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Just a casual gaming server with chill people and staff. We have almost 100 members. Feel free to join the server and find mates to play with!
The Japaneses Believed that a person wears Three Masks in Society. The First you show to your Co-Workers and Strangers. The Second you show to your Friends, Family and Loved ones. The Third Mask is the one you show no one, your true self, the person only you know exists. As such to some, this third mask can be a demon and a manifestation of all the worst things in a person, as such we are a society of like minded people who exist as a tool to vent out your demons and take off your third mask so you may show others who you truly are deep down. Race, Gender, or Age dose not matter, you come here in secret , you speak in secret and you leave here in secret. Let me be clear we are a place of healing and not a cult, or a pit of judgment, drama and rumors. With that being said, I welcome you all to our Society, Stay as long as you like.
If you have ever needed a place to get something off your chest, speak freely, talk about anything, or get support for something happening in your life, come to SafeSpace to do so. We don't judge anything that is said and we have gaming channels and server games also, so there is something for when you're not feeling particularly talkative.