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Welcome to the one and only Indian Study Server. A simplistic server where we hangout and study together.
- There are Study Events where you Compete with others by studying to get the top spot in the leaderboard of the server.
- plant trees together using Forest app.
- Share your daily to-dos and progress with us.
- Listen to Lofi music while studying.

Have fun with your Indian study buddies :3
hey! welcome to study & stay alive!
✨this is a completely sfw, friendly and highly moderated server, to motivate students with their studies and to help them with their mental healths
🍯we also commonly feature events and study sessions
💫 hiring pms, mods, and event managers
🐝 please take in count that our server is very new, so of course there are gonna be very little people in it. support us by joining, though. we’ll make it worth your while :))
✔️ The largest study & productivity server on Discord!
☕ Live chat, screen-sharing and video calls while studying to create a virtual workspace and keep you accountable.
☕ Prefer AI company? Study Together! has 16 custom-made study bots to keep you on track for meeting your deadlines.
☕ Like a little competition? We run regular study competitions and with our hour-tracking system, your valuable study time won't disappear.
☕ Always find the support you need with our study community, where there's always people online to engage with.
For students striving to be better, Wysc is the study Discord server that delivers a cohesive, global online studying experience, as the first Discord server to present an edu-social cafe experience to an audience of hundreds.


A Study Discord Experience

Drop by anytime and chat, make some friends, or meet new people! Casual and free, we're always open to discussions, voice chats, and memes 😍

Ask for homework help, do group study sessions, or just chat with like-minded students! Find companionship amongst your studious comrades 📚

Lofi, vaporwave, and more -- working, studying or chilling, fresh music is delivered by curated feeds to enjoy: around the clock 🎧


Learn more at
Bonjour ! 🍞🍷
Grab a chair and make yourself at home!
French O'Clock is aimed at French learners who want to practice their language skills! Here, you can discuss with other French learners, ask for tips & tricks, ask questions about anything you want and more!
Just have fun learning French in a pleasant environment.
The administrator of this server is available at any time for anything!
(ps: I'll be glad to help you out as a native! )
InterSTEM is a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding access to STEM education in underprivileged communities and fostering a genuine passion for the sciences.
⭐ Daily Nitro Classic drops to make your day!
⭐ 24/7 ongoing Lofi study music!
⭐ Events! (Simon Says, Singing Competition etc)
⭐ Discord Nitro & PayPal giveaways!
⭐ Anime/Lofi community!
⭐ Groovy Premium! With three 24/7 music bots!
the education portal is a brand new study server, looking for students from all levels of education! our server's goal is to build a welcoming, supportive, and productive community! we have lots of self-assignable roles, homework help channels, helpful staff, music bots, and so much more! our server is currently under revamp, so keep your eyes open for new changes! please contact a staff member if you have any problems, we'll be happy to help! now, what are you waiting for!? come join our community! p.s: we are looking for staff!
welcome to the study portal! we are a brand new portal that currently has two servers to partner with, and we hope to grow!
welcome to study café! we are a server dedicated to studying, lifestyle, art, and socializing, and we have many features that we hope you enjoy!

- friendly staff
- aesthetic, organized layout
- homework/study help and groups
- fun clubs to join
- game nights
- self care tips
- self promo and partnerships
- music
- and more!

we hope you have a good time!
Welcome to the Late Night Library, a small but growing community of students that come together to support each other and provide accountability. We hope that you will visit us, to find a study-buddy, to find new motivations, or simply to meet and interact with other patrons.
[ s t u d y b u d d i e s ]
we are a relatively new server dedicated to ever-so-busy students who need a little push now and then to start studying or stay productive throughout the day.

[ what makes us so special? ]
➵ friendly community full of students who seek to support and motivate, help each other with tips and tricks regarding studying
➵ a simple but elaborate ranking system based on so called 'mark books': by studying more, you can accumulate marks and reach higher ranks
➵ a channel designed for planting trees with the forest focus app, where the RAs and other students can host forest rooms and study together
➵ study sessions on discord hosted daily by our lovely hosts in all possible time zones where we study together and cheer each other on
➵ a lofi radio corner and corners for everything else that comes to mind, all from a little book club to discuss books together to different study, bullet journal, art ... corners
➵ more events and ways to study together are still in the making and planning process
➵ we intend to build the server together, so the RAs are always open for suggestions and new ideas
University of Degrees
We recently launched this server for University / College students around the world! The features of this server includes:

1) A great place for uni students to make friends, socialise and chill online. Especially during this confused period involving social isolation and quarantine.
2) Discussion channels that are specifically fitted for your university degree / subjects.
3) We offer support for Mental Health, as well as other issues.
4) Voice chats for Study Groups, Gaming and Casual Chit-Chats.
5) We also provide channels for sharing art, music, videos, social plugs, food etc.
6) University societies and Clubs.
7) Very multicultural environment.
8) Partnerships are available.

Join now today and help our community grow!
Welcome to the Study Livestream Crew! This is a study server created by @a.medstudents.journey on instagram to help her livestream viewers to keep on studying when she stopped streaming. Now with almost a 1000 members the server has grown to be a full fletched study server including channels like #forest, #flipd (we're in direct contact with two members of the app team), #to-do-list (where you can make your own to do list using a bot), #forest-camp (to keep you motivated to study by organising events), #world-roles (to add your country to your roles) and many more! We're partnered with forest study chat to keep our servers safe and fun to be around! So, come join us and get ready to study and have some fun!

