls and Question of the Day
• 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+ Friendly and Accepting
• 🤝 Partnerships
• 📢 Free Advertising
• 🏅 Self-assignable roles and color roles
• 🌧️ Venting channel
Have you decided to join? Click this link:
A place where you can talk about anything!~ You can talk about your prblems, Life, Anime. And much more!
Welcome to Kawaii Space!

Just a Chill server filled with Chill people for Chill people. Sometimes it can get heated so the chill goes away. It's fun and If you're lonely or not you should just joined because why not. We also need active people because when others leave of inactivity it makes us sad.

«──────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ────────»
Shit that we have to offer :
・Self Assigning reaction roles
・Variety of emoji's to express your inner bitch self
・Multiple bots to keep you busy
・Multiple channels for your specific needs
・Accepting all the edgiest egirls and eboys there could be

This server was recently created, but hopefully you stay to grow with us!
We are a new server, but hope to provide a fun place for people of all ages and orientations to chill, relax, and generally have a good time.
Our main focus is to try to encourage people who have concerns about their mental health to seek help by providing resources and information, but that’s just part of this server. Here you can chat about anything, make friends, get things off your mind and just relax and hangout. There's no requirements to join, you do not have to be affected by bad mental health. But what we do emphasise is a safe, caring, social environment with active members who are there for each other and willing to support other members.
➳ We help people in need if you're in a dark time please join we are happy to help!
➳ We're here to help! We'll support you!
➳ Come here and chill with everyone!
➳ We are LGBTQ+ Supportive!
➳This server is full of love and support!
A quiet place where you can discuss your problems without judgement! Join our growing server to experience our calm and positive community!
Sky Sanctuary Venting is a place for letting out all your fears, stresses, etc.
We have channels for several different venting topics, such as relationships, LGBT, disorders, and more!
You can come here to help and/or get help.
We strive to help as best we can, and we don't tolerate bullying of any kind over the topic of your vent.
In this server, we let out our sorry desires. We can take out our sorrows and grief in any way here. Don't be afraid to express yourself.
The venting cafe is here to fulfill all of your venting needs! Here, you can make friends, vent, and receive help. So far, it's a very small server, but we're hoping the community will grow into a large, and friendly community!
Welcome to The Satanic Coven, a place where you may hang out around Satan, Lucifer, Belial and Leviathan and Demons (The Original Gods).You can learn a lot here, but don't get butt hurt if you are offended by our practices

What we have;

⛥- Service Times

⛥- Entertaining and Fun Bots

⛥- Knowledgeable Staff

⛥- Strict Guidelines so the server is safe and fun!

⛥- Activity [Required]

⛥- A Venting Category

⛥- Friendly Community to all Religions


Discord Banner:
This is a support server with no frills, leveling systems, roles, or any other bells and whistles. The only thing that matters to us is making sure people get the support they need. You're welcome to chat or vent here, and you can also help others if you're feeling up to it. Come on in! 👍❤️
First off I would like to thank you very much for being interested!
The Hub sole purpose is to create not a massive server but a tight-knit community that would stand the test of time.
I sincerely hope you would give us a chance. Love you!
This server is about making new friends! doing whatever you want except for 3 simple rules! (I guess basically no rules except bullying and no drama) and anything, get to make new friends, vent about your problems and listen to music or watch new uploads from Omega Blue or NightcoreDiamond!! :D I hope you have fun!
^`—~–.。tofuai's dream hotel 。.-~—‘^

tofuai's dream hotel is a small server including many things;

┊ friendly server mods and members
┊ bots, and more to come
┊ different topics, such as kpop and anime
┊ nsfw content, lgbtq+ acceptance, kink friendly
┊ colored and personal roles

and even more! what are you waiting for? check out our hotel!

✧ owner -
✧ manager - @dubulei#6384