(ps. don't forget to fill in the verification form in the #verify channel or you won't have access to the whole server)
If people have trouble understanding your love for pens, art supplies, paper, notebooks, journaling, or planning, then you're in good company.

Stationery Anonymous is a haven for 18+ stationery lovers to commune over a shared love of analog communication.

The first 50 members will get a limited ⟹founding member⟸ role.
1.5x leveling experience for the first 60 days.

⇒ a ✮:▹brand new◃:✮ community of stationery lovers
⇒ pastel color roles and other self assignable roles
⇒ leveling system based on activity, with bonus xp days
⇒ list and journaling prompts for inspiration
⇒ social media and self-promo channels [unlocked at level 5]
⇒ creative channels to share your art, writing, and crafts
⇒ penpal search and BST channels to use or grow your stash
⇒ special interest channels for other hobbies
⇒ study/journal/plan with me VC channels
⇒ music and game bots to pass the time
Welcome everyone <3

This server is dedicated to enriching the lifelong learning of our community by providing comprehensive and engaging learning opportunities for all ages.

We promise you of a very friendly envirement for all ages

This is what we can offer:
1- Core academics: by providing School Subjects channels and a Tutoring System. In this server you can be a tutor, and/or a student/learner. You can apply as a tutor here:
2- Study sessions: by setting up these sessions using POMODORO and VC channels.
3- Events: we are performing some weekly/random events like musical, multiplayer games…
4- Fun learning: by doing some minor activities to extend your learning like quizzes, Question of the day, fan facts..
5- Life skills: A place where you can learn what your school didn’t teach you such as life hacks, problem solving, tips, health care, thoughts. And others
6- Clubs: Your opportunity to share your interest/s with your friends like art, photography, cooking, music ..
7- Plans: a place where we can discuss plans, ideas, and projects for the individuals or for the server.
Welcome to "M-F Genital Size Study & Compare". This server is for the people who like to sharing/comparing/viewing dick pic, pussy pics, dick to dick, dick to pussy or even pussy to pussy. Come with us and don't hesitate to sharing your pictures ;)

- 18+ NFSW Server -

֍ Multilanguage text channels
֍ Make sure to know your measurement
֍ Lots of channels to share our NSFW Content
֍ CamRoom link and live channel ( Verified only )
֍ Porn-hero event like a CockHero for every gender ( Verified only )
֍ We are always open to new suggestions . If you share any idea , we will try our best to make it happen
Get to know the people who share same interest in stuff like music, art, books/novels, anime or academic/study related topics and make friends!

It's a
▼ Well designed & Organized server & friendly server
▼ Fun bots --> owo, dank memer and our own 24/7 lofi music playing bot
▼ lots of emotes

Ask or help some in their studies!!!

Join us and glow our server with your awesomeness!!!
Hey! Are you looking for a server with a friendly and nice atmosphere with a lot of memes and cats? Or a place where you can practice and learn new languages? We have everything! Good that you found us! We invite you to the server, where you will meet many wonderful people and you won't be bored!
家庭┊JP Share House シェアハウス

A small community server that is dedicated on educating people on Japanese language and culture. We also have teachers that can help you to improve and help your Japanese language.

We are searching for more Japanese teachers and staffs to help us!

》 The club is designed to be a simple and functional book club server.
》 Our target readers are those who have other main priorities like their academics, work, families, other hobbies, and etc but still want to join a simple reading community.
》 The club is structured for you to spend the least amount of with the club to pave way for you to focus more with real life priorities and more on actually reading. Basically, we are a book club for the busy and the occupied. We do not have daily or weekly activities that you need to keep up with.
》 The club is simply acknowledging that we do not have the same privileges. A book a month can already seem like a huge challenge to some of us.
》 You can say that on the side, we're also an activity-based club with reading races and sessions and a log-point system. We also have channels for other stuffs for those who might be interested!
》 I hope this clarifies what kind of experience you can look forward with us! For a start, we do not aim to be a big community that is always active.
》 We hope that you can grant our club a month-long try for you to actually experience the meetings which is our special highlight!
》 It is important to note that we are not professionals. We are students with a hobby. We are a humble server. Our main intention is to keep reading and to try to support that goal.
》 If we are not the book club for you, we recommend checking out other book clubs in Discord!
The first online school on discord!
Struggling with assignments? Feeling stressed?
Hop in and get help from professionals, students and classmates.
Meet new people all over the world and exchange your knowledge.

We help anyone with any problems and give advice on how to get rid of your stress. :)

I'm Leo, the creator of this server. I study being a teacher and I saw a lot of students struggle with online lessons. This server is for you!
A growing community centered around education and schoolwork, catering to demographics ranging from middle schoolers to college students.

Academics aims to provide a hub in which students can interact with like-minded individuals studying similar fields from all around the global, as well as offer and receive assistance from peers and tutors alike. Currently recruiting staff!
momo's teahouse | 莫莫 茶馆

momo's teahouse is a welcoming community for people who are interested in learning chinese. we have a frequented study lounge where we hope to gather study buddies together | the more the merrier 🍡